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Lovense Gush vs. Lovense Max 2: Which Male Sex Toy Wins?

by Lucas Andersen
lovense max 2 vs gush

Lovense consistently produces state-of-the-art male sex toys. Two of their finest options are the Lovense Gush and Lovense Max 2.

These are two very different male sex toys. However, they both deliver powerful orgasms, no matter your preferred style of masturbation.

I’ve tried just about every male masturbator on the market, so today, I’ll compare the Gush and Max 2 to see which male sex toy wins.

What Is Lovense Gush?

Lovense Gush male

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The Lovense Gush is a glans masturbator that you wrap around your shaft.

You can use it as a stroking or hands free masturbator since it comes with strong vibrations and an optional band to tighten around your cock.

This male sex toy fits all penises. Furthermore, it integrates with the Lovense Remote app for solo and partner play.

What Is Lovense Max 2?

lovense max 2 box

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The Lovense Max 2 is a stroking masturbator that provides 360-degree contractions.

It has an extended vibrator and has two sleeve options: the original multiple-sensation sleeve and a vagina sleeve.

You can customize the amount of suction with the air vent, and it also works with the Lovense Remote app. This male masturbator fits most penises.

Shared Features of Gush & Max 2

Lovense strives to develop innovative sex toys that suit every man. As a result, the Gush and Max 2 have a handful of features in common.

1. Surprisingly Intense Vibrations

All Lovense toys come with seven standard toy levels:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Pulse
  • Wave
  • Fireworks
  • Earthquake

In addition to the pre-programmed vibration settings, you can use the Lovense Remote app to design and explore even more vibration patterns - the options are limitless!

lovense remote Max 2 & Gush

2. Stroking Capabilities

Both the Gush and Max 2 function as stroking masturbators. While the Gush also works as a hands free masturbator, it works best when you also stroke.

With the Max 2, you can either hold it in your hand to stroke your cock or set it on a surface and get pounding. 

3. Customizable Sensations

While the sensations you can change differ, both the Gush and Max 2 are highly customizable.

The Lovense Gush has an adjustable diameter to fit penises of any size.

You open it up and wrap it around to get it on. It also comes with a band that you can use to increase the tightness and intensity

You can place it on different spots on the toy to target the stimulation.

lovense Max 2 sleeve & Gush

With the Max 2, you can choose the tightness of the contractions. The three settings are subtle, mild, and profound.

The toy has an air pump and vent that you toggle with button B to customize the contractions. Button A manipulates the vibration speeds (see picture below or check the user guide).

lovense max 2 how to use

4. Lovense Remote App Compatibility

Both the Gush and Max 2 are app-controlled male masturbators.

The Lovense Remote app is one of the most comprehensive sex toy apps available.

You can sync it to the Gush or Max 2 and get total control over your male masturbator.

Furthermore, you can add your partner’s account to it to give them the reins.

Other features of the Lovense Remote app include:

  • Syncing the vibrations to music
  • Local and long-distance control
  • In-app messaging with partners
  • Live video chats
  • Syncing vibrations with other toys
  • Creating custom patterns to share with the public or your partner
  • Using community vibration patterns

Note that 2 toys can be controlled at the same time with the app. 

Therefore, if you have bought other Lovense toys, don't hesitate to add them to the game.

lovense Max 2 & Gush app

5. Lovense 3DXChat Virtual Pleasure Game

All Lovense toys, including the Gush and Max 2, support 3DXChat.

This 3D sex game connects with your toy and lets you chat with people virtually.

You can hang out in various digital locations and rooms, or the Lovense Lounge.

If you’d like, you can build a home, host parties, and play music.

In the game, you can also make friends, start relationships, and get married.

You interact with real people who you can have cybersex with using your Lovense toys. 

lovense 3dx chat

Whether you want to masturbate or have a virtual orgy, the Gush and Max 2 will vibrate in real-time according to the game scenarios.

You need to download the Lovense Remote app, connect your toy, and scan the game’s QR code. Then, you can enjoy your virtual reality experience.

Differences Between Gush & Max 2

While these Lovense toys have a few shared features, they are fairly different from each other.

Here are some of the differences I’ve found.

1. Design and Dimensions

lovense Max 2 & Gush buttons

The Lovense Gush is a small device that wraps around your penis with an additional band for extra stimulation. 

It is lightweight and compact, making it useful for public play.

This toy has a deep blue-green color and an ABS and silicone composition. You wrap it around your dick to fit your size. 

Comparatively, the Lovense Max 2 is a fairly large toy.

It comes with a white sleeve, but you can purchase a second one that resembles a vagina with a beige and rose hue

Both of the sleeves have protrusions and dimples to create suction around your cock

It fits most penis sizes, but girthier fellas will have trouble slipping in.

Also, you control the tightness using an air vent rather than simply wrapping it tighter. 

lovense Max 2 & Gush size

2. Hands-Free Options

A major difference in these toys is the hands-free capability.

While you can try slamming into the Max 2 when propped on a table, it’s not comfortable.

Trust me, you’re more likely to get hurt than to cum. However, the Gush will stay on any dick for as long as you want.

3. Water Resistance

The Gush is 100% waterproof, while the Max 2 is only splash-proof

You’ll find an IPX7 water resistance on the Gush, which means you can submerge it to a depth of one meter for up to half an hour. Sorry, no scuba diving.

Nevertheless, you can use it in the shower, bath, or hot tub without a problem.

lovense Max 2 & Gush water resistant

As for the Max 2, it has an IPX6 water resistance rating. That makes the toy splash-proof, but it cannot withstand submersion.

If you want to use it in the shower, you and your toy get caught in the rain, or you blow a bigger load than you planned, your toy will be just fine.

If you use it in the shower, make sure to avoid a direct water stream for the best results.

4. Battery Life

Both of these toys allow for USB charging of a lithium-ion battery. However, they differ in battery life and charging times.

You’ll have to charge the Gush for around 65 minutes to get about 115 minutes of continuous use. It can last on standby for 120 hours.

On the other hand, the Max 2 takes 100-120 minutes to charge.

The extra charge time does translate into 215 minutes of continuous use, with a standby time of 120 hours.

lovense Max 2 & Gush charge

5. Volume & Noise 

The Max 2 is one noisy male sex toy. Between the vibrations and contractions, the noise can get distracting.

If you don’t mind loud toys, you’ll be fine with the Max 2. However, those who need something quiet should look elsewhere.

To be fair, I want to point out that most powerful male masturbators are rather noisy.

Max 2 is no worth than other popular models such as Kiiroo Keon, Onyx +, and Handy

lovense Max 2 & Gush noise

Due to the Gush’s small size and fewer mechanical capabilities, it’s not nearly as loud.

While you can’t use it in a library, you could get away with it in most public settings. 

My Experience with Gush & Max 2

Both of these toys arrived in discreet boxes.

You have to charge them before use, and you must press a small button on the side to turn them on. For the Max 2, that’s the top button.

lovense Gush & Max 2 control

When I first saw the Gush, I had no trouble putting it on. It clamps around your penis from the underside.

I started with the hands-free option placed in the middle of my shaft. You need an erection to keep it on, but it stayed up pretty well. 

I started with the lower vibration settings before increasing the intensity.

On the lower settings, I tried using the optional band. It took some time to get it to stay in place, but it still fidgeted around the toy.

I did enjoy the added tightness, but it was a little inconvenient when going hands-free.

When I knew I wanted to start stroking, I put on some lube. I implore you to use lube with this toy, or else you’re going to get a terrible case of rug burn.

The band worked better when used as a stroking masturbator as I could hold it in place.

Lovense Gush use

I really enjoyed the sensations it provided as the vibrations weren’t strong enough to get me off on their own.

Since you can easily switch between hands-free and stroking, I found the Gush great for edging.

I’d stroke until I was nearly there and let go, which would keep me right at the edge until I’d start again. 

During solo play, I prefer to use it lying on my back.

However, the hands-free option is great for couple play as I can clamp it tightly and go to town on my girlfriend without going soft.

I’ve had the Max 2 for a couple of years, and it’s still in my sex toy rotation.

When I want to use it, I’ll put some lube on my dick and put it on. It slips on quite easily, and it feels great on the way down from the contoured sleeves.

lovense max 2 sleeve inside

I don’t have a preference for either option as they both feel fantastic.

Once I’m lying down, I’ll go through the various contraction and vibration settings until I’m satisfied.

You can make a lot of combinations without even touching the app, which I like. Then, I’ll start stroking.

In my opinion, you need to use a tight contraction to feel something, especially if you aren’t too girthy.

The vibration is moderately intense, but the tight contraction magnifies its power. 

Honestly, I don’t feel much sensation with the subtle contraction setting. However, the deep setting felt like I was getting a blowjob as it amplified the suction.

Basically, the Max 2 takes the place of a partner. I won’t use it when my girlfriend’s around, but we do like to pair her Nora with my Max 2 when we’re apart to feel like we’re having sex when long-distance.

It helps us feel more connected as the toys respond to each other’s movements.

Lovense MAX 2 NORA

As with any Lovense toy, you need to use the app. I’m not a big fan of syncing the vibrations to music, but I like having the option.

I enjoy experimenting with the community vibration patterns and giving my girlfriend power over my cock.

The experiences with the app are similar for both toys besides the ability to connect the Max 2 to the Nora.

I’d recommend the Gush for someone who’s sensitive to vibrations and needs something quiet and compact.

If you need more stimulation, the Max 2 is the way to go. However, it is noisy and big, which is a bit of an inconvenience.

Gush & Max 2: Comparison Table




Remote & App-control 



ABS Plastic and Body-Safe Silicone

ABS Plastic and Skin-Like TPE

100% Waterproof




USB Rechargeable



1-year for toy, 90 days for sleeve


2.05”/52mm wide, 3.39”/86mm tall, 1.26”/32mm internal upper width, 1.38”/35mm internal lower width

9.5”/241mm tall, 3.33”/84.6mm diameter

Noise level

(Max 50 db)

(Max 65 db)


Locate at the bulbous part

Locate at the end of the antenna




Vibration strength

Gentle + Rumbly

Strong + Rumbly + Contraction

Bluetooth Connection



Battery life

115 minutes continuous use

215 minutes continuous use

Final Thoughts

Overall, both male masturbators are great choices. The Lovense Gush works well for people who like to go hands-free to massage their glans, while the Max 2 feels like a blowjob. 

Whichever one you choose, make sure to use the Lovense Remote app. It’s free and will transform your masturbation experience.

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Do you know if the Gush is tip activated for camming?

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I don’t think so. The whole piece vibrates the same way.


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