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Lovense Hush 2 Review: How It Differs from Other Butt Plugs?!

by Jane Louis
Lovense Hush 2 Review

I am super excited to try the new Hush 2 because the Hush 1 was one of my favorite anal vibrators for many years.

The new Hush 2 kept the classic design; meanwhile, it expanded to 4 size options – from super slim to extremely girthy.

In this review, I will talk about my experience using these four uniquely-sized butt plugs.

Also, I will share the main differences between Hush 2 and the original Hush.

Hush 2 by lovense 500_500

The Most Pleasant Butt Toy

Lovense Hush 2 is a series of powerful teledildonic vibrating butt plugs.

Along with the unique sizes that can fit beginners & advanced players, it also features innovative technology with exciting, explosive results. 

The Lovense Hush 2 is a highly-rated, technically-innovative vibrating anal toy that can be ideal for both bedroom and public play. 

You are offered 4 size options, 1-inch (25 mm), 1.5-inch (38 mm), 1.75-inch (44 mm) & 2.25-inch (57mm) in diameters. 


The 1-inch plug offers pinpointing vibration, which hits directly on your most sensitive spot. While the 2.25-inch version provides a strong fulfilling stimulation. 

The 1.5-inch and 1.75-inch butt vibrators are the most popular models as they are the most standard sizes that can bring you some unbelievably amazing rear pleasure.

All sizes are easy to use remotely via app control, so you or your partner can effortlessly control the experience and settings, without any distance limitation.

lovense hush 2 XS and L

Key Features of the Lovense Hush 2

This high-quality butt plug offers unique features that rival competing products, from its specialized design, powerful vibration to impressive versatility.

Below are some of the selected features I think are worth mentioning:

1. Unique Design for Safe and Comfortable Insertion & Removal

One of the top reasons for this butt toy’s fantastic performance is its sleek and smooth design.

It’s highly durable and comfortable, made with silicone in its entirety, so you’ll enjoy the closest sensation to the real thing while you pulse your way to an incredible orgasm. 

The esthetic design of this booty hole sex toy makes it unique and appealing at the same time. 

lovense hush 2 box

Its exterior is futuristic, minimalist, combine with a soft surface that gives you the ultimate pulsing sensation while keeping you in control.

The 1-inch plug weighs around 62g while the 2.25-inch one weighs around 240g

For the 1.5-inch and the 1.75-inches weigh 95.5g and 128.8g, respectively.

All weights are comfortable to handle and the heavier ones actually adds a layer of realistic feeling, as if being hit by a real penis.

Also, the flared base makes sure the toy won’t get lost in your rare hole. 

Note: Unlike the vagina, once you put something inside of the butt hole, it won’t naturally push things out.

That’s why many people end up in a hospital when trying to explore their backdoor.

A good butt toy either has a flared base or a long handle that makes sure you can take out the toy anytime you want.  

2. Perfect Sizes for Beginners & Advanced Players

When it comes to a butt plug, size is a big deal. Your rare hole is not designed to receive anything, that’s why it’s important to use lubrication and give it time to stretch. 

lovense hush 2 size

The length of the four toys are rather similar. The difference lays on the diameters. 

For beginners, the 1-inch and the 1.5-inch Hush 2 are the perfect sizes. They are not intimidating at all; meanwhile, the sleek body makes sure you can push in the toy effortlessly.

If you are no longer a beginner and want to get your butt hole a more fulfilling sensation, then the 1.75-inch one can be a good option.

As for advanced players and BDSM lovers, you guys should not miss the 2.25-inch options!

I’ve never found a big-sized butt plug that can be this powerful and this fulfilling. 

Once you manage to get it inserted and let it vibrate, the sensation is like ....WOW!!!

3. Extremely Powerful Motors & Vibrations

One of the top features of the Hush 2 is the power you’ll experience every second when it’s inserted.

It gives you the ultimate experience that can turn anal pleasure into an addictive thing.

The 1-inch version delivers pinpointing rumbly vibration, which goes travels under the skin. 

The 1.5-inch and the 1.75-inch plug provides a more holistic experience for all anal walls.

The 2.25-inch version has a bigger and more powerful motor so that it remains as powerful despite the size.

As the 2.25-inch plug has a rounded tip, the vibration is less focusing, instead, it travels along the whole toy body while providing a unique fulfilling sensation.

lovense hush 2 vibration

Each of the Hush 2 has 3 levels of vibration powers and 4 different patterns - pulse, wave, fireworks, & earthquake - that are preset for your quick start, from a steady vibration to a wild ride.

And it’s possible to create an unlimited number of patterns with the Lovense Remote app

4. Remote Possibilities for Public, Short & Long-distance Play

The Hush 2 can be conveniently remote-controlled, so your partner can interact with you through the Lovense Remote app. The app is free BTW and new features are added from time to time.

Other than simply controlling the Hush 2, you can also make it sync with your partner’s voice or your favorite songs

If wanted, your partner can even set you a vibrating alarm to wake you up every morning. 

lovense hush 2 remote app control

These innovative features give you the sensation of intimacy from all angles.

You’ll also have the option of connecting to your toy to interactive adult content and videos.

5. Explore the Limitless Interactivity Through Adult Contents

As mentioned, you can create any type of vibration, sync the vibration with any kind of sounds thanks to the versatility and interactivity.

Many men also enjoyed connecting Hush 2 with erotic games and videos and interacting with direct motion and action to enjoy with this butt toy.

Recently, Lovense partnered with a game called 3DXChat to make your virtual pleasure feel as real as possible. 

lovense 3dx chat

Also, with the free Lovense Media Player, you can easily synchronize your Hush 2 with any 2D or VR locally-stored video, including creating your own vibration patterns, sharing your patterns, and browsing/downloading ones uploaded by others.

6. Easy to Clean and 100% Waterproof

The Hush 2 is durable and easy to clean. This butt plug is 100% waterproof, with IPX 7 standard, so that it’s safe to submerge the toy under the water. 

Any parts of the vibrator sensitive to moisture are safely covered with silicone material.

You are free to bring the toy and have a good O during a relaxing bath. 

Also, thanks to the magnetic charging system, the finish is seamless, which runs no risk of damage from water or liquid spills.

lovense hush 2 waterproof

7. Quick to Charge & Long Battery Life

Many of the Lovense toys (e.g. Ferri, Lush 3, and Gush) have impressive battery life, so does the new Hush 2!

It takes only 40 mins to fully charge the Hush 2 XS and the battery can last up to 2 HOURS! 

If you leave the toy in stand-by mode, it can last for 120 HOURS. Yes, you hear me right – 120 hours of stand-by time.

Hush 2 S takes 1 hour for a full charge and then you can use it for 4 entire hours!

Hush 2 M is also impressive. It takes 1.5 hours to charge and the battery lasts for 6 hours.

As for the Hush 2 L, it embeds a bigger battery, which takes a bit longer time to charge (around 155 mins). 

The amazing thing is that the battery will last for more than 11 hours of use after reaching full charge! 

I’ve never had a butt plug that has such long battery life and this 2.25-inch Hush 2 truly impressed me. 

lovense hush 2 battery charge

8. Not Noisy When in Play

The 1-inch Hush 2 is very quiet. Even on the maximum setting, it only makes a sound of 45dB-ish. 

The maximum noise for the 1.5-inch and the 1.75-inch plugs are around 50 dB.

I believe all these three toys are safe to be taken out for public play if you dare ;).

As for the 2.25-inch Hush 2, the noise is also not overwhelming. It’s louder than the 1-inch one (maximum 65 dB-ish), but definitely not annoying. 

Considering its size and the amount of power it delivers, I think its noise control is very acceptable. 

lovense hush 2 noise

How to Manually Use Lovense Hush 2?

The Hush 2 is one of the safest and easiest butt plugs to use. Initially, you’ll want to get familiar with the instructions included in the package, the remote control’s functions, and levels of play.

Ideally, I suggest applying a generous amount of lube and trying the gentler mode first so that you can get used to the overall sensation of this device. 

lovense hush 2 insertion

As Hush 2 has a 1-button interface, it’s an easy penis vibrator to use, in just a few steps:

  • When you’re ready to activate your Hush 2, press and hold down the power button for a few seconds. Then press shortly so that the device begins to vibrate.
  • Add lube, slip the toy inside and enjoy the sensation. The -inch and the 1.5-inch toys gets in super smooth, but the 1.75-inch and the 2.25-inch toy can take you some time to get used to.
  • If you want a complete experience, ensure that your toy fits entirely inside, so that the tip of the toy reaches the deep side of your sweet area.
  • Sit, or lie back and enjoy the amazing vibration. You can keep pressing the same button to change the pattern and find a good sensation for you.
Lovense Hush & Hush 2 insert

How to Control the Hush 2 with the Lovense Remote App?

Manual control is one thing, but what makes Hush 2 stands out is its diversified app-control functions. 

lovense lush 2 key app features

Besides, for some people, it can be challenging to reach the control button when the toy is inserted. App control can make your experience a lot smoother. 

Here are briefly what you (and your partner) need to do. 

  1. You both download our Lovense Remote app and add each other as friends (under the 'Long Distance' tab).
  2. After holding the power button, you will feel a buzz and see a flash of red light, which means your toy is activated for pairing)
  3. You can connect the toy to your phone via Bluetooth. 
  4. In the chat with your partner, you click on the '+' which will show several different chat options.
  5. Then choose Sync/Video/Voice feature. After they approve the notification which shows on their device, you will be directed to a page. Click Long-Distance Sex so you can start to sync.

Btw, if you also own another Lovense toy, it’s possible to connect and control 2 toys at the same time

I discovered this feature recently and it really leveled up my experience!

lovense hush 2 remote

You are connect to Lovense toys at the same time

Packaging & What’s in the Box?

I received many sex toys from Lovense official site and it usually takes around 1 week to arrive.

This time, it took a bit longer, probably due to the holiday season.

The package arrived in a discreet box, without mentioning either the product or the brand name.

The box design is quite simple and there are 5 things in the box:

lovense hush 2 unbox
  • The Butt Plug (either 1 inch, 1.5 inches, 1.75 inches or 2.25 inches), with a one-year warranty
  • Magnetic USB Charging Cable 
  • A User Manual 
  • A Quick Setup Guide 
  • A Black Storage Bag

My Experience with Lovense Hush 2 XS, S, M & L

I had the original Hush for many years and was quite excited about trying the Hush 2.

The Hush 2 XS, S, M and L functions similarly, but they feel like 4 totally different toys as the size differences are huge

How Does Lovense Hush 2 Feel Like When in Use?

All Lovense Hush 2 embrace a soft, smooth, high-quality, and highly-durable silicone surface that can provide a gentle and comfortable touch to the inner wall of your booty hole. 

The 1-inch Hush 2 has a slim body and I found it fit comfortable and pleasant, even without turning on the vibration.

I believe most people won't have any trouble inserting a slim, beginner-sized butt plug like this.

As it has an easy-to-ignore size, it’s also arousing to just wear this sleek plug and walk around the house. It works well for this and doesn’t slip out easily.

Most often, I use the 1.5-inch and the 1.75-inch plugs as I feel the most comfortable with these 2 sizes. 

Vibrations from Hush 2 is truly enticing. I can come in less than 5 minutes if stimulating my clit while having the butt plug dancing in the anal hole. 

If you have other Lovense toys, I would say that the vibration strength of 1.5-inch Hush 2 is similar to Lush 3; while the the vibration strength of 1.75-inch Hush 2 is similar to Edge 2.

Hush 2, Lush 3 & Edge 2

Btw, the orgasm is super intense when there are anal plugs involved.

The 2.25-inch Hush 2 has a very girthy diameter and it can be intimidating even by looking at it.

To be honest, I think it would hurt a bit if you didn't manage to well prepare your anus or didn’t put enough lube to make sure of a lubricative insertion. 

So, don’t rush, and make sure to stretch well your booty hole first! Also, it’s important to insert slowly.

Note: please make sure to only use water-based lubricant because other types may permanently damage the silicone surface of the Hush 2.

Once inserted, it feels full. Very full. It’s a kind of indescribable sensation as if you are expanded from inside.

I feel tighter because of the extra pressure inside from this beast-sized toy and suddenly every part of my body gets more sensitive. 

Actually, either XS or L can make you feel tighter, depending on your acceptability.

For women, if you stimulate your G-spot with either a toy or a penis while wearing the Hush 2, it feels 100% more intense!

I asked my man how he feels. He mentioned strong prostate stimulation once the vibration is turned on. 

He can start with a semi-erection and get off with intense pleasure. Even when he’s not erected, he can quickly get aroused and get in the mood for some fun as soon as the Hush 2 starts to vibrate.

However, he did need some stroking in the front to actually reach orgasm. His orgasm was 360 degrees enhanced thanks to simultaneous stimulation from the Hush 2. 

What’s Good and Bad About Lovense Hush 2? 

Honestly, I find this butt plug is among the best butt toys on the market. 

It’s easy to use, clean, and lasts so that you can use it for years. 

lovense hush 2 new

It’s also versatile, with various settings and patterns to enhance your pleasure, you can play with your partner remotely and simulate the grinding motions of your favorite adult film stars. 

The only drawback is the surface… umm… how do I explain? Hush 2 attracts dust easily and as it has a black surface, it can easily look dirty. 

I truly recommend keeping the Hush 2 in the storage bag included and sealing it well when it’s not in use. 

Otherwise, you will spend a lot of extra time cleaning and maintaining the toy. 

I had a very smooth interaction with the Lovense Remote app, for both short-term play and long-distance couple play. 

I didn’t run into any connection issues. Actually, I think Lovense’s app is the best in the market, at least for now!

However, some of my readers shared with me that they did experience signal-dropping issues.

It was rare but still happened. Also, one of my readers (an android phone user) told me that the app crashed once. Again, in general, it works pretty well. 

I am sharing these with you so that you are prepared for the potential issues before actually purchasing the Hush 2. 

Why Lovense Hush 2 are Different from Other Butt Plugs?

Firstly, most butt toys don’t come with a remote-control function.

Even if they do (such as Lelo Hugo), it can only achieve short-distance control with a separate remote. 

And most times, these remotes are powered by un-rechargeable batteries. 

Besides, most butt toys don’t come with app-control functions.

Even if they do (such as We-vibe Vector), the app connection isn’t as smooth as the Lovense Remote app

Also, there are a lot more options to choose from on the Lovense app

Other than that, the shape and the size of the Hush 2 are quite unique. You can easily find a standard-looking cone-shaped anal plug. 

But something as slim as Hush 2 XS is a rare find. And something as girthy as Hush 2 L, combined with strong vibration power, is even harder to find. 

Last but not the least, Lovense Hush 2 is friendly to cam workers. They can easily connect the toy to the platform they are using and receive tips while playing with the Hush 2. 

lovense cam sites

Who Should or Shouldn’t Buy Hush 2? 

I would recommend the Hush 2 XS and S to anyone who is interested in discovering the rare door. 

It truly has an outstanding performance thanks to the deep-tissue vibration and versatile app features. 

I’ve used many prestigious butt toys, such as We-vibe VectorLelo Hugo, and B-vibe Snug Plug, and I tend to be quite picky when it comes to anal toys. 

Yet, Hush 2 ranks high in my secret “favorite vibe” list.

The Hush 2 M & L are not there for everyone. I admit it is rather challenging to stretch the back hole in order for this 1.75-inch toy to fit in, not mentioning the ultimate 2.25-inch plug.

The rumbly vibration definitely helps to relax the muscles during the insertion process, but it still took me many trials, along with a big amount of lube, before I managed to get this big guy inserted. 

If you’ve never tried any anal toys or don’t have enough anal training, this girthy plug is not an ideal option. 

But for those of you who are experienced and willing to take the challenge, the 2.25 inch Hush 2 is a must-try!

lovense hush 2 anal butt plug

What else? If you need more discretion with a quieter toy, the 1-inch to 1.75-inch Hush 2 fits your need while 2.25-inch may not be the best option. 

Also, as a teledildonic toy, Hush 2 is a bit more expensive than other conventional sex toys, though for a good reason – it’s a highly durable and a quality butt plug that you’ll enjoy for years.

Review Summary



Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)


viBRATION (strong, rumbly & Intense)









  • Four sizes cater to different needs
  • Strong, deep, and rumbly vibrations
  • Very versatile thanks to the app functions
  • Can be synced with music, sounds, adult videos, and games
  • Suitable for long-term wear
  • Can create vibrating alarm
  • Easy to insert and safe to take out thanks to the flared base
  • 100% waterproof
  • Perfect for short and long-distance play


  • Some connectivity issues
  • The 2.25-inch version can be a bit loud
  • Black silicone surface may attract dust easily

Hush 2 vs Hush 1

lovense hush vs hush 2 size

The major differences lay in the sizes. There are two sizes to choose from for Hush 1 - 1.5 & 1.75 in diameters

Hush 2 expanded the size options to 1 and 2.25 inches. Therefore, the Hush series now have 4 different sizes. You can easily find one that fits you the most.

Besides, there are some adjustments regarding the vibrating motor

The change is done so that all the toys, no matter the sizes, can have strong and rumbly vibrations throughout.

Hush 2 also have some upgrades for the battery and there is some slight design adjustment on the bases. 


All in all, these app-controllable Hush 2 are definitely worth-trying butt plugs thanks to their power and versatility. 

Just make sure you pick a size that works best for you to experience the most pleasure.

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Justin February 15, 2023 - 12:35 am

Thanks for the great review. I’ve been using the Hush 2 1” version for a few months now. While I have enjoyed it greatly, it only took a few tries before the vibrations felt a bit dull. Don’t get me wrong, the vibrations feel great but nothing to call home about. After reading your reviews and wanting to push my anal play a bit more I’ve decided to step up from the XS (1”) to the S (1.5”). Gosh I hope I can manage to make it fit and I hope the motor is way more powerful as I really wanna struggle through all the sensations. Hopefully it feels much more intense. Do I regret starting with the XS? Absolutely not. I plan to keep using it for the more casual play. Now I must wait 1 week to receive it. Wish me butt luck and lots of pleasure =).

Jane Louis February 17, 2023 - 6:27 pm

Hello Justin, thank you so much for sharing your experience! And happy to learn that you enjoy the Hush 2!
The XS and S are my go-to toys as well! Buuuuuutt Luck for all of us 🙂

Buck April 8, 2023 - 5:09 am

This is the most amazing review on the internet for these products, Thank you! I had a Hush version 1 1.5″ which was ok, temperamental and glitchy and eventually stopped working, decided to try to the Hush 2 1.75″ to see if slightly more is better. So far, no, its not. I find it is just a step too far and feels uncomfortable vs. the size of the 1.5 (think I’ll order a replacement in that size).
The second issue is for public play it is too loud. The version 1 was quite quiet, in a normal environment (theater, cafe, bar) it would never be heard, the version 2, 1.75 has an electronic buzz/rattle sound to it that seems to carry. Measured at 1ft, the db are about 52 on low and oddly 47 on highest setting however even in a moderate noise setting (cafe or bar without music) I’m confident it would be heard. Maybe I just got a bad one.

Jane Louis April 21, 2023 - 4:45 pm

Hello Buck, thank you for sharing your insights! Indeed, the bigger it is, the noiser it gets. I also feel the first 2 sizes are the safest for public play. Mine 1.75 one doesn’t really have electro sound when in operation, but it is noticeably louder.

Gaetano September 29, 2023 - 12:24 am

I purchased the 2.5 HUSH-2 and I totally enjoy the feeling with my Long distance companion.
Is it possible to get a step by step to connect with the other partner in details.

Jane Louis October 23, 2023 - 5:35 am

Hello Gaetano, glad to hear you enjoyed the Hush 2! It’s powerful, isn’t it :)?
I have an Lovense app guide article and I talked about how to achieve long-distance connection. Please feel check it.

craig C December 8, 2023 - 11:00 am

i find the largest of the hush to be fantastic , ive had a few hands free orgasms with it from some banging patterns i found on the app . no complaints at all after owning it for well over a year

Jane Louis December 21, 2023 - 3:51 pm

Hello Craig, glad to hear you enjoy the Hush 2! The largest one is indeed unique :).


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