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Lovense Hyphy Review: Quick Orgasms All Day Long?

by Jane Louis
lovense hyphy review

When I’m having a tough day at work, nothing gets me back on track like a powerful vibrator.

Luckily, I’ve found one that can deliver an orgasm in under five minutes.

It’s this little G-spot and clit vibrator called the Lovense Hyphy - it’s customizable, cute, and tickles me just right.

Keep reading this Lovense Hyphy review to learn more about this powerful dual vibrator and how it changed my sex life.

lovense hyphy profile

The Most Intense Orgasm

Hyphy is a discreet high-frequency dual vibrator. 

Embedded 2 powerful motors, it delivers pinpointing stimulation to the clit and rumbly hit to the G-spot. 

If you aim to get intense orgasm, this is the best toy to get! 

What Is Lovense Hyphy?

The Lovense Hyphy is a strong vibrator with a high-frequency tip for ultimate clitoral stimulation.

Yet, that’s just the beginning of what this toy has to offer. It’s a dual vibrator with a second motor in the contoured base for G-spot stimulation.

Also, you can swap between three different tip attachments to customize the feeling.

As with all Lovense products, you can control the Hyphy using the Lovense Remote app.


Key Features of Lovense Hyphy

So what sets Hyphy apart from other dual vibrators and high-frequency clit stimulators?

I’ve tested and reviewed it to let you know my favorite parts.

1. Ergonomic Design

The Lovense Hyphy has a soft, body-safe silicone design.

Its slim, curved shape makes it comfortable to hold and insert in yourself as well.

The narrow size makes it comfortable for beginners who aren’t used to G-spot vibrators.

The dimensions are:

lovense hyphy size
  • Distance From Tip to Curved End: 8.5”/21.6cm
  • Insertable Part: 4.53”/11.5cm
  • Height: 8.37”/21.25cm
  • Tip Width: 0.24”/0.6cm
  • Narrowest Width: 1.02”/2.58cm
  • End Width: 1.38”/3.5cm
  • Weight: 4.42oz/125.4g

2. Low to Moderate Noise Levels

The last thing you want when you’re self-pleasuring is to have cringy buzzing ruin your mood.

The tip side of the vibration is whisper-quiet, especially when at its lowest frequencies.

However, it can get a little noisy when you turn on the G-spot side along with the tip vibration, especially when on higher speeds.

All in all, the noise it makes is not that bad. It is really acceptable considering how powerful both motors are.

Also, since you can manipulate the frequency as you please with the Lovense Remote app, you have some control over the volume.

lovense hyphy noise

3. Dual Vibration & Two Powerful Motors

The Hyphy is a strong vibrator with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will have your toes curling.

The high-frequency motors give you mind-blowing, focused tingles.

This toy has two motors: one to stimulate the clit and one for the G-spot. The motors are equally powerful.

The standard toy levels include low, medium, high, pulse, earthquake, fireworks, and wave.

Using the Lovense Remote app, you can design vibration patterns for yourself or a partner. Also, you can try out community vibration patterns.

If you want to focus on your clit or G-spot, you can control only one of the motors at a time on the app. Or, you can manipulate them simultaneously.

The dual vibration will tickle your clit or G-spot at your desired intensity.

The intense stimulation will get you cumming in minutes. It can be overwhelming at first, as I found out my first time around.

4. 100% Waterproof

Whether you're playing with your Hyphy or cleaning it, rest assured that it’s IPX7 waterproof.

This waterproof rating means you can submerge it about one meter deep in water, making it great for the hot tub, shower, or bath.

I like to use it in the shower while I’m rinsing off under the water and can keep my hands on the toy.

lovense hyphy waterproof

5. Three Attachments for Extended Fun

There are three attachments you can place on the tip for customized feelings. For broad stimulation, you can use the circle attachment.

The tongue-shaped attachment means you can get oral at any time as the vibration enables it to flaps on your sweet spot.

Lastly, the U-shaped head can hug your clitoris or nipples. This kind of wrapped stimulation gives an intensified experience. 

I prefer the tongue attachment to feel like my boyfriend’s licking my clit when he’s at work.

lovense hyphy attachments

6. App Controllable

The Lovense Remote app gives you and your partner total control over the Hyphy.

Using this app, you can chat with your partner, draw unique patterns, sync the vibrations to music, and try community patterns.

One of you can send vibrations to the other to control from any distance. Also, the app has minimal bugs and crashes.

lovense hyphy remote app

7. Ideal for Long-Distance Couples

The app makes the Lovense Hyphy perfect for long-distance couples.

You can create a pattern to send to your partner from anywhere in the world.

The app lets you video and text chat to keep your partner engaged.

They can watch you play with yourself with a vibration they designed.

8. Compatible with Cam Model Systems

All Lovense's toys, including Hyphy, can be used for camming, and responding to token tips

The clitoral stimulation side can make a vibration sound, especially when on stronger patterns.

Therefore, Hyphy can be enticing for camming, audio-visual wise. 

Besides, the G-spot end of Hyphy works as a dildo that can also vibrate to tips. 

lovense cam sites

9. Travel Friendly

The Lovense Hyphy is slim, compact, lightweight, and travel friendly.

Unless told otherwise, the average person would mistake it for an electric toothbrush because of its unique shape, so you can trust that it’s discreet.

When traveling, you only need the Lovense Hyphy because it is a 4-in-1 toy.

The three attachments and G-spot stimulator can give you a fresh experience each time.

It is relatively quiet at lower frequencies, and the intense stimulation means you can cum as fast as possible when on the go.

If I’m in need of a pick-me-up, I just pop in the bathroom to “powder my nose” and instead curl my toes.

It even comes with a convenient travel case to store in my purse.

How to Use Lovense Hyphy?

You can use the Lovense Hyphy manually or with an app. Here’s how.

1. How to Use the Hyphy Manually?

lovense hyphy buttons

To use the Hyphy manually, you turn it on by pressing the + button for 3 seconds in the front.

You can change the intensity and switch among patterns of the tip end using the + buttons. There are 7 pre-set modes.

Also, you can choose one of the three attachments to match your needs, such as using the tongue attachment to stroke your clit or nipples.

Since the Hyphy offers dual stimulation, you can insert it into your vagina to stimulate your G-spot.

If you want to engage the G-spot vibration, you may press the - button for 3 seconds to enable the G-spot end and then tap the - button to cycle through the patterns from the G-spot end.

You can access the user manual of Hyphy for more details. 

How to Charge Hyphy?

A magnetic USB cable is included in the box. You can charge Hyphy in 2 ways, either directly through the toy or using the case attached. 

The battery life is super impressive. It takes 75 mins to fully charge the toy, in either ways. And you can use it for up to 310 mins!

A red LED light indicator will be on when the toy is being charged. 

lovense hyphy two ways charging

2. How to Use the Hyphy With the Lovense Remote App?

The online guide walks you through how to connect your vibrator to the Lovense app on a smartphone or PC.

For smartphones, you download the app on the app store and connect using the + button.

  • Hold the + button until it's on and makes a buzz; and press the pairing icon on the Home screen of the app. 
  • Press the "connect" key to search and select the Hyphy. Now, it will automatically connect to your phone.
  • On the PC, press the + button until the Hyphy flashes. 
  • Then, plug it into a USB port on your computer. 
  • Click the pairing icon and + to search for the toy.
  • Select the Hyphy and press done to connect it to your PC.
lovense lush 2 key app features

To add your partner, head to the long-distance tab. Have your partner get on the app too.

You can add their account by pressing "double-heart" button on this page and entering username. Once they accept the request, they can control your toy.

Use the app yourself to control the vibrator and try out different wave patterns.

Give a partner access to the app and let them manage your pleasure, even over long-distance.

Always use water-based lube when using a vibrator. 

Be careful with silicone-based lubes because they can break down the silicone on your Hyphy.

First-time users should try out the lowest setting with the high-frequency clit-stimulating end of the vibrator. You can adjust from there.

Packaging & What's in the Box?

It's important to pack and ship sex toy discreetly. Lovense do well. I appreciated the discreet box and label that Lovense shipped my Hyphy in.

Inside the box was:

lovense hyphy unbox
  • Hyphy dual vibrator
  • A traveling case (can also be used to charge)
  • A magnetic USB cord
  • Three attachments
  • A user manual
  • A set-up guide

My Experience With Lovense Hyphy

I have used most Lovense products, but the Lovense Hyphy does stand out from the others.

Most only stimulate the clitoris, but the Hyphy hits all of the right spots.

As an experienced sex toy user, sometimes I like to make long, sweet love to myself with gentle stimulation that builds to a rolling climax.

However, sometimes I want it quick and dirty. That’s where the Hyphy comes in.

Once the Hyphy shipped in discreet packaging, I ripped it out of the box and charged it.

Next, I attached the U-shaped attachment for some foreplay.

I played with my nipples and started getting wet almost immediately from the tingly sensation.

I used a lower setting since I don’t like hard stimulation on my tits.

lovense hyphy tongue

The U-shaped attachment warmed me up for some pussy play, so I swapped to the tongue attachment, slapped on some water-based lube, and got to work.

The tongue attachment felt like a fast tongue flicking over my clit. It was super intense, so I did not apply much pressure.

I changed it to the circle head to loosen myself up. Then, I inserted it into my soaking vagina.

By this time, I’d already needed to change the sheets because of the mess I made!

I started at the low speed to adjust to the G-spot stimulation, which had an intense, buzzy feel.

Note: It can be too intense to use Hyphy without attachments. 3 attachments can be used for different parts of the body and giving different kinds of stimulation 🙂

The U-shaped attachment was my least favorite since it felt like I was pinching my clit.

Some people may like a little pain with their foreplay, but it’s not really my cup of tea.

I liked teasing my clit with the tongue and inserting it deeper into my vagina.

They had a soft, silicone composition that felt great against my skin.

I always try out my toys by myself first. Controlling the Hyphy manually feels like a waste of time and potential since you can only use +/- buttons.

Instead, I like to draw a vibration pattern on the Lovense Remote app, sync it to the vibrator, and go.

My girlfriend is really into music during couple play, so she will put on one of our songs and sync the vibrations using the app.

She got her own Hyphy, so we collaborate on patterns and send them to each other for use when we’re apart.

I like watching her on video chat when I’m far from home—it’s a perfect way to stay connected physically, even when we can’t touch.

lovense hyphy sex toy

As advertised, this dual vibrator can really make you cum in less than five minutes.

Washing the Hyphy was super simple. I just used a toy cleaner I had.

The attachments are easy to clean, and once everything is dry, it all fits nicely into the case!

It’s convenient that it doesn’t need to be charged after every single use.

I’d say that the Hyphy is best for women who like intense clit stimulation.

However, even the lower settings will feel too powerful for those who enjoy something gentle.

For those into girthy G-spot stimulation, this also isn’t the toy for you.

The Hyphy has a slim build fit for beginners or those who don’t want to feel filled up.

Besides, Hyphy is a solo female toy, I don't suggest to use it on male.



Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)


viBRATION (2 powerful motors)






ORGASM RATE (super intense)



  • Strong and pinpointing clit vibe
  • Rumbly G-spot stimulation
  • App/remote controllable
  • Fully customizable
  • Ideal for long distance couples
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Travel friendly
  • Long battery life (2 hours)
  • Discreet


  • Not girthy

Lovense Hyphy vs. Zumio

lovense hyphy vs zumio

The Hyphy and its competitor, the Zumio, are both high-frequency clit-stimulating vibrators.

While the Zumio has interchangeable heads, you have to buy them separately from the vibrator.

Lovense Hyphy comes with its three attachments at no extra cost.

The Zumio has a charging base, whereas the Hyphy comes with a protective case/charging station.

The Hyphy also has a G-spot stimulating vibrator base, and the Zumio does not.

Check out how the two products compare so you can make an informed purchase.




Remote & App-control 




USB Rechargeable

2-year Warranty

Travel Case



ABS Plastic/Body-Safe Silicone

ABS Plastic/Body-Safe Silicone


Purple and White

Purple, Lilac, Black, Teal





Total length (Tip to Curved End): 8.5”/21.6cm

Insertable Part: 4.53”/11.5cm

Narrowest Width: 1.02”/2.58cm

End Width: 1.38”/3.5cm

Total length: 6.9”/17.5 cm

Width at the widest part: 1.1”/2.8 cm

Noise level

Relatively quiet

A bit louder

Control button location



Vibration strength/motor

Customizable Strength; Infinite Vibration Patterns; Two Motors

Rotation, Not Vibration; Rotate in one pattern, 8 Speeds; One Motor


External + Internal

External Only




Charging time

75 minutes;
magnetic + USB charging

16 hours;
USB charging

Battery life

4.5-5 hours

around 2 hours

My Final Thoughts

When it comes to solid vibrators, the Hyphy did the trick for me. I enjoyed the high-frequency clit-stimulating head the most.

My partner enjoyed being able to control my experience from the app. I was impressed with how well thought out the dual-ended design was. The charging case was a refreshing feature that you don’t see often.

If you’re looking for a multi-use vibrator, give the Hyphy by Lovense a try. I think you’ll be happy.

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