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LUSH 3 Review: How Good is the New Lovense Vibe?

by Jane Louis
lovense lush 3 review

Lovense has made another step forward in the sex toy industry with their 3rd generation of the famous Lush vibrator - Lush 3.

Is Lush 3 a high-performing egg vibrator? Is it powerful? How is it compare to the Lush 2? I will reveal all the details in this review. Also, I will share my experience using Lush 3. 

Read on!

lovense lush 3 profile 500_500

Most Versatile Egg Vibrator

Powerful, waterproof, remote-controllable, long battery life, and customizable, Lush 3 has everything you can dream of for a compact egg vibrator. 

If I can only keep one sex toy for the rest of my life, this is THE ONE! 

What is Lush 3 by Lovense?

Lush 3 is an insertable remote-control egg vibrator that is designed to give you the freedom to play with your partner from anywhere in the world. 

With the free Lovense app, the vibration strength and patterns can be customized to match your particular tastes, as well as your partner's if you're in a long-distance relationship.

Just as its predecessors, Lush 3 is also waterproof and rechargeable. Besides, the insertable egg can be worn in multiple ways to bring ultimate pleasure to both bedroom and public play.  

lovense lush 3 box package

Compared to the original Lush , Lush 3 is even more powerful.

It has an upgraded battery that supports hours of intense play, and the redesigned Bluetooth technology ensures even better connectivity. 

Key Features of Lush 3 by Lovense

1. Ideal Size & Ergonomic Design

Lush 3 is a fairly small toy. The overall size of the toy about 3.77 * 2.94 * 1.37 inches (96 * 75 * 35 mm) and the insertable bulbous part measures around 3 inches (76 mm). 

Because of its compact size, Lush 3 won’t reach too deep when insertable.

However, it still provides very intense stimulation thanks to the strong vibration. After all, it doesn’t have to be too deep to touch your G-spot ;).

Besides, Lovense has redesigned the tail part. It measures 5.3 inches (135 mm) in length and the texture is more solid now, which gives a standard c-shape

The c-shape, as if embracing the body of a woman, allows you to feel the vibrations more strongly.

lovense lush 3 size

2. Ultra-Soft Silicone

The Lush 3 - Lovense's newest and most advanced vibrator - is made of body-safe silicone, which is softer, smoother, and more comfortable. 

Therefore, it won’t cause any discomfort even if you leave it inside of you for hours. 

Lush 3 features a unique curved design and a single-button interface for easy use and it is available in the iconic hot pink color.

3. Ideal for Solo, Couple & Public Play

Lush 3 is a great vibrator for a reason. Not only is it a fantastic toy for solo or couple play, but it also offers a unique experience for public play

The way the remote works is that you can control the toy when it is inside you.

By using this approach, you can have a vibrator in you at a bar, in a meeting, in class, or anywhere else where you would like some sexy naughtiness. 

And of course, it also can be a great addition to foreplay and sex.

Besides, the Lush 3 can be used in combination with your favorite interactive sex toy, such as the Max 2, to give you and your partner thrills beyond your imagination.

4. Strong & Rumbly Vibration 

Despite its compact size, Lush 3 is actually capable of offering powerful, deep, and rumbly vibration

It has a truly impressive motor. When holding it in my hand, it vibrates so much that I feel like it was about to take off.

The motor is located near the base of the toy, and its placement works particularly well with my anatomy.

With 3 levels of steady vibration and 4 patterns of pulses and escalation, you are sure to find a setting that works for you.

5. App Controllable

The remote-control feature of the Lush 2 is super cool and it allows you to play with your partner from anywhere in the world. You can control the vibrations, modes, and more. 

lovense lush 3 remote app control

The Lovense Remote App can be used with Android (4.3 or later), iOS (9.0 or later), Mac, and Windows PC. 

What are you waiting for? Pick up this awesome remote-control bullet, and get the fun started!

6. Stable Connectivity

Nowadays, there are plenty of sex toy companies that feature teledildonic vibrators, such as Kiiroo, Zalo, and We-vibe. Yet, I think the Bluetooth connection from Lovense is the best. 

Lovense constantly works on improves the stability of Bluetooth connectivity. For Lush 3, the tail is the Bluetooth antenna and there is a redesigned PCB (Printed Circuit Board), which enables even better connectivity.

7. Extremely Versatile 

As mentioned, you can use Lush 3 for solo masturbation, couple sex, and public play. You can sync the vibration with sounds or songs

You can wake up with vibration. You can control it from any distance. You can share the control with your lover or someone you don’t know for surprises. 

The possibilities are endless!

lovense lush 3 waterproof

8. Fully Waterproof (IPX 7)

As a fully submersible toy, so you can take advantage of Lush 3 both in and out of the water.

Bath, shower, swimming pool, onsen, you can bring it anywhere you want for a wet play.

9. Quiet Enough for Bedroom & Public Play

Lush 3 is remarkably quiet! Even when using the toy with the maximum speed, it only makes around 40dB noise. And it’s even quieter when inside of you. 

lovense lush 3 noise level

That’s why you can wear this toy outside for a dinner date or simply for sexy grocery shopping. By far, Lush series is my favorite for public naughtiness. 

To hear exactly how much noise it makes while in operation, you can check the Lush 3 demo video I created in my youtube channel.

How to Use Lush 3 Manually?

There are two ways to control the Lush – manually (with a single-button interface) or with the free Lovense Remote app.  

If you are playing with Lush 3 independent of the app, you can control the toy by the button at the end of the tail. 

On the bottom side of the toy locates the control button. 

  • To turn the toy on, hold down the button for 3 seconds. Once you feel and hear a small buzz and see a flashing pinky light, it’s on!
  • To cycle through different vibration patterns and intensities, just tap the button until you find your desired vibe (There are 3 speeds and 4 pre-set modes).
  • To turn off the Lush 3, simply long-press the button for 3 seconds.

How to Use Lush 3 with the Lovense Remote App?

As a fantastic long-distance toy, I bet you plan to try its app-control function.

No matter where your partner(s) is around the world, you can give them access to the Lovense app and allow them to control your Lush 3. 

You can pair the toy with a phone, pad, desktop, and apple watch

  • To activate the app control mode, press the power button and hold the button for a few seconds until noticing a quick buzz. 
  • Then click the "link button" in the app, it will detect your toy and get it connected in less than 10 seconds. Super fast! 

(Feel free to check my Lush 3 video for more details and instructions)

On the main page of the Lovense app, you can see all the fun functions, including: 

lovense lush 3 app
  • Remote: You (or your partner) can control the toy with a pink floating button.
    There’s no limitation regarding patterns and intensity. Totally freestyle. 
  • Alarm: You can wake up with some intense vibration
  • Music: You can sync the vibration with your downloaded songs or places like Spotify. 
    The vibration patterns will be based on the tone and beats of the music you choose (Very fun!)
  • Sound: You can activate the Lush 3 and make it vibrate along with any sound or voice.
    For example, if you are in a club or in a cinema or anywhere loud, then the motor will respond to any sound. You can do that with your lover’s voice as well. 
  • My patterns: As mentioned, there are 4 pre-set patterns. What if you want something different? Something more customized? It’s totally possible!
    You can create any kind of pattern to your preference. There is no limitation!
    You got an endless number of patterns and you can loop your favorite patterns for as long as you wish.
  • Audiodesires: Starting from this year, Lovense added a new audio-syncing function. Now you can connect the vibration with a great range of audiobooks from Audiodesires
Lovense audiodesires

How to Charge Lush 3?

In the past, some users complained about the plug-in type of charging cable because they accidentally break the pin inside of the charging hole. 

Lovense heard the feedback and fully upgraded its charging system for all the newly launched devices including Lush 3, Ferri, and Edge 2.

lovense lush 3 charging process

Lush 3 has a magnetic charging cable and the charging cable is around 1 meter, which is rather long and gives more flexibility. 

Lush 2 was already quite good for its battery life. Yet, Lush 3 is even better because Lovense made a remarkable improvement on its battery. 

Lush 3 will last for almost 5 hours after each charge, and it only takes around 85 minutes to fully charge the toy. 

A pink light will blink when Lush 3 is in charge. 

Honestly, by far, this is the best battery you can find in the market.

I’ve had many impressive vibrators and none of them can compete with Lush 3 when it comes to battery life. 


From up to down: Lush 2 & Lush 3

Packaging & What’s in the Box?

Lovense offers an outstanding shipping system and it can deliver fast and discreetly to almost everywhere in the world! 

I received my package 5 days after ordering. The design of the toy box is simple and informative.

Upon opening the box, I am presented with the following items: 

lush 3 unbox
  • Lush 3 Bluetooth remote-Control egg vibrator
  • Magnetic USB charging cable
  • Quick setup guide
  • User manual (in multiple languages)
  • A black storage pouch

Cleaning and Care

Cleaning your toy is vital to keeping it sanitary and prolonging its life. You can clean Lush 3 by washing it with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap or you can use a toy cleaner. 

Toy cleaner is usually a spray that you can spray on your toy and wipe off with a damp cloth or wipe. 

After washing the toy, make sure to dry it thoroughly and store it in the stain bag included, away from dust. 

It’s also suggested to avoid storing the Lush 3 in direct sunlight or in extreme temperatures. Extreme heat and cold can damage Lush 3. 

As a fully waterproof toy, it’s actually super easy and fast to clean and maintain the toy.

The only thing you need to be cautious about is to ONLY use a water-based lubricant. Because silicone-based or oil-based lubes may cause damage to the surface.

After all, this is an expensive piece of sex toy, so you want to make sure you take care of them.

My Experience with Lovense Lush 3

I am a loyal customer of Lovense and I’ve used all of its Lush series, including Lush 1, Lush 2, and Lush 3. 


The general idea behind Lush series is to introduce a teledildonic way to use sex toys, which means level up vibrators from conventional bedroom use to interactive remote use.

I adore this idea because my partner and I have been in a long-distance relationship for more than 5 years and interactive sex toys are the main way to maintain intimacy and keep our sex life exciting. 

I’ve tried plenty of teledildonic sex toys such as Kiiroo Pearl 2, Ohmibod Esca 2, and We-vibe Chorus

I must say Lush 3, by far, offers the best experience because its app is very powerful, easier to use and it has very stable connectivity. 

Connectivity is the king! No one wants to start excitedly, but then wasting all the time trying to get reconnected. It’s a mood-killer!

The connectivity for Lush 2 was already pretty good, yet, Lovense further improved the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and antenna on Lush 3 for an even more stable connection. 

In my opinion, Lovense is motivated to keep improving its App and Bluetooth chips due to some of their unique audiences - cam girls.

Many cam girls make a living by streaming themselves with Lush 3. Therefore, it’s extremely essential to have stable connectivity and an interesting interface for tipping.

That’s my theory of its solid design. Anyhow, I mainly use Lush 3 for solo masturbation and long-distance bedroom and public play. 

lovense lush 3 close look

When using it for solo masturbation, I usually like to use Lush 3 for clit stimulation and I usually control it through my apple watch for convenience. 

The nub on the bulbous part fits my vulva perfectly. Its curved tip makes it easy to apply pressure to the clit and I hence can come in less in 5 minutes. 

As mentioned, I mainly use Lush 3 with my partner for long-distance, especially for public play

The versatile app functions really enchanted the whole experience and make boring errands a lot more exciting. 

Many times, I go grocery while having the Lush 3 inserted. My partner likes to surprise me with vibrations. 

lovense lush 3 panty vibe

Also, I really like to have the Lush 3 inserted the night before and then wake up with its vibration. 

Besides, it can be a decent penis vibrator. Just nestle Lush 3 under the scrotum, the underside of the penis, or use it on the erogenous zones.

The vibration is deep, rumbly, and strong. Of course, you cannot expect it to be as strong as a wand massager, but it is definitely enough to tickle your G-spot and it is more than enough to make you come if you stimulate your clitoris with the Lush 3.

Note that no matter how tapered and smooth the silicone is, it’s still better to apply some lubricant to ease and for comfortable especially if you plan to wear it for hours.

lovense lush 3 charging pin

What else? I recently discovered a new way to use Lush 3! The toy weighs around 70 grams, which is a perfect weight for pelvic floor training

So, I use it quite often as a Kegel ball. Just do it 10-15 mins per day when you are walking around your home. 

There are several ways to kegel with Lush 3 and the most common being to clench and unclench your vagina. 

This really helps to improve their vaginal muscles and strengthen the pelvic floor.

These muscles give a woman control over the urinary and bowel movements and are also responsible for helping to achieve orgasm.

This is not an intended use from this toy, but I think it works even better than some of the expensive Kegel toys such as We-vibe Bloom. 


While the Lush 3 is a great addition to the Lovense line, there are a few flaws (at least, I consider them as flaws). 

Only the bulbous part vibrates intensely. I would appreciate if Lovense can add a second motor on the tip of the antenna so that I can stimulate my clitoris while having the Lush 3 inserted. 

Also, I usually prefer sex toys in a more neutral color, however, Lovense only offers Lush 3 in hot pink. I understand this is their iconic color, but it’s just not my taste. 

Lastly, I wish it’s possible to change the name of Lush 3 via the app. I like to do public play with Lush 3.

Since the toy requires Bluetooth for connection, the name will be displayed for searching within a range of around 30 feet.

I know most people probably don’t know what “Lush 3” is when they happen to see it, but it still makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. 

Other than these 3 minor flaws, everything else about Lush 3 is just perfect. It really is one of the best sex toys I have! And I am confident to recommend it to you.

Why Lush 3 is a Must-Have for Cam Models? 

Lush series is very popular among camgirls. Why do camgirls love this toy so much?

Lovense actually created a dedicated app that allows the camgirls to link the toy to the tips on almost all the cam sites, such as Chaturbate, Stripchat and Flirt4free.

lovense lush 3 camming

It means when a tip comes in, you can set up the Lush 3 to make it react in a certain way.

This is a fantastic function to encouraging audiences’ participation. After all, tipping is the most important thing for all camgirls J.

Also, you can leave it on for longer now because Lush 3 has an impressively improved battery. It holds up to almost 5 hours.

Lovense Lush 2 vs Lush 3 (+ Comparison Chart)

Just as the Lush 2, the button locates at the tip of the tail, which makes it a lot more accessible especially when the toy is inserted. 

The most obvious change is the redesigned tail. The tail of the new Lush 3 is more solid and fixed, as a result, it transmits the vibrations of the toy more strongly. 

lovense lush 3 changes improvements

Because of the redesigned tail, there is a slight change in shape (it’s more in c-shape now).

This is as if Lush 3 is embracing the body of a woman, which allows her to feel the vibrations more strongly.

Compared to Lush 2, there’s no change when it comes to the motor. Since Lush 2 already a very strong motor that almost everybody enjoys, there was no need for an upgrade.

Please note that both Lush 2 and Lush 3 are stronger than the Lush 1.  

Other than that, Lush 3 is a little lighter comparing to Lush 2. It weighs 69.9 grams while Lush 2 weighted 73 grams. 

There is also a big improvement regarding the Bluetooth chip. Lovense redesigned PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and the antenna in order to give a more stable Bluetooth connection

All Lovense toys have the same options for cam models, which means Lovense develops software solutions in the same way for Lush 2 and Lush 3, and all released updates are relevant to both of the toys.


Also, Lush 2 and Lush 3 both support the Lovense Remote App

Another impressive improvement lays in the battery. After a full charge, Lush 3 can be used for almost 5 hours, which is almost 2 hours longer than the Lush 2. 

Besides, Lush 3 is slightly quieter than Lush 2.

Below is a comparison chart for Lush 2 and Lush 3: 




Remote & App-control 



(100% silicone surface)

Waterproof (IPX 7)

USB Rechargeable

(pin charging cable)

(magnetic charging cable)

Storage bag

Not included


1-year Warranty



(tail is bendable)


(tail is solid for better placement)

Noise level


(Max 45.5 dB)


(Max 43 dB)

Control button location

Locate at the end of the antenna

Locate at the end of the antenna

Vibration strength/motor



(Same motor)

Bluetooth Connection


More stable

(improved PCB) 

Battery life


(Up to 190 mins)

Super long

(Up to 290 mins)

Review Summary 



Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)


viBRATION (Intense vibration)


BATTERY LIFE (super long)







  • Strong and intense stimulation 
  • Silky soft silicone
  • App and remote controllable
  • Stable connection
  • Hands-free play
  • Extremely Versatile
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Very long battery life (up to 5 hours)
  • Easy to clean


  • A bit pricey

Lovense Lush 3 FAQ

1. Do the tail and the tip vibrate as well?

They vibrate slightly, but more like some residual vibrations. They are not strong enough to stimulate or give a nice sensation, in my opinion. 

2. Can you use Lush 3 for anal play? 

Absolutely NO!

There is no flared base for Lush 3, so you will run a risk of losing the toy if inserting it in your anal hole. Don’t do that! You might end of in a hospital, facing all the pains and embarrassment just to get the toy out. 

Unlike vagina, one's rear won't naturally push inserted objects out.

There are many hazards to this, and at the very least, you might find yourself on your way to the emergency room to remove the toy.

It's an unpleasant situation to find yourself in, so make sure you're only using toys with a flared base or another removal mechanism when engaging in anal play.

3. Can I turn off the light on Lovense Lush 3?

Surely. This is a toy for ultimate discreet. All you need to do is tap the name of the toy after connecting it to your device. There, you will see a setting regarding the LED light, click on it to turn it off. 

Here is a visual demonstration: 

lush light turn off

4. Are Lush 3 designed for male users?

If you want to use Lush 3 for p-spot stimulation, the answer is no.

The primary reason for this isn't one of pleasure but safety and health precautions. The Lovense Lush 3 lacks any flared base and is instead smooth and tapered.

One of the first rules of anal play is that a flared base is crucial. Simply put, this is because you need to have something to stop the toy from completely slipping past your sphincter.

However, you can get creative and use it for penis shaft and ball stimulation.

I have a dedicated article talking about how men can enjoy Lush 3 and its alternatives. Feel free to read that. 

lovense lush 3 manual

5. Why you shouldn’t buy Lush 3 from Amazon?

I never buy sex toys on Amazon because there are plenty of counterfeit products and somewhat used products (yuck!)

Besides, Lovense never run promotions on Amazon, but it runs promotions on the official website based on the time and region. Sometimes, the promotion can go all the way to 50% off.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a remote-controllable vibrator that’s waterproof, has a decent battery life, provides intense vibrations, and can be used in a variety of ways, then the Lovense Lush 3 is certainly a worthy consideration.

Personally, I think Lush 3 is by far the best vibrator in the field. This newly improved vibrator didn’t fail my expectations and I bet it won’t fail yours ;).

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Barbara May 5, 2021 - 8:54 pm

I just purchased my lvs 3 but I just realized that probably the fixed tail it’s not the best if you wanna have your partner play orally in the meanwhile so I’m probably going to change my order with the number 2. Maybe for the future number 4 the should make a rigid but adjustable antenna to shape according to needs.

Lily August 17, 2021 - 4:11 pm

I brought lush3 just after reading your blog! And get used to wearing it in public in few days. It’s really really better than any other product in public! Thanks to its little noise, I can wear it in my office with sound mode. (I never dare to open love egg in the office before using lush3) I love the feel of work and live life with lush. Thank you so much

Jane Louis August 17, 2021 - 6:40 pm

Hello Lily, thank you so much for sharing your story! Indeed,more women should try this amazing toy! 😀

Lily August 19, 2021 - 1:00 pm

I partly agree with you. Not everyone likes to play sex toys. Just go with the flow. As far as I know, many women tried lush and didn’t get much sexual pleasure or they don’t like sex toys for some reason. I enjoy a love egg in my body when working and living, or any time any place, but few people like this. Anyway, it’s nice to find you who enjoy the same thing.

Jane Louis August 21, 2021 - 3:38 am

That’s interesting to know! I thought most women enjoy sex toys haha.

Lily August 19, 2021 - 1:23 pm

By the way, Maybe it is related to the environment where I live. I’m a teacher in china.

MadisonW September 7, 2021 - 11:02 pm

So I need some help troubleshooting. I’m having issues with the toy rotating to the side and not staying in place when inserted.. how do I remedy this? Is makes it not stimulate my G-Spot and the soft tissue of my vagina just absorbs the vibrations and I can feel almost nothing. :(((

Jane Louis September 8, 2021 - 1:01 pm

Hello Madison,
Sorry to hear that!
Mine doesn’t rotate to one side. Vibration emits quite evenly from the G-spot head. Did you contact Lovense support? (https://www.lovense.com/contact)

James June 19, 2022 - 11:01 pm

I was ready for fun using the Lush 3 with my Wife. We are experiencing the same rotational issue too. Rotates approximately 90 degrees from the g spot. I will contact Lovense customer support as suggested. I had high hopes for this remote toy. First remote control toy purchased. We will see what Lovense thinks.

Jane Louis June 20, 2022 - 11:33 am

Hello James,
Thank you for sharing your experience!
You meant your Lush 3 rotates instead of vibrating?
Hope Lovense will get your issue solved soon!

AJ August 8, 2022 - 3:26 am

Having the same issue with rotation. Will reach out to the company as well, but curious if there’s any follow up regarding your experience.

Amy princess January 3, 2023 - 12:30 pm

hhhhh, I’ve been using lush for a long time and I’ve never seen such a serious review. I also like lush, when I entered university a year ago, I started to wearing it and just couldn’t stop. I’ve worn lush for the past year to class, yoga, shopping, travel…..hhhh. i love that feeling! ‘lush almost become your organ’ says my lovense app friends(i met many friends on that app and we made group)
Playing with toys is also very helpful to health, I hope blogger add that! In my experience, lush is very helpful for losing weight and staying in shape, and I can stay in shape without ever going to the gym. sex excitement makes me sanguine. Also, lush has made me love my body more and love life more!

Jane Louis January 4, 2023 - 11:13 am

Hello Amy, thanks a lot for your sharing! And really glad to read your happy encounter with Lush!
I didn’t expect Lush’s role for weight-losing. I should use it more myself to get rid of some holiday weight 😀

Amy princess January 8, 2023 - 3:06 pm

happy you replied me! i love sharing these thingshhhh
yes most friends include a doctor I met dont believe toys can lose weight. but it actually helps me a lot, maybe about frequency? I wear lush almost every day hhhh. Before i go outdoors, I usually wear one lush in my body and another charing in my handbag. that doctor finally believed and wanna control me haha
Actually enjoyment is more important. people around me think I’m a pure and lovely girl, no one would thought that i wear lush in my skirt~ (*/ω\*)
Sorry for repling so many words, hope you don’t mind.

Throbbin Wood May 4, 2023 - 1:47 pm

My wife and I love our Lush 3. We started out with me controlling her at home and soon started letting other men control the toy as well which was a huge turn on for both of us. We have a few regulars on the app that we like to “play” with and they know we are a couple. We have also figured out that if we delete the toy from the app and then go out in public to a large event sometimes we get lucky and an anonymous controller will pick up the signal and start controlling her toy. We just bought the new panty magnet toy from Lovense also, the Ferri I think it is called and can’t wait to try it out!

Jane Louis May 4, 2023 - 4:51 pm

Hi Throbbin, so glad to hear you and your wife had great time with Lush 3! I’ve never tried letting go of the control in public. Sounded fun!
Ferri is one of my fav. I am looking forward to knowing how you two play with the Ferri 😀

aritel May 12, 2023 - 1:45 pm

I am contemplating getting this toy, but I have an important question first. Maybe you can answer that, it’d be of great help for my decision.
I was wondering, if I’d need to accept remote control every time my BF would want to tease me?

Like if I wear it everyday I would want to be surprised by sudden vibrations because my BF took control over the toy. I get that you have to register another user first in the app, but do I have to accept a request for remote control after that again or is he free to control the toy after being registered in the app anytime he wants?

Best regards 🙂

Jane Louis May 14, 2023 - 9:18 am

Hello Aritel,
With the Live Control feature, your BF will be able to control your partner’s toys from anywhere in the world, as long as both parties have a stable Internet connection. Please note that your BF must accept the Live control request you sent, and he can control your toy anytime until you remove him from your list.
Hope this can help you. Have a nice day! 🙂

Lise September 1, 2023 - 3:39 pm

Hi Jane, thanks for the extended review.
My bf and I are looking for exactly a toy like this. We are also curious (besides using it as a vibrator/dildo) if this is a good toy to have inside me while he penetrates me with his penis. I know some toys are made for that but haven’t seen much if this one can be used like that.

Jane Louis September 2, 2023 - 5:04 am

Hello Lise, I feel it’s not comfortable having the Lush inside during the penetration and it disturbs the process as the partner won’t be able to go in and out smoothly (at least that’s what I experienced).
A toy designed for penetration sex is We-vibe Sync 2 – an newly launched updated version of the original Sync.
(I haven’t had time to test the new Sync 2. Will do it this month and publish a review next month :))


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