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Can Lovense Lush Be Used By Men? (+ 7 Alternatives for Anal Pleasure)

by Jane Louis
men use Lovense Lush

The Lovense Lush is a beloved toy by many - but is the Lovense Lush for men?

Yes and no. The toy should not be used anally by any gender, including men. However, the Lush works well as a penis vibrator. 

While using the toy anally may seem appealing, Lovense Lush anal use will likely result in an unwanted hospital visit.

Any toy you insert anally should have a flared base to prevent it from getting stuck or sucked into your rectum.

In contrast to a vagina, the sphincter will not naturally push out inserted objects.

Do not let the fact that anal insertion is a no-go deter you from trying the Lovense Lush - it still works exceedingly well for external penis stimulation.

If you’re curious if the Lush is any good for men, using it as a penis vibrator is a way that is not only safe but highly pleasing.

Try placing the Lush toy against your shaft for intense vibration sensations during solo play.

Or, if you want to use it with your partner, you can put the Lovense between you and mutually enjoy the powerful love egg. 

Besides, the Lush 2 (not Lush 1 or Lush 3) has a very flexible tail that can be formed in any shape. You can circle it around the bottom of your penis and let it stimulate your balls

lovense lush 2 flexible antenna

Lush 2 & its flexible antenna

7 Lush Alternatives for Male Anal Use

How to choose a good Lush alternative for male users? It all depends on what type of features you are looking for. 

Lovense is famous for its strong vibration, if you want intense vibration for anal pleasure, a good option can be Edge 2, a vibrator with a flared base that has wireless capabilities, and is waterproof (like the Lovense Lush 3).

If you care more about penis pleasure and can't get a thorough stimulation due to Lush's shape, a vibrating cock ring like Diamo can be a practical alternative.

lovense diamo connect

If what matters to you the most are the app functions, then toys like Lumen can be considered as it is a powerful internal male vibrator that works with Bluetooth much like the Lovense Lush 3

Besides, it can be synced with 2D, 3D, and VR erotic contents. 

After years of experience, I have selected some male toys that more or less share Lovense Lush's features and are more suitable for male users. 

Read on for our 7 suggestions as alternatives for the Lovense Lush.

1. Lovense Hush 2: Best for Long Distance Play

lovense hush vs hush 2 size

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One of the most popular alternative is certainly the Lovense Hush 2.

When comparing the Lovense Hush vs. Lush for male anal play, the biggest difference is that the Hush is entirely safe for insertion.

The Hush 2 has a flared base that makes sure it won't get lost in the anal hole. 

Hush toy comes with 4 size options. The smallest one (size XS) is 1 inch (2.54 cm) and the mosts girthy option (size L) is 2.25 inches (5.74 cm).

Size S comes with a diameter of 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) while size M a diameter of 1.75 inches (4.45 cm). These two options are the most popular ones. 

Thanks to the wide range of size options, Hush 2 can accommodate all experience levels and desires.

Besides, the Lovense Hush 2 is highly customizable, as well, and is controllable even at extreme distances.

Just like Lush, Hush 2 also comes with a free remote control app and utilizes the same application technology.

With the Lovense Remote app, this toy can become impressively versatile

Firstly, I love the unlimited vibration patterns and sound and erotic audio book activation to help personalize my experience.

You can even sync the toy to music to help make your favorite songs better!

All the Hush 2 has a smooth-textured neck, which makes the removal a comfortable process, ideal for long-distance fun or lengthy sessions.

Lovense Lush vs Hush sex

Like the Lovense Lush 3, the Hush 2 are perfect for discreet public play.

Some vibrators are notoriously loud, but that's NOT the case for Hush 2. It's rather quiet especially when operating in lower settings. 

Unlike many people, my favorite one is the size XS. Because the ultra-pointy tip makes the vibration amazingly intense.

But if you prefer having a sensation of fullness, bigger sizes, especially the L version is a better choice.

To sum up, the stable connection, the new etrotic book feature and the endless vibration options make this one of my favorite toys.

Anyone can use the Hush 2 and enjoy themselves if they have a decent Internet connection.


  • 4 size options for all levels of players
  • Very strong and rumbly vibrations
  • Highly customizable (e.g. unlimited patterns)
  • Stable app connection
  • Can sync the vibration with sound, music, books and more
  • Can vibrate with 2D, 3D and VR erotic contents
  • Ideal for discreet public play
  • Ideal for long distance couples
  • Completely waterproof
  • All Hush 2 have Long battery life (size XS has the longest battery life)


  •  Black color attracts dust easily

2. Lovense Edge 2: Best for Prostate & Perineum Massage

lovense edge 2 review

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Unlike the Lush, Lovense Edge 2 is an dual anal vibrator exclusively design for male users.

The Edge 2 has two strong motors - one that hits the male p-spot and one that vibrates at the base to please your perineum.

Featuring waterproof technology, BlueTooth capabilities, and an enlarged bulb to increase muscle retention, the Edge 2 are one of the best on the market. 

I like that I can bend the toy easily and it contours to my body and hits the right spots.

I usually push its neck back and forth when adjusting and it works for majority of the body.

Once you find the perfect form, the Edge 2 stays put so you can enjoy maximum pleasure. 

Like the other Lovense toys, the Edge 2 is app controllable, aesthetically pleasing, and made from body-safe silicone materials.

lovense edge 2 adjustability

I find the texture smooth, soft, and easy to insert, and I appreciate the effort put into ensuring it benefits all body types

Those that enjoy p-spot pleasure will particularly love the Edge 2.

Besides, the app functions (same as Lush and Hush) from Lovense Remote will bring you a versatile personal experience. 

That said, the width of the top bulb is 1.41 inches (3.58 cm) which may be a bit cumbersome for beginners - you may want to work your way up to the Edge 2 if you are a first-timer. 


  • Adjustable curvature
  • Textured bulbs
  • Lengthy insertion
  • Large flared base for safety
  • Impressive intense and rumbly vibrations
  • Ideal for solo or long distance couple play
  • Long battery life 


  •  Can be challenging to insert for beginners as the head is not tapered

3. Satisfyer Plug-Illicious: Best Budget-Friendly Anal Plug

Satisfyer Plug-Illicious

A budget-friendly alternative to the Lovense Lush 3 is the Satisfyer Plug-Illicious.

There are two versions of the Plug-Illicious, the original and the updated Satisfyer Plug-Illicious 2.

The first model features a tapered tip for easy insertion and a broad base for simple removal.

You can change vibration levels manually - though I prefer to use the app for hands-free play.

Two independently controlled motors allow you to change the vibrations for a new experience every time.

The Satisfyer Plug-Illicious 2 has a few notable differences. For starters, it has a more rounded tip rather than fully tapered.

The design makes it a bit trickier to insert but improves the sensation of having it inside you.

I suggest the Plug-Illicious 2 for those that are well-adjusted to anal penetration.

I love the texture of the Satisfyer Plug-Illicious, and the broad base adds extra stability and comfort.

The second model is a tad large for beginners, so I recommend purchasing the first if you have little or no experience using plugs.

This alternative to the Lovense Lush 3 is similar in that it has app capabilities and works for all genders and skill levels.

The downside is that the Satisfyer app is not as in-depth and user-friendly as the Lovense application. It's less stable and there are fewer customization options.


  • Affordable
  • Multiple chic colors to choose from
  • Ultra smooth surface (for a comfy insertion)
  • 2 powerful motors for strong vibrations
  • 2 motors can be controlled independent 
  • Suited for all genders 
  • App-controllable
  • Fully waterproof & Easy to clean
  • 15 year warranty


  • App connection may not be that stable
  • App function is limited

4. OhMiBod Lumen: Best for a Show

OhMiBod Lumen

Read a detailed Ohmibod Review

The OhMiBod Lumen is a fully interactive and textured plug-style anal vibrator.

There are several notable features, but the first is the spiral textured head.

All anal toys requires lubrication and this spiral design helps well distribute the lube during insertion, which makes the process smooth and ultra comfortable. 

At 4 inches long (10.2 cm), it's a fantastic toy for beginners that are not yet comfortable with anal play.

With its deep rumbling vibrations and full waterproof technology, Lumen can be a great option for multiple situations.

Another unique design is that it has a gem-like stone at its base. As Lumen features LED light, this stone shines during vibration, which makes the whole experience visually enticing.

This feature is fun for solo play, and I like to use Lumen during couple play because the toy broadcasts your sensations to your lovers in a dazzlingly bright show.

This alternative is most similar to the Lovense Lush 3, thanks to its non-intimidating size and the interactive FeelConnect app.

Partners can each insert the Lumen (from any location) and control the vibrations simultaneously.

Like the Lovense app, the FeelConnect application can sync to music and pulse on the beat.

The Lumen also has a setting that changes colors to your song of choice.

The only difference between the two apps/platforms is that the FeelConnect app does not connect to Windows PCs, while the Lovense does.

I think the Lumen is the closest alternative to the Lovense and worth a try if you want something unique and eye-catching.

However, experienced anal players may find it too small and want something more substantial.


  • Non-intimidating size
  • Strong and deep vibrations
  • Spiral textured design for extra comfort.
  • Dual motors for dual stimulation
  • LED light shows the performance
  • Waterproof
  • App controllable for short and long-range play
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing


  • Some may want a larger toy
  • Battery life is not long (takes 2.5 hrs to charge and can play for only 1 hr)

5. Svakom Vick Neo: Best for Portable Play

Svakom Vick Neo

The Svakom Vic Neo only weighs 80g (2.8oz), which makes it a perfect toy to travel with.

This toy looks like a combination of the Edge and the Lumen I talked about above.

Vic Neo bends at an angle like the Edge, helping you reach as deep as possible to peak your pleasure.

Despite being a light toy, you should not underestimate its power.

Just like the Edge 2, This anal vibrator has two motors. One motor targets your prostate while the other focuses more on the base, letting you cherry-pick where your attention stays.

I can personally suggest turning both to the max setting and just laying back.

Similar to Lumen, it embraces a visual LED light display at the bottom (the golden part), which is not only visually pleasing but also creates a synchronized experience with these addicting vibrations.

The primary difference between the Vick Neo and the Lovense Lush lies in the pre-set modes.

Vick Neo has seven vibration pre-settings and five intensities; while the Lush 3 only has 7 vibration modes.

But the overall vibration power for these two toys is quite similar and you can use the app to customize your own patterns for either of the toys.

Svakom Vic Neo prostate vibrator

Svakom developed its own app, which provides some basic functions. Meanwhile, it also partnered with one of the most famous male sex toy companies, Kiiroo. 

Therefore, you can connect the Vick Neo to either the Svakom app or Kiiroo's FeelConnect app for extra functions.

I tried to connect the Vick Neo through the Svakom app to try out short and long-distance control. It works fine, but the connection can be a bit unstable.

I also use it with the FeelConnect application for the Cam Model function, video call, and interactive video mode. It was quite an interesting experience. 


  • Highly portable
  • Allows local and long-distance control
  • Strong vibrations
  • Programmable vibration patterns
  • Dual motor for prostate and perineum 
  • Suitable for all gender (women can use it for G-spot and clit stimulation)
  • Features sound-activated vibration
  • Visual LED light display
  • Long battery life (takes 1 hr to charge and can be used for 2.5 hrs)


  • Not fully waterproof (only splashproof)
  • App connection is a bit unstable

6. We-Vibe Vector: Best Prostate vibe for Beginners

vector wevibe review

Read a detailed We-vibe Vector review

The We-Vibe Vector is a sleek, slim vibrator making it ideal for newbies wanting to try to explore the anal hole but doesn’t want to jump straight to girthy toys like the Edge 2.

I like to use the Vector during solo play because, with ten rumble functions and two deep motors, this toy is perfect for when I crave vibration but want to build up a tolerance.

Controllable via app, a separate remote controller, or a simple button on its base, the dual motors of this toy provide peak pleasure.

With one rumbling against your prostate while the other thrills your perineum, the experience reflects the functions of the Lush and Hush - minus the size.

Like the other toys mentioned above, the We-Vibe Vector can operate using the We-Connect application.

The We-Connect app connects to Bluetooth, allowing anyone with the custom link to control the speed and vibration settings of the toy.

Users can also create custom vibration patterns just for you.

Compared to the Lovense Remote app, the one for We-vibe offers fewer functions, but you can still manage basic controls and customizable.

wevibe vector flexible

To sum up, We-vibe Vector is my top pick for beginners for its size, price, and overall quality. It is a non-intimidating vibrator that still packs a punch.

It's the best option if you want to start exploring your rare hole without sacrificing quality. 

However, the Vector may not suit your needs if you want high vibrations or a large vibrator.


  • Soft and rumbling vibration
  • Adjustable and flexible
  • Ultra smooth surface and slim body for comfortable insertion
  • Dual motor for doubled pleasure
  • App controllable and comes with a separate controller
  • Fully waterproof
  • Long battery life


  • A bit weaker vibration compared to Lush

7. Lovense Sex Machine: Best for the Ultimate Experience

The Lovense Sex Machine is not a vibrator or plug. It functions as an actual penis and thrusts like the real thing.

The Sex Machine comes with two dildos and a remote controller; and provides up to 300 strokes per minute.

The machine is also double-sided, so two people can use it simultaneously. 

I love how everything about the Lovense Sex Machine is thoroughly adjustable.

It has a variety of heights, angles, speeds, stroke depths (up to 4.49 inches/11.4 cm), and attachments to help find the thrust that fits best. 

Lovense dildos come with the patented vac-u-lock feature. Vac-u-lock technology involves a plug pushed into a hollow base.

Upon attachment, air expels from the chamber, and a vacuum-strength suction holds the two parts together.

In short, you never have to worry about your dildos coming off during play. 

Lovense Sex Machine positions

The Lovense Sex Machine differs from the Lovense Lush 3 in that it provides a comprehensive sexual experience.

In my opinion, it’s about as close to the real thing as possible - but it doesn’t vibrate.

Additionally, the Sex Machine is more difficult to transport due to its size, while the Lush 3 easily fits into a bag (or undies). 

I recommend the Sex Machine for those looking to experiment and enjoy full-body pleasure.

It also works well for people that do not like vibrations and prefer penetrative sensations. However, newbies may find this extreme for a first toy.


  • Strong thrusts and penetrative pleasure
  • Very customizable angles
  • Two dildos included
  • Vac-u-lock featured attachment
  • No battery needed
  • App controllable 
  • Ideal for short-range and long-distance couples


  • Heavy and arduous to transport


So, can Lovense Lush be used by men? Yes, just not for anal stimulation.

The Lush is a fantastic toy and works well for penile vibration. Long-distance partners, singles, and traditional couples can benefit from the Lovense Lush 3

The above-mentioned alternative all has app control functions, just like the Lush. Meanwhile they are a lot safer to use if you are into anal play.

Whether you want penetration, deep vibration, or a light show, these delightful alternatives can make it happen.

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