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Lush 2 vs. Esca 2 vs. Lush 1 vs Esca 1: Which One Is Better?

by Jane Louis
lush vs esca

Today, let's talk about remote control egg vibrators! 🙂

When shopping for sex toys, bigger dildos and vibrators easily stand out. However, small vibrators shouldn't be overlooked, especially those ones that can be controlled remotely.

After all, smaller options are often quieter while targeting your hottest spots and in many cases, they provide more power and pleasure instead of lacking it.

In addition, remote control egg vibrators open exciting new doors when it comes to public play because its advantage on size and quietness hide the powerful vibrations. This offers a hot new game for couples.

Think about it, teasing your partner in public offers the perfect fantasy-fulfilling foreplay experience. After all, getting a little naughty in places you shouldn't adds to the excitement.

With all that pent up sexual tension, your resulting bedroom sessions will be even steamier.

That means you can get aroused without ripping your partner's clothes off in front of shocked strangers. Instead, public fun can be a sexy secret kept simply between the two of you.

This is made easy with small app control vibrators - turning your everyday lingerie into a pair of vibrating panties.

With many on the market, choosing a good remote control vibrator may prove difficult. To narrow down your search, we focused on the top two contenders: the Lovense Lush and the Ohmibod Esca.

Which brand offers the best remote control egg vibrators: Lovense or Ohmibod?

Keep reading to learn more about the differences between Lush and Esca, how powerful the vibrations can be, how discreet they are for public and private play, and many more...

First, let's break down a bit on the background of the Lovense Lush and its product evolution.

The Lovense Lush is a small wearable egg vibrator controlled by bluetooth technology that is intended to provide pleasure wherever you are.

By connecting the Lush to the smartphone app, you unlock features like customizable vibration patterns, capabilities to sync to music, voices and VR movements, and device control from anywhere in the world.

lush 2

If you would like to learn more about Lush 2, read my detailed review here.

In 2015, the Lush first made media headlines by coming out as the first vibrator to be controlled by an Apple watch. After three years and 300,000 vibrators sold, Lovense released the second generation Lush.

Taking negative reviews from the first round into consideration, Lovense increased the power and functionality in the Lush 2. This made long-distance play easier and situated the vibrator controls in a more accessible spot.

With the new upgrades, Lovense deems the Lush 2 four times more powerful than any other vibrating egg on the market and it has very stable connection during discreet public play.

When it comes to quality, the company offers a one-year warranty on its products as added insurance.

What is Ohmibod Esca?

Ohmibod Esca, also known as Kiiroo Esca, is another high-tech egg vibrator that was created because of the cooperation between Ohmibod and Kiiroo companies, which are two very prestigious sex toy companies in the industry.

While the Lovense Lush provides just about everything you could want in a remote control egg vibrator, there is another product on the market that gives it some stiff competition.

Similarly, the Ohmibod Esca uses bluetooth capabilities. However, it also takes modern technology one step further by allowing connections to VR content and using bright LED lights to deliver real-time feedback on how well the vibrator is working on a specific area.

esca 2

If you would like to learn more about Esca, read my detailed review here.

Like the Lovense Lush, Ohmibod released two generations of the Esca vibrator. When it came to revamping their small vibrators, Ohmibod focused on slightly increasing the size and bettering flexibility.

With the easier maneuverability, the Esca 2 replaced and discontinued the original model.

For added fun, the Esca 2 currently syncs to all Ohmibod and Kiiroo toys. Similar to a diet or exercise tracker, the smartphone app also allows you to track your weekly orgasms and pleasure goals.

How to Use Lush 1 & Lush 2?

More specifically, let's now dive into how each product delivers its pleasure. First up, both versions of the Lovense Lush have a C-shaped curved design to target the G-spot.

The upper antenna of Lush 2 offers some clitoral stimulation but is mostly placed for wireless connectivity.

Lovense lush 2 remote control

To use either Lush product, the bulkier end is inserted, while the antenna end bends and clips it in place. However, before the fun can start, the toy needs to be charged for around an hour and a half.

Once charged, both the Lush and Lush 2 can last up to around three hours on the lowest settings and around two hours on the higher settings.

Overall, the app comes with seven preset vibration patterns and options for customizable patterns. The settings are controlled through a smartphone app called "Lovense Remote".

lovense lush 2 unbox

How to Use Esca 1 & Esca 2?

First of all, the production of the original Esca (aka. Esca 1) has been discontinued because of the launch of Esca 2. The concept of Esca 1 has been kept on Esca 2 and some updates have been made. 

The Esca 2 small vibrator comes with a slightly straighter C-shaped design. Once again, the bulkier end is inserted for G-spot stimulation.

esca 2 connect

Unlike the Lush 2, the Esca 2 has a light on the upper end that offers signals to your partner on vibrator performance, making the experience more interactive. This relies on sensors that measure your heart beat. In addition, the lit tip offers dual clitoral stimulation.

Before use, the Esca 2 also needs to be charged for an hour and a half and its battery life offers use for up to three hours.

Esca 2 how to use

However, the Esca 2 has less settings than the Lush 2. Its three options include high vibration and full LED lights, low vibration with full LED lights and high vibration with no lights.

In addition, it can be turned off if you want to wear it without any noise or sync to music on club mode through the smartphone app.

Comparison: Lush 2 vs Esca 2 vs Lush 1 vs Esca 1

To understand which small vibrators will best satisfy your needs, check out our detailed comparison of the Lush and Esca products.

This will give you a better understanding of which product pros you need in your life and which cons you can't personally put up with.

1. Lush 2 vs Esca 2 (+ Comparison Chart)

By now, you've likely realized that the true competition between Lush and Esca concerns their second generation models, which largely improved connectivity.

These small vibrators operate on heightened bluetooth systems that improve both short and long-distance play.

esca vs lush charging

The Lush 2 has its wireless connectors located in the antenna while the Esca 2 establishes connection from its flexible stem.

With connection, many reviewers preferred the Esca 2, which responded more quickly than the Lush 2.

On the other hand, the Lush 2 vibrator offered quieter vibrations and more pleasure pattern customizations in its smartphone app than the Esca 2, which may just make it worth the wait.

Both the Lush 2 and Esca 2 have pros and cons when it comes to private play, making this category really come down to your personal preferences.

The LED lights on the Esca 2 make it more ideal for private play, where the lights won't give any secrets away.

However, the Lush 2 beats the Esca 2 in the private play category when it comes to bringing foreplay fun to the bath or shower. The Lush 2 is waterproof, while the Esca 2 is only water-resistant.

In terms of storage, the Esca 2 comes with a privacy pouch, while the Lush 2 requires separate accommodations.

Finally, the Lush 2 G-spot stimulator is a bit more curved than the Esca 2 design, which can increase the intensity of positive sensations.

esca vs lush look

Both products are made from body-safe silicone, which is best used with water-based lubricants.

Similarities and Differences Between Lush 2 & Esca 2




Remote & App-control 


Connect and Control multiple toys at the same time via the app

1-year Warranty

USB Rechargeable

Storage Pouch



Control over the light

(on the tip head)

(You can turn off the light through the app, besides, the light is discreet enough to be used in public)

(When turned on, the light is quite bright, but you can turn on/off the light as you wish)

Adjustable Stem

(Flexible and adjustable)


Size & Design

- similar size for the bulbous part, but the tip of the bulbous is more curved (aka. better stimulation)

- 100% silicone

- bulbous body and the stem is made of silicone while the control button is made of plastic

Control Button Location

(at the tip head)



Noise Level

(Max. around 50 db)

Very Similar

(slighter quieter)

Very Similar

Vibration Strength 


(improved from previous version)


(improved from previous version)

Bluetooth Connection


(improved from previous version)


(improved from previous version)

Battery Life

Around 2 hours

Around 2 hours


- Better and more responsive customer service after purchasing

- Sync with heart bead

- Reactive light

2. Lush 1 vs Lush 2 (+ Comparison Chart)

Like we mentioned above, Lovense largely upgraded its Lush product between the original and second designs. So much so, that Lovense currently lists the original Lush as final stock on its site.

The first major improvement was moving the control button so that it can be accessed to turn the device on and off while wearing it.

Next, Lovense added a vibration motor that was slightly bigger and more powerful to deliver stronger vibrations and sensations.

Finally, to provide a more stable connection, the bluetooth connection chip was improved in the Lush 2.

Also benefiting play, the battery life was extended a bit in the second design.

Similarities and Differences Between Lush & Lush 2




Remote & App-control 



(100% silicone surface)


USB Rechargeable

1-year Warranty



- Same size for the bulbous part

- Stem is thicker & more flexible

- Tip is bigger 

Noise level
(Max 45db)



(the maximum db is the same, but Lush 1 is a bit quieter for the first 2 settings)

Control button location

Locate at the bulbous part

Locate at the end of the antenna

Vibration strength/motor


Bigger motor and stronger

Bluetooth Connection


More stable and with wider range 

Battery life

1.5-2 hr of continuous use

2 hr of continuous use

3. Esca 1 vs Esca 2 (+ Comparison Chart)

When it comes to the changes in the Esca, Ohmibod revamped the stem, making it more flexible and more conducive to various body types. In addition, they made the vibrator slightly bigger for deeper stimulation.

The original logo was also on a metal ring. Whereas, the new logo is on a silicone ring. This change offers better body-safe materials and makes the Esca 2 an overall safer product than its original design.

Like the Lush 2, the Esca 2 also stepped things up in terms of a stable connection, thanks to updated PCBA chips. In addition, they upped the battery size to make the toy last longer.

ohmibod esca 2 control led

Finally, the Esca 2 is actually a new player when it comes to public play. The original design always kept the light on, making it difficult to conceal.

However, the second-generation option offers the function to turn the light off, allowing it to provide pleasure undetected. 

Similarities and Differences Between Esca and Esca 2




Remote & App-control 


USB Rechargeable

1-year Warranty




Noise (Max. 50db)



Control Button Location

(at the tip head)




- Firmer stem

- Mental ring in the middle with logo on it

- More flexible stem

- Silicone Ring in the middle with engraved logo below

- Tip head is slightly bigger 

- Bulbous part is a bit larger

Vibration Strength/Motor


Slightly stronger thanks to the bigger motor

Bluetooth Connection


Slightly more stable thanks to the new PCBA 2.0 chip

Battery life

1 hour of continuous use

Slightly longer thanks to the larger battery (around 2 hours)

New Features


- Sync with heartbeat

- Full control over the light (can turn it on/off as you wish)

Final Words: Who's the Winner & Where to Buy?

When it comes to a winner, the clear choice is between the Lush 2 and Esca 2. However, the decision comes down to your personal preferences and needs.

If you are searching for a toy for public play, both small vibrators offer discreet internal options with wireless capabilities.

For noisy public places like bars or clubs, the slightly louder sound of the Esca 2 vibrator will be masked just fine.

However, for quieter public areas like restaurants or movie theaters, the Lush 2 is the better option because of how well it conceals the vibration sounds.

esca vs lush control button

The Esca 2 offers the better option for impatient couples because it connects faster, while the Lush 2 is more suited to adventurous couples because it offers more customization.

When it comes to private play, the Esca 2 offers useful feedback in the bedroom, while the waterproof Lush 2 provides a fun companion for playing in the bathroom.

If the Lush 2 sounds more your style, it is best to make your purchase from the Lovense online store to avoid counterfeit offers. In addition, this gives you access to company discounts exclusive to the store.

On the other hand, if Esca 2 is the one getting you going, the online store is actually the place you should avoid, in my opinion, because customer service is not very responsive. It's easier to have a better experience purchasing through SheVibe or Lovehoney.

With either decision, you'll be delivered mind-blowing orgasms. The question is more, where and how fast you want to get there.

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