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LOVENSE MAX 2 Review: Best Interactive Male Masturbator?

by Lucas Andersen
lovense max 2 review

The sex toy company Lovense has released a sizable array of sex toys with the focus of pushing masturbatory technology to new heights, a goal where we can all cum to appreciate the benefits.

One of their latest offerings is known as the Lovense Max 2a new and improved rendition of the original Max which they began developing back in 2011.

lovense max 2 box

Key Features of Max 2

1. 360-Degree Contractions

Not only was this the feature that caught my attention most, but it was the one that eventually brought me to my knees.

The Lovense Max 2 has deep, strong contractions that grab your cock and don’t let go.

Additionally, there’s an adjustable vent at the end of the device which allows you to calibrate how intense the suction becomes, making your penis feel as though it’s being swallowed by this sex toy.

With simple stroking motions, the device mimics the sensation of a real-life blowjob.

2. High-Quality Skin-Like Sleeve

The Lovense Max 2 has had careful attention devoted to the sleeve.

The material is 100% hypoallergenic and has an extremely soft, pliable, and stretchy feel to it, similar to that of other high-end male masturbators.

Max 2 comes with a clear sleeve containing many bumps and nodules, but if that’s not your thing, Lovense offers a flesh-colored vagina sleeve.

lovense max 2 sleeve look

(from left to right: front view, side vide, inside out)

3. Remote Controllable: Stable & Fun

We live in a very interconnected world these days, and that same connectivity is coming to our sex toys. The Lovense Max 2 is Bluetooth compatible and is accompanied by a fully functional app that allows you to partner up and play remotely.

No fiddly remotes to mess around with or try to find batteries for, just a local app right there on your smartphone.

Lovense Max 2 embraces stable remote functionality via Bluetooth and Wi-fi. Besides, it has a well-supported app that works seamlessly with their device.

If your partner has a Max 2 or Nora (a Bluetooth vibrator from Lovense) then you can connect the two and fuck each other as the toys are designed to react based on your partner’s movements.

4. Sync With VR Games

Lovense also comes with a VR platform* called “MirrorLife” and Max 2 is optimized to provide in-game experiences.

After connecting your masturbator to the platform, simply press the “have sex” mode and have fun!

*Supported VR headset include: HTC Vive, Oculus, Odyssey

lovense max VR mirror life


To enhance solo enjoyment, Lovense introduced a game called "Mirror Life", which is available in both standard and VR version.

The game imitates your masturbator movements based on your character in the game. And the game provides many camera angles and positions. This really feels like doing it with a virtual woman (love it!).  

Note that the game is still in testing mode, which means you may encounter some problems during the play.

Also, remember to buy the original "Bluetooth Adapter" ($12) from Lovense if you want to connect to the game on the PC!

5. Accommodating Size

The device has an insertable length of up to 6.7 inches (17cm) and can allow 6 inches (15.4cm) of girth, enabling most men to go balls deep in this pulsating pleasure toy.

According to Lovense, up to 95% of penises will be able to make use of the toy.

6. Understated, Minimalistic Design

If you ever forgot the Lovense Max 2 on your coffee table after a rigorous round of jerking off, it’s possible guests wouldn’t immediately clue in that it was a sex toy.

The toy is a simple white and doesn’t feature any gaudy or flashy designs that typically scream, “Rub me on your genitals!”

It just looks like a plain rectangle, and I appreciate that about it. It looks like a toy an adult would purchase to use, not as something that always ends up as a gag gift.


  • Materials: ABS/Skin-like TPE
  • Weight: 750 g / 1.65lb
  • Battery (Use time): Li-Ion battery (up to 215 mins of use)
  • Waterproof? No, only Splashproof
  • Sleeve length: 6.8 inches / 17cm
lovense max 2 back air vent

The bottom side of Max 2

7. 100% Bodysafe

Lovense Max 2 is 100% hypoallergenic and body-safe. The sleeve is made from skin-like TPE. It’s soft, non-toxic, also highly mimicking the touch of human skin.

Not having to worry about phthalates and other dubious materials in our sex products brings us peace of mind.

lovense max 2 sleeve inside


8. Rechargeable

A major draw with the Lovense Max 2 is the vibrations and contractions this toy can dish out.

None of those bells and whistles work without power, and there’s nothing worse than getting home after a long day and being denied an orgasm due to low batteries.

Lovense made the Max 2 rechargeable and includes a magnetic USB charging cable to simplify the process further.

9. Noise Level

It can be very noisy, especially if you’re utilizing the contraction capabilities of this device.

There’s no way your roommate would be oblivious to your activities, is what I’m saying.

(Please refer to the video below to hear the exact noise level)

How to Use Lovense Max 2?

The Lovense Max 2 is toted as being an effortless male masturbator, to the point of allowing you to sit back and let it do all the dirty work.

A simple cylinder concealing a long chamber within, the Max 2 shares similarities with other male strokers on the market.

lovense max 2 manual

(Lovense Max 2 Manual)

1. Solo Play

The Lovense Max 2 acts as most other male masturbators. Apply water-based lube to your cock, insert it into the chamber, and stroke.

You can control the toy with your phone which makes changing the vibration patterns or intensity easy.

2. Remote Play

Give your partner access by allowing their phone to become the remote.

Simply connect the Max 2 to your phone via the app, and experiment with a single tap to see which sensations drive your partner wild!

3. Long-Distance Play

Long-distance lovers rejoice! Lovense Max 2 enables your partner to enjoy your touch as if you were there!

If your partner has a Max 2 or Nora, their device will interact with yours to deliver each other’s movements right where you want them most!

lovense max 2 how to use

How to Charge Lovense Max 2?

The Lovense Max 2 doesn’t require any batteries. Instead, it comes with a magnetic USB charger cable so you never have to worry about feeling powerless!

lovense max 2 charging

Package & What’s in The Box?

The Lovense Max 2 comes in a fairly straightforward box with a picture of the product displayed prominently.

I lift the top of the box off to reveal the device sitting comfortably in its molded packaging. 

There’s not much for instructions in the box, just the Max 2 and some charging supplies.

Here is a list of things included:

lovense max 2 unbox

My Experience with the Max 2

When using Max 2 for the first time, I grabbed a regular water-based lube to pair with the Lovense Max 2 (this is also what they suggest on their site).

I squirted some into the opening of the sleeve and used my fingers to apply the lube further inside.

I then made sure to lube up my penis. Toys like this rely on the slip, so don’t skimp on lube!

I inserted my penis and started stroking. At first, the device was awkward and cumbersome (my hands still had some lube on them), and it’s not as small as other masturbators on the market.

Once I got a good grip on it I was amazed at how hard it clamped down on my cock.

The powerful and pleasurable 360-degree contractions floored me and made my knees tremble.

It really grips the penis from all angles. I ended up tucking the device in between the couch cushions and thrusting into it.

For solo play, this was by far my favorite method to use the Max 2; I could let it pulsate on the tip of my penis before sinking myself deep into its throbbing embrace.

lovense max 2 sleeve

How does it feel like? Umm…the undulations of the device are hard to explain but easy to enjoy. Imagine grabbing a boob, it will have a soft and bouncy feeling.

My penis feels like being wrapped with a soft and bouncy texture. Anyhow, I guess you’ll have to try to fully understand the charm.

The next session was the remote-control session with my partner. I hooked the Max 2 up to the app on my partner’s phone and sat back.

The device is very responsive and keeps a strong connection, something that often isn’t the case with cheaper remote sex toys.

My partner liked that the app could just be downloaded and that the menu was simple to use and easy to navigate

It adds a whole new aspect of playfulness to the bedroom.

The Max 2 has adjustable settings which means the experience your partner provides through remote play is likely going to feel very different than what you would choose for yourself.

We had fun by utilizing the strong suction of the device to provide hands-free pleasure for me while I went down on her. 

She particularly liked hearing my shocked gasps when she’d suddenly change the settings or engage the contractions.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a Nora in our household, so we weren’t able to test out the interactivity of these toys.

However, our times spent using the app were seamless and trouble-free which leads us to believe you’ll find more of the same if you venture out to pair these toys together.

Lovense MAX 2 NORA

(This is how Nora Rabbit Vibrator looks like)

Overall, the Lovense Max 2 surprised me, having not been a Fleshlight connoisseur or male stroker collector myself.

The initial investment seems a bit daunting, but after experiencing the pleasures I’ve neglected to go back to my palms.

Some sex toys can be cumbersome to use or awkward to use with a partner, but this wasn’t the case with the Max 2.

The Lovense Max 2 is intuitive and easy to adjust even during use thanks to its uncluttered display.

I was surprised at how powerful the contractions were, and at how explosive my climaxes proved to be during solo use, but my mind was honestly blown when I handed the controls over to my partner.

Cheaper Bluetooth vibrators and sex toys can have connectivity issues, leaving the mood to fizzle when encountering choppy signals.

Not the Lovense Max 2! The Bluetooth connectivity was stable and responsive, every finger flick on the screen could be felt in real-time, and I was in pure erotic ecstasy.

lovense max 2 video

My only complaint is about the cleaning process. It’s hard and really time-consuming to fully clean the inside of the device.

While the sleeve comes out, it doesn’t fold inside out, so it’s hard to clean the semen out of the nooks and crannies after each use.

What’re the Similarities & Differences Between Lovense Max and Max 2?

The first thing you’ll notice is how Max 2 looks, it’s been redesigned with a fresh new look and a modern twist.

A welcome departure from the original Max’s simple tube look.

With Max 2’s exterior ridges, it can also help with grip while using the toy making it more practical.

That being said, Max 2 is heavier than Max, by about 160g more. 

Below are some specs for Max and Max 2

Original Max:

lovense max specifications

Max 2:

Lovense Max 2 specifications

From the specs, you may notice that Max 2 runs out of battery faster than Max 1 if on Level 3.

This is due to the stronger and bigger vibrator within Max 2 and its 360-degree contractions, offering a more intense and pleasurable experience.

Also, both Max and Max 2 have air vents, but we’ve improved it on the latest one. Making it more comfortable to use and more accommodating to the bigger guys. 

Max 2 can also be used with our VR game called ‘Mirror Life’. (Please note that Mirror Life is only compatible with Windows.) Mirror Life lets you interact with the girls within a game and offers an even more immersive experience with a VR headset. 

Max and Max 2 function the same with Lovense Remote. When controlled through the app there will be two controllable functions, contraction and vibration.

All of Lovense’s toys can be synced together, but only Max, Max 2 and Nora can have interactive effects. For example, Lush 3 and Max 2 can also be used together but the toys will not react to each other’s movements since this feature is exclusively for Max, Max 2 and Nora. 

(please check the Lovense site for more details regarding how to use Max, Max 2 and Nora together. )

Max 2 Review Summary

Lovense Max 2 Final Score


Average Score

Design & Features (comfortable to insert, rechargable, etc.)


Contraction powder


versatility (app control, vr, etc)


Value for Money (pricy, but worth it)


Orgasm Rate



  • Powerful 360° contraction
  • Stable connectivity
  • Suitable for all size of the penis
  • Intuitive app control and a wide range of app functions
  • Can sync with VR experience
  • Long battery life


  • Noisy
  • Not easy to clean the inside of the sleeve
  • Vibration can be stronger

Lovense Max 2 FAQ

1) What to do if Lovense Max 2 Not Connecting?

Whenever you’re having connection issues, you should:
Step 1: Restart your Bluetooth and GPS of your phone (if Android system) and then wait for 30 seconds. After that please try to connect your toy to your app again.
Step 2: If that doesn’t work, restart the toy. Make sure the toy’s light is blinking before clicking the “+” to search for the toy. Also, make sure the toy is not connected to any other devices.
Step 3: If neither of those work, restart the app (and as a last resort, restart the phone).

If this does not work, you can contact the Lovense support team by providing the following information:
1) What computer or mobile device are you using?
2) What operating system is it running?
3) What version of our app are you using?
4) What email address are you using to login?
5) Your order number or the email address you used when ordering.

The support team is very responsive and they usually reply in less than 48 hours.

2) What is the lovense max 2 firmware update?

Lovense has recently (Dec. 2019) developed a Firmware update that can improve the Bluetooth connectivity of the toy.
It’s not a mandatory update, but if you would like to give it a try, you may experience even more stable connection.
The update should only take a few minutes. Make sure that your Max 2 has at least 50% battery, and your phone has at least 40% battery to avoid any issues.

3) What are the differences between buying Lovense products from Amazon and from the official Lovense site?

Lovense is unable to run promotions on Amazon, but it runs promotions on the official website based on the time or region. And the promotion can be up to 50% off. Also, Amazon may provide you different shipping methods, but there is only one shipping method from the Lovense website and it is guaranteed to be discreet.


Lovense has managed to add a lot of value to the Max 2. Features aren’t simply thrown in for the sake of looking good on paper.

Instead, the details have been carefully mulled over, resulting in a truly rousing teledildonic product.

The Max 2 delivers more than just a squishy orifice to enjoy, it’s embedded with tech to take your orgasm to the next level.

Depending on your tolerance, you may find the Lovense Max 2 to be stimulating enough without needing guidance, making this a potentially handsfree device.

No doubt this is an expensive toy, but If you’re in the market for a high-end male masturbator, the Lovense Max 2 is worthy of your consideration.

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John June 18, 2022 - 6:23 pm

I found the standard sleeve to tight for my liking. Fortunately I bought the flesh coloured vagina sleeve with the Max 2 for 10 euro more. It is a little more loose and has a softer material. Also cleaning is easier because you can easily turn the vagina sleeve inside out. I much prefer that sleeve instead if the standard one.

Jane Louis June 19, 2022 - 5:01 am

Thanks a lot for sharing John :)!

Derik October 23, 2022 - 8:29 pm

I promise this isn’t slander or a knock, just my honest review.
Where to start…
The standard sleeve was fine for me, not too tight or loose. The vibrations were okay, but we’re pretty much the only highlight… The suction was not satisfying… Don’t get me wrong, it was trying, but I just couldn’t quite feel it. I triple checked the airflow vents to make sure it was doing the job and stuff, but when in use I didn’t really feel it. I left the toy there for 20 min and only the vibrations were the biggest factor in giving pleasure. Then when stroking, the friction added to the experience, but it wasn’t nearly enough to justify that “orgasmic” feeling…
To be brutally honest and it hurts to say, but I get off a lot faster with just my hand.
Personal rating, 2/5… Only the vibrations bumped it up to 2.
… Maybe it’s me though. Maybe I’m just not that sensitive.

Jane Louis October 26, 2022 - 4:28 am

Hello Derik,
Sorry to hear you didn’t fully enjoy the toy!
Your feedback is precious. I talked to my man after reading your review. He told me that he also agrees that doing with hands is faster. However, he think the fun part he really enjoys is connecting the toy with the visuals Lovense provides. He likes taking time for his sessions and slowly build up the sensation from the Max 2.
Regarding the sensation, he suggested to try the toy at different days because the sensitivity level of the shaft can change. Once you found a good angle and a satisfying routine, it can be more satisfying.
If you want a tighter feeling, maybe Kiiroo Keon can be a good alternative.

Hope this helps!

Bryan January 18, 2023 - 5:09 am

I just bought this toy, but it’s so loud, so I haven’t tried it, I’m worried what it will sound like when I’m masterbating. I may need to look for a quieter toy.

Jane Louis January 22, 2023 - 2:56 pm

Hello Bryan, thanks for your feedback!
Indeed, most male masturbators are on the loud side. Maybe play some rock music while using it?
TBH, quieter ones usually aren’t as strong.
If you are interested in another toy with similar functions, but slightly quieter, Kiiroo Keon might be a good alternative. I wrote a review about the Keon and I also compared it to Lovense Max 2. Feel free to check.


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