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Lovense Max 2 vs. Kiiroo Keon: Which Male Masturbator Wins?

by Lucas Andersen
Kiiroo keon vs Lovense Max 2

Using a male sex toy, either with your partner or by yourself, can sometimes make a difference between getting and not getting a fulfilling orgasm.

While they are certainly not necessary, experimenting with them can make exploring your sexual preferences fun.

We want to explore the Lovense Max 2 and the Kiiroo Keon in this review article.

Each one is a male masturbator with Bluetooth and app connectivity, but they have a few fundamental differences.

What Is Lovense Max 2?

max 2 by lovense

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The Lovense Max 2 is an app-controlled male masturbator that allows you to set the vibration frequency for a great sex session, either alone or with a partner.

The 360-degree vibration mode is what helps the Lovense Max 2 to stand out.

It works alongside the extended vibrator to create stronger sensations for a longer period.

If your partner has Bluetooth connectivity with another Lovense product such as Nora, they can sync up to your Max product and vibrate together, creating a shared sexual experience across the miles.

What Is Kiiroo Keon?

kiiroo keon functions

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The Kiiroo Keon is another automated male masturbator that boasts of producing 230 strokes a minute: a pretty impressive number.

You can also choose a vibration frequency to match your desires just by pushing a button.

The ergonomic design helps you hold the device better as long as you need to.

You can connect the Keon to the Feel Connect App, which engages with Kiiroo products to create a more sensual and interactive experience.

It also connects with other Keon products, such as the Kiiroo Star Strokers, to enhance your session.

This remote control masturbator also connects with PC and Mac computers and VR viewers, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in whatever experience gets you off best.

You could compare this particular stroker to a fleshlight in that it has the same general shape and features.

People familiar with that product should find a lot to like about this one.

Share Features of Max 2 & Keon

These are some features that the Lovense Max 2 and the Kiiroo Keon have in common.

1. Bluetooth Connectivity and Improved Interactivity

If there is one thing you will not go without for either product, it is connecting to erotic content or technology to enhance your sexual experience.

Kiiroo Keon vs Lovense Max 2 app

You probably will have the greatest interactive experience with the Kiiroo Keon since it can connect to 2D and VR contents, and has a numerous options to choose from.

It also interacts with several porn sites or apps, especially apps or sites that allow you to interact with a model virtually.

Plus, if your partner, either male or female, has a product from the same brand, you can connect over long distances and set the frequency for your partner.

kiiroo KEON Long Distance Play

2. Simple Cleanup

Although these products see a lot of bodily fluids, they only need a clean cloth soaked in warm water for cleaning.

The manufacturers do recommend you clean them after every use, but at least you will not need to expend much time and effort doing so.

Make sure to dry well before storage, otherwise, it will develop odors.

3. Easy-to-Set Vibration Frequencies

Every user will have a different preference for fast or slow frequencies, so both products let you choose which one you want for each session.

In either case, you can set up the interactive app on your phone and set the frequency there.

From there, you are free to experiment with the frequencies, even when the product is in use.

Max 2 & Keon sleeves masturbator

Differences Between Max 2 & Keon

Though the two products are pretty similar, we should point out how they vary from each other.

1. Different Sensations From Each Toy

The Lovense Max 2 provides vibration and contraction sensations.

The extended vibrator encompasses your penis to deliver intense and customizable vibrations.

Also, the adjustable air vent allows for contractions so that it feels like a vagina wrapping around you.

On the other hand, the Kiiroo Keon is a fleshlight-type of machine that you can use for stroking and contraction.

It comes with the Feel Stroker to deliver the stroking sensation found in penetrative sex. 

You can choose between four speeds and four depths, or use the app to customize the feeling.

2. The Keon Has a Fleshlight-Like Sleeve

The Keon itself has a fleshlight-like sleeve that more closely resembles a vagina than the one that comes with the Max 2.

You can purchase a vagina sleeve separately for the Max 2, but the original one does not resemble or feel like a vagina.

Nevertheless, it does provide a unique sensation you won’t get elsewhere.

3. Only the Keon Has Good VR Interactivity

Like we mentioned previously, the Keon has the best interactivity abilities with other sites and apps.

If you truly want an immersive, three-dimensional experience, it might be the better product to use.

kiiroo feelme

You can sync Max 2 with a VR game called Mirror Life. It is a great concept, but, in my opinion, the game itself requires more work to actually become attractive. 

lovense max VR mirror life

4. Size, Weight, Battery & Design

Keon is a lot heavier than the Max 2, which is not necessarily a bad since as the extra weight offers a more realistic feeling.

Both toys have similar high. The Feel Stroker sleeve from Keon is slightly bigger.

Max 2 has a better battery life as it requires less time to get fully charged and can last longer after each charge. 

Lovense Max 2 vs Kiiroo Keon size

Specifications for Max 2:

  • Materials: ABS Body & Silicone Sleeve
  • Weight: 1.65lb / 750 g
  • Sleeve length: 6.8 inches / 17 cm
  • Battery (Use time): Li-Ion battery (up to 215 mins of use)

Specifications for Keon:

  • Materials: ABS Body & Silicone Sleeve
  • Weight: 4.2lb / 1905 g
  • Sleeve length: 7.87 inches / 20 cm
  • Battery (Use time): Li-Ion battery (up to 120 mins of use)

Max 2 has a USB magnetic charging system while Keon has a USB Plug-in type of charging cable. 

Neither of the toys have voltage limited and you can travel with them to anywhere you want.

Kiiroo Keon vs Lovense Max 2 charging

5. The Max 2 Has a Tighter and Smaller Shell

Consider how much room you will need to be comfortable with a male masturbator.

The Max 2 has a tighter fit and the nodules inside of the sleeve upgrade the sensation while in use.

As for Kiiroo Keon, it has more room to breathe and has a rather straightforward tightness.

Lovense Max 2 vs Kiiroo Keon Sleeves

6. Somewhat Noisy

Male masturbators in general are not quiet, especially the ones that offers contractions and strong vibrations. 

Neither Max 2 or Keon are quiet toy. If you has a thin wall, they will be heard when in operation, especially on the higher settings. 

However, the noise level is still endurable, the maximum noise around 60-70 dB. I can easily ignore the noise since I always watch adult videos when using the toy.

Kiiroo Keon vs Lovense Max 2 noise

Unboxing for Max 2 and Keon

My Max 2 was shipped directly from its official store, and it arrived discreetly, without a sign of the product or company name.

Here are the things included:

lovense max 2 unbox

I got my Keon from Kiiroo's official store. Shipping was fast and discreet, and the product was very well packed and protected.

Below are the things included:

kiiroo keon unbox
  • the Kiiroo KEON machine
  • the Feel stroker (casing and sleeve)
  • A USB Charger
  • Quick user manual

My Experience with Max 2 and Keon

How did the Max 2 and Keon hold up as individual sex products? Let us see.

My Experience with Max 2

Like any good male masturbator, the Max 2 is a lot of fun to play with.

The app has a lot of choices for vibrations, and I enjoy experimenting with the different frequencies.

It might work best if you have a sensitive penis. It took me a while to find the best frequency for me, and the higher ones do not have the most significant sensations.

The contractions are not the strongest, either, so you might need a pre-stimulated penis to get the most enjoyment out of the product.

The product is pretty loud, even with slower frequencies.

I tried listening to music or sexy roleplay videos while I used it, which helped a little, but the noise was a little distracting.

Unless you get turned on to the max, the noise might be a problem, especially if you live in a shared household and prefer not to alert people to your session.

It does not have the most ergonomic design. While the ridges might help you hold it, it would probably work better if it formed to a regular human hold. It is also a little heavy.

Kiiroo Keon vs Lovense Max 2 male toy

It is also a good idea to have some lube on hand, not only to enhance the experience but protect your skin from intense vibrations.

It is easy to clean. All I did was run some warm water through the sleeve and wipe it out with a clean, dry cloth.

The charge does hold for a long time, so it is easy to have longer sessions.

The connectivity works pretty well too, and my girlfriend and I tried it out on her side.

It is surprising how fun it is for her to control my masturbator and help keep things interesting for our session.

I really like how you can use the Max 2 and Nora together. When my girlfriend and I are long distance, we can feel connected since the toys respond to each other’s movements.

Lovense MAX 2 NORA

My Experience with the Kiiroo Keon

Using the Kiiroo Keon was similar to the Lovense Max 2 in several ways.

It is about the same size, so it is still heavy, but it had a wider shell, so it was slightly more comfortable.

The connectivity and interactivity are still pretty cool. I tried the product with borrowed VR goggles, and my goodness…why has anyone not thought of this sooner?

It takes a lot of the imaginative work away from masturbation, allowing you to indulge in a 3-D fantasy and release quickly.

That is probably the biggest selling point of the product, though. It has a more ergonomic feel than the Max 2, and the weight makes it feel like a woman is sitting on my cock.

On the other hand, at least the Kiiroo Keon is not as loud. You can expect a little bit of noise for an electrical product's motor, but at least your grandma will not hear it from a couple of states over.

Max 2 & Keon Comparison Table

Kiiroo Keon vs Lovense Max 2 box

As you have seen, the Lovense Max 2 and the Kiiroo Keon overlap in several ways but still have some key differences.

The chart below should help illustrate those at a glance.


Lovense Max 2

Kiiroo Keon

Remote & App-control 





Silicone sleeve + ABS Plastic body

Silicone sleeve + ABS Plastic body




USB Rechargeable



1-year Warranty




9.5”/241mm tall, 3.33”/84.6mm diameter

8.7”/220mm x 5.1”/130mm x 5.7”/146mm

Noise level

Max. 65 dB

Similar, but feels slightly less loud

Easy to Clean




Strong Vibration

Strong Contraction

Bluetooth Connection

More stable


Battery life

215 mins of continuous use

120 mins of continuous use



In the end, I was impressed with both products. They both have excellent app connectivity and provide more entertainment than your standard male masturbator.

These male sex toys are comfortable and realistic. However, the Kiiroo Keon has an advantage over the Max 2 from its durability and vagina-like sleeve.

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