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Lovense Review: Sexpert Guide to the Best & Worst of Lovense Products

by Jane Louis
lovense review

In the world of various sex toy brands, Lovense is truly unique. During the last few years, I’ve tried almost all their vibrators. Some impressed me dearly, others are rather meh.

In this review, I will share with you my opinions about each of Lovense sex toys, hoping to help you to filter and figure out what can be the best (or the worst) fit for you.


lovense lush 3 profile 500_500

Lush 3

Best Remote-control Egg Vibe

Versatile, quiet, powerful, and app-controllable! This is the best egg vibe I’ve ever had. It’s the perfect toy for either bedroom or public play.


ferri lovense product


Most Powerful Panty Vibe

Ferri is powerful and it’s so stable that you can run, jump, even dance with it. For anyone who’s looking for a truly hands-free experience, this is THE ONE!


lovense max 2 500*500

Max 2

Fun & Interactive Masturbator

The sleeve of this toy is so soft and it feels just like a vagina. Either use it with your gf or some porn stars online, you are guaranteed to have a divine shot.

What is Lovense?

Originally founded in 2019, this Singapore-based teledildonic sex toy company was created by Dan Liu.

It is the very first company that introduced the concept of a "smart" vibrator. And with the years, it created more and more high-tech and high-quality interactive sex toys. 

Innovation is truly at the heart of this brand, both when it comes to what features to include and what not to (All Lovense toys are high-tech, programmable, and free from distance-limit).

lovense sex toys

The toy line is also all about inclusivity, catering to pretty much every body’s type and needs, with offerings that range from divine clit vibration to ergonomic G-spot hits to anal and penis stimulation.

So, where to start if you’re getting ready to choose from all these hot and sexy toys?

As someone who has tried all their toys, I suggest any—or all—of these toys that rate 4 stars or above (see below for details).

Best & Worst Lovense Sex Toys (Updated 2021)

1. Lovense Lush 3: Most Versatile Egg Vibe (5/5)

lovense lush 3 remote app control

click here to read a detailed review for Lush 3

This is Lovense’s number one product worldwide, and it’s my favorite app-control egg vibrator as well.

Why, you ask? This hot pink vibe has a soft silky silicone surface that brings maximum comfort.

By maximum, I meant even if you get it inserted for 8+ hours, it will be comfortable enough and you will barely notice it untilllllll it starts to vibrate.

It’s hard to how powerful this cute little toy can be. The vibration goes through your tissue and hits your sweet spot rumbly and divinely.

It’s a perfect toy for either clit or G-spot stimulation.

The insertable part measures about 1.4 * 3.14 in (35.5 * 80mm), which is not girthy enough for those of you who are looking for a fulfilling feeling, but it’s totally enough to dance inside your vagina and make you moan.

What differs Lush 3 from any other egg vibrators is its versatile features.

After connecting this toy with a free Lovense App, you can create an unlimited number of patterns.

You can let it vibe along with your bf’s voice or your favorite songs. You can even wake up with a shivering vibration thanks to the Alarm feature.

That’s not the end! If you fancy some naughty public play or if you are in a long-distance relationship with your partner, this toy can add a lot of sexy memories for you. 

Once connected, Lush 3 can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

Leave the control to your lover and let him/her put you on the edge any time of the day.


  • Powerful & intense vibration
  • Comfortable to insert
  • Support hands-free play
  • Remote/App controllable
  • Versatile & customizable patterns
  • Can sync with music & specific sounds
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Stable connection
  • Long Battery Life (almost 5 hrs)
  • Quiet


  • Nothing

2. Lovense Ferri: Best Panty Vibe for Hands-free Public Play (5/5)

lovense ferri close look

click here to read a detailed review for Ferri

There’s no denying that public play is one of the most fantasized scenes couples want to try and Ferri is here to fulfill your fantasy.

This quiet panty vibe (max. 43dB) is perfect for discreet stimulation in public and its magnetic cap makes sure the toys stay put during use and stimulates your sweet spot while walking, running, and even dancing.

Ferri is tiny and super lightweight. It only weighs 1.2 ounces (35g) and measures 2.93 * 1.06 in (27 * 75.6 mm) in size. 

You might suspect whether this small vibe is strong enough to blow an orgasm. Rest assured that its vibration is strong and intense. 

It’s so strong that you may reach a climax in just a few minutes.

To be more specific, Ferri is stronger than any other existing high-rated panty vibrators, such as We-vibe Moxie and Ohmibod Clubvibe

lovense ferri vs lush 2 panty

What else? This toy is also waterproof and long-distance controllable.

Paired with Lovense Remote App, you can customize your own patterns, sync the vibration with music beats and wake up this little monster with sounds.

What I like the most is the Sound Level Control with the app. Basically, the louder my lover talks, the stronger my Ferri vibrates - a wonderful game to play with!


  • Wearable & Stably stay put
  • Very long battery life
  • Strong magnetic clip
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Very Quiet
  • App/remote Controllable
  • Customizable & Versatile (Can Sync with sounds)
  • Stable Connection


  • Only 1 color option

3. Lovense Hush: A Strong Teledildonic Butt Plug (5/5)

lovense hush insert

click here to read a detailed review for Hush

If you are looking for an extremely powerful vibrating butt plug, Hush is the best option!

Depending on your range, there are two sizes to choose from.

The smaller-sized (1.5’’ in width) one is highly recommended for beginners and amateur players, while the large-sized (1.75’’ in width) one is perfect for serious and experienced users.

The spiral neck not only stimulates your sweet spots inside and out but also makes sure a smooth withdraw after each play. And the flared base is there for peace of mind.

hush vibration

Hush, as an App-controllable butt plug, is also ideal for long-distance play.

Just like other Lovense toys, it’s possible to customize any patterns and let the vibrations sync with music or a specific sound.

I found great pleasure using the Hush butt plug. And compared with many other models, it’s way easier to insert Hush. 

I actually like to keep the vibration on during the insertion. For some reason, its deep-tissue vibration really relaxes my muscles and makes it addicting to keep push in and pull out.


  • Long-distance control
  • Very intense vibration
  • Easy & Comfortable to Insert
  • App controllable
  • Unlimited vibration patterns
  • Very versatile
  • Fully waterproof


  • It’s a bit noisy when on the max. vibration
  • No storage bag

4. Lovense Max 2: Most Realistic Interactive Masturbator (4/5)

lovense max 2 sleeve

click here to read a detailed review for Max 2

Max 2 is an interactive male masturbator with a great feel.

It may take some time to learn how to set up this toy with the app and the “Media Player” so you can sync the movements with erotic videos, VR porn, and sexy games while in use. (Totally worth the time to learn!)

This bottle looking masturbator features 360-degree contractions and vibration sensations.

Lovense Max 2 has an insertable length of up to 6.7 in (17cm) and can allow 6 inches (15.4cm) of girth, enabling most men to go balls deep in this pleasure toy.

My bf is truly impressed by this toy. When he slips his schlong into the vagina-feel sleeve, it wraps so gently and leaves him a thrilling sensation. 

“This is the most realistic toy I've ever tried”, quoted from my bf. 

Thanks to the Lovense app, I was able to control his orgasm when we were in a long-distance relationship. 

lovense max VR mirror life

Free interactive game for Lovense Max 2

Compared to standard vibration, my bf really likes to be stimulated by the contractions.

“It feels like being air pumping – intense but still gentle”, my bf said.

For LDR couples, you can also connect with a female toy so that it feels more like interactive sex.

Note: Lovense Max 2 is NOT waterproof. The sleeve should be removed for cleaning. And make sure you try it thoroughly before putting it back to the main unit.


  • Powerful 360° contraction
  • Suitable for all size of the penis
  • Intuitive app control and a wide range of app functions
  • Long battery life
  • Can sync with VR experience
  • Can sync with sexy games
  • Can sync with other female Lovense toys for couple play


  • Sometimes, App crashes while in use
  • Vibration can be stronger
  • A bit noisy

5. Lovense Nora: A Versatile Rabbit Vibe for Couple Sex (4/5)

lovense Nora rabbit

What a unique and fantastic rabbit vibrator Nora is!

Not only can it mastering dual stimulation, but it can also be connected with Max 2 male masturbator to achieve long-distance couple sex.

Sculpted from velvet-soft silicone with a bulbous G-spot end, this toy is designed to deliver fulfilling internal stimulation. 

The 2 motors are there for sensational blended stimulation. When turned on, your clit will receive intense and rumbly vibration and your G-spot will receive amazing rotating hits. 

It’s impossible not to climax with this magical rabbit. 

I must admit the rotation from Lovense Nora is way better than the come-hither stimulation from Lelo’s toy.

Besides, it’s rather quiet considering how powerful the vibrations feel (The rotation sound can be a bit noisy, but definitely acceptable in my opinion).

The remote control is particularly interesting for couples because you have no control yourself, only your partner, which gives a completely different feeling.


  • Powerful vibration from clit arm
  • Intense rotation from G-spot shaft
  • App controllable
  • Customizable patterns
  • Can sync with any sounds/music
  • Can connect to Max 2 for interactive couple sex


  • Magnetic charger falls easily while in charge
  • Not 100% waterproof
  • Rotation is a bit noisy

6. Lovense Edge 2: Ultra Powerful P-spot Massager (5/5)

lovense edge 2 remote control

click here to read a detailed review for Edge 2

Edge 2 is an adjustable remote-control dual massager. The two powerful vibrating motors can stimulate both your perineum and prostate, divinely.

This toy can excite your anal sweet spots with 10 irresistible patterns on offer at the touch of a button. 

Decent-sized, Edge 2 can be worn on its own or during lovemaking. 

The ergonomic curve, along with the silken soft silicone guarantee a comfortable and perfect fit. 

My bf really enjoys its bead-looking insertable end (insertable length: 3.59''/91.16 mm).

It intensely massages the P-spot while the curved external tip keeps teasing the perineum. 

“It took me some trials before starting to appreciate anal toys and Edge 2 definitely is one of the best I’ve used”, said my bf.

Just like other Lovense toys, this adjustable anal vibrator is fully compatible with the Lovense Remote app and camming software

The remote connects the Edge 2 to the free Lovense app, which shares the toys’ controls with your lover, no matter where he/she is. 

General tips for anal toys: Make sure you apply a generous squeeze of water-based lube before insertion.


  • Dual stimulations (2 powerful motors)
  • Very adjustable & Flexible
  • Ergonomic Designs
  • Remote/app controllable
  • Can sync with music & specific sounds
  • 100% Waterproof


  • Some says the prostate arm is not girthy enough

7. Lovense Domi 2: A Small Yet Powerful Wand (3.5/5)

lovense domi 2 app control

If you are tired of bulky and large wands, Domi 2 can be the best alternative because it only measures 1.74 * 9.21 in (44 * 233 mm).

Don’t be fooled by its mini size, this toy is OH BOY POWERFUL.

Crafted with a large rounded head and flexible neck, Domi 2 boasts 10 intense pre-set patterns of vibration, making it easy to massage not only the whole body but your sweet spots.

Thanks to its app controllable feature, this powerful and moderate-sized wireless wand is perfect for solo or shared external pleasure. 

You can discover numerous ways to include this wand in your relaxing time.

Besides, the new generation Bluetooth chip ensures stable app connectivity so that you won’t be let down during a hot play.

lovense domi 2 size


  • Very powerful vibration
  • Portable size
  • Flexible neck
  • Long battery life
  • App controllable
  • Customizable patterns
  • Can sync with music and sounds


  • Not 100% waterproof
  • A bit loud

8. Lovense Ambi: Small in size, big on sensation (3/5)

Ambi lovense review

click here to read a detailed review for Ambi

Ambi is a tiny hammer-looking bullet vibrator. Despite being small and light, it offers an excellent introduction to clit stimulation.

Made from velvety soft silicones and thanks to its unique shape, it’s comfortable to hold in multiple positions.

Also, Ambi is 100% waterproof and ready for any wet play any time you want. 

Design to tease and tantalize, this bullet vibrator is truly versatile and can be controlled remotely. 

Don’t hesitate to program yourself some vibration patterns to wake up with.

The app is really easy to use and it provides you sexy mornings and hot evenings, from any distance.


  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • App/remote controllable
  • Customizable patterns
  • Can sync with music and sounds


  • Vibration can be stronger
  • The connection can be unstable
  • Magnetic charger falls easily while in charge

9. Lovense Osci 2: Most Ergonomic G-spot Toy (3/5)

lovense osci 2 insert

Osci 2 is a teledildonic G-spot vibrator designed to deliver interactive fun with your lover regardless of distance.

This oscillating toy is designed in a curvy way to fit your curvy body and hit your G-spot intensively

The silky-feel silicone makes it extremely comfortable to insert and the oval head of the toy emits a powerful tapping sensation for unparalleled orgasmic playtimes.

Vibration from Osci 2 is different from any other G-spot toys you can imagine of. It’s more of a tapping instead of general vibrating

The sensation mimics having a finger keep hitting your G-spot. Some women love it, while others find it hard to appreciate. 

What else? It’s also possible to hand over the controls and let your partner be in charge of your sexual moments! 

Simple install the free Lovense app and allow your lover to decide when your Osci 2 should vibrate. 

The app offers versatile ways of playing. You can create unlimited vibration patterns and even sync vibration with music and sounds.

Apply some water-based lube and enjoy your pleasurable moments with Osci 2! 


  • Unique oscillating stimulation
  • App Controllable
  • Can sync with music and sounds
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Unlimited Vibration Patterns
  • Stable connection


  • Some women feel the sensation is not powerful enough

My Experience Using Lovense Vibrators

When I was 25, my then-boyfriend bought me a Lush. We were in a long-distance relationship and Lush, as a remote-controllable interactive vibe, was our only way to get intimate.

At that time, the app was way less developed and the connection was not even that good, but we still had a lot of fun and learned that our previous selection was pretty damn boring, because high-tech sex toys have a lot more to offer.

Ever since that time, I’ve been following the Lovense brand. As a big fan of Lovense, I definitely enjoy its innovative high-quality sex toys.

lovense vibrators

What impressed me more is its quick response to customer’s needs. 

Every year, they really upgrade their products and fix the issues customers complain about. Also, they add value to existing products.

For example, they recently launched a free sex game called “mirror life” for people who use Max 2 masturbators. 

Also, they upgraded the Bluetooth chips for better connection and update the Lovense App frequently to make sure reported bugs are fixed.

As a sex toy blogger, I constantly follow the news and updates in this field.

I assure you Lovense is way more responsive to customers’ needs compared to most of the other brands. 

Next, let’s talk about the toys. From what I know, reaching orgasm is not that easy for some women, so having some extra help, like a good vibrator, has turned out to be really helpful sometimes. 

And a study shows that the most helpful female toys when it comes to orgasm are clit vibrators. 

I love clit toys in general and tried a ton of them. What separates a good clit vibe from a big one really lays on the vibration sensation. 

If the vibration is buzzy, no matter how strong it is, it doesn’t work well.

So, I only recommend to buy strong and rumbly vibrators (aka. the vibe that can somewhat go deep-tissue). 

lovense ferri app control

All the vibrating toys from Lovense, regardless of the sizes, emit intense and rumbly vibrations. 

I love all the clit toys and anal toys; however, I do think Lovense can put more efforts when it comes to G-spot stimulation. 

For some reason, it just doesn’t hit that well. The sensation is good, but the intensity is just not quite there.

It’s possible that Lovense G-spot toys just don’t fit my body anatomy that well. 

What else? I do think some of their toys are expensive, but I do think most of the toys really worth the price because they have top-notch quality and it’s more versatile than most of the toys in the market. 

My personal favorites are Ferri panty vibe, Lush 3 egg vibe, and Hush butt plug. 

How is it to Connect Lovense Vibrators with the App?

All Lovense products are remote-controllable. As long as you pair your toy with the free app (called “Lovense Remote”), the toy can then be controlled from anywhere in the world. 

I’ve used many app-controllable vibrators, such as the ones from Kiiroo, We-vibe, and Zalo. I must admit that the app from Lovense is the best so far.

Compared to other vibrator apps, Lovense Remote is easier to navigate and includes a great number of features to play with.

lovense sex toys

click here to know more about vibrator apps

You can create unlimited vibration patterns to your taste. All the toys can vibe along with music beats. 

To make it more interesting, you can even connect your Spotify with the app, to receive some surprising stimulations. 

One app function I love dearly is the Alarm. Yes, you can wake up by a vibrator! How sexy is that! (Btw, Lush 3 is the perfect toy to wake up with ;P.)

If you are in a long-distance relationship and want to have more sexual interaction with your beloved ones, Lovense vibrators are there for you. 

Distance is not a problem anymore; your lover can control your vibrator from anywhere. 

And when he’s not available, you can just keep a record of his voice and sync the vibration with his sound. 

Lovense lush 2 app features

Lovense toys are quite well-made in general, however, they do have different Bluetooth chips in different models, which leads to a different level of stability when it comes to app connection. 

Older models such as Nora and Ambi are most like to lost connection or crush while newer models such as Ferri and Lush 3 have a way better connection (One of the best, I dare to say).

Why Lovense Vibrators Are Great for Camming?

I noticed that many women in the camming industry adore Lovense toys because it created Lovense SmartCam and OBS Toolset to make the live stream unique and interactive!

For example, if the Cam girl has a Lovense Lush 3, it’s possible to play games and make the toy vibrate according to the tips.

lovense cam girl tips

how to set up Lovense toys for tips?

Besides, viewers can have private virtual sex shows with the girls if they also only a Lovense toy (e.g. Nora & Max 2 interaction)

Lovense has integrated with almost all the legit cam sites, such as Chaturbate, Camster, and Camsoda. 

lovense cam sites


By now, you must know plenty of Lovense toys. Below, I put together a simple chart to help you better compare each model.






Lush 3


Strong & Rumbly (vibration)




Strong (vibration)




Strong & Rumbly (vibration)


Max 2


Strong (vibration+contraction)




Strong (vibration+contraction)


Edge 2


Strong & Rumbly (vibration)


Domi 2


Super Strong & Rumbly (vibration)




Moderately Strong (vibration)


Osci 2


Strong (oscillating)


Final Words

Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment if you have any thoughts about Lovense toys. 

Besides, if you already own one or some Lovense toys, I am really curious to know how you feel about the use of the toys. 

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David November 28, 2022 - 8:42 pm

any thoughts on the flexer? my gf and I are on opposite sides of the US and are trying to find something fun for both of us. I’m worried about distance and how responsive the toys are for each person so far away

Jane Louis December 4, 2022 - 12:59 pm

Hello David,
Sorry for the late reply! I just had the chance to try the Flexer last week. It’s quite a powerful toy. The come-hither sensation is a bit unique, but worth giving it a try.
If you are looking for LDR toys, I think Lovense app/toys in general are quite responsive. I used it on iphone and samsung, both have stable connections as long as Internet speed is good.


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