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Lovense Sex Machine Review: The Next Level of Intense Orgasms?

by Jane Louis
lovense sex machine review

Whether you are a cam model or someone who's seeking ultimate thrust, Lovense Sex Machine is the "monster" you won’t want to miss.

Actually, sex by machine are highly popular and have been for more than a century, making their way into bedrooms for solo play or with partners.

Did you know that sex machines go back as far as 1891, with a steam-powered sex toy called the Manipulator?

No matter whether you are interested in its features and functions or knowing how it performs and feels like when used in real like , this is the right article for you.

Read on for some key information on the fantastic new Sex Machines.

What Is Lovense Sex Machine?

Lovense S

The Lovense Sex Machine is a new thrusting toy by one of the most reputable brands in the sex toy market.

It’s especially suited for camming or for those that like to give up control to others.

Using Lovense’s app, you can have others control the speed and strength of the toy, from any distance.

It’s an an automatic sex machine, which makes it wonderful for solo play, you can enjoy thrusting without having to do it manually.

App-controlled, powerful, and easy to adjust, the toy can even suit another partner for double the fun.

Key Features of Lovense Sex Machine

1. Powerful Thrusting

One of the most notable features of the Lovense Sex Machine is how powerful the thrusting is.

The controller can make the thrusting go as quickly as 300 times a minute.

That’s five thrusts a second, more than enough to exhaust those of us with even the highest stamina.

The thrusts can also adjust to shallow or much deeper, depending on your preferences. 

Thrusts can go as far as 4.5 inches (or 11.4 centimeters), hitting your deepest spots without difficulty.

If the thought of five deep, hard thrusts a second sounds like a bit too much to you, you can adjust the depth and speed to be considerably lower.

Still, it’s always nice to have that option for when you want to push your limits, isn’t it?

2. Easy to Adjust

Lovense Sex Machine positions

Past the stroke speed and depth, the machine itself is easy to adjust.

The design is simple enough that you can adjust the angle it presses into you without much difficulty.

The real winner for this feature is how easily you can adjust to new sex machine positions and hit all your favorite spots.

If you want to sink down to your stomach, you can alter the machine to move at a downward angle.

Want something a bit more upwards? The same adjustment can be made without difficulty.

3. Easy to Assemble

Lovense Sex Machine size

The Lovense Sex Machine has a simple, easy-to-use design that focuses only on your pleasure rather than bells and whistles.

Because of this, putting it together is extremely easy.

You only need one hex wrench (which comes with the package), and all you have to do is attach the legs, pump, and the dildo.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about complex parts or controls as that comes assembled.

The entire experience is made to be as stress-free as possible.

4. Interactivity and Special Hi-Tech Features

A fantastic feature of this toy is that it’s one of few sex toys made to compliment non-solo play

Users have the option of unfolding a second dildo on the opposite side that thrusts simultaneously with the primary arm.

Because of this, two people can use the toy with ease.

It’s great if you have a partner that wants to be penetrated as well instead of waiting for their turn, or a killer show on camera.

Better still, it comes with an free interactive app that allows for remote usage.

Lovense Sex Machine app control

The app comes jam-packed with great features (there's also an exclusive one that are perfect for camming—but I'll get into that in another section).

It allows for long-distance control, in-app messaging and video chatting, the ability to sync to music, pattern creation to pump to a specific rhythm, as well as long-distance sex syncing—perfect for you and a partner to enjoy together.

5. Vac-U-Lock Adapters

You aren’t stuck using whatever dildo comes with the machine, regardless of how comfortable it is.

What I love most about these adapters is that I can stick on my own favorite Vac-U-Lock dildos and have fun with my partner.

I already know every inch of this dildo, so I don’t need to adjust to a new toy to enjoy my machine.

Lovense Sex Machine Vac-u-lock

Why Lovense Sex Machine is Great for Cam Models?

Sex machines in general make for great cam shows, with most of the top cam models using them nowadays.

Lovense toys in particular are popular among sex workers and cam models since the audience can control them.

That’s undoubtedly one of the biggest draws of this toy, and something that the audience can enjoy just as much as the model.

Cammers can set up the software to make their toy respond to tips and other interactions from the crowd.

It brings the audience much closer, turning the show interactive in the best way possible.

I know quite a few cam models that have drastically increased their income from Lovense toys.

Lovense cam model keno game

Setting “rewards” for tips like thirty seconds of thrusting, a certain number of thrusts, or a period of increased intensity is a huge incentive to the crowd.

Audience members love being able to pleasure their favorite model by controlling the toy.

Cam models can also set up several toys at once, helping to stoke audience interaction and increase pleasure.

Toys like the Hush buttplug can partner up with the Lovense Sex Machine, letting the audience (or you) control both.

Frankly, it’s enough to make you want to increase your camming schedule.

The best way to go about this is to use the Lovense cam model software, which you can find here.

You can set up special commands, set tip-based commands and sound-based vibrations, and even create personalized games for you and your audience.

It even works while split camming, making it a great utility to bring to your show.

Lovense cam model dice game

Of course, if you don’t cam alone, having a double-sided toy is sure to draw more of a crowd.

The only issue with a woman using a sex machine on camera is that it’s sometimes tough to get a decent angle with the camera.

Showing off the sex machine and yourself in a single camera angle can be difficult, especially if you end up needing to adjust.

lovense cam sites

How to Use Lovense Sex Machine?

Using the Lovense Sex Machine is incredibly easy. Out of the box, you only need to attach the dildos and legs to the machine, as well as plug it in.

Depending on what your intentions are with the toy, I’d recommend to ride on the sex machine first by yourself.

Use the different speeds and features to adjust to the one that feels the best.

If you like to try anal sex with the machine it’s another step you want to make sure to experience beforehand.

It’s best to spend a few sessions with it alone before bringing it on camera so you aren’t working out any kinks while live.

The app makes use easy, but getting used to the UI may take a bit as well.

Lovense Sex Machine control buttons

Packaging What’s In the Box?

The package was heavy and it was well packed. There are white foam protecting the machine.

Upon opening the brown cardboard box, you will find the following things:

Lovense Sex Machine unbox package
  • Lovense Sex Machine (body and silver bars are separately)
  • 2 Dildos
  • A Vac-U-Lock connecter
  • A Power Plug for charging
  • A Controller
  • Storage Bag (black or brown)
  • User Manual
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Assembly Instructions

My Experience with Lovense Sex Machine

Before using the Lovense Sex Machine, I hadn’t used any full-sized sex machines.

The most I’d used was some handheld vibrators with automatic thrusting, though I wasn’t new to Lovense toys - the Hush and the Lush are both sitting neatly in my dresser, and my fondness for them was what made me take the plunge into the Lovense Sex Machine.

Lovense Lush vs Hush sex

If you’re someone who derives pleasure from thrusting, it’s difficult to do anything other than suggest this toy with all my whole heart.

The dildo that the Lovense Sex Machine comes with is a lovely one, though it doesn’t come with many bells and whistles.

They aren’t large enough to be uncomfortable and are still more than large enough to get the job done.

With the thrust set to the maximum of 11.4 centimeters, it certainly didn’t leave me wanting.

I wasn’t able to try the machine with a partner, but I don’t believe doing so would negatively affect one side’s pleasure either way.

If the dildo isn’t enough - or if it’s too much - then you can replace it with any other Vacseal-compatible product.

It’s a great way to customize it, but I didn’t have any other Vacseal toys lying around, so I quite happily stuck with the stock option.

Out of curiosity, I did eventually turn the machine up to maximum thrusting.

I’d suggest bracing for this and making sure that you’re in a good and comfortable position first with the controller nearby.

Lovense Sex Machine adjust

If you adjust suddenly and scoot backward towards the toy, it’s going to continue on the setting it was given, which can cause a bit of discomfort for you.

For my personal use, having it at maximum settings - 11.4 cm thrust at 300 thrusts per minute - was significantly too much.

I decided to set a timer and see how much of it I could stand, but I was reaching for the app before the timer hit thirty seconds.

That isn’t to say it’s not amazing - I was nearly drooling by the time I changed the settings.

It was too much for me, but if you enjoy thrusting motions, it might be the best thing you’ve ever experienced.

It took me a bit of bravery to try the sex machine anally, and I didn’t have the gall to max the settings out again.

Still, the ability to get into position and gradually increase the intensity until it was somewhere I liked was an amazing experience.

The primary issue with this toy is that there’s no clitoral stimulation, and the toy only works penetratively.

Lovense Sex Machine assemble

That’s fine if you don’t want clitoral stimulation, but for some of us, that can be the only way we achieve orgasm.

Don’t go chasing after this toy if it isn’t set to fulfill your needs.

Overall, I would certainly suggest this toy for men and women alike. Its uses in camming are phenomenal and can bring your live show up to a new level.

Even if you don’t intend to use it for such a purpose, just having it around in your bedroom for solo and group play will be an investment you’re more than happy to have made.

Lovense vs. Hismith Sex Machine 

Lovense vs Hismith Sex Machine

One of the Lovense Sex Machine’s greatest competitors is Hismith.

Hismith has many toys, but they all work in a similar method with customizable attachments.

Some may prefer Hismith just for the number of options they have whereas Lovense only has one sex machine, but the Lovense Sex Machine meets up with them at a fair contest.

Below is a chart of what each machine may offer.

I’ve chosen the Hismith APP Controlled Sex Machine for comparison due to its similarity to the Lovense Sex Machine.


Lovense Sex Machine

Hismith Sex Machine

App Control 

called "Lovense Remote" & more App features

called "Hismith"

Adjustable Angle

same amount of adjustability

same amount of adjustability

Thrusting Power

300 Thrusts/Minute

240 Thrusts/Minute

Thrusting Depth

Deepest: 11.4 cm

1.2 to 6 inches (3 to 15cm)

Suits Two


Camming Support


Dildo Size(s)

6.3 in & 5.43 in

8 in


12.5 kg

25 lbs(11.5 kg)


60 dB at full speed

30-50 dB

(it's way louder than 50 dB in real life)

Bluetooth Connection

More Stable



100 V -240 V

110 V - 250 V

I personally think the Lovense Sex Machine offers more - it isn’t as big but can go much quicker and rougher.

But of course, Hismith is not bad, it just depending on your needs, 

It’s worth mentioning that the Lovense is considerably more expensive as well, but if you’re shelling out hundreds already, you may as well spring for the best option.



Average Score

Design & Features (DOUBLE-HEADS, VAC-U-LOCK, etc.)











  • Strong and intense stimulation 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Two dildos included for different needs
  • Compatible with Vac-U-lock connecter
  • Possible for double-head thrusts
  • App controllable 
  • Great amount of app functions


  • Pricey
  • Bulky and not very easy to store


1. Is it easy to break down the pieces for storage and re-assemble them when needed?

Yes, the Machine can be easily disassembled for storage purposes.

2. How loud can the Sex Machine be when in use? 

According to the official date, the noise at full speed is 60dB

3. What kind of stimulation can it provide? Thrust or vibration?

It can only thrust, with no vibration

4. Do you have any other vac-u-lock compatible sex toys other than the included dildos?

Unfortunately, we do not offer other plugs and dildos aside from what's already included. You can find other Dildos that fit with this type of connector:

lovense sex machine head connecter

5. What type of plug does it have? Do you have different plug types for different countries?

The power plug is the one with 3 prongs. Here's a sample photo:

lovense sex machine power plug

You will need an adaptor if living in a place with different types of wall sockets. 

6. Is it rechargeable? Do I have to keep it plugged when in use?

The machine is not rechargeable, it needs to be plugged in when in use

7. It's mentioned on the official site that all Lovense products can be synced with 2D, 3D videos and games, and VR content. Does this apply to this sex machine?

At the moment, we are not integrated with any video streaming site. Nonetheless, Lovense will take note of this information as a suggestion for future development discussions.

8. What level of control can I achieve with the app?

The control is only for the speed of the thrust, if you would like to adjust the depth, it can be adjusted manually by moving the lever on the wheel.

lovense sex machine depth adjust

9. In the app, there's a bar called "adjust the sensitivity". What exactly does it adjust?

The sensitivity is how fast the machine would react to the app control.

Thrusting Forward

Whether you intend to use the Lovense Sex Machine for solo play, camming, or spicing up your bedroom, you won’t be disappointed.

The lack of clitoral stimulation can turn away some, but if you enjoy thrusting vaginally or anally, the Lovense Sex Machine has everything you need and more.

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