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Lovense Tenera Review: The Ultimate Oral-Like Clit Sucker?

by Jane Louis
Lovense TENERA review

The market is full of clit sucking stimulators, so when Lovense introduced the app control clit sucker, my initial thought was “Do we require another clit sucker?”

But after experiencing the air suction technology on the Lovense Tenera, I can tell you they have an argument to keep making them.

Whether you want a clit-sucking stimulator for solo play or to enjoy with your partner, the Lovense Tenera is a great addition to your sex toy collection.

It’s a great pleasure (literally) to review this amazing product and share my findings.

Lovense Tenera profile 500_500

Powerful Clit Sucker

It's compact, discreet, app-controllable, and amazingly powerful!

The oval-shaped mouth delivers a mind-blowing 5,000 pulses a minute, offering unlimited suction patterns for unforgettable orgasms.

(Note that this product is ONLY sold in some countries)

lovense Tenera clit stimulator

Key Features of Lovense Tenera

1. Unique Air Suction Technology that Provides Oral-Sex Like Stimulation

The Lovense Tenera utilizes distinctive air suction technology to generate suction force. 

So, rather than the typical vibration sensation from a motor that vibrates, the mouth of the clit-sucker rests around your clitoris. 

The movement combines suction, breathing, and pulsating – which very well mimic oral sex.  

The opening does not stimulate the center of your clit directly.

The gentle suction offers an entirely different sensation. You’ll feel as if it’s a fluttering massage on your clit. 

2. Soft, Silicone Mouthpiece with Lifelike Breathing for a Natural Feel

The soft, silicone mouthpiece will have you feeling as if your partner is sucking and licking your clitoris.

The accompanied lifelike breathing will stimulate some erogenous zones you’ve probably never explored before.

The stimulation is more targeted and the experience feels more intense, including the orgasm. 

Note that the toy comes in one piece and unlike Womanizer toys, the suction head from Tenera is not detachable.

lovense Tenera suction head size

3. Numerous Vibration Modes and Intensities for Unlimited Possibilities

The Lovense Tenera can emit up to 5,000 pulses per minute to set you in the mood. It also offers 8 pre-set vibration modes and intensities

Irrespective of your preferences, you’re certain to find an intensity that offers you immense pleasure. The Lovense Remote app allows you to create and customize your own patterns.

You can modify the presets to create a unique experience that works for you.

You can also synchronize the pulsations with the beats of your favorite music using the compatible mobile app.

Talking about unlimited possibilities!

4. USB Rechargeable for Enhanced Convenience

lovense Tenera charging battery

The Tenera features a lithium-rechargeable battery ranging from 1 to 1.5 hours of continuous use. For such a tiny sex toy, I found it quite impressive.

That’s enough to have you squirting multiple times. The question is, can you last that long?

5. App Control for Long Distance Use

The Lovense Remote app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Once you install it, the fun begins.

Lovense allows you to control the toy entirely from your phone, which adds a different level of foreplay and even surprise to your experience.

lovense Tenera app control

While the solo control is the most basic, the partner functions are what make this sex toy unique.

You can sync this toy with your partner’s (as long as they are both from Lovense) and experience the pleasure at the same time.

This can make up for a pretty fun and exciting session while the two of you are in the same room.

You can take this teledildonic sucker to a whole new level with the long-distance control.

If you want your partner or yourself to get surprise pleasure in public, the app allows it.

You can make your partner twist and bite its lips from miles away, just be careful when to use it.

You wouldn’t want to ruin his or her office presentation, or would you?

6. Relatively Quiet for Discreet Use 

Despite its powerful vibration capabilities, I found the Lovense Tenera a relatively quiet clit stimulator!

lovense Tenera noise

It’s not as quiet as Lovense Lush or Ferri, but it doesn’t produce the loud buzzing noise common with some of the traditional sex toys. 

Although it can be tricky to hold by itself, you can adjust it while sitting.

So, when using it in a public place, there’s no need to worry about drawing attention from other individuals. That is, of course, if you can control yourself.

7. IPX6 Water-Resistant for Enhanced User Experience 

The Lovense Tenera is an IPX6 water-resistant toy. Your toy will gladly withstand heavy water jets, making it easy to clean without worrying about damage.

This means you can use it without any worry in the shower or any other place where it might get high-pressure water. 

Don’t try to use it in a bathtub though, immersion is not the Tenera’s purpose as it’s not IPX7-level waterproof. 

lovense Tenera splashproof

8. Quality Materials for Enhanced Safety and Durability

Lovense doesn’t skimp on the quality of materials used.

For the Tenera, the manufacturers use body-safe silicone to ensure users enjoy a comfortable and worry-free experience. 

The silicone material is sturdy enough for prolonged use. So long as you maintain it well through proper cleaning, you can use it for many years.

How To Use Lovense Tenera Manually?

Tenera has a compact size and it’s designed to be held comfortably during the play. 

Operating the Lovense Tenera manually is a no-brainer. Fully charge the device before use. Power on the toy by long pressing the + button until the LED light flashes.

lovense Tenera buttons

Turn on the suction to your desired vibration intensity and pattern using the + and – buttons on the toy. Place the mouthpiece directly on your clit.

It should remain in position without having to hold it.

As you near orgasm, you can push the toy closer to experience more of the lifelike breathing feature. It will send gentle, refreshing bursts of air that may leave you squirting.

How To Use the Lovense Apps and Platforms?

The Lovense Remote app is handy if you want to share intimate time with your partner but are far apart.

Download the Lovense Remote app to your selected device for the remote-control feature and pair it with the toy through Bluetooth.

Lovense Tenera Lovense Remote connect

You can customize all aspects of this toy, from vibration intensity and suction energy to rhythm patterns. You can save your preferred settings for later use for enhanced convenience.


If you are a cam model and want to earn tips. Please download the Lovense Connect app.

The cam model feature enables you to connect with cam models and interact with them in real time. With the “Vibe with Me” extension, you can sync your sensations with those of your cam model. 

Lovense Tenera Lovense Connect

This may already sound like enough to convince you of the Lovense Tenera’s possibilities, but just be patient, and let me introduce a whole new area of play.

Are you a gamer? Wait to hear this. You can pair your Lovense Tenera with an integrated adult game, such as Projekt Melody, Naked Fighter, Captain Hardcore, and more. 

The toy syncs with the game, ensuring you experience the same sensations as your in-game character.

After use, power off your toy and clean it.

While it's recommended to use a special sex-toy spray for cleaning, you can also rinse your Lovense in warm water and use mild antibacterial soap. 

Wash it just like if you were with your hands and make sure to wipe it with a dry and clean towel. 

Packaging and What’s in the Box?

Just like all other Lovense toys, Tenera also came with quite a simple package.

lovense Tenera package

Inside of the box, you will find 4 things:

lovense Tenera unbox

My Experience with Lovense Tenera?

I’m quite fond of my Lovense Tenera clit sucker and used it originally with my partner.

He had gifted the toy, wanting to add an extra dimension to our fun in the bedroom. 

We used it several times, with him fingering me while the Tenera went to town on my clit.

Since we parted ways, I’ve been using it on myself, finding new levels of pleasure beyond my expectations.  

At first glance, I thought it was just an average-size, average-power suction toy with no special attachments.

However, when I used it for the very first time, it was nothing short of amazing! 

The air suction technology offers a distinctive sensation that’s hard to describe.

It feels like a combination of gentle suction and vibration, which creates a truly pleasurable feeling.

The stimulation is quite strong even on level 1 and the intensity increase for levels 2 and 3 aren’t that noticeable since level 1 is already quite strong. 

If you don’t want to come too fast, it’s better to use the patterns instead of continuous stimulation. 

lovense Tenera how to use

During the days I have a sensitive clit, I tended to put the Tenera on the clit hood instead as it gave the right amount of intensity but doesn’t make me come too fast.

If you have very sensitive clit, it’s also recommended to use some lube to desensitize the clit)

The grip is perfect. This device gets very close to mimicking oral sex to the core. 

During my 3rd experience, I customized the toy’s vibration intensity, rhythm patterns, and suction strength and saved them on the app.

Ever since, all I do during my intimate sessions is power on the toy, connect it to my device, and I’m ready to go!

I also tried the music sync function on the app and found it incredibly stimulating and fun.

This function masterfully synchronizes the beasts of my favorite songs to the toy’s vibration, which is sure to make even the non-squirters squirt!

lovense Tenera suction head

Besides, connecting with adult games and/or cam models provides a new level of interaction and sexual excitement.

I’m not a fan of adult games, but if you are, I’m sure it falls nothing short of what I experienced with the music function.

To enjoy this clit sucker to the fullest, take your time and experiment with various vibration settings and suctions.

Play the app and connect with a cam model or partner for added excitement.

I didn’t find many negatives about the Lovense Tenera, except it might not be ideal for women who prefer direct, rigorous stimulation.

Also, the button is not in a convenient location. If the toy disconnects from your phone, you must remove it entirely to allow it to re-sync or switch on. 

How Do I Enjoy It During Solo Masturbation and Couple Sex?

When using the Lovense Tenera alone, its air suction tech and various vibration settings allow me to experiment and find the ideal combination for optimum pleasure. 

When I’m feeling good, I love to try putting the toy on my nipples before getting to the real deal. Alone foreplay can also be arousing, especially if I combine it with some p*rn movies!

lovense Tenera size

The toy’s ergonomic design holds on perfectly to my clitoris.

I don’t have to worry about it shifting out of position, which means I can use my thigh to hold it and free my hands to stimulate other areas like my nipples too.

I like to use it for short periods, and then gradually leave it for longer.

For instance, try the earthquake pattern for five seconds, then for ten seconds, and later for 30 seconds. 

During couple sex, this toy takes intimacy to new heights. I love using it on me during penetrative sex, especially in doggy style.



Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)


STIMULATION (Intense suction)


BATTERY LIFE (long enough)







  • Compact and comfortable to hold
  • Powerful suction
  • Remote controllable
  • Soft silicone mouthpiece
  • Adult games and music-synching ability
  • Reasonably priced


  • not 100% waterproof (only splashproof)
  • Can be too intense for sensitive clit

Tenera vs. Other Clit Suckers

If you’re considering alternatives to the Lovense Tenera, many options are available to cater to various preferences.

Here’s a comparison of the Tenera vs. 3 Other Clit Suckers.

1. Tenera vs. Womanizer Premium 2 

  • The Lovense Tenera utilizes air suction tech to stimulate the clitoris, creating a sensation akin to oral sex. The Womanizer Premium 2 also utilizes air suction tech but blends this with gentle vibrations. Users liken the sensation to somebody tapping on their clitoris.
  • The mouthpiece of the Lovense Tenera fits snugly around the clitoris, creating a vacuum that allows the air-suction technology to operate efficiently. On the other hand, the Womanizer Premium 2 doesn’t require direct contact with your clitoris to work effectively.
  • With the Lovense Tenera, you’ll feel intense sensations that gradually build until you reach your climax. The Womanizer Premium 2, on the other hand, creates a pulsating sensation around the clitoris.
  • As for variations, the Lovense Tenera has a narrower mouthpiece measuring 0.44” × 0.59” and covers a smaller area of the clitoris, unlike the Womanizer Premium, which has a broader opening of 0.43” × 0.63.” 
  • Tenera’s suction head has a similar texture as Womanizer’s head. Both are bouncy and squeezable.
  • The Lovense Tenera is slightly noisier than the Womanizer Premium 2, which most women accredit for its whisper-quiet operation.
  • You can control the Lovense Tenera through an application and customize the pattern and intensity of the toy’s suction. The Womanizer Premium 2 has a straightforward button interface that allows one to switch between various intensity levels.
  • The Lovense Tenera offers 9 different intensity levels, unlike the Womanizer Premium 2, which offers 14 different modes. Therefore, you can create more options with the Lovense App. 
  • Tenera has a pretty strong suction even on level 1 while Premium 2 is more gradual. So, for women who have never tried any clit sucker and have sensitive clit, it’s better to choose Womanizer Premium 2 as it has a more distinctive intensity difference.
  • Both the Lovense Tenera and Womanizer Starlet 2 feature rechargeable batteries. However, the Lovense Tenera has a greater capacity, lasting about 2 hours with continuous use. The Womanizer Premium 2 can last about 4 hours. 

2. Tenera vs. Lelo Sona Cruise 

  • The Lovense Tenera utilizes air suction technology to produce a gentle, sucking sensation on your clitoris. The Lelo Sona Cruise utilizes sonic waves to stimulate the clit.
  • The sonic waves produce pulsing sensations deep into the clitoris’ tissue. Unlike the Lovense Tenera, the Lelo Sona Cruise offers a broad and more intense sensation.
  • The soft silicone opening of the Lovense Tenera, measuring 0.44” × 0.59” creates a comfortable seal around your clitoris. The Lelo Sona Cruise has a flatter and wider mouthpiece, spanning 0.43” × 2.20” that covers a broader area of your clitoris. (Sona has a smaller suction opening)
  • The Lovense Tenera features an ergonomic design that provides a firm grip on your clit. Perfect if you want direct stimulation. The Lelo Sona is designed for use without direct contact with your clitoris. Ideal for users who prefer indirect stimulation.
  • The Lovense Tenera combines 7 vibration modes and 7 suction settings for a fully personalized experience. The Lelo Sona also features 12 suction settings, which means there’s also a range of alternatives for personalization.
  • As for noise level, both toys are quiet. However, the Lelo Sona Cruise is quieter than the Lovense Tenera, which is an added benefit if you value discretion.
  • Both devices have an app feature, making them great for long-distance intimacy. However, the Lelo Sona Cruise is limited in terms of the app’s functionality. It doesn’t give you the choice of synchronizing your sensations with music, adult games, and came models, characteristic of Lovense Tenera.  
  • Unlike the Lovense Tenera which can last up to 2 hours with continuous use, the Lelo Sona Cruise lasts only an hour. 

3. Tenera vs. Satisfyer Pro 2+

Lovense Tenera vs Satisfyer Pro 2

Read a detailed Satisfyer Pro 2+ review

  • The Lovense Tenera utilizes air-suction technology to create a pulsating, gentle sensation on your clitoris that mimics oral stimulation. The Satisfyer Pro 2+ uses liquid-air technology that mimics the sensual stimulation of pulsing water, creating an entirely different clitoral stimulation experience. 
  • The Lovense Tenera features a soft, silicone mouthpiece that offers a firm grip on your clitoris, which ensures the sensations are concentrated in the right region. The Satisfyer Pro Generation 3 has a slightly variable design. The mouthpiece is rounder and larger, covering a broader area of one’s vulva.
  • Lovense Tenera offers a more gradual and gentle pleasure build-up, whereas the Satisfyer Pro Generation 3 provides a more intensive and immediate sensation.
  • The Tenera is more suited for individuals who prefer a teasing, slow build-up. However, the Satisfyer Pro Generation 3 appeals more to women wanting a powerful and quicker orgasm.
  • The Lovense Tenera’s suction feels like the sucking and blowing of oral sex and could be adjusted to various intensity levels. The Satisfyer Pro Generation 3 has several vibration settings, which could be utilized separately or with suction.
  • Both clit sucking toys have a remote application compatible with iOS and Android devices. However, the app functionality of the Satisfyer Pro Generation 3 is not as versatile. 
  • You can only create personalized patterns or connect your toy to a playlist. But with the Lovense Tenera remote app, you can enjoy even more features, such as connecting your toy to an adult game or cam model. 

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