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MAGIC WAND PLUS Review: Does it Live Up to The Legend?

by Jane Louis
magic wand plus review

The Magic Wand has created an undeniable place in many people’s bedroom drawer. It’s one of those toys you simply shouldn’t miss out on.

While Hitachi has been around as a heavy-hitter in the sex toy market for years now, they have yet been unable to really strike the fancy of the millennial crowd, who are all about the new.

Well, with the updated Magic Wand Plus, they’ve switched things up a bit in ways that will appeal to the most demanding tastes out there, while still delivering all the oohhs and aahhhs that made their classic vibrating massager such a long-lived classic.

Let’s go right ahead and take a closer look at the PLUS in this review.


The Magic Wand Plus is simply the latest iteration of the powerhouse sex to that has been known through the years as the Hitachi vibrating wand.

It’s basically a hand-held vibrator, measuring about a foot in length, with the active vibrating head being about the size of a tennis ball.

I know a lot of us are simply tired of all the flashy, high-tech, dragon-this, and dragon-that bedroom props that are all looks and no action, so the Magic Wand Plus comes as a very welcome breath of fresh air.

With its simple, no-gimmicks design, it means business in the very best way.

The simple white vibrating massager by Vibratex is a study in simplicity, even though it delivers way above what its looks may suggest.


The body of the Magic Wand Plus is made of ivory-colored plastic while the head is silicone based. This newest wand has gone through quite a few reinventions over its long history in the sex toy market.

1. Charging Convenience

There is nothing quite as frustrating as taking our toys out on the road with you only to find that they’re incompatible with the outlets you find in your hotel room.

The Magic Wand Plus has made this a thing of the past, coming with a power adapter that will work just fine either with 100V – 240V power outlets. You won’t be stopped from traveling to your heart’s content on this account.

This is a toy that runs through direct power, plug it in and you can rock with it! So, It will never run out of power and is always ready to go!

Another amazing thing about the 6-feet (183 cm) long charging cord is that it is removable and once you plug it in the toy, you can lock it with the button in front to make sure the cord won’t move during your play.

magic wand plus lock

2. 4 Speed Vibration Settings

The Magic Wand Plus has a standard design that allows you to choose between four different vibration speeds or intensities, which are from 2,700, 3,800, 5,400 to 6,300 vibrations per minute.

In the past models of the vibrator, there were only two-speed options, which greatly limited what could be done with the sex toy.

Aside from these settings, the different vibe speeds are configured to deliver different vibration patterns, meaning that you will not be limited to different speeds of the same old rumble – you can change things up according to your mood or preferences.

3. Vibration Strength

Special mention has to made about the strength of the Magic Wand Plus’ vibration capacity. There are few vibrators out there that can really match up with it in terms of sheer torque.

It’s engineered to deliver a surprisingly controlled, rumbly vibration, but this only partly hides the act that it delivers an abundance of power.

The wide silicone head is perfect for delivering a smooth, penetrating sensation through the vulva down into deeper underlying tissues for that whole-body satisfaction we all seek.

It might be a bit too strong for those who aren’t used to vibrators, but that’s where the speed settings come into play.

4. Silicone Head

Silicone is a great material, especially with its application in the sex toy industry. Silicone makes it a whole lot easier to maintain your toy in a state of hygiene that virtually eliminates all risk of infection or any nastiness.

Previous versions of the Wand were made using PVC or TPR, which, in hindsight, wasn’t really the most suitable material to be putting in vigorous contact with some of our most delicate bits.

Cleaning is made as simple as a quick wipe-down with a bleach solution, alcohol, or any other suitably effective cleaning solution.

In addition to its cleanability, silicone doesn’t have the propensity to react with people who might have allergies with regard to certain other materials such as latex and other plastic derivatives.

5. Compatible With Third-Party Accessories

As usual, the Magic Wand Plus is compatible with almost all types of third-party accessories, which surely can level up your sex play to a new level. Put on a cover to make it into a G-spot vibrator, an anal vibrator, a nipple sucker or even a sex pillow. 

The possibilities are limitless and they are all based on this magical little wand.

Magic Wand plus third-party attachment

6. Noise

Just like its predecessor, Magic Wand Plus is NOT a quiet toy. It’s not louder than the Magic Wand Original for sure, but if you have a roommate, you still need to be a bit careful. 


You probably don’t need much instruction here – I mean, it’s quite simply a vibrating massager – just set it on and go to town with it. The beauty of such toys is that you can do whatever floats your boat with them.

The Magic Wand Plus can, however, be best used as a clitoral stimulator par excellence.

The four-speed vibration options mean that you can have tons of fun with it whether you’re a sensitive beginner in the arts of bedroom exploration or a certified veteran in the erotic realm. There’s something to please everyone here.

magic wand plus buttons

The buttons themselves are intuitively located where your fingers can reach them while you have your grip on the toy’s shaft, meaning you won’t have to interrupt anything or turn on the lights to switch things up as you like.

An ON button coupled with the UP and DOWN speed setting buttons complete the set of three buttons. You can switch from speed to speed with a twitch of a finger. It couldn’t get much simpler than that.


I purchased my Wand Plus from SheVibe, which is one of the authorized retailers and I found their price is quite competitive.

The shipping was free (as I was in the U.S) and the package arrived quickly and discreetly.

There’s nothing fancy about the Wand box. So, you may need to wrap it if you plan to give this as a gift.

Within the box, there are simply 3 things:

  • The almighty Wand Plus Massager, with a 1-year warranty and wrapped in a plastic bag
  • The charger (suitable for 100 – 240V), wrapped in a plastic bag
  • A User Guide

magic wand plus unbox


You can clean the wand with mild soap and a wet cloth or simply with some antibacterial toy cleaner.

This toy is NOT waterproof or splash-proof, so, don’t submerge it under the water or use it while bathing.

Many women like to use a bit lubricant to make the clit stimulation, please only use water-based lubricants as the head is made of silicone. Silicone material can be damaged by other types of lube.


The Magic Wand Plus came into my life while I was on a trip across the country staying with friends, and, needless to say, I didn’t want anything packed in my personal’ effects that would be unsuitably loud.

The Magic Wand proved to somewhat louder than would have suited me (not blender-right-next-to-you loud, more like a clipper buzzing in the next room), but it made up for this superficial failing with its out-of-this-world performance.

The Wand is louder than usual rumbles of the toy when it’s in its upper gearing signify a vibrating power that fields beyond what we’re used to in the adult toy market.

At its lowest speed, it delivers a powerfully understated, low rumble that will permeate across the clitoral hood to deliver its sensation all throughout your pelvic floor.

Magic wand plus front

For those of you out there with experience with other vibrators on the market out there, you know that this is high praise indeed. And the fun is only beginning.

The additional two settings, with their variable rumble rhythm settings, make the Magic Wand Plus a veritable buffet for your sensual needs.

Speed 3 races on at an unbelievably satisfying 5,400 rotations per minute, which means that you can get yourself off in a quick 5 minutes when time is a factor.

Speed 4 is Nirvana, and words wouldn’t do it justice. It has to be felt to be believed, and you can bet that I’m a true believer at this point myself.

I am really satisfied with the vibration intensity from the Magic Wand Plus.

If I have to compare it with other vibrators in the market, I think the only wand that can match or compete is the Doxy Die Cast. Doxy looks better as well, in my opinion, but the Magic Wand Plus is more affordable.

magic wand plus charge cable

Come back to the Magic Wand Plus: its neck isn’t too stiff for comfortable adjustment with regard to your preferred positioning or angling, which is a relief for such a relatively bulky vibrator.

The quick speed control settings make it a great toy for quickly changing gears during a long, involved play session.

Speaking of necks, it would be remiss of us not to mention the Wands’ capabilities as a neck and back massager – its ostensible reason for being.

Well, it certainly gets the job done. It would come in handy especially for those of us that spend long stretches of time hunched over keyboards and peering into display screens.

It eases all the tension right out. The reason the Wand is so powerful lies here.

Once you understand that it’s designed to work on the tough, knotted muscles of a grown person’s neck and back, then you will understand just how powerful the Magic Wand Plus is.


MaterialABS Plastic, TPRSilicone (head), ABS Plastic (Body)
Body SafePhthalate-free
Size & Weight12" long, 2.25" wide
(35cm long, 5.7cm wide)
1.57 lbs (712g)
12" long, 2.25" wide
(35cm long, 5.7cm wide)
1.4 lbs (635g)
HeadBulky and with a dented ringe in the middleSilky and Smooth
(more comfortable for clit stimulation)
Control3 silicone-covered buttons
(power, + and -)
Plastic switch-style control
(on & off)
Power ChargeDirect Power,
with unremovable corded Plug-In
Direct Power,
with removable corded Plug-In
Voltage100 - 110V or 220-240V
(Can't be used internationally)
100 - 240V
(Can be used internationally)
Vibration2 levels
(low 5,000 rpm, high 6,000 rpm)
4 levels
(Low 2,700 rmp, Medium 3,800 rmp, High 5,400 rmp, Ultra 6,300 rmp)

magic wand vs magic wand plus

FYI, Hitachi also launched Magic Wand Rechargeable in 2016, it functions almost the same as the Magic Wand Plus, expect that the toy can be recharged.

In my opinion, the Rechargeable version is a bit over-priced ($124.95). That’s why I recommend the PLUS unless you really don’t want that cord during the play.


Check Price


Should you, like I am, be the type that enjoys the feel of grinding on relatively thick dildos, then the Magic Wand Plus will be right up your alley.

It delivers all that you could want out of a vibrator, plus its very own addition of a powerful punch-up to take you to the next level.

Hitachi had hit on a magic formula when it came up with its vibrating massager all those years ago, and the Magic Wand Plus has simply taken it up to new heights.

signature Jane L


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