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O-WAND 2 Massager Review: World’s Best Personal Massager ?

by Jane Louis
O-Wand review

I love beautifully designed toys, that’s how I caught my eye on O-Wand 2. Besides, this wand has a self-proclaimed ‘Power Queen’ statements. You know how much I love strong vibrations, so I have to get my hands on it.

In general, it’s hard to be disappointed by wand vibrators, because they can be incredibly powerful, and work brilliantly at not only providing orgasms but also alleviating aches and pains when used as an all-around general massager.

Want to make sure you don’t get counterfeit products and get good customer service? DO NOT purchase any sex toy from Amazon or Ebay. I strongly recommend that you order only from reliable retailers or official stores, like the ones mentioned in this post. Enjoy! 😃

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O-Wand II is a rechargeable and waterproof wand massager and it’s one of the newer wands in the market. It weights 694 grams/1.5 pounds, which makes it a big beast. But O-Wand 2 claims that the design is ergonomic and handy to use and the vibration is deadly rumbly. Is that really the case?

Besides, O-Wand claims to be “world’s best personal massager”. This is a rather big claim they made, does it live on the claim? Please read this review to find out. 


Design and Look

The O-Wand 2 is made from velvet smooth silicone almost in its entirety. The only part that is not silicone-based is the inner handle, this is made from gold shiny ABS plastic.

While to some degree, I do love the way the O-Wand 2 looks, there’s one drawback I have to point out. Due to the black color and the silicone surface, I find that, no matter what, the toy is easy to look dusty if left out of the box for a few days. Silicone attracts all the dust, and it looks more obvious when it’s black. So, make sure put the wand 2 back to the storage pouch after cleaning.

Another part of the design I don’t like is the shiny inner handle that is ABS plastic. I have no idea why companies keep making handles with shiny plastic, because eventually that gold coating will come off (as of yet, it hasn’t).

Besides, I feel the design of the handle is not very ergonomic. As mentioned, the O-Wand 2 weights 694 grams/1.5 pounds. My arm gets quite exhausted after using the toy for more than 10 mins.

Strong Vibration

While the claims are true, yes, the O-Wand  2 is powerful. Sadly, it just left me wanting.

I found that on the lower settings the O-Wand 2 did have those rumbling vibrations that I desire, but on the higher settings, they just become buzzy and as such it was a pretty “Meh” experience.

My clit feels numb and sometimes sore after every time after using the O-Wand 2. This is not nice as it means I can’t do binge orgasm with this toy.

However, I like to use O-Wand 2 for some neck massage, it does effectively soothe the muscle pain. One funny thing to share: you’ve read that I complained that the wand is way too heavy for me and it makes my arm sore after each use, but if I place the wand on the exhausted arm muscle, it actually helps me to recover. Then I would forget the soreness and want to use the toy again, but the weight again overwhelms me… so, it’s an endless circle haha.

Fully Waterproof

In general, I love waterproof toys. It’s just so relaxing to have some vibration while taking a bath. O-Wand 2 is my regular bath companion. I’ve used it many times and it has always been a good experience. I feel really relaxed after each use and It has as well been effective at relieving stress.

O-wand waterproof bath

Multiple Attachments Are Available

One of the nice concepts O-Wand 2 has is that multiple attachments that are available. (I get into more details on each of the attachments below)


The O-Burst (Included in the box, for free)

I do actually like this attachment, but not for masturbation. I actually loved this attachment for body massage – it felt great when used to alleviate the stresses of daily life. But, sadly when used alongside the wand it didn’t really do much for me.

The problem for me was about the buzzy vibrations, they weren’t able to travel through the silicone well enough for me to enjoy this attachment when used with the O-Wand 2.

O-Burst O-wand

As mentioned earlier the O-Wand does have some other attachments available, there are currently three separate attachments that can be purchased at a price of $24.99 each. All of these are made entirely from velvety smooth silicone.

The three attachments that are currently available are:

The O-Spot

The O-Spot is designed for G-Spot and P-Spot stimulation. Well, it’s essentially designed for G-Spot, but there is absolutely no reason why it can’t be used for P-Spot stimulation either. Wand vibrators aren’t just for women! – What I like about this attachment is the small bumps above the insertable ‘shaft’ which can provide clitoral stimulation – not a huge amount, but enough to be pleasurable.

Again, the problem that I have with the O-Spot is that the vibrations just don’t travel well. I found the attachment works a lot better with a wand that has more powerful rumbling vibrations.

However, my male friend actually really liked using this attachment. I don’t get more details than that from him, but just letting you know.

O-Spot O-wand

The O-Gasm

I said above that wands aren’t just for women, and I whole heartily stand by that, and this is an attachment is designed with males in mind, the attachment is for use with the penis as a male masturbator.

I used it on my partner. Apparently, this toy can only work during erections. So we had to do some foreplay before testing the O-Wand 2. My man said the vibration is a bit too strong for him, but, unlike me, he doesn’t like strong vibrations in general.

He can’t really come just by using the O-Wand 2. “Men needs up and down movements more than vibrations”, that’s what he said. I then moved the O-Wand 2 up and down, with a generous amount of lube. But it still doesn’t do the job that well.

So, I personally don’t really recommend the O-Gasm attachment. 


The O-La-La

And last, but most certainly not least is my favorite of the attachments the O-La-La. This is the attachment that seems to have a bit of everything, the ridges at the top, the bumps at the back and then the best part, the seemingly clitoral cave.

The outer layer of this encases my clitoris while the inner bump provides me with that direct clitoral stimulation which is just perfect. Even though the higher vibrations are buzzy and they don’t travel well through the silicone, this is still one of my favorite want attachments, ever. It’s just perfect.

I don’t even need the wand to be on high. Because of the direct clitoral stimulation, it’s perfect on the lower settings and does exactly what it is meant to do.

O-La-La O-wand


The shipping box arrived discreetly. It was quite heavy and a lot bigger than I initially expected.

Upon opening the box, I was presented with the O-WAND 2 Massager (incl. one-year warranty), a charger, multiple International Travel Adaptors, A black storage pouch, and an instruction manual. As if this is not enough, there is also the O-Burst that comes with the toy. O-Burst is a head that can be attached to O-Wand II for a different sensation.

O-wand box


It’s quite easy to use the O-Wand 2. On the handle, there are three buttons, while in use the buttons will light up in a red color. There’s an arrow that controls the speed, another which will change the vibrations from constant to patterned and then one to turn it off and on.

While the wand is easy to use, I still have to point out one thing that is rather annoying during the usage. If you go past the setting you want then you will either have to switch the wand off and on and start again; or go through all of the settings for them to cycle back to the one you wanted.

O-Wand Position


I’ve mentioned that the O-Wand 2 is rechargeable, and one of the things I like about it is that it comes with a range of different plug heads that can be easily changed out. I love it when companies do this, it makes travel easy and not only that it’s great for international buyers. It’s incredibly frustrating when you order a vibrator and it comes with a plug that you’re unable to use- this eliminates that problem.

Simply put the plug into the charging port and the charging will start. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to charge which gives up to 3 hours of play time. One of the things that annoy me about the O-Wand 2 is that it doesn’t show me it’s charging, which is really unpractical and inconvenient.

And, unlike the LELO Smart Wand, you can’t play with it while it’s on charge. So, it’s a case of crossing my fingers and hoping that it’s actually charging and guessing when it’s done. Since the buttons do have lights on them, it makes no sense to me that they don’t flash at least a little while charging.


The O-Wand 2 is easy to clean and maintain as it is 100% waterproof. Make sure that you clean the toy with warm, soapy water before and after every use. Ensure that you rinse the device thoroughly and dry it afterward. The toy should NOT have any moisture as you store it in the carry case. 

If you would like to use lubricant with the O-Wand 2, make sure only use water-based lubricant, otherwise, the silicone surface can be damaged.


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O-burst free

I’m so conflicted when it comes to the O-Wand 2, that’s because overall I want to like it. It’s well made, and made from body safe material. The silicone just feels divine. The packaging is amazing and I love some of the attachments.

However, it just doesn’t do for me what it claims, to me, there are far more powerful wands out there, it’s rechargeable and is meant for portability, however, the weight of it just doesn’t make it overly portable.

The handle helps to counter the weight, but – it’s still uncomfortable to hold for longer periods of time.

While the vibrator is indeed powerful, it saddens me that the vibrations lean more towards the buzzy side the higher you get up. Meaning that alone the wand does nothing for me. When using the attachments, aside from the Oh-La-La the vibrations just don’t travel well enough – though I am so pleased that the attachments do fit other wands and can be purchased separately.

As I said, I want to like the O-Wand II. It is really beautiful in design, but personally, I don’t feel that it justifies a price tag of $199.99. At a price of almost $200, for me to recommend it, the wand has to be perfect, and it’s just not, in my opinion, there are far better wands or vibrators out there with a lower price tag.

signature Jane L

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kit January 28, 2022 - 1:09 am

Hi! I have noticed that two very important criteria are missing from your reviews 🙁
First: length of the wand. This one is super important for some disabled people, who may need a longer reaching toy due to mobility and size issues. It really sucks that that toy industry just assumes that everyone is super skinny and super bendy!
And second: if the wand is app – controlled, which is super important in the pandemic, where many people can no longer see each other. So far, sadly, only Domi 2 (with too-short length of 9.2″) is app – controllable. I am super sad that Lelo’s Smart Wand 2 (11.9″) is not app – controllable! That’s not very “smart” 🙁

Jane Louis January 28, 2022 - 9:11 am

Hello Kit, Thank you for your suggestion! Indeed, size is an important thing to know and I tried to put it in most of the reviews.
Regarding app-control functions, you are right, domi 2 is app controllable, but it is more like a mini-wand when it comes to size.
Lelo in general doesn’t have teledildonic toys (except the F1S).
Are you specifically looking for app-control Wand? If I remember correctly, We-vibe Wand is app enabled and it has a regular wand size (80 mm x 309 mm x 50 mm).
If you are looking for all kinds of app-controllable toys, my favorite brands are Lovense and Kiiroo.
Lovense has a stable and easy-to-use app and Kiiroo has some unique features, esp. for male toys.
Hope this is helpful :)!


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