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OHMIBOD ESCA 2 Review: Best Vibrator For LDR couples?

by Jane Louis
Ohmibod Esca 2 Review

Today, let’s talk about a powerful remote control egg vibrator – Esca 2.

There is nothing quite like letting him be in total control. You never know what he will do next. Will he pick up the pace? Thrust harder? Make you come or keep teasing you?

And that is the beauty of sex, which we could only dream of achieving with normal sex toys until app-controlled vibrators took the world by storm.

I always found them a little too intimidating, and the technology seemed to add too much complexity to sex. But that was only until my B-day gift in a cute white box was “that vibe with the pink tail” – the Lovense Lush. I have had my fair share of B-day but this one topped them all.

Have you ever come as the waiter is beside you, book and pen in hand, waiting for your “dizziness” to end?

My naughty partner and I couldn’t get enough of it and he loved creating custom vibrating patterns, so every time the experience was completely new to me. There is nothing quite like it.

When I saw the Ohmibod Esca 2 being advertised, a few things caught my attention. For instance, the shape was slightly different from that of the Lush 2, and it was a little bigger. I couldn’t help but wonder whether I would prefer the Lush 2 or Esca 2.

Fast forward a couple of days later, I am seated on my bed, both toys on my lap, ready to take the Esca 2 for a ride with my partner in the next state. Do you think I will like it? But first, what is it?


The Ohmibod Esca 2 is a versatile wearable massager that can be used during either solo or couples’ play. It is primarily designed for G-spot stimulation and allows your partner to control it from literally anywhere via its FeelConnect or Ohmibod app.

It is a product of the joint effort of two reputable companies – Kiiroo and Ohmibod.

esca 2


1. Design and Look

Ohmibod Esca 2 has a simple and effective design. It elegantly wears the signature purple color. Most of it is covered by body-safe silicone except the light bulb at the bottom end featuring a single button.

It has a slightly curved design and a larger head to focus vibrations on the G-spot.

With a weight of 56 grams, 1.3 inches(33.1 mm) in diameter and a length of 7.3 inches(185.4mm), it is quite easy to carry it in, or with you. It has almost the same size and weight as the original Esca, so you can wear it for long sessions without it slipping out.

2. Long Distance App and Connectivity

Ohmibod Esca 2 works with either the FeelConnect app or the Ohmibod app, both available on Android and iOS platforms. On the procedure to connect, read the “how to use” section below.

Both apps are very interesting and easy to use thanks to their intuitive interface. They give you or your partner total remote control over the vibration intensity and patterns whether he is present or halfway across the world.

esca 2 look

You can also share pictures and messages to make the session feel more personal.

As an improvement to the original, the Esca 2 comes with three different Bluetooth settings for different preferences. Namely, full motor intensity and full LED light, Full motor strength and NO LED lights, and Half motor intensity and full LED lights.

Whichever mode you use, the Bluetooth connectivity is quite strong up to a distance of 26 feet.

You can also integrate the Ohmibod Esca 2 to your home system for hands-free control. More interestingly, you can use the Ohmibod app to send vibes to the toy in time with your heartbeat if you have an Apple Watch.

ohmibod remote chat

3. Charging and Battery

The Esca 2 disappointed me on this front. I wanted a toy that would be ready to go when I am. One that would make me come a couple of times before it required charging. But it apparently isn’t the Esca 2.

To get an hour out of it, I have to charge it for about two hours. And even then, a full hour isn’t guaranteed. With the way my partner loves teasing me, it is hard to get to the third one without draining the battery.

ohmibod esca 2 charge

4. Water Resistance

For some reason, it wasn’t so disappointing to find that it is not entirely waterproof due to its charging port. Sure, that meant no Esca 2 shower play, but personally, I prefer taking my time with it and you can only stay in the shower for so long without your skin turning wrinkly.

5. Noise Level

The OhMiBod Esca 2 is pretty quiet for the deep vibrations it delivers but still, there are only so many places we can use it publicly. When you hold it in your hand the vibration is quite audible but clothing and flesh mute it once inserted.

The first speed is totally silent and even a seatmate in a quiet room won’t notice anything. While using it on the second speed, the room would have to be completely silent for one to hear it faintly. The third speed is only usable in a bar, club, or any noisy place.

Note: If you would like to hear exact how loud/quiet Esca 2 is when in operation, please refer to the video above.

6. Take Full Control of the Light

With Esca 2, you can decide whether or not to turn the indicator light on during use.

When using this toy in public, this can be a handy function. I bet, just like me you absolutely don’t want anyone notices that you panty is blinking in the public.

On the contrary, when using it at home in the dark with my bf, it’s practical to keep the light on all the same.

Esca 2 how to use


The Ohmibod Esca 2 has two modes – manual and remote – so you can use it even if you don’t have a partner.

The manual mode has three steady speed settings and two patterns. To turn it on, just press the power button for about three seconds and switch it to manual mode by clicking the power button a couple of times.

With each click, it changes through the sensations and pulsations.

After downloading the app, it will take you through a series of prompts that guide you. You will turn the toy on, enable Bluetooth on your phone, and reduce the volume of your phone to 75% power and you are connected.

ohmibod esca 2 control led

To connect through the internet, both you and your partner create individual accounts and then search for each other’s profile. Simple as that. The procedure is pretty intuitive and I doubt you will even need the manual.


If you want to use lube, please only use water-based one because other types of lube (esp. the silicone-based ones) will damage the surface of the toy.

As it is not waterproof, you shouldn’t submerge it in the water when cleaning it. Simply pull some soapy water on the toy or use a sex toy to maintain the hygiene. Make sure you dry the toy well before putting it back to the storage pouch, this will greatly increase the life of the toy.

esca 2 connect


If you are based in the US, I would recommend purchasing the toy from Shevibe and this is also where I got my Esca 2. The package arrived fast and discreetly. (For international users, I recommend Lovehoney. They are very reliable and also ship discreetly)

Upon opening the box, I was presented with the following things:

ohmibod esca 2 box packaging

  • Esca 2, with a 1-year warranty
  • USB Charging cable
  • White satin storage  bag
  • Instructional manual (in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian)


Fortunately, when my package arrived, my partner hadn’t been around for a while so I finally had the perfect opportunity to feel him.

I followed the setup procedure then video called him and walked him through it. In a couple of minutes, we were all set. I had to use water-based lube to insert it.

As I mentioned, there is nothing quite like letting him be in control. He skillfully switched between two modes: “rhythm” and “tap”, almost as if he had used the app before. Every time he switched, the app let me know.

ohmibod remote app control

I also had some control because I could easily tell him faster, or slower as I wished like he was there in person. He even knew the exact moment to switch up to “Touch” mode that got me. “Touch” mode is intense and if he would have done it even for a second longer, it would have been a bit too much for me.

When solo, I prefer to use the manual and Club Vibe modes. They are more steady and the Club Vibe syncs with music beats consistently. This is quite handy if there is a song that reminds you of someone.

esca 2 light vibration

The bottom LED part also gives slight vibrations so I tried to hold it against my clit for extra stimulation – it was not good enough. It is very disappointing that the battery died during my third session.

The bulb fits snugly and stays in place so now my naughty partner says I don’t have an excuse to not carry it in me to our dinner dates.

I have read reviews of people having problems with Bluetooth connectivity. I haven’t had any thus far so I can only think they are covering the LED light part too much. Lighter clothing may help.

ohmibod esca 2 flexible


Esca 1 and Esca 2 are pretty much identical visually.

The Esca 2 is more up-to-date when it comes to connection/Bluetooth and will most likely work better with cam websites and our apps because of the updated PCBA 2.0 chips.

Vibrations may be slightly stronger as Esca 2 because it has a larger motor however it is still very quiet.

The Esca 2 battery is larger as well, making it last longer without having to recharge it consistently.

The Esca 2 also has a setting that the original didn’t have, you can turn off the light on it if people wanted to use it in public without people noticing.



1. How to turn on and off the light while controlling the Esca 2 with the app?

It’s possible to do a soft press on the power button to change the lighting. And below is a detailed illustration:

esca 2 change light


The Esca 2 could have been IT for me. I love the simple app, and the different intensity and speed settings, more so the Club Vibe mode. Its ability to stimulate both my G-spot and clit is straight out of this world and the deep vibrations are to die for.

But, the battery life is too short. After using it during a dinner date, that’s it. You can’t bring it to the “after party”. Also, I feel like I am leaving my partner out during these sessions when he is not close so if there was any two-way play toy that worked as good as this one, I would definitely go for it.

signature Jane L

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Nina January 7, 2020 - 1:31 pm

Hi! How did you manage to turn off the light while controlling it with the app? I’ve been experimenting with settings, but I can’t figure it out.

Jane Louis January 12, 2020 - 1:15 am

Hello Nina, You should be able to do a soft press on the power button to change the lighting. Once you connect your esca 2 with the Ohmibod remote app or the FeelConnect app, you can soft click the power button twice to turn off the light. As I wasn’t able to include images here, I have added a section in the article to specifically answer this question. Please refer to the Q&A section for the detailed illustration :).

BK January 27, 2020 - 9:29 pm

Hi Jane. I enjoyed your review. But I miss your conclusion; Esca 2 or Lush 2? I see pros and cons of both, but which would you choose if you had to pick one?

Jane Louis January 31, 2020 - 4:56 pm

Hello BK, Thanks for liking my review :)! Both Lush 2 and Esca 2 have firm quality and nice vibrations. I have a dedicated article comparing the Esca 2 and Lush 2. Feel free to check it if you are interested.
As for myself, I use Lush 2 a bit more because I have a long-distance partner and the Lovense App provides more interactive functions.
Hope this is helpful! 🙂

lisa April 2, 2020 - 8:57 pm

I just received my Esca 2 and I am trying to get my partner connected but not having any luck?

Jane Louis April 15, 2020 - 3:30 am

Hello Lisa, which app did you use? Ohmibod remote or Kiiroo Feel Connect? For Ohmibod Remote app, there’s a “connect to your partner” button on the profile page. For Kiiroo Feel Connect app, you can share a private code to your partner for the connection. If these ways don’t work, you may contact the customer support because it could be some app bugs or system compatibility issues. If you experience connectivity issues, this article of mine may help.

Milla January 13, 2021 - 6:12 pm

NO good always gets disconnected, i have to keep connecting it in the app. 1 star

Jane Louis February 9, 2021 - 8:02 am

Hello Milla, sorry to hear that!
Which app did you try? I think both Ohmibod’s and Kiiroo’s apps can work with Esca 2. If one of them doesn’t work well, you can try the other one instead. (I personally think the one from Kiiroo works better).


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