OHMIBOD ESCA Review: A Remotely Controllable Toy for LDR couples!

by Jane Louis

UPDATE: Ohmibod & Kiiroo company recently launched Esca 2, which is an improved version from the original Esca. I wrote a very detailed review about this newly launched model.

Click here to read my review about ESCA 2! 

Nothing strains a good relationship more than distance. Long distance relationships are really hard to maintain, but they don’t have to be. Not with amazing toys that you and your partner could enjoy together. One such toy is the Ohmibod ESCA. There can be a distance between you physically, but it doesn’t have to happen in the bedroom as well.

Read this Ohmibod Esca Review to find out how you can use this toy to spice things up in your sex life despite being far away from each other.


Ohmibod and Kiiroo, two of biggest names in the Long Distance Relationship (LDR) toy industry have partnered up to bring out a new, sleek and sophisticated sex toy, the Ohmibod Esca.

This is a wearable vibrator that is interactive in nature and WiFi enabled. What this means is that both you and your partner can enjoy a sexual experience despite being away from each other. (Yes, you or your partner can control the toy literally ANYWHERE)

Esca is worn by the woman and controlled by the man or woman. Just because you are not near each other does not mean that you can not have a steamy sexual encounter.

So how does it work? Before we deep dive into the details of how this awesome toy works, let’s first acknowledge that there is an app, the Ohmibod remote app, that helps control the toy. The toy also comes in a beautiful purple color and is made of soft silicone.



Very Light

The toy is very light, weighing approximately 56 grams. It is great for carrying around.

App Controlled

The Esca uses the Ohmibod App that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Once paired, it can be controlled by your tablet or smartphone, at ANYWHERE. The app connection part is quite smooth, in my opinion.  I had an amazing experience when my partner was controlling it through the app ( full of sexy and spicy surprises when passing the control over to my partner)

Bluetooth Enabled

It has three Bluetooth mode settings that a user can choose from. The Bluetooth range is around 26ft/8m, but the range can be shortened during the actual use since Bluetooth signals tend not to travel well through skin and clothing. Personally, I didn’t have any Bluetooth connection issue even when wearing layers of winter clothes. For the Bluetooth part, Ohmibod ESCA performed a bit better than Lovense Lush, which is another popular app-controllable wearable toy on the market.

LED Display of Vibrations 

I love this function. With the LED display, you get a visual of how intense the vibrations are.

Ability to Connect with Other Kiiroo Devices

If you own other Kiiroo toys, you can pair your device up with another Kiiroo device through the FeelConnectApp.


This is not a loud toy. However, if you plan to use Esca in public, you still need to be careful. This toy is NOT quiet enough to be used in relatively quiet places such as in the library or at fancy restaurants. However, its competitor, Lovense Lush, vibrate in a lower volume and can be more ideal for everywhere public play.

USB Rechargeable

The Esca can be charged using a USB cable so you do not have to replace worn out batteries. It takes about 2 hours to charge it completely. After testing it, I admit that the battery doesn’t last long enough after each charge.

It dies after 50 mins-ish. But it usually doesn’t take me 50 mins to reach an orgasm ;).

Ohmibod esca product


The package arrives discreetly and I was quite excited to try this toy and to feel how different it is from the Lovense Lush, which, as mentioned, is another popular wearable egg vibrator. These two products share almost the same features and they look very alike, but the Ohmibod ESCA was a newer launch.

When you unbox this amazing toy, you will find 4 things:

  • The Ohmibod Esca itself, with a 1-year warranty
  • User manual
  • USB charging cable,
  • Beautiful pouch for storing the toy

Ohmibod Esca box


This is the interesting part. The toy is a wearable vibrator that is both Bluetooth and WiFi enabled.

Once the device is fully charged, you can turn it on by holding on the power button for a few seconds. You then insert it into your vagina and it gets controlled through its app. The controlling can be done either by you or your partner.

All you have to do is to connect the toy to the app and voila! It’s time to play!

It doesn’t matter if you are in the same room or worlds apart. The app can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your smartphone’s system. Once the toy is turned on, you can connect it to your partner’s phone through Bluetooth. Your partner can then swipe their finger on their smartphone’s screen and this will send pleasurable vibrations your way.

There is also a provision to connect one Kiiroo toy to another by downloading the FeelConnect application. Kiiro has an array of awesome toys like the Onyx 2, Fleshlight Launch, Pearl 2 among others. All these devices can be connected with the Esca.

See the below visual instruction for a better understanding of how to use Esca:

Ohmibod esca guide


The Ohmibod Esca has an egg-shaped design that perfectly stimulates the G-spot once inserted.

While this happens, the part of the toy that is not inserted in the vagina stimulates the clitoris, giving you double pleasure. The external stimulation is not very strong, but it does constantly rub you to get you quite turned on.

The most appealing thing for us is that you or your partner can control the ESCA with any rhythms. You can connect it to your favorite song to get some lovely surprises because the egg can vibrate according to music beats. You can totally give control to your partner, letting him drive you crazy with these unexpected touches or his sexy voices. Your partner can even record some sounds to tease you when he’s not around…

Sounds finger licking, right? So this means that using the toy obviously feels great. A double pleasure that results in an intense orgasm or two. You can choose to use a lubricant (water-based) before inserting the toy. This enables the device to glide gently into your vagina.

Ohmibod esca light weight


What do I like about this toy?

1. The toy’s number one advantage is obviously the fact that it can be used together with a partner, either when you are together or when you are way apart. It is one of the best ways to get rid of those lonely nights. To take the experience a notch higher, you can face time with them while they control the device. Gives them the chance to see every expression and to hear every moan.

2. The vibration syncs with any rhythms! Your orgasm can come from your favorite music beats, your partner’s teasing touch, or any sexy voices. (The un-expectancy makes the game soooo exciting! I can’t get enough of it)

3. The Esca offers stimulation to both the G-spot and the clitoris, making the experience all the more pleasurable.

4. The toy is made from silicone which is not just body safe but is also soft and gently glides into the vagina especially when used with some water-based lubricant.

5. It is not very bulky (56g), meaning that you can carry it around with you as much as you like.

6. It is a discreet toy since it is very quiet. You can have fun with it without alerting anyone around. The pouch is also great since it makes it easy to carry the toy around discreetly.

What I don’t like about this toy?

1. It does not have a long battery life. This can be quite annoying. If you do not want any rude interruptions during your sessions with the toy, ensure you fully charge it before use. You don’t want to have any unfinished business with the toy because of low battery, do you?

2. The toy is dependent on the app. In case you have a weak internet connection or none at all, the toy becomes useless.

3. It is water resistant, instead of being completely waterproof, which means I can’t really use it in the bath or the pool

👉🏻Click here to learn more or order ESCA now! (Official Site)


The Esca is a great way to let loose and give total control to your partner.

It makes for a perfect way to interact and connect with a partner. It comes totally recommended for those who are in long distance relationships and want a reminder of how it feels to be with their partner. It is an amazing way to remain connected to your partner.

Those who enjoy solo play are not left out. You can totally pleasure yourself with the Esca even when you are alone. Overall, the Esca is a wonderful toy for both individuals and partners as well.

signature Jane L

UPDATE: Ohmibod & Kiiroo company recently launched Esca 2, which is an improved version from the original Lush. I wrote a very detailed review of this newly launched model.

Click here to read the review about ESCA 2! 

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