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I Tried 9 Ohmibod Vibrators & This is The One That Gives Me the Best O

by Jane Louis
OHMIBOD vibrator

Truthfully, the wide variety of sex toys Ohmibod has to offer makes you want to have them all.


ohmibod esca 2 profile

1. Ohmibod Esca 2


ohmibod kiiroo fuse profile

2. Ohmibod Fuse


club vibe 3.0 profile

3. Club vibe 3.OH

What are Ohmibod Vibrators?

Ohmibod vibrators are among the best in the market for a simple reason: they take pleasure and technology and bring the best of both worlds to give their users incredible experiences. 

Their line of sex toys has something for any taste and kink.

Do you like big toys? Perhaps small and wearable? Check ✓ and check ✓. 

Do you prefer double stimulation? They offer even triple!

And the best part? Their most popular toys have remote-control features, allowing you to control them either with a wireless control or a phone app. 

With the latter, users of these toys will be able to create a list of favorite modes and, why not, their own personalized vibrations.

But how do you use these toys with your phone?

The app is incredibly intuitive. Moving your fingers up and down on your iOS device screen changes the speed, and left or right changes the strength of the vibration. Sliding two fingers allows you to create complex patterns.

Note: Ohmibod toys can be connected to either Ohmibod app or Kiiroo FeelConnect app. The Kiiroo app is a lot more stable and offers more features. 

Besides their remote functionality, Ohmibod toys are amazing on their own! Sturdy, seamless, with great design, cute colors, soft texture, powerful but silent motors, and a more than decent battery life.

A huge plus from the folks at Ohmibod is the packaging. From the moment you see the box, you know you'll have a pleasurable experience.

Another nice touch is that every wearable model has a one-size-fits-all lace thong to use with your new toy.

And if you're worried about what pressing things against you or putting them inside you might do to you allergy wise, don't worry about a single thing because all of these toys are made with phthalate-free, surgical grade silicone. 

A side note on the material is that it's important to use these with water-based lubricants, as oil-based and silicon-based versions are going to damage your toys over time.

Now, let's check some of the best sex toys Ohmibod offers.

1. Ohmibod Esca 2, the best egg vibrator for public play

esca 2

Click here to read a detailed review about Esca 2

Camgirls performing on the biggest adult streaming websites did a heck of a job popularizing this little fella for its remote capabilities.

Esca 2 is a small but powerful egg vibrator designed to stimulate the G-spot.

However, what makes this bad boy famous is that it's powered by Kiiroo, a pioneer company in teledildonics (yeah, that's the term for remote-controlled sex toys).

Esca 2 can be controlled in various ways: via the FeelConnect app, programmed to certain sites, and video, and it can also be controlled manually.

Its intense vibration reaches all the way through its slim shaft to its very tip where the manual controls are. This flexible shaft can be adjusted to reach your clit for more pleasure.

Its compact design makes it wearable and controllable remotely, even on the go: imagine being out and about as usual. All of a sudden, you feel the buzzing between your legs ;).  

You gave your partner control over your Esca and you don't know when or where they're going to play with it. And that makes it even more exciting.

2. Ohmibod Fuse, A classic for double stimulation

ohmibod fuse

The Fuse is one of the most common yet attractive G-spot/rabbit vibrators in this list because of its double stimulation capabilities!

You can have it stimulating both your G-spot and almost all of your clit, inside and out!

Also powered by Kiiroo, it has similar remote capabilities as the Esca 2

Fuse can be controlled wirelessly from anywhere in the world via the app and the various plug-ins many adult websites provide. It can also connect to other Kiiroo-powered toys for a shared experience!

It looks elegant and modern, a common characteristic of Ohmibod toys. 

As a standalone vibrator, it works wonders. Once you insert it and try one of its many settings and patterns, your mind will immediately drift off in sheer pleasure until you reach orgasm!

The only downside of the Fuse is that its remote connectivity will only hold correctly for external play; as soon as you slide it in, the connection may become unstable.

3. BlueMotion Nex 1,  have a little fun anywhere 

bluemotion nex

The most discreet in the whole group, the BlueMotion Nex 1 is here to go right inside your panties... Literally! 

So far concerning wearable vibrators, the BlueMotion Nex 1 is a great starter option. 

It's very reliable (the Bluetooth functionality works up to 30 ft on its own), it can be linked via the Ohmibod app to allow users to anyone around the world with a stable internet connection.

BlueMotion is not very bulky, and has considerable battery life. 

This means you can use it almost anywhere: during a long trip, being out and about, even in a boring office day (so long you don't have to work with customers... it would be weird having to explain your red, flustered face and justify the discreet but constant buzzing from your nether region). 

Unless you're into it, in which case, more power to you!

4. Ohmibod Rev, use your hand in a new way

ohmibod lovelife rev design

This clit massager is designed as a knuckleduster, but instead of pain, it gives great pleasure.

Since Rev is directly attached to your hand, using it feels natural, and it allows you to look for your sweet spot without having to contort your hand at all (this allows for nipple play and usage with a partner as well).

Its fit is so comfortable you will barely feel it in your hand. Well, after a while, you will barely feel your hand at all because this little device packs a strong punch.

5. Ohmibod Club Vibe 3.0,  let's get down on the dance floor

ohmibod clubvibe 3.0

If you are thinking of clubbing and want to feel the music on another level, the Club Vibe 3.0 is what you're looking for. 

It reacts to the music around you and, the louder it gets, the stronger the toy becomes!

This model has 3 modes: Tease mode, which lets you have a feel of how the mic works as long as you press down on the button; 

Groove mode, which lets you create your own vibration patterns and that thing we're here for, Club mode, which makes the toy vibrate according to what the built-in microphone is picking up at the moment.

Unlike the BlueMotion, the Club Vibe can't be controlled via an app; However, the Club Vibe 3.0 not only has a remote control that can specifically choose vibrations but also has an ambient mode

This allows for the remote to pick up sounds from whatever is happening around you. If you were in a club, the vibe would vibrate to the beat of the music. 

6. Coming back for more party fun? Try Ohmibod Club Vibe 3.0 Hero

ohmibod club vibe 3.0 hero

For those looking for the anal alternative, there's the Club Vibe 3.0 Hero. It's like the previous versions of the Club Vibe, but for your back door. 

It's fairly easy to insert, even if you're not very used to having stuffed up there, And it's comfortable when it's off, even if you're walking or dancing.

But when it's on, you'll barely be able to move or behave regularly, since it's very good at what it does.

It's incredibly fun for a night out with your partner, and it leaves your clit and G-spot available for more pleasure.

7. Back to basics with Ohmibod Cuddle

ohmibod cuddle lovelife

As it says on its website description, everyone needs a good cuddle from time to time! And this is what the Lovelife Cuddle offers. 

A sexy, mind-blowing, leg-shaking cuddle. It's a rather sturdy G-spot stimulator that can double as an external massager because of its girth and tip shape.

With it, you can REALLY reach climax fast by sliding it in and closing your thighs. If you're inexperienced with the sensation of a vibrator and want to test the waters, or you want a simpler yet interactive toy that resembles the natural thing, this is a great choice that you can keep at home.

For those of you who are a fan of Ohmibod toys, you properly already noticed that Ohmibod launched both Cuddle and Cuddle Mini. What are their differences then? 

As far as the differences in the Cuddle and the Cuddle Minithey are the same besides their size. The Mini is more ideal for traveling, but it still shares the same amount of power and preset pulsation settings as the full-size product does. 

8. Ohmibod Lovelife Adventure, enjoy a triple threat!

ohmibod lovelife adventure

This toy is definitely not your typical vibrator. 

Because of its shape, it looks like a sword or a dagger of sorts. And oh boy, does its hilt do wonders!

The Adventure is designed to give you triple stimulation: a clit massager, a G-spot stimulator, and an external butt massager.

Unlike other toys in the market that try to pull off this feat, what makes the Adventure a top toy is that it counts with three separate motors for each deed. 

Counting with a huge selection of patterns and intensities, you'll climax sooner than you thought you could!

9. Ohmibod Lumen: Interactive Butt Plugs for All Genders

OhMiBod Lumen

Ohmibod Lumen is a beginner-friendly anal vibrator that can be controlled by the user or the partner with a smartphone app. 

Just like the Esca 2, Ohmibod also partnered with Kiiroo for Lumen in order to create a more immersive experience. 

The FeelConnect app lets you control the toy's vibrations and patterns, customize your preferred modes and sync the Lumen with other Kiiroo toys for interactive play.

Featuring Ohmibod Club Vibe modes, this toy is also designed to enhance your experience with the help of music, which means you can sync the vibration with your favorite beats.

Lumen is a lightweight and wearable device that can be inserted vaginally or anally. 

The insertable part is not intimidating at all - it has a size smaller than an egg.

ohmibod lumen size

Also, the cushioned silicone provides a top-notch sensation to your sweet spots.

All anal toys require lubrication. The spiral design for the head makes sure an even and easy distribution of the lube. Hence, it ensures comfortable insertion and exertion.

Other than the rumbly vibration, what I adore about this toy is the gem-like blue LED light.

The glow-in-the-dark display shines along with the vibration - a beautiful add-on for couple play.

It is also waterproof, rechargeable, and has a USB cable. It takes 2.5 hours to get a full charge and the playtime runs up to 1 hour.

Not a toy with a long battery time, but definitely enough for 2-3 pleasurable sessions.

Summary: Which Toy Gives The Best O?

To decide what's the best Ohmibod sex toy, let's think of versatility rather than power or multiple stimulations.

Don't get me wrong; even though the Adventure gives you the triple stimulation, it's rather affixed functionality doesn't leave much room for creativity after a while, And sometimes, it can be a bit too much, so it won't be on the top for now.

I get it, you're here for the winner. It is a tough choice, but if I had to stay with only one, it would be the Fuse as a bedstand friend

Fuse gives you double stimulation, it's always ready, and if I want someone else to help me have fun, I can have them control it!

For the same reason, the Esca 2 and Lumen comes as a close second to wear during shared sexy times or for public play.

These two toys can not only help you reach your best orgasm but help you discover new ways of reaching it.

For uniqueness in concept, the Club Vibe gets the 3rd place! Isn't exciting the idea of "dancing with yourself" to your favorite song in a nightclub?

A huge plus is that you can combine some of them: having fun with a Fuse and a Club Vibe Hero simultaneously can be similar to having an Adventure working on you, with the added "inside" benefit of the Hero. 

Add a Rev for nipple play or to share with a partner and you will have more orgasms in a couple of hours than most people during a whole month.

What do you think? Have you tried any of these? If not, what toy on the list entices you the most?

Where to Buy Ohmibod Sex Toys?

Ohmibod has its own official sex toy shops called LovelifeYou can find the most complete selections there. However, I do think this shop tends to give less discounts. 

Since all Ohmibod's interactive toys, such as Esca 2, Lumen and Fuse, are powered by Kiiroo. You can find these toys on Kiiroo's official shop as well, which usually are better priced.

I also suggest you to check a online retailer shop called Lovehoney. It sells some Ohmibod toys and there sometimes are 20% discount there. 

signature Jane L

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