by Jane Louis
satisfyer Luxury High fashion review

Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion has been my toy-to-go for the last few months. It’s a toy created by Satisfyer for any lover of sensation to enjoy, discover an unforgettable orgasmic experience using this most coveted clit luxury.

In this review, I will reveal to you what’s amazing and what’s improvable about this toy. And as always, I will share my user experience with you.

Key Features of Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion

1. Design and Look

The body of Satisfyer Luxury is made of brushed aluminium, which gives a gorgeous matte finish and a firm grip. The control buttons are made of ABS plastic.

I can barely notice that the buttons are made of plastic because the glossy silver surface makes it look very much like a metal material, which integrates beautifully with the rest of the design.

The lay-on suction head is made from medical grade liquid silicone. It’s soft and smooth, which gives the best to the sensitive clit.

The Satisfyer Luxury weights 5.8 ounces/ 165g. And it measures 6.8” (173 mm) in length, 2.3” (59mm) in breadth and 1.65” (42mm) in height.

The suction head has an inner circle (the hollow part) with 0.6” (15 mm) in diameters and an outer circle with 1.1” (28 mm) in diameters.

satisfyer luxury high fashion size

2. Double Stimulation: Air Pulse + Vibration

Every brand has its own secret regarding the pulse wave sensation. The one Satisfyer provides is definitely different from Womanizer or Lelo.

The non-contact Airpulse stimulation from Satisfyer is intense and divine and this toy provides 11 different intensity settings, which is more than enough.

For those of you who are not familiar with Airpulse sensations, it’s basically about stimulating the clit with a strong air puffs or airwaves. These waves seamlessly wrap your clit and provide a type of sensation that mimicking oral licking.

The part I like the most about Airpulse is that your clit won’t feel sore or overly stimulated after each use as there is no direct contact involved.

The beautiful thing about this specific toy is that it provides both conventional vibrations and Airpulse stimulation, which can be controlled separately or together.

The conventional vibration from Satisfyer Luxury is not bad either. It’s quite rumbly and stimulates the tissues underneath, which help to create a shivering experience during the orgasms. I f*ing love that!

satisfyer luxury high fashion movements

3. Intuitive Control

With only 3 buttons to play with, it’s rather easy to control this toy. You can refer to the below section to know more details about how to use Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion.

4. 100% Waterproof (rating IPX7*)

Thanks to its waterproof finishing, this shapely pressure-wave vibrator turns into a sensual submarine in the shower or bath, making your water-based experiences even more intense!

*What is IPX7 rating waterproof? IPX7 refers to a full splashdown accepted captain. If you drop your device in water up to 3 feet (0.9m), your device is still going to work.

5. Noise Level

This is one of the quietest clit stimulators I’ve encountered, especially when it’s attached to the skin.

The noise gets a bit louder when you keep both the air pulse and vibration on to the maximum, but it’s still really acceptable.

(you can listen to the exact noise level from the video above)

How to Use Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion?

There is sturdy consistency when it comes to controlling Satisfyer’s toy. There are 3 buttons (“+”, “-” and “~”) on the Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion, which are exactly the same as the well-appreciated Satisfyer Pro 2 and Pro 3.

Satisfyer pro2 pro3 high fashion
(From left to right: Satisfyer Pro 2, Luxury High Fashion, and Pro 3)

The “+” and “-” buttons are used to control the air pulse and the “~” button is for vibration control. The air pulse and vibration can be used separately or together, depending on your preferences.

satisfyer luxury high fashion buttons


  • To turn on the air pulse, simply hold the “+” for 2 seconds.
  • You can increase or decrease the intensity by pressing the “+” or “-” buttons and there are 11 levels of intensity to choose from. (Believe me, this thing is INTENSE!)
  • To turn off the air pulse, just hold the “+” for 2 seconds. (Yes, you need to press the “+” instead of the “-” to switch it off)


  • To turn on the vibration, simply hold the “~” for 2 seconds.
  • There are 10 different vibration patterns to choose from. Simply press the “~” to switch among different patterns.
  • To turn off the vibration, just hold the “+” for 2 seconds.

It’s highly recommended to add some lube while using any clit stimulator, especially if it’s your first time using this type of toy. The sensation from air pulse is rather intense and lube can act as a natural protector, which makes the stimulation less aggressive.

(To have a visual guide about how to use this toy, you may refer to the video I attached above)

Tips: Make sure you only use water-based lubricate, otherwise, the silicone suction head can be damaged

How to Charge Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion?

Many pleasure items manufactured today including this one are charged utilizing magnetic USB technology. This means you need to plug the USB side into a USB port on your computer (Mac or PC) and attach the magnetic side to the toy while charging.

satisfyer luxury high fashion charging
(To have a visual guide about the charging process, you may refer to the video I attached above)

The white LED on the suction head flashes when the toy is charging. When it is fully charged, the white LED stops flashing and remains on.

The charging process takes about 4 hours (it may become a bit warm during charging, this is normal). After charging, you can experience up to 70 minutes of pleasure play.

Tips: Despite being a waterproof toy, you MUST NOT charge Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion while it’s submerged under the water.

Packaging & What’s in the Box?

The Satisfyer package arrived discreetly in neutral packaging and there was nothing refers to the contents of the package.

Most of the Satisfyer’s toys I have were packed in a simple and cheap-looking box. However, the box for Satisfyer Luxury is totally upgraded – it’s chic, firm and can be given as a gift without more wrapping. (This is totally expected as it’s one of the Luxury Collections after all ;))

Below are the things included in the box:

  • Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion, with a 10-year warranty
  • Magnetic charging cable
  • Velvet toy bag (Most of the Satisfyer’s toys don’t come with any storage bag, so, I am really glad that there’s one included for this toy and I love the velvet texture)
  • A user manual
satisfyer luxury high fashion unbox

My Experience With Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion

I love this toy! Those of you who are my loyal readers know that I am usually a Womanizer fan. But this toy really puts my attention back to Satisfyer as I had some of the best orgasms with it! (Salut to Satisfyer ;))

Firstly, I really like the brushed aluminium body. Along with the weight and the casually ergonomic curves, Satisfyer Luxury gives a very firm and comfortable grip during masturbation.

Besides, I must rate an A+ for the Airpulse sensation Satisfyer Luxury provides. I love both the intensity and the wide range (11 levels). When turning on the pulse wave, it starts really gently. I hated some clit stimulators that start off intensively.

The thing about clit stimulators is that it requires test and adjust to find the best angle – an angle that can wrap your clit so divinely that you don’t need to move anymore. If a toy starts off too intensively, you won’t feel happy as your clit will get overly stimulated during the test and adjustment process.

Satisfyer Luxury does a great job of taking care of the clit from the beginning to the end. I felt in love with the sensation immediately thanks to the gentle start.

satisfyer luxury high fashion suction head

Once finding the perfect angle, I would increase the intensity to around level 7, which is the perfect strength for me to enjoy the massaging process but not coming too fastly.

Once I am getting close and can’t hold any longer, I would increase the toy to the maximum. Yahhh, there comes the orgasmic moment – this toy makes me scream EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Personally, I don’t like to use vibration and Airpulse at the same time, simply because the Airpulse can be so intense that I won’t really feel the vibration much. But I do like to use the vibration separately.

Satisfyer Luxury provides a quite strong and rumbly vibration. Unless you are a power queen, the strength of vibration should be totally enough to make you feel indulged.

Sometimes, I like to use the tail tip of the toy to stimulate my clit while using vibration because it provides a more pinpointing sensation and I am very into that.

satisfyer luxury high fashion front look

The only thing I don’t like about this toy is that the head is not detachable. This makes the cleaning process a lot less convenient as I tend to apply plenty of lube while using this clit stimulator and the lube can go into the gap, which requires extra attention during cleaning.

Other than this small flaw, I really have no complaint about Satisfyer Luxury.

Review Summary

What Are the Differences Among Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion, Haute Couture, and Pret-a-porter?

These three high-end products share exactly the same functions and features. The only differences are the design, materials, and shapes.

The body of Haute Couture and Pret-a-porter are made with genuine leather and real precious metal while the body of Luxury High Fashion is made from brushed aluminum.

What Are the Differences Among Satisfyer Pro 2 and Pro 3 and High Fashion?

Other than the differences regarding the overall shape, below are the detailed similarities and differences among Satisfyer Pro 2, Satisfyer Pro 3 and Sastifyer High-Fashion.

Weight248g / 8.7 ounces113g / 4 ounces165g / 5.8 ounces
Length165mm / 6.5”145mm / 5.7”173mm / 6.8”
Breadth46mm / 1.8”48mm / 1.9”59mm / 2.3”
Height65mm / 2.6”43mm / 1.8”42mm / 1.65”
BatteryLi-Ion 3.7V
(last up to 60 mins)
Li-Ion 3.7V
(last up to 60 mins)
Li-Ion 3.7V
(last up to 70 mins)
Charging Time4 hrs4 hrs4 hrs
MaterialsBody: ABS plastic
Suction Head: silicone
Buttons: silicone
Body: silicone
Buttons: silicone
Suction Head: silicone
Decor: ABS plastic gold rose ring
Body: brushed aluminium
Suction Head: silicone
Buttons: ABS plastic
ColorsBody: gold rose
Suction Head: White
Body: black
Suction Head: black
Decor: gold rose
Body: Silver
Suction Head: White
Warranty10 Years10 Years10 Years
Pulsation11 Levels of Intensity11 Levels of Intensity11 Levels of Intensity
Vibration10 Vibration Programs10 Vibration Programs10 Vibration Programs
Detachable Head
2 Powerful Motors

Verdict: Indulge Your Clit Like You Never Did Before

If you want a treat or know someone that deserves a treat, you can ensure that you or your partner will be delighted to receive this Satisfyer High Fashion. By opting for this luxurious clit stimulator, it will help you to unwind, de-stress and relax.

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