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SATISFYER PRO 3 REVIEW: I Love This Clit Stimulator!

by Jane Louis
Satisfyer pro 3 review

Did you know the French call an orgasm a “little death”? You’ll see why for yourself when you use the new Satisfyer Pro 3 (also called “Satisfyer Pro 3+”).

What is Satisfyer Pro 3?

Satisfyer Pro 3 is a toy that offers vibration and pleasurable pulsation (a sensation that mimicking oral sex) to help you forget the world around you.

There are 110 different combinations you can do with this toy and with so many different ways to use it, you’ll never have the same experience twice.

Key Features of Satisfyer Pro 3

1. Design and Look

The simplicity of this toy’s design adds to it allure, inviting you for an unforgettable night. There are no crazy shapes or colors, simply a mysterious matte black throughout with rose gold accents.

When holding this toy at hand, you can clearly feel there’s slightly more weight on the head part, which gives an ergonomic grasp as the weight provides a tendency for the toy to naturally lean towards your clit while the Pro 3 is in use.

  • Weight: 4 ounces / 113 g
  • Body Length: 5.7 inches / 145 mm
  • Body Breadth: 1.9 inches / 48 mm
  • Body Height: 1.8 inches / 43 mm
  • Suction head size (the hollow part): 0.59*0.67 inches / 15*17 mm
  • Material: Medical-grade silicone body and suction head with ABS plastic for the rose gold ring
satisfyer pro 3 head size

2. Uniquely Convex Pattern inside the Suction Head

Compared to the popular Pro 2, Pro 3 has a more uniquely designed suction head. The internal part of the suction head embraces 360° slash-look convex patterns, which heightens sensation even further.

Believe me, these simple little patterns make a clear difference when it comes to sensation and your clit will love that!

satisfyer pro 3 suction head

3. Two Powerful Motors: Pulsation + Vibration

For those of you who are not familiar with pulsation, it is totally different from conversational vibrations. Pulsation is also called pulse wave, airwave or air suction, which is about stimulating your clit with a contactless air puff from 360 degrees. The sensation feels a lot like oral licking – it’s gentle yet very very intense.

Satisfyer Pro 3 provides 11 levels of pulse waves. You will be able to switch from tender to intense and back again as many times as you desire. For some women, even in the lowest setting, this unique pulse wave stimulation can provide memorable strong, long-lasting orgasms.

Satisfyer Pro 3 doesn’t stop there! It also includes vibration, which can be turned on separately or together with the pulsation. The vibration on this toy can be as gentle or as strong as you like – the choice is yours. The power is intense, but don’t be afraid, it’s not overwhelming and there are 10 different strength levels to choose from.

4. 100% Waterproof (rating IPX7*)

This toy is fully waterproof and easy to clean, so you can have fun making a mess. You can even use it in the bathtub for a more full-body experience

*What is IPX7 rating waterproof? IPX7 refers to a full splashdown accepted captain. If you drop your device in water up to 3 feet (0.9m), your device is still going to work.

5. Noise Level

The noise on this toy is titillating. It’s quiet enough that you won’t wake up the whole house while you play, but loud enough that the sound will wake up your love bead without you having to touch it.

6. Intuitive Control

With only 3 buttons to play with, it’s rather easy to control this toy. You can refer to the below section to know more details about how to use the Pro 3.

satisfyer pro 3 body look

7. Rechargeable

The toy embraces lithium rechargeable batteries. As it is a USB rechargeable cable, you won’t need to worry about voltage difference. Pro 3 is ready to travel with you to any part of the world.

How to Use Satisfyer Pro 3?

Satisfyer has made a great improvement in the details of the design since 2019. That’s why there’s great consistency when it comes to controlling Satisfyer’s clit stimulators. There are 3 buttons (“((o”, “))” and “~”) on the Satisfyer Pro 3, which are exactly the same as the new Satisfyer Pro 2.

The “((o” and “))” buttons are used to control the pulsation and the “~” button is for vibration control. The pulsation and vibration can be used separately or together, depending on your preferences.


  • To turn on the air pulse, simply hold the “((o” button for 2 seconds.
  • You can increase or decrease the intensity by pressing the “((o” or “))” buttons and there are 11 levels of intensity to choose from (Believe me, this thing is INTENSE!)
  • To turn off the air pulse, just hold the “((o” button for 2 seconds.


  • To turn on the vibration, simply hold the “~” button for 2 seconds.
  • There are 10 different vibration patterns to choose from. Simply press the “~” button to switch among different patterns.
  • To turn off the vibration, just hold the “((o” button for 2 seconds.
satisfyer pro 3 demo
(To have a visual guide about how to use this toy, you may refer to the video I attached above)

It’s highly recommended to add some lube while using any clit stimulator, especially if it’s your first time using this type of toy. The sensation from air pulse is rather intense and lube can act as a natural protector, which makes the stimulation less aggressive.

Tips: Make sure you only use water-based lubricate, otherwise, the silicone suction head can be damaged

How to Charge Satisfyer Pro 3?

Many pleasure items manufactured today including this one are charged utilizing magnetic USB technology. This means you need to plug the USB side into a USB port on your computer (Mac or PC) and attach the magnetic side to the toy while charging.

satisfyer pro 3 charging

The white LED around the “~” button flashes when the Pro 3 is charging. When it is fully charged, the white LED stops flashing and remains on.

The charging process takes about 4 hours (it may become a bit warm during charging, this is normal). After charging, you can experience around 1 hour of pleasure play.

Tips: Despite being a waterproof toy, you MUST NOT charge Satisfyer Pro 3 while it’s submerged under the water.

Packaging & What’s in the Box?

The Satisfyer package arrived discreetly in neutral packaging and there was nothing refers to the contents of the package.

It has a standard Satisfyer packaging – nothing fancy, but practical enough. After all, what matters the most is the toy itself. I am totally fine with simple packaging.

Below are the things included in the box:

  • Satisfyer Pro 3, with a 10-year warranty
  • Magnetic charging cable
  • A user manual
  • A safety information leaflet
satisfyer pro 3 unbox

My Experience With Satisfyer Pro 3

The Satisfyer Pro 3 is a fantastic toy and it definitely lives up to its name. Honestly, I personally prefer the Pro 3 to the Pro 2, simply because the convex suction head provides more sensation (you may refer to the Key Feature section to see how the convex suction head looks like).

The pulsation is strong enough that my body reacts to it the second I turn it on. I do think the key to using any clit stimulators is to find the perfect angle – an angle that can stimulate your clit fully, intensively yet not overwhelmingly.

It is really easy to find a good angle with the Satisfyer Pro 3. The slightly more weight on the suction head helps this toy to naturally lean towards a better angle and stay firmly at that angle. I was able to enjoy uninterrupted playtime thanks to the ergonomic design.

satisfyer pro 3 front look

What about the vibrations? It is definitely better than I expected. The vibration is not super strong, but it is strong enough to feel pleasant and the beautiful is that Pro 3 provides deep tissue vibration, which means my clit won’t feel sore even after long-time stimulation.

The battery doesn’t last that long. You can only play with Satisfyer Pro 3 for 1 hour after each full charge, which takes 4 hours.

The good thing is that you usually don’t need this toy for too long before reaching an orgasm. Personally, I usually can come with this toy in less than 10 minutes.

The only thing I don’t like about this toy relates to its black silicone surface. You can’t imagine how annoying it is to clean the surface. It attracts dust super easily and the dust looks very obvious as the toy is in black.

Don’t get me wrong, I do clean the toy every time after use and store it in a small bag. The thing is even simply using a tissue to dry it out after cleaning can leave a great amount of dust on it.

There’s no hygiene issue about this, but it’s just so not pretty…This problem doesn’t apply to either the Pro 2 or the Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion as their surface is neither made from silicone nor black.

Satisfyer pro2 pro3 high fashion
(From left to right: Satisfyer Pro 2, Luxury High Fashion, and Pro 3)

One more thing I would like to point out is that the suction head is not detachable, but it’s still easy to clean the internal part. If you prefer a clit stimulator that allows replacing the suction heads, you should choose the Satisfyer Pro 2 or Womanizer’s products. They have replacement suction heads in all kinds of sizes.

Review Summary

What Exactly Are the Differences Between Satisfyer Pro 3 and Satisfyer Pro 2?

Other than the differences regarding the overall shape, below are the detailed similarities and differences between Satisfyer Pro 3 and Pro 2

PRO 2+PRO 3+
Weight248g / 8.7 ounces113g / 4 ounces
Length165mm / 6.5”145mm / 5.7”
Breadth46mm / 1.8”48mm / 1.9”
Height65mm / 2.6”43mm / 1.8”
BatteryLi-Ion 3.7V
(last up to 60 mins)
Li-Ion 3.7V
(last up to 60 mins)
Charging Time4 hrs4 hrs
MaterialsBody: ABS plastic
Buttons: silicone
Suction Head: silicone
Body: silicone
Buttons: silicone
Suction Head: silicone
Decor: ABS plastic gold rose ring
ColorsBody: gold rose
Suction Head: White
Body: black
Suction Head: black
Decor: gold rose
Warranty15 Years15 Years
Pulsation11 Levels of Intensity11 Levels of Intensity
Vibration10 Vibration Programs10 Vibration Programs
Detachable Cap
(The cap is a bit wider)
2 Powerful Motors


I really like this new Satisfyer Pro 3! It looks great, it feels great, it works amazing and it’s really affordable ($59). If you are looking for a toy that can level up your sex experience, the Pro 3 won’t let you down.

signature Jane L

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Amy November 18, 2020 - 6:17 pm

And now, tell me: what is best between this, We-Vibe Melt, Sona and Sila? 😀

Jane Louis November 19, 2020 - 2:39 pm

Hello again Amy, I replied to you in the other comment regarding my opinions on Sona and Melt.
What about Sila then? I had Sila for a bit more than 1 month now and I actually really like it. The section head is a lot bigger, which makes it a lot easier to stay in place, esp. during the “omg, I am coming” moment ;).
However, the body of SILA is a bit small. So, it’s less handy to hold compared to Melt or Sona. Also, I do think Sona 2 series is a bit more intense.
Personally, I care more about the stability and I don’t need a clit sucker that is very intense; therefore, I prefer SILA. But two of my friends both vote for Sona Cruise 2.
So, it’s really up to your preference.

Tierra Wilkerson June 23, 2021 - 2:34 pm

Hello can you help? I cannot get my toy out of travel mode

Jane Louis July 6, 2021 - 2:52 pm

Hello Tierra, did you manage? But I don’t recall this toy has a travel mode. Here is the manual.

Eve July 6, 2021 - 2:42 am

Hi Jane,

You mentioned in your past review of Satisfyer Pro 2 that it may not function that well for women who have small and hidden clits. My question is, does this updated version of Satisfyer Pro 3+ solve’s that problem? Your advice is greatly appreciated on this matter.

HTR is very informative and helpful. Thank you very much.


Jane Louis July 6, 2021 - 2:45 pm

Hello Eve, Thank you for your comments! 🙂
From the look, the diameters for Pro 2 & Pro 3’s suction heads don’t really vary too much, but I personally feel Pro 3 works a lot better for women with smaller clits probably due to its spiral design and slightly curved angle. In my opinion, Pro 3 is a good start if you don’t want to spend too much for your 1st suction toy.
Did you have a chance to check this article, I did a comparison for all the suction toys I’ve used so far. You can see a picture there showing clearly that Womanizer’s suction head is smaller.
Hope this is helpful! 🙂

Eve July 7, 2021 - 1:51 am

Hello Jane and thank you for the additional insight. I have seen your other article on the link provided. The cost of Womanizer is almost 4x of its Satisfyer counterpart in my part of the world so it’s really not an option for now. You did emphasize the Womanizer’s smaller suction head feature as a plus factor for being better. My question now is, does the Satisfyer Curve 3+ with the smaller suction be better than Pro 3+? A review of Satisfyer Curve 3+ in the future, maybe is a good topic to wait for. Thanks again.

Jane Louis July 8, 2021 - 7:36 pm

Hello Eve, I haven’t tried Curve 3+ myself. Maybe you can check with Satisfyer directly to get a quick and accurate answer :).


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