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Sex Swing 101 & The Swing Positions I Truly Recommend

by Jane Louis
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Several pieces of research have deduced that the sex swing has played a significant role in bossing partners’ morale and passion for sexual intercourse.

Indeed, This is the type of advanced sex toy that can be coupled with high expectations of getting the most pleasurable and satisfying sex experience. 

The use of sex toys and romance-stimulating devices like sex swing has been embraced by many people to maximize their pleasure during sex. 

What is a Sex Swing?

Sex swing is a sort of sex toy that can help to make changes and add diversities to your love life.

There are a lot of names for this useful plaything. People also called in sex sling or love swing.

If you and your bedroom playmate like to try some new and wild stuff, this type of toy is perfect for you. With sex swing, you can try several erotic positions – including some of the ones you can’t experience in bed. 

love swing

Types of Sex swings

The manufacturers are making sex swings from all sorts of materials, but mostly from durable knitted fabric with separate leg supporters.

There is also a metal part that is using to hang your swing. Don’t worry, the seat is comfortable enough.

If you are looking for something even more comfortable, you can have a hammock-style swing. These swings can support the entire body, but the number of sex positions is much limited.

Sometimes, sex swings are made in combination with durable ribbons and metal holders. While one partner is attaching on the swing, the other can move freely and make the most of the control.

Why is it a Great to Include a Sex Swing During Sex?

You can use sex swing if you and your partner like to try some new stuff, especially when it comes to lovemaking.

Thanks to the love swings, you can have more intense penetration, vaginally or anally, which very likely to bring much stronger orgasms.

Other than sex benefits, sex swing can also be a good support for people who have muscle diseases, arthritis, or some types of body stiffness.

We also know making love acquires stigma and certain body flexibility, and not everybody can perform ideally. Sex swings are moving boundaries in your sexual intercourse, even if you have some health dysfunctions. 

It is also a suitable aid for people who are a little bit lazy, even in sex. 

The partner who is on the swing has full comfort and support. They are no heavy lifting, chewing, or other unpleasant things which sometimes happen during lovemaking – just relax and enjoy this new sex experience. 

How to Use a Sex Swing?

First of all, you have to decide where to hang your swing. Usually, people hang it on the door or the sealing. 

The sealing is the better solution because it’s more secure. In this case, you have to buy the sealing hanger. Usually, sex swings can hold a weight of around 300lbs. So, you don’t have to be a skinny bikini model to use this type of toy.

You can order a particular metal frame if your bedroom or “sex dungeon” has enough space. The structure looks like any frame for garden swings.

Trust in your partner is very crucial during sex swing play. You and your partner both have to be comfortable about using sex swings. If one partner is not relaxed, your experience with this toy won’t be so great!

Once you hang your swing properly, it’s easy and sturdy to use. One partner is sitting on the swing. The swing has a leg supporter so that legs can spread out.

Some swings have back supporter, so there is no danger for your to fall of the swing at any moment.

The other partner can take the swinging control. In some poses, even both partners can be on the swing. 

With sex swing, you will be able to explore oral, anal, and penis-vagina sex games. You can also combine slide with other sex toys like dildo, strap-on, and many others. 

It’s up to you to decide how will you use the sex swing. Some poses may require a little strength and muscle control, so maybe this plaything will motivate you to start to work out.

This way you try a little bit more complicated making love styles to experience even more sexual pleasure.

sex swing position
Use a body swing, if your partner is strong enough 😉

What Are The Best Sex Swing Positions?

The sex slings come with varied approaches with which the sex partners intend to feel the best touch of submission and romance and hence use several sex positions that suit them.

To get the best presentation, partners have to choose the sex sling that best suits their interests. Slings range from door swing positions, bedroom sex positions to yoga swing sex positions.

The couples must ascertain which sex position best falls in their categories to be in the crotches to adjust the straps and stirrups for maximized pleasure.

Best Door Swing Positions

door sex swing

It is worth putting into consideration that using the door strands can make a perfect compilation from which the crotches for the best sex swings can be established. My favorite door swing position is “Spin Me Right Round”.

This involves the male partner gently riding with their mouth with the female held back by the straps and stirrups on their legs in a spinning motion.

The sex swing position is highly rocking as it does not involve actual penetration filled with real oral pleasure.

You can also try a door swing position like “Helplessly Devoted to You”. Get your partner blindfolded with the knee and wrist straps suspended.

You will have all the control as your partner is “trapped”, can’t see anything, and can’t say no to your orders – this will get you high!

Best Yoga Sex Swing Positions

yoga sex swing

Yoga positions involve at least two individuals, and one of the partners rides the sling.

For example, you can try “Chandelier Swing”, where the couples sit on each other’s laps onto a suspended harness and swing joyfully with the bobbing motion that is very sweet.

The swing sways the pair into an increased intimate sex experience for these yoga-positioned sex partners into a full pool of orgasm.

“The Magic Carpet” is another fun yoga-style swing position to explore.

It’s adorable as one partner will be suspended on the harness flat on the back as the other partner intercepts from the midsection and offers each other tantalizing oral scratches. 

These yoga sex swing positions can be done for the most extended time as both of you can stay in a comfortable place. 

Best Bedroom Sex Swing Positions

sex swing stand

The benefits of a sex swing do not only apply in the other dimensions but also in the “red room” where multiple pleasure is immeasurably felt by the partners making love. 

Delicate suspensions of the partners with the doggy style make it best as you lie with your stomach on a sling strap with the chest and head held high using a pillow. 

leave the thigh raised for your partner to have precise penetration into you as you run around the honey pot with enthusiasm.

This accelerates the free ride of the male partner inducing thrilling waves into the spine.

Various modifications, such as using the hammock-style, would make your sex position to be more comfortable. Using spinning swings can be very sweet and enjoyable.

Allowing for a 360-degree rotatory motion with the man down and the partner fastened on the harness, making many spins with the peen interlocked as desired as the Fidget Spinner.

Where to Buy a Sex Swing?

If you just entered the world of sex swing and don’t want to spend a fortune on it. A door sex swing will be the best start.

Most of the online sex toy shops sell door sex swings and can ship them to you discreetly. My favorite shops are Lovehoney and Ella Paradis. 

If you are looking for something serious, such as the swings that can be installed into the ceiling or the kind of “sex dungeon” gadget, you can check Stockroom. They offer plenty of hardcore toys.

sex sling


Making love is a significant action towards the fulfillment of conjugal rights.

Making love is not just all about casual sex treatments among the couples but should be something adorable and valued by individuals in sexual intercourse.

I believe that couples understand the benefits of using a sex swing during sexual intercourse. They will all strive to get the one that best suits their interests and practicality.

The value of sex swings is essential. Thereby, people, especially couples, should give it a try for a greater sex pleasure that is still unidentified in their partners.

It is sure to conclude that love swings offer a high level of concentration and submission among sex partners during intercourse. 

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