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Shevibe Sex Toy Shop Review: Scam or Not? (Experience Shared)

by Jane Louis

The year 2020 has certainly been full of surprises, some of which have taken us out of our comfort zone and others which have been quite pleasant. In my particular case, this year led me to discover Shevibe, a sex toy store that has become my best ally during confinement. 

How is Shevibe's sex toy collections? What about shopping for dildos and kinky toys? Is the shipping fast and discreet? How about their customer service?

In this review, I’ll tell you a little about my experience and how easy it is to buy on the Shevibe site.

What is Shevibe?

Shevibe is more than a sex toy store, it's a progressive site with a friendly interface where you can make your purchase with total confidence and where you also have a great variety of sex toys that will contribute to your pleasure.

As its slogan indicates, Shevibe is created to promote “a culture of understanding, tolerance, and healthy sexuality”.

This curious brand is characterized by engaging its customers with its comic book shop "feel" while educating and providing them with all kinds of dildos, vibrators, gadgets, and gizmos that can be incredibly pleasurable. 

Currently, Shevibe has diversified its brand to the point that it is possible to admit that taste is in the variety, even when they seem to appeal to a "geek" audience.

shevibe comic style

Why is Shevibe Different from Other Sex Toy Stores?

Although today, the market has thousands of brands of dildos and vibrators in all shapes and sizes; Shevibe is a sex toy store that manages to differentiate itself very well from the competition. 

This store shows users, consumers, and potential customers a friendly interface with unique art, really original, creative, and educational.

Certified sex educators come to life on this platform, in charge of instructing you not only in the use of their products but also with respect to a healthy and pleasant sexual life.

shevibe collection

In comparison to other stores such as Adam and EveShevibe is way more inclusive.

And as far as it concerns about responsibility and good prices, I'd put it up there right with Betty's Toy Box sales model, but with a geek touch.,

However, when stacked up against Amazon... Shevibe is surprisingly better! With lots of counterfeit products put out there daily on Amazon and no way to verify them, Shevibe offers quality, great prices, and guaranteed customer satisfaction (no pun intended). 

I have had smooth runs when I have ordered from them but other not-so-lucky customers still review Shevibe very well! 

The reason is simple: Customer support will often go out of their way to leave their customers smiling, be it with a special discount, a small gift from the company, or tracking down for you that specific item you want and isn't anywhere else.

What Do I like About Shevibe?

Shevibe's strongest point? Definitely its all-inclusive language and imagery. 

Even when they use over-the-top cartoons, you can find yourself easily in them with the situations they depict. 

And they seem to lean heavily in gender and body-positivity, which couldn't be greater for a sex shop in the 21st century! 

shevibe LGBT

Stripping the taboo out of sex is a much-needed sigh of relief for most of us, and doing it in such a fun way is always welcome. 

It's nothing like the old-fashioned style of stores like Adam and Eve, which leans a bit more on heteronormativity; nor is sterile and boring like Amazon. Shopping for a bit of bedtime fun must be fun and engaging, and Shevibe gets it perfectly.

One of the things I like most about Shevibe is that this sex toy store has a great variety of products ready to satisfy my curiosity in every way.

Their great range of fantasy dildos and all sorts of gender expression gadgets is their strength, and it is one of the aspects that makes them a really attractive store.

shevibe product range

The whole buying process is easy and safe, even when you buy, it seems that you are in a video game or comic store and not in a vibrator store. For lovers of geeky culture, Shevibe can be very attractive. 

In addition, the folks at Shevibe are in charge of protecting the privacy of the user very well and when you receive the package, only you know what is inside.

Something I also liked, their prices. For an online shop this big, you'd expect some sort of "catch" when it comes to prices. 

This is clearly not the case for Shevibe, in which anyone can find the lowest prices on the market for sex toys. 

But that's not all: they also offer free shipping for orders over US$68 (yeah, they're all about encouraging oral play and mutual satisfaction); plus, low fees for priority shipping, which are totally worth paying.

shevibe shipping

What I Don’t Like About Shevibe?

Everything said about Shevibe... They could improve a thing or two in their web layout. 

If I were a newcomer to online sex shops (or sex shops in general), I'd be a little confused and overwhelmed with so many options on their homepage. 

Plus, if you didn't know a thing about it, the first impression it gives is not that of a sex shop - it's more of an NSFW comic book store.

Another downside is that shipping is not that ideal for non-US based customers. 

Despite offering international shipping, the shipping fees are very high for some countries and Shevibe doesn’t take care of the taxes, customs or tariffs imposed by the receiving country.

So, if you are based in the UK or other European countries, I would recommend shopping at Lovehoney instead of Shevibe.

Other than that, there's nothing much to say about Shevibe - they're solid!

Summary: Pros & Cons of Shopping at Shevibe



Average Score

product overall quality


product selection




SHIPPING (within us)


customer service



  • Wide range of selection (from small to popular brands, from vibrators to kinky geeky toys)
  • Very competitive retail price
  • Great customer support
  • Friendly to all kinds of sexual needs and orientation
  • Fast and discreet shipping
  • Free shipping (or low shipping fees) for US customers


  • International shipping can be expensive

Final Words

It's easy to see why people enjoy so much buying at Shevibe. Their artwork is top-tier and entertaining, they know how to appeal to the 21st-century customer, they are great at educating while shamelessly marketing everything they have. 

And they sure know how to treat their customers well-- add that to an innovative, rather engaging web design and a great selection of classic and modern sex toys.

Would I buy from Shevibe again? Definitely. Do I find myself browsing their website because of their comics? Most certainly. Either way, it's great!

signature Jane L

This article is NOT sponsored. All the opinions are based on my personal experience.

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Gary August 26, 2023 - 4:41 pm

Potential SheVibe customers need to be aware that no matter what, even new products still in sealed factory packaging, ARE NOT RETURNABLE. Period.
They will not be getting any more of my business.

Jane Louis August 27, 2023 - 6:01 pm

Hi Gary, sorry to hear that you had bad experience!
It’s true that Shevibe has “ALL SALES ARE FINAL” policy. As they mentioned on their site: “please research and select your products carefully. Because of their intimate nature, once items leave our warehouse they are considered used and may not be returned, even if they have not been opened.”
Not sure which product you bought, you may try to contact the brand directly. Sometimes, they may do something to help if the hygiene seal of the toy is not touched.


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