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The Handy Review: Best Handjob Machine for Male Masturbation?

by Lucas Andersen
the handy male masturbator review

Who doesn’t love a good hand job? Sometimes my hand gets tired when going solo, so I want something else to take care of it.

That’s where a hand job machine comes in handy. In fact, this one is called The Handy!

The Handy bills itself as the ultimate male masturbator device, claiming it will revolutionize male masturbators.

I’ll tell you if it stacks up to these claims. Keep reading to learn more about the Handy and how it measures against other devices.

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The Most Realistic Strokes

This masturbator is unbeatable when it comes to speed and strength! 

The feel is too realistic to be true. Plus, you get to sync it with videos and VR p*rn for immersive experience!

What is The Handy Masturbator?

Handy masturbator squeeze

The Handy stroker is a sex toy that will completely redo how men approach automated masturbation devices. 

It is WiFi enabled and seamlessly syncs to local videos or those from Handy Partners for an immersive VR masturbation experience.

This state-of-the-art hand job machine is easy to use, and cleanup is quick.

Furthermore, it has an adjustable grip and customizable stroking, making mind-blowing orgasms more than just a fantasy.

Thanks to The Handy’s superior motor and wall-adapter power supply, you can experience those same orgasms again and again.

If you are in the market for a hand job machine that can stand up against any other on the market, the Handy is one-size-fits-all and affordable

Plus, it will exceed almost all of your expectations.

Key Features

The key features of this amazing male masturbator are as follows:

1. Innovative Design

The Handy has an innovative design unlike any other hand job machine.

It features premium materials and electronic parts to deliver high-quality cock rubs.

Its specifications are:

  • Total length: 10.5” (23 cm)
  • Diameter: 2.75” (7 cm)
Handy masturbator size

It also comes with ten sensors to improve your experience.

It has four Hall effect sensors that detect the position of your penis based on the voltage difference in the magnetic field.

The two temperature and infrared sensors locate your penis from your body heat.

Lastly, the lock detect sensor will keep it attached during use.

The Handy has a brushless motor and dual-core processor powered by a wall supply. It takes 100-240 Volts of input power to function.

Also, this toy has WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities for syncing and remote use. It’s compatible with VR, videos, and smartphones.

You can control it remotely using your smartphone or manually on the device.

2. Stretchable Sleeve

The Handy fits all penis shapes and sizes using its stretchable TrueGrip sleeve system. 

This patent-pending technology can fit snug, loose, or anywhere in between.

The sleeve has a textured finish to provide extra stimulation. It features a soft material that rivals a freshly manicured hand.

The velcro band goes around the sleeve to tighten it. This part acts as the hand that slides up and down your dick.

When you’re done and want to clean up, you undo the strap, pull off the sleeve, and rinse it in the sink with soap and warm water. That’s all! No special cleaners needed.

Handy masturbator stretch

Update: Other than the TrueGrip collection, The Handy company recently launched the Dream collection and the Open-ended collection, which are 6 uniquely textured sleeves that provide customized sensation. Some are firmer, some are tighter, some provides ultra realistic grip. 

All these newly launched sleeves are in transparent colors, which add a level of visual addiction to your masturbation sessions. 

2. Intense Stroking

The Handy can stroke faster than any human hand (besides maybe Usain Bolt’s). It has a maximum speed of ten strokes per SECOND - fastest masturbator I've ever used!.

While the engineering calculations show a theoretical maximum speed of 63 inches per second (160 cm/s), it’s more like 24 inches per second (60 cm/s).

You can control the stroke length from 0-4.3” (0-11 cm), making it feel more like a hand job.

However, the stroking can get too intense if you are going freestyle and don’t have it synced to something.

You’ll need to keep one hand on the controls to change the speed manually, or else the sensation can overpower you.

the Handy 1.1 new masturbator solo

3. Remote Controllable

Since the buttons on The Handy are inconveniently placed, you’ll have better luck using the digital remote control.

The remote lets you or your partner manipulate the settings to create the best realistic masturbation experience.

You can log onto the page with your phone or laptop and connect your Handy by entering the connection key on the website.

Then, use the sliders to adjust the speed and stroke length.

If you have Handy Firmware 2, you can find the connection key by connecting a WiFi-enabled device to The Handy. 

From there, you will go to the setup page and see your connection key.

Handy Firmware 3 will show the connection key on the Handy Connect app.

4. Amazing Local Video for Seamless Sync

the handy masturbator VR

Another awesome feature of The Handy is its VR masturbation compatibility. You can play almost any video using the local video player.

First, you download a video and its toy control script. You can find fan-made or professional scripts online.

Then, put your Handy in online mode by pressing its WiFi button and connect it to the HandyFeeling website.

Upload the video and its script from your computer, put on your toy, and get stroking.

5. Incredible VR Experience

If you don’t have compatible scripts or videos, you can make things easier for yourself by searching for a video from Handy’s Partners. They offer tons of experiences:

  • VR
  • 4K, 5K, 6K, and 8K video
  • Flat
  • HD video
  • Free
The Handy Partners masturbator

For most options, you will need a paying membership. Handy does offer discounts for some of their partners.

You can see, hear, and feel every move from your favorite adult performers.

6. Supportive Community for Extra Fun

If you have somehow gotten bored of the thousands of VR porn videos and customizable options for your Handy, you can try some community projects.

The Handyverse community creates software, hardware, scripts, games, and controls to provide a unique experience.

You can easily write scripts, generate random patterns, or try new ways of holding The Handy.

If you have a custom Handy project, you can upload it for others to try as well.

Differences Between the original Handy and new version of Handy

The old version of Handy is called Handy 1.1 while the new one is called "THE HANDY".

On the official website, it has stopped selling the old version. So, you will get the new version for sure. Just be careful if you don't shop on the official website. 

Then, what is new in the latest Handy version?

There aren't huge changes, but the improvements are still appreciated, as it makes the masturbation process smoother and more enjoyable. 

the Handy 1.1 new masturbator travel

Below are changes:

  • Chips are improved. Now the Handy runs with Firmware 3, which makes connecting online a breeze!
  • The power connection is upgraded, now it has a 90-degree design
  • Improved casing 
  • Better lubrication 
  • The learning curve was a bit confusing, now it has a Quick start guide to help you quickly understand how it works once you get the toy
  • New packaging 

Other than the changes to the toy itself,  the Handy shop also launched more sleeve options - some are open-ended, other are close-ended. You can choose textures, from soft to hard. 

the Handy masturbator sleeves option

How Is The Handy Different From Other Types of Male Masturbators?

Three unique features to The Handy are:

  • Adjustable tightness: Set the TrueGrip strap to your desired tightness around the sleeve
  • Customizable stroking: You can go at your preferred speed
  • Easy cleanup: When you finish, you remove the sleeve and rinse it in soap and warm water

Comparisons: Handy vs Lovense vs Kiiroo vs Fleshlight

The Handy’s adjustable grip and speed of stroke set it apart in terms of physical action when compared with the Lovense Max 2, Kiiroo Keon, and the Fleshlight.

The default TrueGrip sleeve is made of ultra-smooth yet textured thermoplastic elastomers (TPE)

Combined with the adjustable velcro strap, you can fully customize the stroke, grip, and sensation.

Each of the competitors can do some of that, but with very little personalization.


The Handy

Lovense Max 2


Feel stroker


Adjustable Tightness





Textured Sleeve





Automatic and Adjustable Stroke Length and Speed





Video Syncing















Internal Sleeves





Easy Cleanup










Long-Distance and Remote Control





One more thing I would like to point out is regarding the sleeve colors and sensation

Both Lovense and Kiiroo's sleeves are NOT transparent. Kiiroo's Feel Stroker has a realistic look and feels like a real pussy, which is similar to many full-sized Fleshlights

The sleeve for Lovense Max 2 is a lot thicker than the one for the Handy. It has a beautiful texture but is a lot harder to clean. 

No matter whether you go with the default sleeve or the alternative options such as the Dream collection and the Open-ended collection, all Handy's sleeves are transparent

And thanks to the way how the handjob machine is designed, you really can see your penis when it's being taken care of. This is a very enticing visual add-on

There are some Fleshlights work similarly, such as the ICE LADY and QUICKSHOT VANTAGE

But in general, Fleshlights are naturally tighter while The Handy sleeves can have the flexibility of being tight or not, depending on how you tighten the band.

You may check my ultimate Fleshlight guide for more details.

How to Use The Handy?

Begin by plugging The Handy into the wall socket using the provided power supply.

Then, insert your penis completely into the sleeve. Tighten the TrueGrip band on the sleeve to create your desired grip.

Press the power button and get stroking!

Handy masturbator charge

How to Control The Handy Manually?

You can control The Handy manually using the intuitive buttons on the device. There are buttons in four directions.

The left and right ones control the speed while up and down manage stroke length. The power button is at the top.

Handy masturbator control button

You’ll hold The Handy on your stomach during use, giving you free access to the keys.

Keep one hand on the top of the device at all times and use the other to press the buttons.

You can modify the stroke throughout your solo session for the ideal intensity.

One word of caution: You will not want to stop using The Handy “midstream,” so give yourself plenty of “me time” to ensure you get to feel the incredible sensations this amazing little machine delivers.

How to Control the Handy with the App?

With the Handy Connect app, you turn on your Handy and press the connection button on the bottom of the directional keys. 

Hold it for two seconds or until the light flashes blue and white. Have the app scan for machines and select your Handy.


You can set up Handy WiFi and find your connection key on the app. Then, you enter your connection key on the HandyFeeling website to use the remote control.

The digital remote has the same interface as the device, but you can have your partner control it from anywhere in the world.

How to Connect to 2D and VR Videos?

Whether you’re going with a partnered or local video, you turn on your Handy WiFi, connect it to the HandyFeeling website, and press play.

The partnered movies have pre-loaded scripts, but you’ll have to upload one yourself for local videos.

Packaging & What's In the Box?

The Handy arrived in discreet packaging that resembled an Amazon box. It came with the following things:

Handy masturbator unbox

The original Handy

new The handy 1.1 unbox

The new Handy

My Experience With The Handy

At first glance, I thought the sleeve looked rather small. However, it has stretchable material that fits almost all penises.

I’m more well-endowed than most, and the Lovense Max 2 felt restrictive length-wise, but The Handy fit perfectly.

One of the drawbacks of the stretchable sleeve was its looseness.

While the strap provided some of the tightness I wanted, the sleeve could get floppy.

Handy masturbator sleeve

It felt like someone’s index finger and thumb were wrapped around my dick. On the plus side, I didn’t need much lube to use.

The lack of battery also took some getting used to. I had to keep the device plugged in at all times.

Once I figured out the best way to position myself by the wall socket, it no longer got in the way of my fun.

Regardless, I do prefer cordless devices like the KEON or Max 2.

First, I opted for a manual session. The buttons were confusing to navigate to begin, which led to some surprising and occasionally painful intensities when I pressed the wrong one.

I found it easier to connect to the remote and use the sliders on the website.

However, I wish you could control the settings on the app. All it does is help you set up the Handy WiFi and find your connection key.

I’d rather have the remote on there too than have to switch to the website once I copy the key number.

I loved the customizability of the stroke length and speed. Since I’m not a big vibration fan, I didn’t mind that this feature was absent.

Stroking feels far more realistic, and this device lets me experience that without my hand getting tired.

It was annoying having to manipulate the intensities myself, so I tried out the video syncing.

I have a subscription with some of the Handy Partners already, so I selected one of my favorite VR videos.

After connecting the device and putting on my VR headset, I had an out-of-body experience.

It felt so realistic watching my favorite porn star stroke my cock as I sat back and watched. She (well, it) had me cumming in no time.

Handy masturbator noise

The Handy can also be bulky and even awkward when used for long periods.

While the action is incredibly pleasurable, the shape, weight, and size can make the machine uncomfortable to hold on your stomach.

That being said, the intensity will help you finish faster, so you might not encounter that issue!

The external sleeve made it a lot easier to clean up than the KEON, Max 2, and traditional fleshlight.

I just had to pull it off and wash it in the sink with soap and water.

All in all, though, the Handy comes close to delivering what the manufacturer promised: An experience that revolutionizes male masturbation pleasure.

Review Summary 



Average Score

Design & Features (STRETCHABLE, etc.)











  • Customizable stroke length, speed, and tightness
  • Stretchable sleeve
  • Intense and realistic sensation
  • Easy syncing with adult videos
  • Community-made features to try
  • Fits all penises
  • Connects to your phone and computer


  • Needs connection to a power supply
  • Uncomfortable to hold for too long
  • Manual and remote controls are confusing at first
  • The sleeve itself lacks tightness

Final Thoughts

Is The Handy better than the Kiiroo Keon, Lovense Max 2, or Fleshlight? In terms of male pleasure, each delivers.

However, The Handy gives you more customization than its competitors. You don’t need to do any stroking yourself, and it truly feels like a hand job.

If you want to try an easy-to-use stroker, consider The Handy. You won’t regret it.

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