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Best Valentine’s Day Sex Toys of 2024: OMG! Best Gift!

by Jane Louis
Valentines day sex toy

Isn’t Valentine’s Day your best excuse to get spoiled? If you also fancy some mind-blowing orgasms like I do, this year your best Valentine’s gift for this year can be a vibrator, a clit sucker, or a BDSM gear.

Regardless you are single, in a relationship, or even in a long-distance relationship, there’s always a perfect sex toy that can level up your orgasmic experience.

Below is a list of toys I would recommend you to get for yourself or your partner. I have tried every single one of these toys and selected them out of 89 different sex toys.

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If you crave a truly naughty valentine’s gift, a remote-control sex toy can be your approach.

It’s really fun and exciting to go out with a vibrator inserted and leave the control to your partner.

For many toys, it doesn’t matter where your partner locates, he can take over your vibrator from any distance, giving you some surprising tease!

Among all the remote vibrators I’ve tried, below are my two favorite ones for public play:

1. Lovense Lush 3: amazing egg vibe for home & public play

lovense lush 3 review

Click here to read a detailed review about Lush 3

Lovense Lush 3 is my favorite toy when it comes to public play! It is an internally wearable vibrating egg that embraces powerful vibration and can be controlled from any distance.

Lush 3 is 100% covered with premium silky silicone – the surface of this toy is super smooth against the skin, which means you won’t feel uncomfortable even if wearing it for many hours during public play.

I really love the fact that Lush 3 can be controlled in versatile ways and without distance limitation!

To achieve long-distance control, you will need to download the free app called “Lovense Remote”.

lovense lush 2 key app features

After connecting your Lush toy with the app, your partner can turn you on with unexpected vibrations or put you on the edge by playing with the intensity.

Other than that, it’s also possible to activate the vibration with your favorite songs and change the intensity according to the beats.

Thanks to its strong, rumbly and travel-under-the-skin vibration, an orgasm is guaranteed when my clit is taken care of by the Lush 3.

As mentioned, Lush 3 is my top choice when my partner and I want to discreetly fulfill our public play fantasies.

We’ve done that for many times, especially when he’s physically away from me.

I have never been caught doing naughty things in public because the noise level from this toy is really subtle even on the maximum vibration (45db). As long as you don’t use the toy in a library, you should be safe to go ;).

2. We-Vibe Moxie+: be spoiled by this lovable panty vibe

moxie magnet

Click here to read a detailed review about Moxie

After using many types of vibrating panties, I must point out that the killer downside with many on the market is that they slip out of place just as things start getting exciting.

Luckily, the We-Vibe Moxie+ vibrator avoids that orgasm killing moment. Actually, this is the only panty vibrator that surely stay stably!

To keep things stable, We-Vibe Moxie+ vibrator uses a magnetic clip that can be attached to most of the panties in your drawer.

This ensures no matter how hot things get, the vibrations will stay exactly where you want them, even if you are wearing Thong instead of panties.

Other useful features include a remote that controls the vibration settings from up to 30 feet away with 10 intensity options.

If your partner is farther than 30 feet, they can also access the intensity settings through the smartphone app called “We-Connect”, which allows device control from anywhere in the world.


This is ideal for far-away business trips or keeping the spark alive in long-distance relationships.

In addition, We-Vibe guarantees discreet pleasure with quiet but strong vibrations. This makes pleasure possible inside or outside of the house.

Best Valentine Sex toys for Bedroom Play

Discover a sex toy together can be a unique and rousing way to celebrate your Valentine’s day!

It can’t be more perfect to just end your valentine’s date with some bedroom fun.

To spice up your bedroom experience, I recommend to try these sex toys:

1. We-Vibe Rave 2: best G-spot vibrator for solo masturabation

we-vibe Rave 2 colors

Click here to read a detailed review about We-vibe Wand

I’ve used more than 50 different G-spot toys and We-vibe Rave 2 is one of my favorite G-spot vibrators.

The We-Vibe Rave 2 is a powerful and innovative G-spot vibrator designed for targeted pleasure. With a unique asymmetrical design, it offers deep, rumbly vibrations through two powerful motors.

The toy is made of high-quality body-safe silicone, making it comfortable and durable. It features a bendable and adjustable internal arm to fit individual preferences.

The Rave 2 comes with 10 vibration modes and can be controlled manually or through a dedicated app for customizable experiences.

The app also allows long-distance control, making it ideal for couples in different locations.

With a long battery life, waterproof design, and additional features like a travel lock, the We-Vibe Rave 2 promises an enhanced and versatile pleasure experience.

What I love the most is that this vibrator offers effectiveness in G-spot stimulation. I feel it's a perfect valentine gift to yourself or to your partner.

2. Lelo Soraya 2: An all-time classic rabbit vibe

soraya 2 soraya wave

Left to right : Soraya Wave & Soraya 2 (Click here to read a detailed review about Soraya 2)

If you want to gift her an impressive sex toy, you can't go wrong with the Lelo Soraya 2 because it is a sleek and stylish rabbit vibrator that you might just fall in love with.

It is a new and improved version of the original Soraya and it is already popular with customers all over the world.

Providing both penetration and clitoral stimulation. The Lelo Soraya 2 boasts multiple orgasms and it’s up to you to figure out if it lives up to the hype.

There luxurious rabbit provides all that you can eager for: silky-smooth touch, powerful vibration, rechargeable fully waterproof and more.

It’s you’ve ever had any sex toys before, Lelo Soraya 2 can be your safest choice.

Best Valentine Sex Toys for Masturbation (Oh yeah! solo time)

There are few sex toys I always hide from my boyfriend. These toys are sooo impressive that my bf can feel threatened.

1. We-vibe Tango X: small and extremely powerful clit vibe

we-vibe tango x small

Click here to read a detailed review about Tango X

Tango X is the most powerful bullet vibrator! It's a legendary toy. All women who tried it tend to fall in love with it, especially those who love intense vibration.

In its compact size, Tango X will deliver the most amazing deep and rumbly vibration.

You can choose from 8 levels of intensity and 7 different patterns, and even the lowest setting is quite divine!

It's also a versatile toy that can be transformed into a dildo, strap-ons, and even a butt plug.

Thanks to its unparalleled power, you can discover unlimited types of ways to orgasm.

If I am only allowed to keep one sex toy for the rest of my life, Tango X will be the one!

2. Womanizer Duo 2: indulge your clit and G-spot together

Womanizer Duo 2 vibration

Click here to read a detailed review about Womanizer Duo 2

Womanizer Duo 2 is a rather unique-shaped rabbit vibrator which can take care of your clit with mind-blowing air suction stimulation and your G-spot with divine vibrations.

Be careful when you use this toy, the stimulation is sooo strong that you might come too fast.

For those of you who are not familiar with air suction, it is totally different from conversational vibrations.

Air suction is also called pulse wave, airwave or pulsation, which is about stimulating your clit with some contactless air puff from 360 degrees.

The sensation feels a lot like oral licking – it’s gentle yet very intense.

Other than its intense stimulation, Duo 2 is also fully waterproof, which means it's super easy to clean and ideal for wet play.

This toy is made from velvet smooth medical-grade silicone almost in its entirety. And its G-spot arm is extremely flexible and bendable.

If you were like me, who likes to give more emphasis on the clit while enjoy some rumbly stimulation on the G-spot.

Then you would love this toy as much as I do. Let me repeat again! The suction on the clit is purely amazing!

3. Njoy Pure Wand: best toy for Her to squirt

njoy pure wand intense

Click here to read a detailed review about Njoy Wand

Njoy Pure Wand is a non-vibrating dildo made entirely of stainless steel. It is quite heavy at 680 grams (1.5lb), so you probably don’t want to drop it on your foot.

That being said, it is truly a thing of beauty. It is sleek and classy, and a pleasure to hold and feel inside you.

Njoy is famous for making quality sex toys. Their Pure Wand really exemplifies this quality.

Its smooth curve will get your heart racing, and it will definitely give you orgasm after orgasm.

What else? If you think you can’t squirt, this toy might prove you wrong.

Thanks to the weight from the Njoy Wand, when you push it against your G-spot, it naturally leans a bit forward, which makes sure your squirting spot is intensely pushed along the movement.

The fluid will build up as you stimulate your G-spot and your mind will go blank once the explosion comes.

Best BDSM Toys for Valentine Punishment (don’t miss it! Kinkly lovers)

If you are considering some BDSM exploration, why not take it up a notch during the Valentine’s day?

Do you know that study shows around 60 percentage of women are fond of some BDSM practices during sex and this number is increasing.

Say no more, let’s find you some perfect BDSM toys for this Valentine’s day!

1. Lovense Gemini: best nipple vibrator

Lovense Gemini #getclamped

Click here to read a detailed review about Lovense Gemini

Lovense Gemini is not just your ordinary nipple vibrator; it's an immersive experience in pleasure and connection. 

This innovative nipple clamp set comes with adjustable clamps designed for targeted nipple stimulation. What sets it apart is its app-control technology, allowing your partner to control it from anywhere, no matter the distance.

With seven vibration patterns and three intensity levels, this nipple toy is customizable to suit your preferences.

Besides, the app's versatility lets you control vibration intensity, duration, create patterns, and even sync with music.

I can get really creative when playing with this toy. 

Other than simple nipple stimulation. Sometimes, I clip one clamp on the clit and the other on the nipple. It provides a gradual and intense build-up of pleasure.

The Lovense Gemini is perfect for foreplay and light BDSM session as it takes orgasms to the next level.

As mentioned, Lovense Gemini goes beyond being a nipple vibrator; it's a versatile and powerful tool for couples seeking shared pleasure, with customizable features that cater to individual desires and preferences.

2. Upko: Explore more Sex Positions!

Liberator Wedge Ramp combo

Click here to read a detailed review about Liberator Wedge

Liberator Wedge is most known for its support oral sex. The 27-degree angle presents her on a platter for oral sex that neither strains his neck nor drains his energy.

Besides, the Wedge elevates woman’s hips so that the man can hit different angles and give deeper penetration. You can use the Wedge lay-over for anal and anal anilingus.

Another great feature of the Wedge is the ability to prove your endurance.

You can actually maintain in position for longer periods of time, because with something like the wedge, you’re perfectly supported! Longer sessions yield strong orgasms! 😉

Other than that, you can use it in conjunction with bondage tools such as ropes.

Tie her wrists and ankles together while keep the Wedge under her hip, this will leave your sub an unforgettable penetration or caning experience.

Be really inspired. Try new things and have lots of fun together!

3. Spanking, Whipping & More

spanking whipping tools

Click here to find out which tool suits you the best for giving a memorable punishment.

Want to extend your arm and your pleasure on this special day? You can discover the sensory art of erotic spanking with all levels of tools.

A flogger will whip your lover into submission.

A faux leather paddle is ideal to stroke, soothe and caress your lover's haunches to build excitement.

A riding crop is superb for stark slapping, sharp spanking or gentle teasing, works well for both punishment or indulging in a little pony play.

A rattan cane is THE TOOL to show your authority and build up to an eye-watering thwack.

If all these mentioned still can’t tame your sub, a whip will teach your sub how to behave.

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