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VIBEASE SMART LIPSTICK Review: The Future of Vibrators?

by Jane Louis
vibease smart lipstick review

Vibease finally launched its Smart Lipstick (after many good years of waiting)!  Was it worth the waiting? uhhh… let me tell you the truth…

I’ve had so many sex toys in my life and it becomes hard for me to say “WOW” to a new toy nowadays.  But the Smart Lipstick by Vibease nailed it. This clit vibrator is one of a kind! exclamation mark!

Why do I say that? I haven’t had any lipstick vibration that looks this gorgeous yet functions so well. It’s more than just another App-controlled vibrator, it’s actually a responsive virtual lover! My partner gets jealous when I call it “lover”, but I won’t compromise on that ;).



Smart Lipstick by Vibease is a premium-quality lipstick vibrator and it literally looks like a lipstick. It is designed to bring your inner glow out by giving you what you want. This vibrator runs on advanced voice-control and Artificial Intelligence to learn about your needs faster than you can imagine.

Vibease has been offering a number of impressive gadgets to give amazing sensual experiences to women. Isn’t that the best way to satisfy women’s needs is allowing them to achieve orgasms easily and more frequently? Ok, that’s my libido’s talking…but thank you VIBEASE!


Design and Look

SMART LIPSTICK uses 100% body-safe material and the rouge part is made of premium silicone. The toy measures 3.98in/10cm * 0.98in/2.5cm * 0.98in/2.5cm, which is exactly like the size of a regular lipstick. The head of the lipstick is in a heart shape, which is quite cute to look at.

The whole LIPSTICK body has a glossy finish while the rough part has a matte finish.

There is no control button on this toy and it’s totally managed by voice-control or you can make it vibrate in hundreds of ways with app control. Yes, this product indeed is the future of sex toy!

vibease smart lipstick size

AI Powered

Artificial Intelligence is ready to change the pleasure game for women completely. By combining the physical as well as mental aspects together, you can achieve the levels of pleasure you probably never imagined before. You just need to let your AI partner know what you want and it can adjust the vibrations the way you like.

It can easily swivel between hard and soft vibrations. You can attain an orgasm-centric and a completely hands-free experience with it.

Besides, there are multiple profiles to choose for your AI lover. Go find out whose voice sounds most sexy for you ;).

vibease smart lipstick AI lover

Syncs With Audiobooks

Reading erotic audiobooks with this Lipstick vibrator gives you a truly amazing experience.

Smart Lipstick not only follows your verbal commands but it also syncs with your favorite erotic audiobooks. The vibrations change according to the storyline and you get to enjoy maximum pleasure just by lying in your bed and listening to great stories. 

As the events get more intense in the stories, the vibrations become more intense as well. With the Vibease app, you’ll never run out of great stories as it allows you to download hundreds of erotic stories right from within the app.


Vibrate with Music Beats and Many Others

Vibease Smart Lipstick can be more than an AI lover. Instead of sync with all these erotica, the vibration can also sync with your favorite songs and the intensity varies according to the music beats. Also, SMART LIPSTICK can be controlled through recorded sounds, voice and your partner’s touch from anywhere.

Hell Yeah! So many ways to enrich my orgasmic experience!

Long Distance Control

It can be difficult for you to get your needs satisfied sometimes if you belong to the LDR(Long Distance Relationship) community.

Distance does not have to come between you and your partner. He can use the Vibease app from a distant location to control the Smart Lipstick. Your partner can use the touch function and send specific vibrations and moves for you. And YES, it works from ANYWHERE as long as you have Internet connections.

Besides, the private messaging system of the app lets you communicate while enjoying the intimate moments. My partner always enjoys seeing me reach the climax.

vibease smart lipstick small

Free Vibease App, compatible with Android & iOS

The Smart Lipstick is compatible with the Android as well as iOS devices. You just need to download the app and connect the vibrator via Bluetooth.

After installing, you will see easy-to-follow instructions on how to set up the app.

The app allows you to do text messaging and video calls, remotely control vibrations, listen to erotic stories, sync the vibrations with your favorite music beats, and enjoy your time with your virtual partner. 

Quiet Operation

You don’t need to worry about anybody asking about the vibration sounds. It works quietly, really quietly! You can enjoy your private moments without any concern.

I have this not-well-kept secret… I love to play with vibrators in public and Vibease Smart Lipstick is my new favorite.

Discreet Outlook

What makes a quiet vibrator even better for public play? A discreet look! SMART LIPSTICK looks just like a regular lipstick and you can easily carry it with yourself in a purse. Try “accidentally” expose it in the restaurant… I bet no one would notice your naughty behavior ;).

vibease smart lipstick

Data Security

I love technology-embedded sex toys and I also really care about my privacy! I definitely don’t want the world to know all my dirty secrets, despite how sexy my dirty secrets are. Hackers do exist in the sex toy industry and it’s extremely important for a high-tech sex toy company to well protect clients’ information.

I am so concerned about privacy protection because bad things happened before in another leading sex toy company.

Vibease gives great importance to the privacy and security of users. All of your private data, whether it is chat or stories remains encrypted.

Keep providing awesome security Vibease! My orgasmic privacy is counting on you!


You can control the Vibease Smart Lip Stick with a virtual partner on the app. It responds to your voice with physical vibrations as well as verbal responses. You don’t need to fiddle with the controls that may distract you and not allow you to experience maximum pleasure.

To turn on the device, you just need to rotate the top part of the Smart Lipstick. The blue LED indicates that the device is turned on. After you connect your device to your smartphone, a red LED will turn on.

You can play an erotic audiobook on your device and it will start vibrating accordingly and change the intensity according to the storyline.

You can also use commands like ‘I feel tired’ and your virtual AI partner will give you a massage. You can simply say ‘Massage me’ as well if you want a massage. When you say ‘faster’, the intensity of the vibrations becomes faster.

Another common command is ‘Surprise Me’ for some unexpected fun. When you say ‘Thank You’, the AI partner disconnects. I don’t want to spoil all the fun, so take your time to explore these pleasing commands ;).

The Smart Lipstick is made from body-safe material and comes with a rechargeable battery. The lipstick part is made from silicone to mimic the touch of skin. The Micro-USB charging port allows you to charge the vibrator with your laptop as well. After a complete recharge, it can last for an hour.

vibease smart lipstick charge


Smart Lipstick will be delivered to you in a discreet packaging and shipment label.

Inside the box, you will find the ‘Smart Lipstick’, an instruction manual and a micro-USB charging cable.

Actually, you can charge your toy with any micro-USB cable, so, no need to worry about losing the cable.


The virtual partner function gives you a highly realistic erotic experience.

Besides, there’s nothing like your LDR partner sending you vibrations no matter where he is. With intense orgasms anytime you like, your brain releases feel-good hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins, and serotonin. They help you bring out the inner beauty as well as maintaining health and well-being.

Amazing orgasms can relieve stress, help you sleep better and improve skin health as well.

Vibease can also make your relationships better as your partner can please you no matter where he is. You get to enjoy complete control over your orgasms

Smart Lipstick’s tip is made of body-safe silicone which feels just like skin when it rubs your clit and labia. It is petite but it generates powerful vibrations to let you reach the heights of pleasure.

Of course, you can’t expect the vibration to be as strong as a wand, but the intensity from Vibease Smart Lipstick definitely can get you there… actually, it can get you there for multiple times in a day ;).

vibease smart lipstick functions


The rouge part of the LIPSTICK is water-resistant, which means it’s easy to clean. Simply wash it with soapy water, rinse it with warm water and dry it. Make sure you will fully dry it before putting the cap back, otherwise, the humidity will stay in the cap and lower the lifespan of your AI LOVER.

If you would like to use lubricant with Vibease SMART LIPSTICK, make sure to only water-based lube, otherwise, the silicone texture can be damaged.


👉🏻Click here to learn more or order the Smart Lipstick now! (Official Site)


The official launch will be around April 2019. If you really can’t wait to try this amazing lipstick vibrator, you can pre-order it now with a discount.


I am super happy to finally have a real AI-powered vibrator in the market. The voice-control function surely brought sex toy industry to a new level and I enjoy this change! After all, who doesn’t want to achieve intense orgasms with ease? 😉

VIBEASE SMART LIPSTICK truly revolutionized sex toy experience. Not only it makes the sex toy smart and responsive, but it also makes long-distance relationships more interesting and more endurable. I won’t say no to enjoy pleasurable clit vibration at any time, anywhere.

Overall, it is a pretty amazing device that can truly understand the needs of a woman. The vibration is stronger than what I expected. Actually, I think it’s even stronger than some rabbit vibrators.

I like to take control of everything, but this time, I will just simply let my AI partner control me. He knows what I want and he provides what I want in no time.

signature Jane L

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