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We-Vibe Chorus Review: Even Better than We-Vibe Sync?

by Jane Louis
we-vibe chorus review

We-Vibe created another impressive sex toy for couples – the Chorus! Does this remote control vibrator truly deserve to be called “the most intuitive couples vibrator that is designed for next-level sex”?

I enjoyed the Chorus in many ways and would love to share my experience with you.

If you enjoy playing alone with a sex toy or with your special someone. This might be what you were looking for.

Let’s go deep into it so you can have an idea of how this remote control vibrator feels like on us.

What is We-Vibe Chorus?

We-Vibe Chorus is an innovative couple sex toy that supports versatile ways of play, including app control vibration, squeeze control, sound control, public play, hand-free vibration, and so on.

It is an upgraded version from We-Vibe Sync. Both the old and the new models feature a variable adjustability angle and can arouse the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time.

However, there are several improvements to the Chorus. Compared to the Sync, Chorus has a bigger adjustable angle, stronger vibration, more stable Bluetooth connection, and so on.

Key Features of We-Vibe Chorus

1. Great Adjustability: Yes, It Fits Everyone

Chorus comes with 2 adjustable joints that enable you to modify the angle of the toy all the way up to 120°. The shape is easy to adjust, then stays in position once you’ve found the perfect fit.

Thanks to this feature, those of us that do not have a “standard” clit to vagina distance can modify it to get the best fit. Also, it enables you to feel the toy more intensively even when playing with it hand-freely.

Compared to Sync, Chorus’s internal/ G-spot arm has a little more adjustability/flexibility because the lower arm can be bend towards the outside (this is not possible with the Sync).   

we-vibe chorus size adjust

2. Size, Colors, Weight & More

Chorus is not a big toy and its size fits in my palm perfectly. This toy is designed for beautiful clit and vaginal stimulation. So, if you are looking for some girthy hit on your G-spot, Chorus may not be the one.

However, Chorus’s G-spot arm is a little thicker than Sync, which gives more fulfillment to the vaginal walls.

There are 3 colors to choose from – cosmic pink, purple, and light blue. I got mine in purple and just love it.

The remote control that comes with the toy matches the color and the charging/storing/carrying case is made of stylish white and looks great.

Besides, Chorus is a rather light toy. It weighs only 116 grams and is made of high-quality medical-grade silicone.

3. Vibration

Let’s start by saying that Chorus can intensify your pleasure with 10+ modes and deep, rumbly vibrations.

Besides, I do hear from multiple users saying that there are some great improvements in pleasure as it comes down to the vibe intensity. 

The motor is 10% strong and Chorus has a better speed range than Sync and starts lower and deeper, ends stronger.

we-vibe chorus charging pin

4. App Control: When Distance Doesn’t Matter!

The app is one of the most intuitive I have ever seen so far. You can control all the features from it and even sync it to the beat of your favorite tune with the “Vibe to music” feature.

Also. the touch mode to control it real-time is great and even more when he has it instead of me (whether he is at home or not).

5. Stable Connectivity

I must say that this is one of the most stable app control toys in the market. It’s even more stable than the Lovense Lush in some cases.

Chorus is powered by a combination of Ankorlink and Bluetooth 5, which are the two most advanced technology in the market.

No wonder they create the most stable connection between your We-Vibe and the We-Connect app.

Compared to the previous model (Sync), the connection of the Chorus works better because the app now connects to the remote control and not to the toy. (It is therefore important that the remote control is always with you.)

Tips: Keep your Squeeze Remote close for the best connection.

6. Responsive Control: When he moves, Chorus vibes!

Chorus’ responsive controls mean every couple can find their vibe. Touch-sense lets you control Chorus’ vibrations with your movements.

While the partner moves against the device (with the body during intercourse for example or the touch of a finger), the vibration level changes.

And this is a function you can turn on/off with the free app that comes with the toy.

7. Innovative Squeeze Control?

On one hand, I loved the idea of squishing the control until you get off; on the other hand, it is not so well implemented (more on this later).

The controls on it are a little too close and it has happened to me before pushing the ‘connect/disconnect” button by mistake and shutting down the Bluetooth connection (and doing a lot of squishing in vane).

Other than that. it works very well.

8. Noise

The We-Vibe Chorus is capable of some great rumble but is not noisy at all. You can hear a soft purr coming from it even at the highest settings.

I think that I could wear it with some spandex shorts at a restaurant and nobody would notice.

we-vibe chorus noise

9. 100% Waterproof

This toy for couples is not only soft and looks great. but it is also completely waterproof. It is ideal for wet play and easy to wash after.

My Experience with We-Vibe Chorus

Well, I tried the Chorus on my own first and then with my sexual partner and the result was just great in both scenarios.

I don’t get off on vaginal penetration alone so easily but with this toy. I was having an avalanche of orgasms in a row.

I mean, I am not a multi-orgasmic girl but this thing really turns me on and gets me off.

First, I must say I prefer the stimulation to my clit than in my vagina. The fact that you can adjust the angle is great to get the vibration right on the spot for your clit.

Unlike some other toys like the Unite and Match, the clit arm is at the perfect distance.

I also loved the fact that you have 10+ different vibration modes that you can change with just touching a button at the remote.

It has a nice rumble and they are ordered in such a way that range from light to strong. Believe me that the crescendo effect really gets you there.

The G-spot arm is not bad, but I feel it doesn’t vibrate as strong as the clit arm. Also, it doesn’t reach all the way to the G-spot as this arm is a bit short. So, I consider this more like a vaginal arm.

When on my own during masturbation, I use Rave G-spot Vibrator together with the We-Vibe Chorus and that enables some very intense orgasm. (OMG)

When with my partner, it feels amazing especially because there are some beautiful bumps on the G-spot arm, which gives extra stimulation during the penetration.

Besides, allowing your partner inside is great because he will be pushing the rumbling G-Spot part up and deep and you’ll be in vibrating heaven.

I just wish the G-Spot part would vibrate as hard as the clit part; it isn’t a big deal, but it would be great.

Having it in while giving him a blowjob proved to be quite an experience as well. I handed him the squeezing control and that made us have this shared orgasm that was epic.

He was squishing harder and the rumbles were so intense that together with his noises and pleasure I just got off with him.

If you happen to like anal sex, it can be a great way of having an orgasm through clitoris and vaginal stimulation too.

In this adventure, I was the one holding the remote control and it was quite a ride.

However, I must admit that you have to apply a great amount of lube to make sure both your partner’s penis and the G-spot arm can go along well.

Controlling it with the remote at home is great but with the app in public places is even more fun.

What else? Using the Chorus while cleaning the house or going grocery shopping or even some boring meeting is one of the things I enjoyed the most about this couple sex toy. It really is very quiet; all you can hear is a soft purr even at the highest setting.

Finally, having him download the app and give me pleasure when I’m home writing and he’s working worked perfectly too.

I love to have him give me pleasure and just have a beautiful orgasm on a regular Tuesday at 10 AM.

Needless to say, it turned him on at the distance too. Truly the next level of phone sex!


Chorus is a great toy, but there are three things I don’t like about it. Firstly, as mentioned before, the G-Spot Arm!

Although the rumbly sensation on it is very good and powerful, the size of the little arm is not so good.

I mean, you do get off with adjusting the arm correctly, but to me, it is just not ‘there”. It doesn’t vibrate as hard as the clit part either.

Secondly, the squishy remote control is not as soft as you would think a squishy remote control should be.

Also, it is very easy to shut down the Bluetooth connection because the button is too close. Finally, it only works when I set it in an angle.

Lastly, I think Mode 3 of the Touch Sense function is kind of useless since every time I go on it, it goes off.

Other than these three minor flaws, I do think this is an amazing remote control toy. It’s actually one of the best couple toys I’ve ever owned.

Besides, it has very stable connectivity during app control.

Packaging & What’s in the Box

I ordered my Chorus from the official We-Vibe Store and it took three days for the shipping. The package arrived discreetly and upon opening the toy box, I was presented with the following things:we-vibe chorus unbox

  • We-Vibe Chorus Couples vibrator, with a 2-year warranty
  • Squeeze Remote
  • White Storage/charging case
  • USB power cable (adapter is not included)
  • Quick-start user manual
  • A 2ml sample of We-Vibe Lube (by Pjur)

How to Use We-Vibe Chorus?

This is definitely a couples’ toy. I think the best way to use it is with your partner inside you or with a G-spot toy (that’s how I enjoyed it the most).

Let’s go through the technical aspects of how to use it and let me give you some pro tips.

First of all, if it’s not wet. it’s not fun. You’ll find a miniature pouch of lube coming with it inside the box. You should always apply it to it before playing; it makes a world of difference.

Also, keep the remote close to the vibrator and it will never lose signal.

AnkorLink is the name of the technology that makes the connection more stable than other models. The idea is that the remote control works as an anchor between the vibrator and the app.

A Step by Step Guide About How Each Button Works

we-vibe chorus purple

  • Press the Power Button for 2s to turn on/off the Chorus.
  • To change the vibration mode, press the Power Button again.
  • Press the “+/-” buttons to increase or decrease the vibration intensity. To quickly reach the maximum intensity, you may hold the “+” button.
  • Press the Function Button to Toggle between manual remote and squeeze remote (make sure you don’t squeeze it at the same time!).
  • Also, press the Function Button on your squeeze remote to enjoy the various vibration modes through the squeeze control feature on your squeeze remote.
  • To lock your preferred vibration level, press the Function Button while squeezing,

we-vibe chorus control

It may take some time to fully understand how to use the Squeeze Control. Once mastered, you can change vibration modes as well as the vibration level in the heat of the moment.

Chorus’ Squeeze Remote is designed with the most natural human response in mind – the tighter you squeeze, the stronger the vibration gets. Release your grip and the vibration weakens.

A Step by Step Guide About How to Use the App Control

Your Chorus already comes paired to your Squeeze Remote. Make sure the remote is connected and in range by pressing any button on your Squeeze Remote.

If your remote is paired and you need to re-pair, hold down the Power Button on the Chorus for 10 seconds (this resets it to make sure no other remote is connected).

Press and hold any button on the Squeeze Remote for 5 seconds. Chorus should pulse its motors once it is connected to the Squeeze Remote

we-vibe chorus connect

  • Download the We-Connect app and follow the on-screen instructions to pair Chorus with your phone through your Squeeze Remote.
  • Hold the power button on your Chorus for 5 seconds. The LED on the Chorus will begin blinking indicating that it is ready to be paired to your phone.

Connect Chorus to We-Connect:

we-vibe chorus app functions
Some app functions

Connect Your Partner to Chorus:

we-vibe chorus connect partner

How to Turn On/Off the Responsive Control (aka. Touch Sense Function)?

The three Touch Sense modes can be accessed through the We-Connect app

  • Touch sense mode 1 – The intensity of the device increases with every touch, until it reaches Maximum Intensity. At maximum intensity, the massager begins to decreases in intensity with every touch.
  • Touch sense mode 2 – When contact is made, the device maintains it’s current intensity. When contact with the sensors is broken for three seconds, the device follows a wave pattern until contact is made again. This allows users to select an intensity without the use of the remote button or app.
  • Touch sense mode 3 – When contact is made, the intensity is constant. When contact is broken, vibration stops.

we-vibe chorus touch sense

A Step by Step Guide About How to Charge We-Vibe Chorus?

To charge the Chorus, simply put the USB side into any USB port and the other side into the charging/storage dock. A full charge takes around 2 hours and it will allow 90 mins of play.

The LED indicator will show you different status while the Chorus is being charged:

  • Light fast blink: Charging
  • Light on: Fully charged
  • Light off: No power or We-Vibe® Chorus™ is not properly placed

we-vibe chorus charging

A Step by Step Guide About How to Adjust the Joints For the Best Fit

We-Vibe Chorus has two joints that can be adjusted to better target your G-spot and clitoris with more or less pressure

  • Adjusting the clitoral stimulator open will create a looser fit. Closing it will create a tighter fit. Hold the clitoral stimulator firmly in one hand.

    Using your other hand, apply pressure with your thumb at the bend in your Chorus to open it up. Or press down on the bend in your Chorus to close it.

  • Adjusting the G-spot stimulator allows you to customize the Chorus to fit your body. Hold the G-spot stimulator with both hands. Using both thumbs, apply pressure on the underside of the G-spot stimulator to bend it down slightly.

    Do the opposite motion using your fingers and thumbs to bend the G-spot stimulator up toward the clitoral stimulator.

we-vibe chorus manual

Similarities & Differences Between We-Vibe Sync and Chorus

Both Sync and Chorus have the same principle: the slimmer, shorter arm slips inside the vagina, resting up against the G-spot, while the larger, textured arm wraps around the body and rests against the clitoris. Both of these arms vibrate.

Despite looking similar, these two toys do have several differences. More specifically, there are some great improvements We-Vibe made for Chorus.

Materials:Body-safe silicone w/o latexBody-safe silicone w/o latex
Colors:Purple, AquaPink, Purple, Blue
Size:74.8 mm x 31.4 mm x 41.7 mm78 mm x 33 mm
x 43.5 mm
(G-spot arm is a little thicker and also has a little more adjustability because the lower arm can be bend towards outside)
Battery:2 x Lithium Battery
USB rechargeable
2 x Lithium Battery
USB rechargeable
Charge Time:2 hrs90 mins
Run Time:Up to 90 minutesUp to 90 minutes
Noise:around 45 dBaround 45 dB
Vibration Intensity:Dual StimulationDual Stimulation
(10% stronger and deeper)
Vibration Range:Chorus has a better speed range than Sync and starts lower and deeper, ends stronger.
App Control:
Squeeze Control:The tighter you squeeze, the stronger the vibration gets — and vice versa
Responsive Control
(aka. touch-sense):
Bluetooth Connection:OKWay better & Very stable
(because the app now connects to the remote control and not to the toy)

Review Summary


We-Vibe has come a long way since they first started making toys and, to me, Chorus has been their best version of couple vibrator.

No matter how you plan to use it, you’ll have a lot of fun playing. It is sturdy, versatile, easy to use and to carry around.

We’re going on vacation next week and I know I’m taking it with me; I wonder what they’ll say about it at the airport!

signature Jane L

Demo Video of Chorus:

(You will have to watch it on Youtube because sex toy demo is considered as adult content)

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PJ January 19, 2021 - 6:52 am

Hi Jane,

Have you tried the Chorus in public with your partner controlling the app or remote?
Does it work well enough for you to orgasm with only the Chorus?

Jane Louis January 20, 2021 - 7:36 am

Hello PJ,
It was quite fun taking Chorus for public play. I usually use it in a situation when I don’t have to move much (like in a restaurant or a movie theatre) because it doesn’t stay that well when I am walking or dancing.
The app worked well for me, but I heard the connection is not as stable for some types of phones (e.g. Sony). So, I guess it’s still more stable to just use the remote if your partner is next by.
I didn’t really come with it because the insertable arm is not long enough to keep hitting my G-spot. I was able to come with the Lovense Ferri though.
I usually test the toy many times before playing it in public so that I know exactly how it can please me and avoid bad surprises (e.g. dropped connection).
So, I really suggest you try at home first-try to walk with it, sit on it, testing everything you can before going public.
Hope this helps :)!

June March 3, 2021 - 1:57 pm

Hey! How is the clit vibration strength compared to the tango? Is it too weak?
I wonder if it is enough to bring orgasm.


Jane Louis March 4, 2021 - 2:23 pm

Hello June,
Vibration-wise, Tango is definitely stronger (btw, there’s Tango X now, which is an upgrade version of Tango).
Chorus and Tango are designed for totally different purposes. Tango is better for solo clit-focused masturbation while Chorus is better for couple sex (esp. penetrative sex).

Sarah August 8, 2021 - 2:22 am

Hi Jane,
If I’m using this in a long distance relationship and I want my partner to be able to initiate when he wants to, can he turn it on and off from the app, or will I need to leave it on for him? Thanks!

Jane Louis August 10, 2021 - 2:18 pm

Hello Sarah, you partner will be able to turn it on or off or choose any type of vibrations as long as you grant him permission and you both are connected to the toy :).

Clark November 1, 2021 - 4:07 am

Hi Jane,
Is this come with dual motor?
Can we turn on specific part only?

Jane Louis November 3, 2021 - 5:47 pm

Hello Clark,
Yes, the Chorus is a dual motor toys. Both motors are equal in strength. But it is not possible to control only one arm or the other.


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