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WE-VIBE MELT Review: When Sextech Meets Clit Stimulator!

by Jane Louis
We-vibe melt REVIEW

What can be more interesting than a powerful clit stimulator? A remote-controllable clit stimulator like We-vibe Melt! (Actually, this is the only high-tech suction toy in the market ;))

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with the family of clit stimulators ever since I stepped in the field.

On the one hand, A good clit stimulator can bring me to an intense orgasm in just a few minutes.

One the other hand, the process can be too short that my partner won’t even have a chance to compete.

Yes, my partner hates every time I am tempted to use a clit stimulator! But this time, things get more interesting! We-vibe created MELT, a clit stimulator for couples!

Thanks to the app-control functions, now, I can involve my partner in a new way and I can get him involved no matter where he is!

So, Does the Melt clit stimulator actually good enough to “melt” you? How is this suction toy different from others? How is the user experience for couples? Let me share everything with you in this review! 🙂

Update: We-vibe launched a new color for Melt!

we-vibe melt midnight blue

Key Features of We-vibe Melt

1. Design & Look

Melt has a soft, sleek and curvy body, which enables a perfect fit in any position during couple sex. The toy is made of 100% body-safe silicone (without phthalates, BPA or latex) and it comes with a coral pink color. This is such a unique and beautiful color for a sex toy. It really stands out in my sex toy drawer!

Thanks to the soft and flexible texture, you are free to can enjoy as many orgasms as you wish without discomfort down there.

We-vibe Melt is a light suction toy and it measures 4.33″ x 3.14″ x 6.69″ (126 mm x 24 mm x 10 mm). This is a small-medium sized toy. Personally, I’ve owned clit stimulators in all kinds of size – a smaller one like Womanizer Liberty or a way bigger one like Womanizer Duo.

I do think the size for Melt is quite ideal and handy. It leaves a comfortable and firm hold in the palm. Also, the thin body makes sure that this toy can be integrated during sex in almost all kinds of positions.

2. 12 levels of Intense Stimulation (Like OMG good!)

After years of experience of using sex toys, I learned that a truly good sex toy should embrace not only a powerful motor to stimulate but also a progressive range .

Your clit is a very sensitive gem. Despite that everyone agrees that intense stimulations are desired in sex toys, it’s actually not pleasant if a toy starts off too intensively or if you don’t have the options to start up low and gradually build up to high intensity.

We-vibe Melt didn’t disappoint me on this point. This toy performs excellently for every level of intensity. You can start low and gradually and smoothly build up to your BIG finish

Melt is equipped with pleasure air technology for stimulation. This is very different from traditional vibration. The idea behind air technology is that your clit will be surrounded by a 360-degree airwave without contacting your skin. The intensity of the waves can be adjusted to counter your needs at different times.

wevibe melt wave suction

We-vibe Melt embraces 12 different intensity levels, which is more than enough for any woman to have an orgasmic experience!

How do these airwaves feel like? The sensation feels very much like getting your clit sucked by someone. The suction movements make sure every part of your clit is stimulated at the same time. That’s why a clit stimulator can be divinely good!

3. Long Distance Control for Couple Play

Melt is the very first clit stimulator that enables the app-control function. By adding this function, it really brings the fun to a new level.

Basically, this toy is like a “remote-controlled womanizer“. You can connect the We-vibe Melt clit stimulator to your device and then you can control the toy through that device. In the app, you will be able to control the toys in any way you want. You can even add and control other We-vibe toys to have double or tripled fun at the same time.

Same for your partner! As long as you add your partner through the app, he/she will be able to control your toy from anywhere as long as there’s the internet.

Besides, the app will tell you all the extra information such as how much battery left in the toy. This makes your playtime more plannable.

4. 100% Waterproof

Who doesn’t fancy some underwater play when it comes to sex toys? We-vibe Melt is an ideal toy to bring during your bath time. The water can serve as a natural lubricant, making the stimulation process smoother and more comfortable.

we-vibe melt waterproof

5. Battery & Rechargeability

Melt is equipped with a USB rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery. Thanks to this high-quality battery, you can use the toy for up to 2 hours after each full charge. And the toy can also stay on standby mode for up to 4 hours.

Besides, you won’t need to wait to use off all the battery before charging, which means you can keep the toy charged and ready at any time.

6. Low Battery Alert

No one wants to be disturbed in the middle of the sex because of battery issues. Therefore, “low battery alert” is a rather practical function. Besides, you can also check your connected app to know the exact battery percentage at any time.

7. Noise Level

We-vibe Melt is surprisingly not noisy considering the levels of intensity it embraces. The max. noise level is around 60 dB, which is considerably low for such a powerful clit toy. Besides, once you attached the toy to your clit, the maximum noise will be lowered to around 50 dB.

The quietness of this toy is a real plus. Now, I’ve locked away my Sona Cruise because that one is way too loud, especially after comparing to Melt. So, if you are looking for a relatively quiet clit suction toy, this can be the one.

If you would like to listen to the exact noise level of this toy, please check my demo video:

check my We-vibe Melt demo video

How to Use We-vibe Melt Without the App?

I have to admit that it took some minutes to figure out how to properly operate Melt. Not saying that there are a lot of buttons on this toy. There are actually one 2 buttons, “+” and “-“.

However, the instruction didn’t reveal all the details regarding how to fully use this toy. That’s why I think it will be useful to share my inputs and suggestions with you.

Step 1: Prepare your lube before dive in!

If you’ve read my other reviews, you would notice that I usually feel lube is not that necessary when using a clit stimulator. For example, it’s totally fine to play with Starlet 2 without any lube.

However, I do suggest to include some lubricant for Melt as this toy is fr*king powerful. It is really too much if you stimulate your clit directly with it, especially if you are using level 6 and up.

Step 2: Two ways to turn it on? (This is the part not mentioned in the manual)

You can activate We-vibe Melt by quickly pressing the “+” button. Don’t hold the button, just quickly press it and that’s it. In this way, Melt will start from the lowest intensity.

However, if you hold the “+” button for 2 seconds, and then quickly pressing the “+” button, the toy will start from the highest setting. I don’t why this happens, but I am happy to find this “new function”. It gives one more option for play.

wevibe melt buttons

To close the toy, simply press the “-” buttons for 2 seconds. Make sure you DON’T close the toy this way when it’s connected to the app because it will disconnect you automatically. If you want to stop the stimulation through the app, there are buttons on the screen and it will then leave the toy to standby mode.

(See the next section regarding how to use Melt with the app.)

Step 3: Play around with intensities & positions

It is very intuitive and straightforward to control the levels of intensity. “+” buttons stand for “increase” and “-” buttons stand for “decrease”, that’s it!

Thanks to the slim and soft body of this toy, We-vibe Melt can fit in your couple sex no matter you are in missionary position, cowgirl position, or having doggy-style sex.

Simply slip in the Melt and it will well take care of your clit and boost your sensations! Many times, I managed to come at the same time with my partner thanks to the Melt

Step 4: Clean & maintenance (Need some extra care for Melt)

Cleaning is the most boring part of using a sex toy, but it’s really important to do it correctly! If you spend $100+ for a sex toy, don’t you want to make sure it will last for at least years?

Melt is fully waterproof, which is a handy feature when it comes to cleaning. You can submerge the entire toy under some lukewarm soapy water to give it a thorough clean.

However, please notice that, unlike Womanizer’s toys, the suction head of Melt is not detachable, so you should use a Q-tip go dig a bit inside in order to well-clean the head.

Besides, it’s really important to fully dry the toy before storing the toy. As there are some angles and curves for the suction head, it can take some time to dry out all the water. Be patient on that! 🙂

The good news is that Melt comes with a satin storage bag, so, you won’t need to worry too much about where to store it.

How to Use the We-vibe Melt with “We-Connect” App?

The free app that comes with the toy is called “We-connect” and you can found this app in either Apple Store or Google Play Store. Before, talking about the details about how to connect yourself and your partner, you may read the flowchart below to get an overall picture:

wevibe melt connect

Ok, now let’s go back to how to actually get connected.

Step 1: Activate the “connection” MODE

you need to click the “+” for at least 5 seconds, you will hear a “buzz buzz” sound when the connection function is on. When pressing the “+” buttons, the LED light will be on, so that can be the indicator for you to count 5 seconds.

*Please note that if your toy is not turned on after 5 seconds of pressing, you would need to close it and redo the 5 seconds. This happened to me a few times, I am not sure why but I think it’s worth sharing with you.

Step 2: Pair your vibe with the app

First, turn on the Bluetooth function on your phone. If this is the first time for you using the We-Connect app, you will need to take a few minutes to create an account. The registration process is really quick and smooth.

After logging in, press the upper left menu button “☰” and choose “pair we-vibe“, your phone will search and pair for Melt automatically. This process can take up to 2 minutes, in my experience.

Once paired, you are free to control the toy the way you want and have all the fun :).

we connect pair device

Step 3: Add your partner for control

You can add your partner no matter where he/she is as long as there’s is the Internet. Simply press the upper left menu button “☰” and choose “connect lover“.

After pressing “connect lover”, you will be able to send a message to your partner for connection. This message can be sent through any means, such as Facebook, SMS, Email, and so on.

There’s a link in the message and simply by clicking this link, your partner will be guided for the whole process and it was quite easy and quick to do.

Weconnect connect lover

(If you would like to step by step guide on how to connect, please check the video above.)

FYI, if things go wrong, you can delete your partner any time you want. The control is fully at your hand.

Other thoughts regarding the app

I’ve installed this app on both my Samsung and Apple devices and didn’t encounter it during installing and using. So, I really don’t much to say regarding the connection issues. But I do agree that the design of the app is not as intuitive as the one from Lovense and there aren’t as many functions either.


Melt comes with a magnetic charging cable. The charging light will blink once connected to the electricity. Once the toy is fully charged, it will stop blinking.

A full charge takes around 90 minutes and it will leave you around 2-hour playtime or 4-hour standby time. I must say that the battery life is quite long compared to most of the other products in the market. And the battery has never died on me.

Actually, you can charge your toy anytime you want. According to the official user manual, you don’t need to drain the battery before charging.

Besides, We-vibe Melt comes with a “low battery alert” function and you can check the exact battery percentage through the We-Connect app.

(If you would like to step by step guide on how to charge, please check the video I attached above.)


The package arrived discreetly, without mentioning any name or category on the package. Once opened the cardboard package, I see a thick layer of paper wrap that protects the We-vibe Melt box.

Upon opening the box, I was presented with the following things:

  • We-Vibe Melt, with a 2-year warranty
  • A magnetic charging cable
  • A sample size lubricant from Pjur
  • Satin storage bag
  • Multilanguage user manual
wevibe melt unbox


I was quite excited when receiving We-vibe Melt because my partner and I really like to involve good toys in our sex life and Melt is the only clit stimulator that is designed for couples.

My partner was not available when I received the toy, so I played with it by myself for the first few nights. I must say that I really like the design and the color of this toy. The lively coral pink color appeals to my eye and its sleek and smooth body is really comfortable to hold.

At first, I was concerned whether the We-vibe suction head will hit my clit as it’s a one-piece toy. To my joy, it fits perfectly. FYI, the size of the We-vibe head is actually exactly the same as the regular Womanzier’s head.

So, I would recommend the We-vibe Melt to anyone unless you have a big clit. In that case, I would recommend you to choose Womanizer‘s products instead because their products have a detachable head and you can actually choose the size of the head.

One thing that differentiates Melt from most of the other clit stimulators is that it has 12 distinctive levels of intensity . As mentioned before, it is really important to have distinctive low and high motions. This not only makes the stimulation more enjoyable but also prolongs the orgasmic experience.

I must admit that I only need the first 7 levels to reach an orgasm. Gosh, it is strong. The sensation is purely amazing! To maximize the use of this toy, I use the highest levels to stimulate my nipples and I am addicted to that now.

Last week, I finally tried Melt with my partner. We first did it in a missionary position and I was the one controlling the toy. Due to the double intensity (Melt sucks my clit and my partner hits my G-spot), I literally came in 5 minutes and it was mind-blowingly good!

To prolong our sex time, the second night, we used Melt with a reserved cowgirl position. This time he controlled the toy with his phone. He was really good at keeping me at the edge. It was 30 minutes of sweet agony. But in the end, we both were very satisfied. Again, I must say this is quite an outstanding toy!

Then, let’s talk about the App. I’ve been using We-vibe products for years and noticed that some people complained about the App. To be fair, I think the App functions quite smoothly for basic use, such as pairing, intensity control, adding partners. However, you can’t expect more than that.

For example, I sometimes try to create complicated patterns. That may lead to a crash. So, I do agree that there could be improvements, but the current App is still good enough to take simple use.



 If this is your first clit toy, keep in mind that it might take a while to get used to the new sensation. But once you get your hang on it, it’ll be impossible to leave without :).

We-vibe Melt is a true innovation for the clit stimulator family. Despite a few minor flaws it has, it’s, in general, a very worth-trying toy. It is powerful, versatile, with amazing battery life and guarantees divine orgasms.

So, for those of you who are in a long-distance relationship or would just like to level up your bedroom fun to a new level, don’t forget to put your Melt clit stimulator on your wishlist ;).

signature Jane L

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Amy November 18, 2020 - 6:15 pm

Good review! I’ve a question: is it better than Sona?

Jane Louis November 19, 2020 - 2:32 pm

Hello Amy, When it comes to sensation and function, Melt and Sona are very different.
In general, I don’t recommend either Sona or Sona Cruise, because the suction heads of these two models are kinda stiff, so, the stimulation can be a bit aggressive (I made a video to show these suction heads, feel free to check: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evl6nArUOCw).
I would recommend Sona 2/Sona Cruise 2 instead. The 2nd generation provides intensive but not aggressive stimulation. If you are looking for a clit sucker that is very intense, definitely go for Sona 2 series.
However, if you are looking for a versatile clit sucker, then Melt is better. I personally feel the stimulation from Melt is gentler as well. So, it’s less likely to over-stimulate the clit.

Dhaezi November 11, 2021 - 6:31 am

Can you tell me how to change the vibration pattern on the app?

Jane Louis November 16, 2021 - 6:57 am

Hello Dhaezi, you can either swipe to change the intensity. Or there’s a function for customize the patterns. You can set up what you like there. You may check my demo video to better under how the app works :).


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