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WE-VIBE MOXIE Review: Best Panty Vibrator?

by Jane Louis
We-vibe Moxie review

For a wonderfully exciting and memorable experience, Moxie by We-Vibe is the best wearable vibrator you can acquire.

Yes, I am going to talk about an amazing vibrator that whispers silent vibrations, but with an overwhelming sensation in this review.


The Moxie externally wearable Bluetooth clitoral vibrator is a toy that can leave you begging for more.

Unlike most vibrators, this vibrator comes with a unique design, elegant appearance, and not forgetting the portability that makes it even more efficient. You can use it anywhere you want, at any time.

If you are operating on a long-distance relationship, then this review will be of great help in keeping the fire burning in your relationship.

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1. Cute Appearance & Comfortable design

The design of the vibrator is incredibly unique from the material to the technology used. It’s made of silky smooth body-safe silicone.

Its shape is ideal for providing you comfort, not forgetting the safe silicone with a slip-proof magnet to keep the whole structure in place.

Color: Aqua (same as the popular We-vibe Sync)

Materials: Body safe silicone only – phthalate and BPA free and latex free

Dimensions: 3.35 in x 0.9 in x 1.06 in (92 mm x 64,3 mm x 35,75 mm)

Moxie appearance

2. Wearable

One can easily incorporate the vibrator into her panties, and no one will even notice its there unless you want them to.

Their small size fits perfectly in your clitoral section. Even when wearing a bikini, it would be hard for someone to tell.

You can walk with confidence even on the beach while wearing this vibrator.

3. Best Hands-free Experience

Once attached the Moxie to your panties or strings, Moxie will stay there firmly and steadily!

Do whatever you want – run, dance, jump, swim, do grocery – and your Moxie will still be there.

Thanks to the strong magnet, Moxie can promise you a completely hands-free experience!

moxie hands free

4. Whispers Quiet

No one will know you are using it unless you want them to. Most vibrators will sell you out from the noise produced by the vibration.

It can be very embarrassing, especially when hanging out with other peers.

However, this particular vibrator has been designed to be discreet but very efficient.

With Moxie, all you need to pay attention to is your own moaning!

5. Remote Control

This excellent feature allows you to vary the intensity as you please. Do this using the simple wireless remote that comes with the device.

You can operate the equipment directly up to a range of 20 ft (3 m), as long as the Bluetooth connection is functioning correctly you are good to go.

Moxie utilizes Bluetooth® 5, which means it provides more stable connectivity than most of the products in the market.

moxie remote control

6. Pleasure Without Distance Limit: We Connect

The best part about using this device is the We-Connect app that allows you to play and share Moxie control from anywhere. 

Yes! There’s no distance limit! You can control this toy from literally ANYWHERE!

In addition to this, the application is also compatible with other We-Vibe products.

moxie we connect

7. Rumbly Vibrations With 10 Modes to Maximize Your Pleasure

Thanks to the rumbling feature, you can intensify your pleasure with different modes to satisfaction.

Moxie comes with ten vibration modes you can explore for maximum pleasure. All aimed at making you feel relaxed and fantastic at the same time.

Don’t let distance keep you and your partner from enjoying the pleasant sensation in sexual arousal.

Moxie will keep you hooked to each other. But how does one incorporate this outstanding device into a relationship?

moxie 10 modes

8. Extended sleep Mode

To preserve your battery life, Moxie will automatically enter to sleep mode after 30 minutes, at times it can go up to 4 hours depending on the settings.

9. Rechargeable & Low-Power Alert

You will be pleased to know that this particular vibrator is convenient, eco-friendly, and rechargeable.

On a single charge (around 90 mins to charge to full), it can last up to 2 hours working nonstop.

Besides, Moxie comes with a low-power alert function, which means you will have no bad surprise during your pleasure moments.

10. Advanced Security

If you are worried about your Bluetooth connectivity. Then you will be pleased to know that the device’s Bluetooth protocol has been programmed to protect users from external signals. Keeping your pleasure secretive.

11. Waterproof

A fan of “wet sex”? Moxie to completely waterproof, meaning you can enjoy yourself even in the swimming pool. This feature also makes it easy to clean.

moxie panty vibe


Using this device is very simple and easy to comprehend. You don’t need professional assistance to get it going.

All you need is a great connection to get started, mainly if you are operating it from miles away.

Step One: First, you have to download the We-connect application into your Android Phone or iPhone.

Step Two: After the application has been successfully installed into your Phone, pair your We-Vibe and smartphone. Then you can start by contacting your partner via the app.

Varying intensity and modes
You can touch your screen to control the vibrations and build strength. Swipe to change patterns from all the ten styles provided, to vary intensity pinch the screen.

Tease your partner
The device allows you to create your vibe. You can make a personal playlist of your favorite modes and save to enjoy from time to time. However, the vibration modes do vary with the product. In this case, we have ten styles to explore.

moxie magnet

Turning on your partner
The best part about using this simple vibrator is that you can play with your partner from anywhere in the world.
You can even use it across rooms to enjoy a full sensation.

Some users will exploit the beat mode that allows you to enjoy the vibrator with the rhythm of your favorite music. Everyone has their taste.

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You can clean Moxie easily thanks to its waterproof function. Simply clean this panty vibrator with some soap and warm water and it’s free to go.

Or you can take care of it with a sex toy cleaner.  Make sure you dry it thoroughly before storing it in the satin pouch attached.

If you would like to apply lubricant to this toy, make sure only use water-based lube because the silicone surface will be damaged with other types of lube.

(FYI, There is a sample of the We-Vibe Lube comes with the Moxie ;))


🔶For those of you who have confidentiality concerns: If ordered directly from We-vibe’s official site, all toys are shipped in a plain brown box that shows “Standard Innovation” as the sender. And that is also what appears on the credit card statement.

The package arrives in a plain box with a discreet label and the toy box is beautifully designed and presented.

All the important information and the appealing functions are presented on the box (e.g. it’s waterproof and rechargeable by USB cables; it has app connection function, etc)

I am not going to talk too much about the box. It’s a decently presented box, that’s all that matters.

Moxie box

Upon opening the box, you will find the following things:

  • Moxie externally wearable clit vibrator (Aqua color), with 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Wireless remote control
  • Magnetic clip replacement
  • Magnetic USB cable (for recharge)
  • User Guide (multi-language)
  • We-vibe Lube (2ml sample)
  • Satin storage pouch

moxie unbox


It has been a long journey for me searching for a vibrator that will suit my long distance relationship. Something that feels comfortable and involves my partner, as well.

To my surprise, I came across the Moxie vibrator, which sounded promising, little did I know that it would be my complete transformation.

I have used this product for a month now, and I am happy to tell you it has made my life complete.

Even when my partner is the way he can get me hooked to him at all times. It almost feels like he never left.

When I don’t want to get him to be involved, I use it like my any ordinary vibrator, but it feels great when it’s him on the other side.

It mainly functions by stimulating the clitoral section; the rumbling vibrations will set you off instantly and get you ignited. I like the tease and massage mode since help me relax and feels amazing afterward.

Before I discovered the video chat capabilities, mostly we would chat via the chat platform. I would be the first to kick off the conversation and get him starting the tease.

Well, I can’t say it wasn’t strange at first, but once you clear the air, nothing is stopping you from getting the best sensation ever.

The video chat platform made everything more visual and exciting; you can never get enough of it.

At times I wore it when we are going out for a special occasion, just the two of us. It felt strange at first but I got used to it. You can hardly notice its there until it starts its work.

Walking with vibrators has always been a problem for me, some vibrators are irritating to have on when walking. With Moxie, you will only feel it once it starts vibrating.

moxie magnetic

The only disadvantage of using this vibrator is that you get the best orgasms ever, and end up bypassing the critical phases which can be disadvantageous to the body.

In addition to the beautiful sensation, you will also start demanding a lot from your partner. But you cannot compare the speed of the vibrator to your partners.

All in all, if you are in a long distance relationship, then you should consider getting one for yourself.


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Every product has its up and downs but as for the Moxie vibrator, it’s more to the positive side.

Make every moment entirely of exciting sensations that will keep you satisfied, by acquiring the best vibrator in the market, and live to tell the story.

signature Jane L

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