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We-Vibe Nova 2 vs. Nova: 10 Differences You Must Know!

by Jane Louis
NOVA 2 vs nova wevibe

We-vibe Nova 2 looks very similar to the original Nova. However, there are some significant changes implemented on the Nova 2 rabbit vibrator, from its flexibility to its vibration. Whether these changes turned Nova 2 a better sex toy? How does it feel when pleasuring the clit and the G-spot with the Nova 2?

In this review, I will reveal to you all the improvements and changes Nova 2 embraces, in great detail.

What is Nova by We-vibe?

We-vibe Nova is a versatile remote-controllable rabbit vibrator. With the extremely flexible clit arm and two ultra-powerful vibration motors, this rabbit vibe can pleasure both your clit and G-spot at the same time, in a divine way.

Thanks to its app-control function, there’s no distance limitation when it comes to controlling this toy and it’s also possible to sync the vibration with all kinds of sounds and beats.

What is Nova 2 by We-vibe?

We-vibe Nova 2 is another versatile rabbit-style dual vibrator and it’s an upgraded version of the original Nova. 

Nova 2 keeps all the beloved features from its predecessor, such as being app-controllable, waterproof, and rechargeable; meanwhile, We-vibe makes the toy even more powerful and adjustable so that any woman can enjoy unforgettable orgasmic moments.

Wevibe Nova vs nova 2 box

Nova 2 vs Nova: Features & Differences

1. Design & Color

Like all We-Vibe products, both Nova and Nova 2 are body-safe — free from phthalates, latex, and BPA.

It is encased with 100% medical-grade silicone, a non-porous material that resists bacteria and makes your Nova easy to clean and care for.

The original Nova is in white and pink color, with a thin and smooth gap line between the two colors.

While the new Nova 2 is purple in its entirety, giving it a modern touch and an updated look. The whole toy is seamlessly made, which makes it a perfect waterproof vibrator!

Wevibe Nova vs Nova 2 shape

2. Size & Weight.

Nova 2 (217mm/8.54 in) is slightly longer than the original Nova (215mm/8.46 in). Don’t underestimate this subtle increase in length! 

The extra length lays on the G-spot stimulator, which makes sure it can give a bit more pressure on your sweet spot; also, there turns out to be more flexible between the clit and the G-spot arms.

Both Nova 2 and Nova are light and comfortable to hold. Nova 2 weights 205g / 7.23oz while Nova is 176g / 6.2oz.

Nova 2 is slightly heavier than the original Nova probably because We-vibe added an extra adjustable knot on the Nova 2.

Wevibe Nova vs Nova 2 design

3. Flexible Clit Arm & Adjustable G-spot Arm.

I am confidently to say that Nova used to be my favorite rabbit vibe thanks to its long and flexible clit arm.

I thought there won’t be anything to be improved on this part of the design, but We-vibe always finds a way to surprise me, positive!

An extra adjustable knot is added to the G-spot arm, which makes it possible to finetune the angle of the G-spot so that it can perfectly fit any women’s anatomy.

It was not possible to adjust the G-spot for the original Nova. This added feature is an absolute thumbs-up, in my opinion.

Nova 2 flexibility

Besides, the clit arm is getting even more flexible now. Similar to the internal arm of the Vector and the adjustability of the Chorus, the Nova 2 can be tailor to fit your body.

The clit stimulator literally can be turned to any angle. Thanks to that, the clit stimulator can stably pleasure your clitoris even during thrusting.

4. Vibration & Patterns.

Well, we-vibe never disappoint me on its vibration! I am not just talking about strong and intense vibration. I am also talking about the kind of rumbly vibration that can travel through your skin, giving a kind of deep-tissue stimulation.

Both Nova 2 and Nova embrace two motors - one for the clit arm and another for the G-spot shaft. Both motors are very powerful and it's possible to let them vibe together or separately.

Wevibe Nova vs Nova 2 look

In my opinion, there aren’t any changes for the clit arm vibration as its already very strong and rumbly. However, we-vibe did improve the vibration on the G-spot arm.

Now, the entire G-spot shaft vibrates, which stimulates the vagina more broadly. Besides, the vibration on the tip of the G-spot arm is increased, giving it more power to pinpointing the sweet spot. 

Besides, We-vibe added 3 additional intensity levels to the Nova 2 (Nova had 10 and Nova 2 has 13).

Thanks to the seamless intensity controls, you can jump from 1-13 in a second by pushing and holding the ‘+’ button, and from 13-1 by pushing and holding the ‘-‘ button

5. Control Panel: Simpler & Smoother.

Before getting the Nova 2, I’ve owned the original Nova for more than 3 years. The only complaint I had about the original Nova is its clumsy control panel and I am so glad to find out that We-vibe made some great improvement on that!

There is a dented center button on the original Nova and that’s the master key for turn on/off the toy and cycle the simulation patterns.

Wevibe Nova vs nova 2 control

This dented button is not sensitive enough to respond well to every press. Sometimes, I have to press it with the nail to make sure it reacts properly. You can imagine how frustrating it can be during the masturbation.

Nova 2 is so much smoother and simpler to control thanks to its upgraded slightly convex buttons.

You can turn on or off the toy simply by press the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons; and switch between different modes with the ‘<’ and ‘>’ buttons. All the buttons are very responsive and they react swiftly upon each press.

6. App Control and Long-Distance Play.

Technology can make a conventional vibrator so much more exciting and enticing. Many We-vibe toys can be connected to a free App called “We-Connect”. So do Nova 2 and Nova!

With the We-Connect App, either you or your partner can control the vibrator and there’s no distance limitation. As long as you get the Internet, the erotic game is one!

Wevibe Nova vs Nova 2 app control

Other than some basic functions such as creating your own vibration patterns, Nova and Nova 2 also includes Beat and Touch mode, which means you can sync the vibration with music beats or activate the vibration by swiping and drawing with We-Connect.

I will leave you to explore this versatile rabbit vibrator by yourself instead of spoiling with everything ;).

7. Charging & Battery.

Both Nova 2 and Nova are rechargeable with a magnetic USB cable. There’s no limitation regarding voltage, which means you can take the toy anywhere in the world.

There isn’t any change regarding the battery. It takes 90 mins to get the vibrator fully charged and you can play with it for up to 2 hours.

Wevibe Nova vs nova 2 charging

8. Noise/Quietness.

Neither Nova nor Nova 2 is a noisy toy, instead, these two rabbit vibrators are rather quiet when in use.

I do notice that Nova 2 is slightly quieter than the original Nova probably because We-vibe upgraded the motors.

The maximum noise level of Nova 2 is around 50 dB while it is around 60dB for the original Nova.

(You can hear exactly how quiet/noisy it is in the video I attached above)

Wevibe Nova vs nova 2 noise

9. An Eco-friendlier Packaging.

I noticed a very positive change when receiving the Nova 2 – There’s no more plastic in the packaging.

In the past, We-vibe uses cardboard of the external box while the internal part is made of foam and plastic. Now, both the whole packaging is made of cardboard. I am really happy to see this improvement!

Inside the package, both Nova and Nova contain the same things:

  • The Nova/Nova 2 rabbit vibrator
  • A sample of lube
  • Magnetic USB charging cable
  • Silky storage pouch
  • A quick user mannual
Wevibe Nova vs nova 2 packaging

10. Travel Lock.

Travel lock is added for the Nova 2, ensuring it won’t be switched on accidentally. To be honest, I did have an experience that my vibrator turned itself on when I was passing the security check in the airport. That was embarrassing…

So, despite not being a key function, I think it’s super important to include a travel lock for all the vibrators!

Summary: Difference Between We-vibe Nova 2 and Nova 




Remote & App-control 



(100% silicone surface)


USB Rechargeable

2-year Warranty

Travel Lock


Pink + White



215 * 82 * 35 mm 

(8.45 * 3.23 * 1.3 in)

217 * 85 * 39 mm

(8.54 * 3.35 * 1.54 in)


176g / 6.2oz

205g / 7.23oz

Noise Level (Max.)

60 dB

50 dB

Clit Arm

Very flexible

Etremely flexible

G-spot Arm

Not adjustable


Control Buttons

Responsive, but a bit clumsy to press

Smooth & very responsive

Charging Area


(at the bottom area)


(right under the clit arm)

Vibration Strength

(Two motors)

Clit vibe: Strong 

G-spot vibe: mild

Clit vibe: stronger

G-spot vibe: strong

Intensity Level


(jump from 1-10 in a second)


(jump from 1-13 in a second)

Bluetooth Connection



Charging Time

90 mins 

90 mins 

Battery Life

up to 2 hrs

up to 2 hrs

My Experiences with Nova & Nova 2

As mentioned earlier, Nova was my favorite rabbit vibrator for years because it is the ONLY rabbit toy that properly stimulates my vagina and my clit at the same time. That’s why I got really excited when receiving its upgrade version – Nova 2.

Nova 2 didn’t disappoint me. It went from great to excellent. Since the G-spot arm is not very thick, it’s very easy to insert and to thrust with it. 

If you find the right angle, the clit arm will stay at the right spot super steadily during the whole process.

Wevibe Nova vs Nova 2 size

Many times, I had to force myself to stop the clit stimulation… because the vibration is just too good that I could come in less than 2 mins if letting it continuously stimulate me.

My partner goes for a business trip quite often and Nova 2 is our saver since its remotely controllable.

I like to let him control my orgasm. It’s like a sweet agony when I am dying for more vibration and stimulation, but he chooses to only give it to me at specific times.

It’s a game we like to play because the prolonged process makes my orgasm even more intense and he gets turned on during this process.

Nova 2 is not a perfect toy, but it’s quite close. If you are interested in knowing more about it, don’t hesitate to read my detailed review on Nova 2.

In that review, I discuss the pros and cons of the Nova 2, which will help you to know better whether it’s the right toy for you ;). 

signature Jane L

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