WE-VIBE NOVA Review: It’s Unlike Any Other Rabbit Vibrator!

by Jane Louis

I barely can reach orgasm only with G-spot vibration and most rabbit vibrators in the market can’t do the dual job correctly for me. For most of the rabbit vibrators, the clit arm isn’t really designed in an ergonomic way. So, the external arm can’t really reach the clit while doing the internal vibration. Excuse me, anatomy please! (Or it’s just me?)

when I see that We-vibe Nova has a very very flexible and curved clit arm, I got pretty excited and optimistic to test it. Did it actually work this time? Here’s my review.


🔶For those of you who have confidentiality concerns: If ordered directly from We-vibe’s official site, all toys are shipped in a plain brown box that shows “Standard Innovation” as the sender. And that is also what appears on the credit card statement.

Nova by We-vibe is an incredibly well made and flexible dual vibrator and it has strong vibrations. We-Vibe really knows how to make great motors. That’s why many of their toys give rumbling and powerful vibrations. As a power queen, I fall for their bullet vibrator TANGO, their G-spot vibrator RAVE and now, I can’t wait to test this dual vibrator

Nova is a ‘rabbit’ style vibrator but, unlike the usual rabbit styles, this one is subtlely different, which makes it more interesting.

Both the shaft and the clitoral arm are curved, making the shaft perfect for G-spot stimulation. The idea behind the clitoral arm is that you’re able to manipulate it to fit your body type. The actual design is so as you thrust the vibrator the clitoral arm (in theory) should not lose contact with your clitoris as it’s extremely flexible.

Besides, Nova incorporates the long-distance function, which means it’s fully compatible with the We-Vibe App and that my partner can control the Nova for me when we’re not together.

We-vibe nova app


Design and Look

Made from silicone, the We-Vibe Nova has an insertable length of 5 inches/127mm (measured from the outside of the curve), and a total length of 8.5 inches/215mm. The vibrator is rechargeable and, unlike the Rave, it has gone back to magnetic charging but, thankfully, it seems to be a lot better than the magnetic chargers that are on the Tango. The magnetic charger also means that the Nova, unlike the Rave, is fully submersible in water.

Thanks to the soft clit arm and the shape of this toy, I imagine that using it on a penis could potentially feel quite nice, especially if used in conjunction with a blow job.

I’ve mentioned that getting a dual stimulator to fit me can be quite troubling and so I was hoping that, with the way how Nova was shaped, it may have found a way to fix that problem by making it easier for ‘rabbit’ style toys to fit most anatomies.

We-vibe nova size

Two Motors, both with Strong and Rumbly Vibration

As mentioned before, We-Vibe does a great job in making strong and powerful motors.

The vibrations on the Nova are beautiful, they’re strong and rumbling. They’re basically everything that I expected for NOVA when I first heard about it. I do, however, wish that I was able to control the vibrations in the clitoral arm and shaft separately. But this minor flaw doesn’t stop me from loving the Nova.

Besides, thanks to Nova’s powerful motors, the vibrations travel quite far and deeply. So, I was able to feel the vibration even when the clit arm was not precisely on my clitoris.

Tips for clit stimulation: I suggest putting a bit water-based lubricant on the external arm when using it to stimulate the clitoris. It can prevent your clitoris from being numb or sore after continuous vibrations. I do this trick every time I use a strong and rumbly vibrator. It works quite well this way, especially if you plan to come for more than once :).

We-vibe nova motors

Control the Vibration At Any Distance

The app control function was implanted for multiple We-Vibe products, including the Nova. With the app control, your partner can activate or deactivate the vibration for you at any distance.

It’s rather easy to set-up the app function. All you need to do is to 1) download the free We-Connect™ app. 2) open the app after installation, the app itself will guide you through the whole setting-up and pairing process.  3) Once you pair the toy with the app, you can send your lover an invitation to connect in the app.

Besides, you can let the toy vibrate according to your favorite music beat and you can even create your own vibration pattern with the We-Connect app.

Fully Waterproof

If shower sex is your thing, Nova can give you that whole experience. It’s fully waterproof which means it can be used in either the bath or shower which means, if you’re on your own, it can make that Sunday night hair wash a little more appealing!

Being waterproof also makes it far easier to clean and more hygienic. It can be cleaned thoroughly after each use with no worry of water damage.


It’s a fairly quiet toy, especially when it is inserted inside of the vagina. The vibration noise is more noticeable on the higher setting, but you can easily hide the noise by turning on some music.

Other Features

  • USB rechargeable (charges in 90 minutes for 2 hours of pleasure) and this toy embraces Low-power alert indicator
  • 10+ vibration pre-set modes plus create your own with the We-Connect App


I mentioned earlier that you’re able to control the We-Vibe Nova using the We-Vibe App but, if you’d rather manually control it, you can use the buttons on the handle.

In the middle of the bottom part, there’s a circle (see below picture), pressing this once will turn the Nova on. You can then switch between the vibrations by using the left and right arrow keys ( < > ).

Once you’ve got the vibration/pattern that you want you can change the intensity by pressing the up and down buttons, which are located above and below the circle.

To switch off simply hold in the circle for a few seconds. Honestly, I find the buttons on the Nova a bit stiff to push and, for me, I prefer to use the App control even during solo play.

To charge the Nova, simply put the magnetic part of the cable on the toy and plug your laptop or USB wall plug.

We-vibe nova control charging


The package arrived discreetly as always. After getting so many We-Vibe toys, I am confidently to say that their box design is always clean and modern and you can find all the key information on the box. After opening the box, I was presented with 5 things:

  • Nova by We-Vibe and it comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Magnetic USB Charging cable (A USB charger is included with the Nova while, sadly, a wall charger isn’t, but these can be picked up quite cheaply)
  • Water-based We-Vibe lubricant
  • White Storage bag (the size can fit both the toy and the charging cable)
  • Multi-language user guide

We-vibe nova box


The Nova is easy to clean and maintain as it is fully waterproof. After each use and before your first use, make sure that you clean the Nova with warm, soapy water. Ensure that you rinse the device thoroughly and dry it afterward.  There should NOT be any moisture when you store it in the storage bag.

It’s suggested to use some lube on the toy when you insert it in your vagina. Make sure only use water-based lubricant, otherwise, the silicone surface can be damaged and the damage is irreversible.


The vibration from the Nova is beautiful and amazing! Both of the two motors are really strong and rumbly.

The curved G-spot arm and the very curved clit arm make this toy way more suitable for women’s anatomy compared to most of the rabbit vibrators in the market, especially plus the fact the clit arm is very very flexible to move.

But I have to admit that, I wasn’t able to get the clitoral arm to stay stimulating my clitoris in a hands-free way. The clit arm mainly lingered around my labia and my clit. But compared to most of the other rabbits, it did fit better along as you put some hand-manipulation.

I love the App control function Nova carries. After both my lover and I are paired and connected, he can control the vibration from anywhere. I love to give control to my lover. It usually can drive me crazy, in a sweet way ;).

Other than that, thanks to the beautiful curves on both the G-spot arm and the Clit arm, I discovered another way to use the toy. It’s not an official way, but surprisingly,  it does an amazing job for me. So, I think it could be interesting to share with you as well ;).

I use this vibrator backward, as in, use the clitoral arm internally and have the shaft as the clitoral arm.

With the reserved way, everything seems to fit perfectly. The clitoral arm has an internal length of 4 inches when stretched out, and due to the flexible curve, it managed to hit my G-spot with ease, while the longer ‘shaft’ was able to find, reach and stimulate my clitoris hands-freely.


Besides, the fact that I can (and prefer) to control the Nova with the APP means that I can continue using it reversed as I never need to press any buttons. Using it this way felt pretty damn good and it does provide some spectacular orgasms.

We-vibe nova insert

In general, rabbit vibrators are very anatomy based. Despite that the toy is designed in quite an ergonomic way, I am sure it won’t be suitable for everyone. We are all unique, aren’t we? From my experience, I think rabbit vibrators in general better suit for women who has their clitoris closer to their vagina. Hope this can give you a better idea, seeing whether this is the right toy for you :).


👉🏻Click here to learn more or order We-Vibe Nova now! (Official Site)


After testing so many rabbit vibrators, Nova is one of the only few that I actually want to keep. The way how it bends and flexes actually fits my anatomy and that doesn’t happen often.

But still, it’s a rabbit vibrator, which means it’s very anatomy based. Though there are higher chances that Nova would suit you compared to most of the other rabbits in the markets, It’s still possible that this toy might fail you. If you’ve never owned any rabbit vibrator and want to get one, I think Nova could be a good start.

In any case, it’s still guaranteed that this is a strong and rumbly vibrator. So, even if the shape that fits your anatomy, Nova is still quite an amazing vibrator. I often use a rabbit vibrator to stimulate my clit only, because it just works for me ;).

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