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We-vibe Rave 2 Review: The Best G-spot Vibrator?

by Jane Louis
We-vibe Rave 2 Review

We-vibe Rave 2 is by far my favorite G-spot vibrator!

I've had this sex toy for more than 2 months and used it almost every other day. It truly won my heart.

In this review, I will talk about why I so much adore Rave 2. Also, I will share the flaws and who shouldn't buy this toy.

If you are wondering whether it's worth getting the Rave 2 if you already own the original Rave. The short answer is YES.

The newly updated features, such as the added motor and the bendable features, are simply amazing. I will share the details with you. Let's dive in.

we-vibe rave 2 profile 500_500

The Most Powerful G-spot Vibe

Rave 2 is an asymmetrical bendable G-spot toy that offers rumbling vibrations via 2 powerful motors.

Its app-enabled play ensures customizable pleasure and endless long-distance fun.

With deep, rumbly vibrations and dual stimulation capabilities, it offers intense sensations during solo or partner play.

Thanks to the free app, the Rave 2 also allows remote operation for exciting unpredictability.

While premium-priced, its quality build and outstanding performance make it a worthy purchase for those seeking top-tier orgasmic experiences.

we-vibe Rave 2 vibr

Key Features of We-vibe Rave 2

1. Twisted Asymmetrical Design 

The We-Vibe Rave 2 has a unique asymmetrical design that is specifically crafted to target the G-spot with precision.

The toy's contoured shape allows it to maintain constant contact with the G-spot as it twists and rotates inside the vagina, providing continuous stimulation to this sensitive erogenous zone. 

we-vibe Rave 2 asymmetrical design

2. Premium Material and Ideal Size

The entire surface of We-Vibe Rave 2 is made of high-quality body-safe silicone that feels smooth and soft against the skin.

Silicone is a premium sex toy material known for being hygienic, durable, and has a silky texture that glides easily with lube.

In terms of size, the total length is 193 mm/ 7.6 inches and it has an insertable length of around 128mm/ 5 inches.

The widest point on the head measures around 31mm/1.2 inch inches.

we-vibe Rave 2 storage

This makes Rave 2 a moderately sized G-spot vibrator, which should fit the majority without any issues.

Rave 2 is a relatively lightweight toy, which makes it comfortable to handle and insert.

3. Powerful Rumbly Vibrations (2 motors)

The Rave 2 embraces two powerful motors. One is at the head, which delivers intense stimulation to the G-spot.

The other one locates around the middle of the toy, which aims to relax and pleasure the vaginal opening.

Thanks to the strong motors, the Rave 2 packs deep and satisfying rumbles. It has the best types of vibrations you can ever imagine and I can't stop keep going back to this amazing toy!

4. Bendable and Adjustable to Fit Every Women

we-vibe Rave 2 bendable

No two bodies are exactly alike, which is why the Rave 2 has an adjustable fit.

The internal arm can bend up to 30 degrees to perfectly nestle against your G-spot.

Twist and rotate until the vibrator is at just the right angle to send you over the edge.

5. 10 Vibration Modes to Explore

The Rave 2 comes with 10 pre-set breathtaking vibration patterns.

The first 4 patterns are constant vibrations. 

  • Pattern #1 and #2 are gentle and great for tease and slow build-up; while pattern #3 and #4 provides stronger beats and can take pleasure to a new height.
  • Pattern #5 is called "Pulse", which provides intense intervals. This is one of my go-to patterns as it provides a delightful mixture of highs and lows, keeping me guessing and gasping with every twist and turn.
  • Pattern #6 is "Wave", which is similar to "Pulse", but has longer internals.
  • Pattern #7 is rather mild.
  • Patterns #8, #9, and #10 all have different internals, but more or less a similar intensity as the other patterns.

6. Bonus App Features for Customized Experience

we-vibe Rave 2 app control

There are multiple Play Modes on the We-vibe app. You can control the two motors together or separately. 

You can even introduce another 1 or 2 We-vibe toys and control all the toys at the same time.

It's also possible to customize a unique pattern solely for yourself. It can be a very long and dynamic one.

It's also possible to let the vibrator pulse with the music beat or your lover's voice.

In the "How to Use" section, I included a step-by-step guide for each app function.

Feel free to check if you are curious to learn more about the app features.

7. Long Distance Control for LDR Couples

If you pair the Rave 2 with the We-vibe app, you can take your journey to new heights.

The app enables you to different control modes, create custom patterns, and even let your partner take control from anywhere in the world.

The app opens up new possibilities for long-distance intimacy.

8. Long Battery Life and Easy to Charge

we-vibe Rave 2 charging

A powerful toy deserves a good battery. It takes around 90 mins to fully charge the Rave 2 and then you can get around 2 hours of play.

This is good enough for either a quick orgasm or some extended play sessions.

After each charge, I usually can use the toy for 4-5 sessions. The length of the battery differs depending on how you use it.

If you keep turning on both motors and keep it paired with the app, it can only last around 1.5 hours.

9. Quiet While in Operation

It's a strong toy, but it's not a loud toy. When I turned on both motors and put them all in maximum speed, the noise was around 55 dB, which is considered as "moderate and soft noise". 

It's more or less similar to the noise level of an office or a face-to-face conversation. 

we-vibe Rave 2 noise

10. 100% Waterproof for Bath Time Fun

The Rave 2 has an IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning it can be fully submerged without worry for up to 30 mins.

Enjoy its thrilling vibrations in the shower, bath, or hot tub. Waterproof playtime is wet and wild!

we-vibe Rave 2 waterproof

11. Travel Lock for Safe Naughty Play

The travel lock is a simple but incredibly helpful feature that can provide you with more control and discretion.

When traveling, you don't want your vibrator to accidentally turn on in your luggage going through security or in the overhead bin on an airplane.

That would be mortifying! The travel lock ensures the toy won't turn on when you don't want it to.

It provides peace of mind that your Rave 2 won't start vibrating at an inappropriate time.

How to Use We-vibe Rave 2 Manually?

There are 5 buttons for this toy. In general, they are quite intuitive. 

we-vibe Rave 2 buttons
  • To turn on the toy, press and slightly hold the "+" button
  • To turn off the toy, press and slightly hold the "-" button
  • Press the "+" or "-" buttons to increase/decrease vibration power
  • Press the "<" or ">" buttons to change between different vibration patterns
  • By clicking on the "~" button, you can use the two motors separately or together:
    • 1 click of the "~" button: activate the vaginal entrance motor
    • 2 click of the "~" button: activate the G-spot area motor
    • 3 click of the "~" button: activate both motors with your previous customized intensities
we-vibe Rave 2 G-spot

How to Use We-vibe Rave 2 with the App? 

The app is no longer called "We-Connect". Now, you can just search "We-vibe" in the app store and the app will show up.

The Android version and the iOS version have the same functionality, but they have a slightly different interface.

How to Pair your Rave 2 to the App?


Once you have the app downloaded and installed, it will show you how to do the pairing.

Briefly speaking, you just need to press the "~" button for 5 seconds until feel two vibrating pulses.

At the same time, the LED will start flashing, which indicates that the Bluetooth connection function is activated.

Open the app and click on the toy you want to connect. Once the toy is paired successfully, the
Rave 2 will pulse three times and the LED light will stop flashing.

How to Control the Toy with the App?

Under the Play Mode, you can control the toy in multiple ways including "single vibe", "multi vibe", "touch mode", "beat mode", "playlist" and "ambient mode".

  • Single Vibe: Simply move the circle anywhere to increase/decrease the intensity. If you hold the circle, it will turn into two, which enables you to control the two motors separately.
  • Multi Vibe: you can pre-select 4 of your favorite patterns from the vibe gallery. Rave 2 will vibe along with your choice.
  • Touch mode: simply draw on the screen and the toy will vibe along with your drawing. You can't change the intensity in this mode, but the faster you draw, the faster the toy vibrates.
  • Beat mode: you choose any song from your song list and the toy will vibe along the beats. Choose a song with a strong rhythm and it can take you to the moon!
  • Playlist: It's possible to create a list by choosing the patterns from the Vibe Gallery, you can choose the length of each type of vibe and then combine it into a long one for different times/moods.
  • Ambient mode: there are three options, bass, midrange, and treble. You can choose one of the ranges and then start to talk or sing. I am good at controlling my voice, so, this function is hard to use. But if you are a vocal person, this could be a fun function to play with.

How does the App Setting Work?


In the setting, you will be able to see the percentage of the battery left.

It's not always that accurate especially when your battery is running low, but it does provide an average idea.

You can also check the Toy Guild to briefly understand how Rave 2 works. It's not a very complete guide, but can help you get started fast.

You can make some adjustments in the Sleep Mode so that the toy can go to standby mode automatically even if you forget to turn it off.

If the Rave 2 is too intense for you, it's possible to limit the maximum toy intensity in the app.

Once your play session is finished, you can either keep the cache so that it will be easier to reconnect next time OR fully delete the Rave 2 from the app for more privacy.

How does Long Distance Play Work?


Long Distance connection is rather straightforward.

You (the one who holds the Rave 2) need to connect the app first, then simply send your partner an invitation and he/she will be able to control the Rave 2 for you.

Note that you can add as many partners as you like. And you can delete them at any time.

Shipping, Packaging & What's in the Box? 

we-vibe Rave 2 packaging

If you are based in the US, Canada, and Europe, you can order directly from We-vibe's official site and the shipping is fast and discreet. For me, the Rave 2 arrived in 3 days.

One notable aspect of this product is its eco-friendly packaging and box, which aligns with We-vibe's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The box still feels very sturdy and luxurious, but We-vibe no longer uses any plastic in the packaging.
Once open the box, you will find the following things:

we-vibe Rave 2 unbox
  • We-Vibe Rave 2 G-Spot vibrator (with 2-year warranty)
  • USB magnetic cable
  • User manual
  • Safety manual
  • Line storage bag

My experience with We-vibe Rave 2

I like Rave 2 a lot! Actually, it's now my favorite G-spot toy.

For solo sessions, I usually only go for clit stimulation, as it can easily give me an orgasm.

When using the Rave 2 on my clit, I came within 5 mins! The deep, powerful, and rumbling vibration simply rocked my work. 

I'll admit, I rarely incorporate internal stimulation during solo play.

But the Rave 2 delivered an unexpected delight when inserted, thanks to the velvety silicone and twisted ridges that provide both focused and broad stimulation.

With a simple twist and rotation, its unique shape coaxed my G-spot like a lover, building sensations with each wiggle.

we-vibe Rave 2 adjustable

Personally, I really like the unique head design and find it to be very efficient for G-spot stimulation.

However, the asymmetrical design, although unique, may not be to everyone's taste, and some users may prefer more traditional vibrator shapes.

I am also quite fond of the simultaneous stimulation of the vaginal opening. It really helped relax my tunnel, making the whole process a lot more soothing.

I didn't achieve a G-spot-only orgasm on the first few tries, but had fun exploring different angles and patterns.

But the real adventure began when my partner grabbed the reins via the We-vibe app.

The unpredictability of surrendering control added a thrill to our lovemaking. 

we-vibe Rave 2 remote control

With a few taps on his phone, he could toggle between the Rave 2's deep rumbly vibrations, gentle pulsations, and unique patterns that left me gasping.

We especially like the Touch Mode, which lets him control the intensity through finger motions on the screen.

As he gently swiped up, the vibrations intensified, building my climax. A few firm and swift strokes had me shaking my body.

The unpredictability of not knowing what sensation would come next left me helplessly aroused.

And I truly enjoy having my man controlling my toy (btw, he can control the toy from anywhere in the world!).

I never knew a sex toy could make me feel so deliciously helpless under my partner's command. Yet at the same time, I felt deeply empowered embracing this new realm of pleasure.

It's actually possible to connect more than one We-vibe toy to the app at the same time and control them together.


For example, you can have Rave 2 inserted for G-spot stimulation and Ditto+ inserted for anal pleasure at the same time. Believe me, having two holes filled at the same time can be very intense. 

While overall it's an impressive pleasure device, I did encounter some problems that are worth noting:

1). App Connection can drop or be unstable from time to time.

One issue I ran into was occasional connectivity problems with the We-vibe app.

There were times when the Bluetooth connection would randomly drop, interrupting an otherwise seamless long-distance play session. 

This can be frustrating when you're right on the edge! Troubleshooting steps like turning the Rave 2 off and on again for re-connection helped.

Usually, weak WIFI connections, going out of range, or having too many devices connected are the reasons why connection drops. 

My best advice is to minimize potential interference by closing unused apps and turning off Bluetooth on other devices when using your toy.

Also, positioning your phone near the vibrator helps maintain proximity.

2) Vibration can be too strong for some people.

Not everyone enjoys deep rumbling vibrations, just like not everyone enjoys deep tissue massage.

Rave 2 is a strong toy and the vibration is strong from the level 1. 

So, if you have a very sensitive sweet spot. This toy might is not for you. 

However, I have to point out that it's possible to change the maximum intensity in the app. 

3) Take time to figure out what each button does. 

Rave 2 has a 5-button interface and it gives you independent control over the dual motors.

It can take some time to learn how to use the buttons seamlessly during play. 

I suggest trying all the buttons separately first to understand what each one does.

We-vibe Rave vs Rave 2: Worth buying the new version?

We-vibe Rave 2 vs Rave

If you are wondering whether it is worth getting the new Rave 2, the short answer is YES.

While the Rave 2 retains the original's slim, contoured shape for targeted G-spot stimulation, the big improvement such as the adjustable hinge that allows you to customize the angle between the internal and external arms is a total game-changer that increases the likelihood of pinpointing your personal pleasure spots, whether that's your G-spot, A-spot, C-spot, or somewhere else.

Other than the hinge, the following upgrades are also worth mentioning. 

1. Design and Material

The Rave 2 retains the uniquely asymmetrical shape of the original, crafted specifically to stimulate the G-spot. The gradual curve and flattened tip deliver targeted vibrations.

However, the Rave 2 introduces more flexibility in its silhouette. This allows users to gently bend the vibrator to their preferred angle for customization.

The softer silicone exterior also enhances comfort during use.

The Rave 2 is fully waterproof with an IPX7 rating, unlike the original Rave, which was only splashproof. This allows for easier cleaning and occasional wet play.

2. Vibration Quality

Powerful, rumbly vibrations are a signature of We-Vibe toys.

Both Rave models deliver on this promise, resonating deeply rather than buzzing superficial vibrations.

The Rave 2 adds more oomph, with an additional motor introduced to stimulate the vaginal opening.

This dual-motor design intensifies stimulation, especially for those who enjoyed the original Rave but wanted a bit more power.

Besides, We-vibe adjusted the pre-set vibration patterns, making it more user-friendly. The original Rave embraces 10 patterns, which are …

The Rave 2 also has 10 patterns, which are ….

we-vibe Rave vs Rave 2 patterns

3. Improved app for more Customization

The old app was called "We-connect" and the new app is called "We-vibe".

With Bluetooth connectivity, both versions of the Rave can be controlled via the app for short or long-distance play.

The new app optimized the user interface and introduced a few more new features such as touch-sensitive controls.

Also, the Bluetooth connectivity for Rave 2 is a lot more stable than the old Rave. This enhances the overall user experience.

4. Charging and Battery Life

The Rave 2 utilizes USB magnetic charging - simply hovering near the charging pins rather than plugging in a cable.

This improves waterproofing and makes charging more convenient.

Both models offer similar battery performance, with 90 minutes to a full charge and up to 2 hours of use per charge.

we-vibe Rave 2 colors

5. Pricing and Value

Being the newer model, the Rave 2 carries a slightly higher price tag, retailing at $139 to the original's $119.

Given the upgrades in power, features, charging, and construction, the bump in price reflects the additional value.

For devoted fans of the original Rave's shape but wanting enhancements in other areas, the Rave 2 is a worthy investment.

Those new to the world of G-spot vibrators, though, maybe happy starting with the more affordable original model.

(please note that the original Rave will be out of the market in the near future)

We-vibe Rave 2 FINAL SCORE


Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)


viBRATION (Intense & rumbly)


BATTERY LIFE (long enought)







  • Asymmetrical head for accurate G-spot stimulation
  • 2 motors for dual stimulation (vaginal entrance & G-spot)
  • Relatively quiet operation (around 55 dB max.)
  • Relatively long battery life (around 2 hours)
  • Bendable joint for an adjustable fit
  • 100% waterproof
  • High-quality silicone that offers a silky and soft touch
  • Versatile app functions for customized pleasure
  • Can be controlled from any distance


  • App connection may drop occasionally
  • The asymmetrical design, although unique, may not be to everyone's taste
  • Premium price ($139)


The release of the Rave 2 shows We-Vibe's commitment to upgrading user experiences.

If you are seeking a G-spot vibration that performs the very best in power, customization, and versatility.

The We-Vibe Rave 2 is the clear choice. If you have tried traditional G-spot toys and yet having issues finding your G-spot, the uniquely contoured Rave 2 is worth a try. 

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