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We-Vibe Rave Honest Review: Best G-spot Vibe?

by Jane Louis
We-vibe Rave review

I’ve owned plenty of G-spot vibrators but We-Vibe RAVE is one of my favorites.

Why? because I love rumbly and powerful vibrator and Rave happens to be one :). Besides, this toy is more than just being a high-quality vibrator, it also comes with a firm and ultra comfortable surface, long-distance app control function, etc…


Rave is a G-spot vibrator that has a velvety surface and it comes with some incredibly intense rumbling vibrations. This powerful and body-safe vibrator can be controlled via the handle or the We-Connect app. The distant control function makes this toy great for both solo play and partnered play over a long distance.

To be honest, I’ve always been a big fan of the We-Vibe company. It’s a Canadian sex toy brand dedicated to creating high-quality innovated sex toys. Rave is the very first G-spot vibrator We-Vibe has ever made. So, I got it the moment it was launched.


Design and Look (Find Your G-Spot with a Twist)

Rave is asymmetrical in design – this is really unique and most importantly, ergonomic friendly. Besides, it has a dual density of silicone. Once you insert the Rave into the vagina, just a little twist and you’ll be stimulating all the walls of your vagina.

Coated in velvety smooth silicone, the Rave has an overall length of 7.6 in / 191 mm of which approximately 4 in / 100 mm is insertable. Besides, the surface of this purple toy is so smooth and velvety, which provides ultimate touch against the skin and the internal wall.

For some of you who is desperate to find your G-spot, you probably can give this toy a trial :). This toy might help you! The way Rave is angled, its length, along with the asymmetrical shape suppose to direct itself right to the G-spot area and help you find the point. Other than that, the strong vibration provided by Rave can really prepare your vaginal muscle for some divine G-spot hits.

We-vibe Rave size

Amazingly Strong Vibration with Ultra Smooth Texture

This is the very first reason that convinced me to purchase this toy. I personally really enjoy strong vibrations and pulsations, internally and externally. Rave happens to be a great fit for both ways.

Rave has 10 different vibration modes. The vibrations on this vibrator are amazing, they’re exactly what I hoped for when I learned about this toy. They’re strong, rumbling and everything that vibrations in a vibrator should be. We-Vibe really knows to what a real rumbly vibrator is! Salute, We-vibe! 😉

Besides, I found that the incredibly strong vibrations coupled with rocking back and forth and from side to side (interchangeably) works really well at massaging my G-Spot. With this vibrator and with the Tango on my clit, I was in ‘power queen’ heaven.

Solo and Long Distance Usage via App Control

wevibe rave app control

You (or your partner) can control the vibrator either by the We-Connect App or you can use the buttons that are located on the handle.

Honestly, though, I find the buttons on the handle to be incredibly stiff and rather frustrating to use so that even when I use this toy solo I do so using the App.

Rave is marketed as a solo use toy but, since it can be used with the app, it can also be used by those of us in a Long Distance Relationship. Granted, it’s not as ‘easy’ to use as the We-Vibe SYNC – since I had to thrust it manually – but it still feels great when my partner controls the vibration speeds (Albeit frustrating, when he decides to turn them off right at the crucial moment).

Quick and Convenient Charging

I’m really happy that Rave doesn’t have the same charging facility as the Tango. If you own the Tango, you know how unpractical it can be to charge it. The charging on the Rave comes in the form of a push-in charger, so when it’s on charge it doesn’t disconnect as much.

The problem with a push-in charging is that the device isn’t waterproof, it’s only splash-proof, which mean you can not fully submerge Rave under the water. This is not a big issue for me since I have other toys in the bathtub.


It’s a super powerful toy. This vibration sound is a little bit loud but no more than other regular vibrators. I found the noise level is quite acceptable. In case you have a roommate or a kid next door, simply turn on some music shall cover the vibration sound.


Getting started is really simple. All you need to do is take your charger and plug the pin in the charging hole, then plug the USB end in your USB ports and leave the toy to charge for 90 minutes. A 90-minute charge will give you 120 minutes of playtime.

We-vibe Rave instruction

Rave is really simple to operate. You’ve got three built-in push buttons on the front of the toy, “+”, “-” and the central button.  Press the central button and it’ll buzz into life.

This toy has ten different functions to choose from and you just keep pressing that central button to scroll through them. If you want more intensity, press the “+” button; and if you want less intensity, press the “-” button.

When you are all done and want to turn the toy off, simply press and hold the central button again for 3 seconds and the toys will turn itself off.

This toy is also compatible with the We-Connect app so you can control this toy remotely as well (I discuss in details about how to use the app in the next paragraph)


Sync APP Features

I love to have app control functions for my vibrator! The idea that my partner can control my vibrator from anywhere just turns me on ;).

It only takes 4 steps to get the app settled:

  1. Download the We-Connect app on your phone. The app supports both iOS and Android systems.
  2. Open the app and follow the on-screen pairing instructions.
  3. Once paired, send your lover an invite by choosing “connect lover” under the menu in the app
  4. Voila! Enjoy the vibe 😉

After connecting the Rave with the We-Connect app, you can activate extra functions such as vibrating with vocal sounds or with your favorite songs. Basically, the toy can vibrate based on the sounds or music beats and the intensity changes along the song. This brings a lot of fun surprises.

It also comes with a Real-time Touch modeThis mode can bring you and long-distance partner interactive intimacy. Every touch acted on the screen can be transferred instantly to the vibrator, anywhere! It means that your partner can control you at any distance. Rave can make you two feel closer than ever ;).


All the We-Vibe toys are packaged and shipped in a very discreet way . So, no worry about confidentiality.

The packaging for the Rave is the same packaging used for the Tango – it actually seems to be the standard packaging for We-Vibe toys released over the past few years.

Rave lies in a modernly-designed box. Inside you’ll find a satin storage bag, a USB charging cable, a instructions manual and of course your Rave G-spot vibrator, with a two-year warranty. It’s indeed a high-quality toy.

We-vibe Rave unbox


You can wash Rave with warm and soapy water or sex toy cleaner before and after every use as it’s splashproof. Make sure not submerge the toy under the water during cleaning. Also, dry the toy well after each clean. This can extend the working life of the sex toy.

Besides, it is really important to always use the right type of Lubricant, more precisely, you must use a good quality water-based Lubricant for Rave. Silicon is a very safe material to use for sex toys, but, personally, I feel it can be a bit challenging to insert. So, I recommend that you use a good amount of lubricant if it feels blocking when the Rave penetrates you.


As mentioned, Rave measures 7.5 in/191 mm in length and 4 in/100 mm in insertable length. Plus, this toy has an asymmetrical shape and it features a soft edge. All these features make it feel fantastic internally.

Rave has 10 different vibration modes. I barely use the patterned vibrations on a toy. Patterned vibrations don’t do much for me and all I care about is a steady non-stop vibration. I do confirm that the vibrations are super strong and rumbly. I just can’t get enough of it.

Rave is designed for internal use, but as a fan of external clitoral stimulation, I also use it frequently for external vibration. Here is the amazing part: even if using Rave to stimulate clit for multiple times in a row, my clit doesn’t feel sore or numb. I can do binge night anytime I want with this amazing toy!

Indeed, Rave has brought me some amazing moments, both internally and externally. And sometimes, I even use the Rave in a reversed way and it felt quite nice as well, at least for me.

Other than the rumbly vibration, I am also a big fan of the app control function. My partner and I played a lot with this function because we were living in two different countries for a while. I do admit there were some connection issues and once in a while, the response was not instant, but the overall experience was quite fine and it was also quite exciting to add some dirty talk during distant control. We really enjoyed it! 😉

Below are some reviews from other customers. It might be helpful for you.

We-vibe rave reviews


👉🏻Click here to learn more or order RAVE now! (Official Site)


I’m impressed with the Rave!

It’s a beautiful vibrator and it’s incredibly powerful. Being paired with the App technology, I really do think it’s worth the price. Let’s hold up the Rave and toast to all the power queens ;).

signature Jane L

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