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We-vibe Sync O Review: Best C-Shape Couple Vibe?

by Jane Louis
We-vibe Sync O review

Sync O Review Summary

The We-Vibe Sync O is a couple vibrator that features an adjustable O-shaped internal arm that conforms to your body, while the external arm lies perfectly over the clitoris for targeted stimulation.

This toy is uniquely designed and promises comfort and versatility for couples looking to enhance intimacy.

Overall Rating: 
4.5/5 stars


VIBRATION (intense)




My Opinion 

I’ve tested more than 20 different couple vibrators and the Sync O is on my top list.

The squeezable O offers easy insertion and comfortable wear. And I can’t get enough of having the rumbling vibration dancing on my clit.

Besides, Both the remote and the app make it quite easy to control when the Sync O is inserted.

My only complaint is that it took some time before my partner got used to having something touching his shaft while penetrating me.

Who Should Buy It?

  • Couples who want to explore new and more intense intercourse
  • Couples who enjoy long-distance play
  • Those who enjoy girthy and fulfilling G-spot stimulation
  • Those who are looking for a comfortable wearable vibe

Who Should NOT Buy It?

  • Those who have a narrow vaginal channel
  • Those who are on a budget

Trusted Places to Buy XXX

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  • Free shipping when spent $49+
  • International shipping available 
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  • Free shipping when spent $30+
  • 100 Day Money Back Guarantee

Key Features of We-vibe Sync O

1. Adjustable Fit thanks to the Joint and the Squeezable O

We-vibe Sync O adjust

The bendable silicone neck lets you adjust the We-Vibe Sync O to comfortably hug your body.

The toy can bend and hold for up to 120 degrees and it’s possible to keep pushing the arm to 180 degrees.

I really appreciated being able to tweak the tightness, the angle, and the size of the internal ring until it was perfect on my anatomy.

This flexibility made the stimulation actually line up with my clit properly.

2. Body-Safe Silicone

We-vibe Sync O design

The smooth, soft, medical-grade silicone had just enough give and flex. I never worried about irritation or discomfort.

And it made insertion smooth and easy with a little water-based lube. Major points for being completely body-safe!

3. Hands-Free Design

There’s no need to hold the toy, The adjustable o-shaped internal arm moves with you to stay in place during sex.

In my experience, the flexi-fit arm does conform nicely inside. My partner could thrust freely while the vibe stimulates my clit without issue.

4. Easy Controls

We-vibe Sync O button

You can control the We-Vibe Sync O via the remote, right on the toy, or through the app.

The We-vibe app is very handy to use (I will share more details later), but I'm not always patient enough for apps.

So, having the option to quickly cycle vibrations using the buttons was clutch when I was already revved up and raring to go.

5. App-Powered Playtime

Sync up to the We-Vibe app and let a partner control your pleasure from anywhere in the world.

With customized vibration modes, the options are endless for sexy video chats and long-distance intimacy.

We-vibe Sync O app control

6. Rumbly Vibrating Sensations

The We-Vibe Sync O has deeply rumbling vibrations that feel absolutely amazing!

The stimulation mainly stays in the clit area, but I can feel some pulsing in the G-spot area, which makes it easier for my partner to enter.

My favorite vibration patterns to start with are:

  • Rolling Waves - this mode slowly peaks the vibrations up and down, mimicking the build-up to an incredible orgasm. It was great for teasing myself and backing down before cresting over the edge again.
  • Pulse - this steady throbbing pattern was perfect for zeroing in on my clit. I just pressed the vibrating arm tight to my body and let the deep pulses send me spiraling blissfully out of control.
  • Echo – it is similar to the Pulse pattern but more intense! The syncopated pulsing beat combined with the rumbling vibrations had me moaning in ecstasy.

7. Fully Waterproof

It is possible to fully submerge the toy under the water for up to 30 mins. This makes it suitable for wet play. Also, it means it's very easy to clean the Sync O after each use.

We-vibe Sync O waterproof

Charging & Battery

We-vibe Sync O charging

First things first, charge up your new We-Vibe Sync O via the USB magnetic charging cable for about 90 minutes to get it ready for action. The light will stop flashing once it’s fully charged.

You will be able to play with the toy for around 2 hours after each charge.

After testing, I noticed that the battery lasts only around 1.5 hours if I use app control.

Please note that the remote controller can’t be charged and it requires one CR2032 battery.

One complaint I have is that the cap on the remote is hard to open. Due to the smooth surface, it’s not easy to have a good grip when changing the battery. Gladly the battery lasts quite long. I haven’t needed to charge for more than a year.

How to Insert We-Vibe Sync O?

Once charged, apply a little water-based lube to the inner arm and squeeze the “O” to insert it comfortably.

The O-shape will unfold inside, conforming lightly to your body. Make sure the external arm sits over your clitoris.

How to Control We-Vibe Sync O?

The We-Vibe Sync O can be controlled in a few ways:

1. The single button on the toy's base:

  • Press and hold the button to turn on/off the Sync O
  • Tap the button to cycle through the patterns or intensity

2. Use the remote controller:

  • Press + to turn on or increase the vibration
  • Press - to turn off or decrease the vibration
  • Press < and > to change to different vibration patterns
  • Press ~ to pair or repair the remote with Sync O
We-vibe Sync O remote controller

3. Connect to the free We-Vibe app:

In this way, you can reach the most control, even allowing a long-distance partner to sync up

  • Pairing: To activate pairing mode, press and hold the control button on Sync O for 5 seconds. After downloading the We-vibe app and opening it on your phone, it will guide you through the pairing process. Once paired successfully, Sync O will vibrate 3 times and the LED on the stop will stop flashing.
We-vibe Sync O app connection

In general, there are 7 modes to explore, including:

We-vibe Sync O app play modes
  • Play Mode: you can add another we-vibe toy and control it together with the Sync O
  • Single Mode: this is the mode that allows you to control the external and internal arms either together or separately.
  • Multi Vibe: you can pre-set 4 patterns of your like (these patterns can be chosen from the gallery) and Sync O will vibe based on your choice
  • Touch Mode: Simply draw on your screen and the Sync O will vibe along. Note that you can’t really change the intensity in this mode. But the faster the drawer, the faster it will vibe. I am not the biggest fan of this mode. But hey, it’s always good to have an extra option.
  • Beat Mode: Choose a song from your own list and the Sync O will vibe along the beats.
  • Playlist: This mode is not for songs, but for patterns. It’s possible to combine a list of customized patterns. It can be lengthy, exciting, and fully to your liking.
  • Ambient Mode: If you are confident about your vocals, this might be an interesting option. There are 3 parts – bass, midrange, and treble, and the vibrations will be based on your vocals.

Other than the 7 modes, you can also access the following functions via the We-vibe app.

We-vibe Sync O app setting
  • Check the remaining battery
  • A guide that shows how We-vibe Sync O works
  • Set up sleeping mode to save battery
  • Adjust the intensity so that the toy won’t be too intense for those of you having very sensitive clit.
  • Add one or multiple patterns to control your Sync O
We-vibe Sync O app long distance control

Please note that the Sync O can only be controlled by one method at a time, aka. either the remote or the app.

Usually, the toy is automatically repaired to the remote controller once you deactivate the app control.

Packaging & What’s in the Box?

We-vibe literally includes everything you need to get started.

Unboxing the Sync O revealed premium packaging with the following items:

  • The beautiful We-vibe Sync O vibrator (with 2-year warranty)
  • Remote
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual 
  • Safety Information
  • A cotton storage bag

My Experience with We-vibe Sync O

The design of Sync O caught my attention upon its launch and I was eager to give the toy a test run.

Getting set up took no time at all. The toy offers simple controls - a single button on the vibe lets you turn it on/off and cycle basic modes in a snap.

Even tech novices can start enjoying the Sync O out of the box, while the app and remote controller provide more advanced features when you're ready.

We-vibe Sync O package

What I like is that the smooth silicone and gentle contours make insertion easy – I barely used much lube, and it’s rather comfortable during wear.

Besides, the revolutionary o-shape ensures a custom fit; and it stayed secure yet felt much less bulky than rigid couples' rings such as Lelo Tiani and We-vibe Chorus.

My partner appreciated the flexibility too. He was able to thrust unencumbered while the Sync O worked its magic.

Please note that the vibration from the internal shaft feels weaker than the external one. It is designed this way so that the toy won’t take your attention away from your partner’s thrusting movement.

There’s no problem using the Sync O hands-freely, which is a big plus for solo masturbation, couple-sex, or BDSM sessions.

The toy produces a low hum when in operation and is rather discreet. The noise level is relatively low especially when inserted. It ranges from 45-60 decibels, which you likely can neglect during hot sex.

We-vibe Sync O noise

What I loved most was having my partner control the vibrations remotely through the app, which made our long-distance relationship feel much more intimate.

However, I do have to point out that a couple vibrator takes time to get used. My first couple vibe was We-vibe Sync.

As someone who wasn’t naturally fond of intense internal stimulation, I didn’t like it for a long time until I found the right way to enough.

Same for my partner, he felt it was weird having his shaft stimulated when doing the penetration.

We had to try many times before enjoying the beauty of a good couple vibe.

Since we’ve had experience with We-vibe Sync, we can love the Sync O from the first use.

However, I do have to point out that We-Vibe Sync O can pose some challenges for beginners when used during penetrative sex.

For some women, the internal arm felt too bulky and made positioning difficult.

Still, I'd highly recommend this toy if you have the patience to go through the learning process as it is one of the best couple vibrators in the market (I’m speaking from my experience after testing more than 20 different couple vibes).

Even if you end up not enjoying the penetrating part, it’s still a great toy for solo masturbation, teasing foreplay, and app-powered play with a partner - whether they're in the same room or miles away!

Speaking about app control, I have to point out that the We-vibe app is very handy to use and the connection is quite stable.

Besides, if you have more than one we-vibe toy, it's possible to control multiple toys at the same time. 

For example, your pattern can wear Vector+ while you are wearing Sync O. 

Or you can wear Sync O along with Ditto+ and enjoy vibrations on the clit, in the vagina, and the anal hole all at the same.

We-vibe app control two vibrators

Pros & Cons of We-vibe Sync O


  • Very flexible and adjustable
  • Rumbly vibration
  • App connectivity unlocks unlimited vibrations and playful modes
  • Toy stays put well
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Great for short and long-distance use


  • Can be too thick for comfortable penetration
  • The price point around $169 may be prohibitive for some budgets


Sync O is a fantastic toy for couples seeking a versatile toy that adds pleasure without getting in the way. It brings innovative and high-tech features to dual stimulation.

The thoughtful design and the adjustable O make it suitable for most types of vaginal anatomy.

But if you don’t enjoy girthy fulling G-spot penetration, this may not be a good toy for you while having penetrative sex.


Is We-vibe Sync O anal safe?

Sync O is designed for vaginal use. Even though it's relatively safe to insert in the butt hold thanks to the base, I wouldn't recommend it for anal use as it's effective.

Can you use We-vibe Sync O for public play?

It's a relatively quiet toy, comfortable to wear, and has an app-control feature. So, you can use it in public. However, please test before going out of your home. Also, please people can hear the humming sound if they are very close to you or if the place is very quiet. So, don't use it in places such as the subway or library.

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