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WE-VIBE TANGO & PLEASURE MATE Review: Powerful, But…

by Jane Louis
we-vibe tango pleasure mate review

Update 2021: We-vibe recently launched Tango X, which is an upgraded version of the Tango. The new version embraces some amazing improvements. Check my Tango X review to find out more! 🙂

We-Vibe Tango was launched in 2014 and since then, it has been women’s favorite bullet toy in the market. If you like to read sex toy reviews, you must have heard tons of nice reviews about this toy.

Indeed, Tango is powerful, rumbly, discreet, and I do agree with the fact that Tango is a great vibrator to own, but I think it’s as well important for you to know the drawbacks Tango has before purchasing it.


Tango is a powerful rechargeable bullet vibrator. In fact, it’s the strongest bullet vibrator in the current market. The design of this toy is really simple, but it gives deep, rumbly and pinpointing vibrations. This toy is 3.5 in/90 mm in length and 0.7 in/20 mm in width. It’s a perfect size carry everywhere, especially that Tango is quite light. Besides, it’s a fully waterproof toy, which means you are free to have some orgasmic experience in baths.

Despite being an almost-perfect vibe, there still are some drawbacks about Tango (see below).

we-vibe Tango size

DRAWBACKS OF TANGO (in my opinion)

Easy-to-lose Magnetic Charging Method

To charge your bullet, you will need to attach the USB cable to the magnetic charging cap then place the charging cap at the bottom of your Tango. After that, you need to plug your USB cable into the PC/Wall adaptor and leave it to charge initially for 90 minutes. Whilst the item is on charge the charging cap light will be lit up and once your bullet has fully charged the light on the cap will turn off.

You must charge your Tango on a very stable surface, otherwise, the connection part can be loosened. The magnetic base can easily get disconnected and you need to continually re-attach it to get it to keep charging.

The light will also turn off if it loses connection; when the light goes off I usually take it off and put it back on again just to ensure the connection wasn’t lost and it is indeed fully charged.

Tango has this ‘charge me’ reminder light, which blinks when the toy is with low battery and needs a charge. Fantastic concept! Yet it can be highly irritating. The toy just constantly blinks until you feed it that electrical charge that it so desires. If you leave it on your nightstand that little light will blink all night along.

Obviously, the pros of having the reminder light are that we can know when our Tango needs to rejuvenate and it won’t just conk out on us mid-orgasm. Well, the cons are that if you don’t want to get up and you leave Tango on your side table, it will continue to blink telling you to get up and charge it.

we-vibe Tango charging issue

Short Battery Life

It is advertised that Tango can last 2 hours after reach charging. However, it only lasts for around 45 minutes in real life. I wonder whether anyone has used it up to 2 hours or I just got a flawed product.

Anyhow, there is no problem if I am only aiming for one or two orgasms. But the short battery life really gets annoying when I want a binge night (If you know what I mean ;)).

Plastic Surface = Hardened Touch

Tango isn’t made of silicone, instead, it uses plastic. I do admit that the toy is made from body-safe ABS thermoplastic. However, the surface of Tango is not soft at all, which means it can be a bit aggressive when the toy touches your clitoris. I love the fact that Tango provides rumbly and powerful vibration, but I also need a velvety touch when it comes to my clit. I wish that We-Vibe could have added a silicone layer outside of the toy…

Just to be fair, I must mention that We-vibe did launch two silicone covers for TANGO and it’s called PLEASURE MATE. PLEASURE MATE is two silicone cases that are designed to fit TANGO so that Tango can be used as a G-spot vibrator and an Anal massager. (I will talk about the PLEASURE MATE in more details later).

I do like the concept of having the cases to turn one toy into three and I love the silicone touch against my skin. However, when using the case, it means you are turning Tango from a bullet vibrator into something that is not light and portable anymore.

We-vibe Pleasure Mate

With all these drawbacks being said, I still have to point out that Tango is quite an amazing product in the current market. It is an extremely powerful rechargeable and a fully waterproof bullet vibrator. As I am a power queen, Tango is one of my favorite bullets, despite having some flaws. I really hope that We-Vibe will update the Tango and fix all the iffy flaws.


🔶For those of you who have confidentiality concerns: If ordered directly from We-vibe’s official site, all toys are shipped in a plain brown box that shows “Standard Innovation” as the sender. And that is also what appears on the credit card statement.

The toy arrived in a cardboard box, discreetly. Upon opening the package, you’re greeted with a modernly designed box, with a picture of the item on the front of the box and a brief description of the item.

After opening the Tango box, you will see a plain white foam inlay to protect your newly purchased bullet vibe and a cardboard cover with the name ‘Tango’ displayed on it. Underneath this inlay, you have your USB charging cable, a white storage pouch, and your We-Vibe instruction manual.

If your newly purchased bullet is blinking at you from the box do not be alarmed, this is one of the features to show that it needs to be charged.

we-vibe Tango box

Safety Tips: Tango is made with ABS thermoplastic plastic, which in theory should enable you to use any type of lube. However, I would really avoid using silicone lube since the button to switch it on is made out of silicone. The instructions also advise against using silicone lube. I always use water-based lubricants. This is the safest way! 🙂


You can switch TANGO on by pressing the button at the bottom of the device (Where your magnetic charger goes). you simply press the button in and then let go. It has 8 different settings-the first four are continuous vibe, and they get stronger in vibrations as you go through; then 5 through 8 are different pattern vibrations.

To turn it off you simply hold the button in for two seconds.


we-vibe Tango vibration mode

I have to say it feels quite amazing. I am a power queen. When it comes to vibrations, I want it as powerful as possible. Well, I need it as powerful as possible in order to reach an intense orgasm. This item doesn’t disappoint in the slightest.

Besides, the pinpointed tip provides a very accurate simulation. The only thing I don’t like is that the TANGO is too strong that I can’t use it every day, otherwise, my clit can get sore.

Well, I don’t blame Tango for being so strong though ;).


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If you don’t like power and prefer your vibrations to be very mild, then Tango isn’t the bullet for you. Even on the lowest setting, it is still powerful.

For those of you who do like power then Tango is an essential item for your toy box. It is sleek, stylish, powerful, rechargeable and fully submersible in water. I personally love very strong vibrations. That’s why I keep this toy close to me ;).

To make sure that the Tango can be further and better used, I would also like to introduce the Tango Pleasure Mate Collection


PLEASURE MATE is a 3-in-1 collection, which includes the We-Vibe Tango (in white), the Glow, and the Dusk.

we-vibe pleasure mate collection

What is the GLOW?

We-vibe pleasure mate GLOWThe GLOW is a Pink G-Spot vibration case that has a curved kicked to help you easily find the G-spot in a smooth and ergonomic way.

The silicone layer is rather thick which provides a very firm hold whenever you are pushing the toy on your clit or thrusting it in your vagina.

Besides, the thick layered makes sure that you don’t have to worry about these vibrations can make your hands numb and buzzy.

You can also use the Glow without the Tango. In this case, it’s a nice-shaped and elegant dildo.

Personally, I like strongly pressed vibration for my G-spot.

Due to the fact that the case layer is a bit thick, I feel the internal vibration doesn’t satisfy me fully. That’s why I much prefer to use this as a dildo rather than a vibe, whilst using the Tango on my clit.

If you are someone who likes mild internal vibration, you will love the vibration. As mentioned, Tango is a very strong vibrator itself; sometimes, it is too strong for some women. So, when the Tango is covered by the GLOW, the vibration gets a lot more gentle.

What is the DUSK? (and Multiple Ways to Use it)

We-vibe pleasure mate duskThe DUSK is a black butt plug case that is especially great for beginners.

After you put the TANGO in the case hole, the bottom part will serve as a flared base so that the toy won’t get lost inside you.

This is a great toy for beginners to do anal exploration because Dusk is small and flexible. And it has a nice narrow part in the middle that will stay around the two circles of muscles right inside the anal opening. This makes sure that DUSK won’t irritate your anal hole too much.

Dusk is also designed a bit curved. So, if you have a prostate, Dusk will provide some nice prostate stimulation. If you don’t have a prostate, this toy will still feel good.

You can also use Dusk to get ready for other types of anal penetration and play.

Besides, you can put it in and pull it out right at the time when you are having an orgasm so that you can stimulate the nerve endings in around anus. Many people love this feeling and saying this enhance the orgasm intensity. So, feel free to give it a try if you haven’t experienced this.

What else can you do with the DUSK? this is rather my personal secret, so it may or may not work for you. I inserted the toy vaginally and somewhat got a hands-free clitoral orgasm. It felt amazing and since it’s hands-free, it somehow makes it even better – It also gives your pelvic muscles a hell of a workout. The shape and location of the vibe make it perfect for a snuggle with your clit and inevitable orgasms.

Safety Tips: All butt plugs must have a base to ensure that the toy won’t (accidentally) be stuck inside of your body and causing trouble to take it out. Unlike your vagina, the anal part is a one-way road. So, anything goes inside of it can go straightly deep inside.

we-vibe pleasure mate collection(Sizes for Tango, Glow, and Dusk)

What I don’t like about the PLEASURE MATE COLLECTION?

  • Why? why just one bullet?

As a couples kit, I think it’s really nice; my minor complaint is that there’s only one bullet, so essentially (If you’re going for vibrations) only one toy can be used at a time! This wasn’t so much a problem for me as I have two Tangos, but for those of you that aren’t as obsessed with the Tango as I am, it may bother you – Especially if one of you was using the Glow, whilst the other is using Dusk.

  • Not so smooth to remove the Tango from the cases

Sometimes, it’s a little difficult to remove the Tango from the cases. Your hands can get wet and slippery during sex (if you know what I mean ;)). Don’t try to remove the TANGO in that case because you won’t really manage to do it. You really need a good grip in order to remove the Tango from the cases, especially for the GLOW

  • The location of the vibe for the Dusk

What I found annoying about the butt plug was the location of the vibe, the vibrations don’t travel very well. You end up vibrating more the outer entrance of your anus inside of deep inside. Since it’s just a beginner case, I won’t complain too much about that.


We-vibe pleasure mate unboxThe package arrives discreetly as usually and the toy box is modernly designed.

Upon opening the PLEASURE MATE BOX, you will find the following things. Please note that the toy comes with 1-year warranty and We-vibe provides good after-sales customer service if you purchase it from their website.

  • Tango by We-Vibe (Which is the strongest mini vibrator in the market)
  • GLOW
  • DUSK
  • A magnetic USB cable for charging
  • White storage pouch
  • Multi-language instruction manual 

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If you are looking for a small, quiet, yet super powerful rumbly bullet vibrator, get the TANGO. Just the Tango itself will be enough. It will rock your sex life ;).

If you prefer a soft vibration touch on your clit and in your G-spot, get the PLEASURE MATE COLLECTION. The vibration may not be as strong as using the Tango solely, but it is still stronger than most of the products in the market

If you want to have a couple set that both you and your partner can use, get the PLEASURE MATE. Your partner may experience prostate stimulation for the first time thanks to this set ;).

If you’ve never used sex toy before. The PLEASURE MATE COLLECTION will be a perfect start. You can use the Glow as a dildo. You can put the Tango in the Glow, making it a vibrator. You can use the Tango directly, to get super intense vibration. You can put the Tango in the Dusk to experience gentle anal exploration, etc.

There’s just so many ways you can use this set. Totally worth every penny, not mentioning that We-Vibe products always come with premium quality. Enjoy! 🙂

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