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WE-VIBE TOUCH Review: Powerful Vibrations in a Unique Shape

by Jane Louis
We-vibe Touch Review

Update 2021: We-vibe recently launched Touch X, which is an upgraded version of the Tango. The new version embraces some amazing improvements. Check my Touch X review to find out more! 🙂

I can never get enough of a good vibrator. We-Vibe has always been one of my favorite companies because they produced so many amazing clitoral vibrators.

When seeing and touching the TOUCH for the first time, I was so excited because the texture of the toy is just so smooth and comfortable. And by looking at how it is designed (with an indent on the top and a flexible tip), I had a feeling that this toy would bring me a great orgasmic experience… The shape of the toy actually reminds me of my soft pear-shaped powder puff…

Well, turn out the Touch brought me more than just great orgasmic experience. It’s like OMG ;). Here is my review about this addicting clit puff.


Touch is a rechargeable clitoral stimulator from We-Vibe. This toy looks so simple, yet, it’s so powerful and well-designed. It finishes with seamless soft silicone and the vibrations from this toy are deep and rumblingWe-vibe really knows how to make good sex toys! It has been one of my favorite companies.

Touch is a true friend for having an ultimate orgasmic experience.


Design and Look

Touch is really lovely in design, rechargeable and has a beautiful matte purple finish.

Besides, it’s entirely made from medical grade skin-safe silicone and completely waterproof. The top tip of this toy is soft and flexible, which is really good for delicate skin tissues. Besides, the indent provides more surface area vibrations.

Touch is also quite firm and comfy to hold and it doesn’t make the palm numb when holding it during vibration.

It has a length of 3.9 in/101 mm, a width of 1.8 in/45 mm at its widest point and a circumference of around 4 in/10 mm. Just under the tip of TOUCH is an oval-shaped indent, which is the perfect size to cover my clitoris; the length of the indent is 1.2 in/ 30 mm with a width of 0.8 in/15 mm.

we-vibe touch size shape

Deep Rumbling Vibration

Despite the small size, the vibration is so powerful! And when pushing it against my clit area, it felt even better than the TANGO thanks to the soft silicone surface.

The shape of this toy is very special and it makes the toy fit so well for women’s anatomy. The oval-shaped indent makes sure that the Touch can cover more surface during the vibration. Besides, the soft and flexible tip provides some amazing pinpoint vibration. 

I can’t keep the pointed tip against my clit during orgasm, because it’s toooo strong and can get me a bit overwhelmed. Instead, I turn the toy a little bit and make the curved part continuously stimulate my clit during orgasm… that is beautifully amazing!

Fully Waterproof

If shower sex is your thing, the Touch can give you that whole experience. It’s fully waterproof which means it can be used in either the bath or shower which means, if you’re on your own, it can make that Sunday night hair wash a little more appealing!

Being waterproof also makes it far easier to clean and more hygienic. It can be cleaned thoroughly after each use with no worry of water damage.

we-vibe touch features


Consider the vibration strength Touch provides, it’s a fairly quiet toy. The noise on the highest settings can be noticeable, but it’s not roaring. you can simply cover the noise by having some music on.

Other Features

  • Rechargeable, with low power alert
  • 8 vibration modes
  • 1-button pleasure control


Using TOUCH couldn’t be simpler; There is only 1 button for this toy, which locates at the bottom (Where your magnetic charger goes). You simply press this button in and then let go, and this toy will be activated. 

It has 8 different settings. The first four are continuous vibration and it gets stronger as you go through. Then, 5 through 8 are different pattern vibrations.

You just keep pressing the button to scroll through the different modes until you find the one that fits your perfects. I personally always prefer continuous vibration, at the highest level ;). To turn the Touch off, just hold the button in for two seconds.

Here is a visual demonstration about the 8 modes and how to control the Touch by We-vibe:

We-vibe touch control modes


This is another toy comes with magnetic charging. If you read my TANGO review, you know how much I dislike this type of magnetic charging

The item easily disconnects itself from the charger (a slight touch can move it) and I had to keep fiddling with it to get it to continue charging. Personally, I think this is due to the weight of the Touch and how strong the magnets are to keep them connected.

Whilst your Touch is being charged, a light will appear on the charger, the light will stay lit until it has stopped charging. Due to the temperamental charging facility, I’d recommend that once the light has gone out you reconnect it; this will ensure that it’s fully charged and didn’t just disconnect itself.

Again much like the Tango, Touch has a ‘Charge me’ light that will flash when it needs to be charged. Unlike a lot of rechargeable toys that will only flash red when it needs charging whilst in use; the Touch will flash a yellow blinking light until you put it on charge. If you leave it on your nightstand it will flash constantly until you get up and charge it.

I both love and hate this feature. I love it because I always forget to charge my toys, so whilst I’m in the middle of using something it will just die on me; which means I’d either have to put it on charge and wait, find something else OR do a DIY job which well is a lot more effort than I’d originally planned – I have never forgotten to put my Touch on charge with this feature. I hate it because it is flipping well annoying, it will annoy the crap out of you until you jump up and charge it – I feel like it’s threatening me to charge it.

we-vibe touch charging

Initially, you will need to charge this for around 90 minutes before you can use it. This 90-minutes seemed to take forever! For two reasons, the first being because I had to keep checking to make sure it was still charging and the second reason because it feels so silky smooth that I was dying to try it out.


🔶For those of you who have confidentiality concerns: If ordered directly from We-vibe’s official site, all toys are shipped in a plain brown box that shows “Standard Innovation” as the sender. And that is also what appears on the credit card statement.

The packaging for this vibe is very similar to We-Vibe TANGO which I reviewed not too long ago.

It comes in a cardboard box which looks very nice; it has a picture of the item on the front of the box and a brief description of the item. Upon opening the box you’re greeted with a plain white foam inlay to protect your newly purchased silicone vibe and a cardboard cover with the name ‘Touch’ displayed on it.

Underneath this inlay, you have your Touch (with a 1-year warranty), the USB charging cable, a white protective bag, and your We-Vibe instruction manual.

We-vibe touch box


The Touch is made from silicone which has a lovely silky finish; as such I would recommend that you use a good quality water-based lubricant, as a Silicone lubricant may damage the finish. Using lubricant with this toy does make it feel so much better!

It is fully submersible in water making it not only usable in the bath or shower but also so easy to clean. You can either clean it in warm soapy water and give it a rinse off, or just spray with a sex toy cleaner and rinse off. Once dry, pop it in the included storage bag.


Well firstly, this toy feels amazing; seriously amazing! It is made from silicone which has a somewhat silky matte finish; it doesn’t seem to drag across your skin and just sends shivers down my spine before I’ve even turned on the vibrations.

Secondly the shape, I love the shape and the size of the Touch. It is perfect to hold in the palm and my palm doesn’t feel numb when the Touch is vibrating.

Touch provides such deep and rumbling vibrations. It’s just divine. During vibration, I like to put the pinpointing tip on my clit while keeping the indent touch my labia, in this way, I can take care of both of the sweet spots.

My partner “forbid” me to use the Touch during foreplay, because this magical thing brings me orgasms too easily.

Except for the magnetic charger that can easily get disconnected, I really don’t have any complaints about this toy.


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I do really like the Touch; I love the silky smooth way it feels gliding across my skin and the shape is great. It has an oval-shaped indent just below the tip which feels fantastic when placed over your clitoris, giving you more surface area vibrations, and the tip itself provides direct stimulation for those that want it.

The shape makes it perfect to hold, it isn’t uncomfortable in any way, it’s also perfect for massages; everything about this just feels so luxurious.

If you don’t like strong vibrations, then this isn’t the toy for you; even on its lowest vibration setting it still is quite strong. But for those of you who can’t adore powerful and rumbly vibrations, then it is a perfect addition to the toy boxes.

In the Touch Vs Tango debate that seems to happen, I have to say it’s a tight flight. Both of them have amazing vibrations. I love Tango as the vibrations are more pinpoint, however, Touch provides a smoother and silkier touch against the skin.

Up to you to choose ;).

signature Jane L

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