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WE-VIBE VECTOR Review: How is This High-Tech Prostate Massager?

by Lucas Andersen
vector wevibe review

I always thought ladies had it better. The ability to have multiple hands-free orgasms meant their experience was a whole lot better than ours. It was something I had made peace with until I came across the We-Vibe Vector then everything changed.

I, together with most of the guys out there, get squirmy when the topic of anal penetration comes up so I was reluctant at first, not knowing what to expect.

Several guys were out there attesting to the intensity of the “Super-O” (the orgasms from stimulating the P-spot) after overcoming their fears so I couldn’t help but try it out. It almost rewrote everything I thought I knew about male orgasms.

Wanna know the best part about it? Check out my experience to find out!

vector by wevibe

The We-Vibe Vector is a sex toy that falls under prostate massagers. Prostate massagers, commonly known as anal dildos, plugs, male g-spot or p-spot massagers are anal toys designed to stimulate the prostate gland.

The prostate gland is a very sensitive spot a few inches inside the anus so these toys provide targeted sensations.

The We-Vibe Vector features a rounded head for better stimulation and a tapered tip to assist in insertion. Apart from these, it has the following features.


1. Flexible & Comfortable Design

The We-Vibe Vector features a unique design that looks like one of those old gaming remote controllers.

This means it is not quite discreet and people may be able to point it out if you do not conceal it safely in the included pouch.

It is made entirely out of smooth body-safe silicone to ensure it doesn't latch on to the skin as you insert.

It has two parts: the top part (which would have been the joystick to the old gaming controller) is the insertable part and measures 4 inches (10.16cm).

It is flexible and adjustable to conform to different positions.

The flared bottom part is firm but flexible. The girth is 3.5 inches (8.9cm) at the top of the head and reduces as you move towards the base to ensure it doesn't slip out as you use, or walk with it.

These dimensions place it on the smaller side of prostate massagers so you will have no trouble inserting it.

wevibe vector flexible

2. Intuitive App and Fast Connectivity

There are three ways to control the We-Vibe Vector: using the button on the base, using the remote control, or through the We-Connect app.

The remote control has 4 buttons on it and it allows you to change the vibration modes and intensity from a distance of 3 meters.

The We-Connect app is available in all platforms and gives you more control over the vibrations.

You can connect to it via the app either through Bluetooth if you are in the same room, or via the internet if you are a distance apart.

There is no limit to how far from your partner you have to be for her to give you that super O.

Once you sync with the toy, you are no longer limited to the stock patterns. You can create your own for the ideal experience.

What’s more, it allows you to control each of the motors on the unit separately: the one in the insertable part and the one in the base.

I had some problems with the app disconnecting over and over until I noticed the battery indicator at the top left corner of the app.

Turns out the app disconnects when the We-Vibe Vector is low battery.

3. Rumbly Vibrations

Thanks to the adjustable head, the We-Vibe Vector hits just the right spot.

The presence of two motors on the head and base allow it to stimulate both the p-spot and the perineum at the same time.

You have ten default vibration settings to pick from but I doubt you will reach the fourth before climaxing. The one that works for me is detailed in the “my experience” section.

4. Stable Charging and Low-Battery Alert

We-Vibe Vector uses magnetic charging and takes about 90 minutes to fully charge.

Mine came with an almost full battery so I took it for a spin right away.

However, I do not recommend this (I was just too anxious to wait any longer).

You should charge it to a full battery once you open the package to protect the battery.

The function I like a lot is that this toy comes with Low battery alert.

This totally prevent any mood-killing surprise. Imagine you get it all inserted and then no battery... that could be disappointing, right?

wevibe vector charging

5. Waterproof

The use of magnetic charging makes the We-Vibe Vector completely waterproof. You can carry it with you to the shower or submerge it in water as you clean it with no damage.

6. Noise level

We-Vibe Vector is quite silent. If you and your partner like to get a little naughty in public, even in the relatively silent restaurants, it is barely audible.


The package includes detailed instructions that will guide you through setting it up.

It is pretty intuitive though: the buttons at the bottom are to turn it on and cycle through the ten vibration functions and you and your partner are required to have the app if you want to control it from a distance.

To use it properly, especially if it is your first time experimenting with anal toys as it was for me, make sure you are in the right position.

You can choose to bend over with your body leaning on a bed or couch or lie on your back with legs bent over or raised.

Once you are ready, apply a good amount of lube on it and around your anus for it to easily slide in.

Go slow and steady if it is your first time.

You can then scroll through the vibrations till you find the one that works for you.

As you are using it, you can try one of two tricks I learned to take you closer to orgasm.

The first is pressing it hard against your body so you can feel the vibrations firmly and the second is to clench and release your muscles, allowing the We-Vibe Vector to move with your body.


Cleaning can't be simpler for vector. As it's seamless and fully waterproof, you can just throw it into soap warm water, rinse it, dry it and that's it!

As it's quite necessary to use lube with this toy, you must choose water-based lubricant only, other types of lube can permanently damage the silicone surface. 


My toy was shipped directly from the We-vibe store. 

The package arrived discreetly. The box of the toy already speaks half for its outstanding quality. 

Upon opening the box, you will find the following things:

wevibe vector unbox
  • Vector Remote control vibrating prostate massager
  • Wireless remote control
  • Magnetic USB cable (USB power adapter is not included)
  • Satin storage bag
  • Lube sample from Pjur (2ml)
  • Multi-language user manual


After doing away with my fear and ordering the We-Vibe Vector, I couldn’t help but fidget around the house waiting for its delivery.

It was a brand new experience and my impatience increased with every passing moment.

So when it arrived, I was glad it was partially charged so I took it for a spin immediately.

I was already slightly horny but as I came to realize later, you don’t have to be to use it.

I lay flat on the bed (I didn’t even connect it to the app first.

Felt like it was wasting time) and applied the sample lube included in the package on it and around my anus.

As it was my first time, it took some head adjustment and a couple of positions to slide it in. Subsequent uses have been much easier to insert.

After it was in place and I switched it on, it didn’t do anything for me and I thought this was a bad buy.

I just heaved and inaudibly cursed as I switched through the vibration modes using the remote control.

Turns out relaxing is all I needed to get me started.

It was subtle at first, and the feeling was completely alien for me.

With normal sex toys, the feeling is usually concentrated around my groin but for this one, it was so intense that I could feel the blood rushing through my body.

I switched the vibrations up as things got hotter and pressed the base against my perineum.

Now, I do not know if there is a name for the feeling as I came but I highly doubt it.

Wave after wave smashed into my groin and washed over my body as I felt every part of my body react.

I just lay there in shudders as the We-Vibe Vector vibrated away inside me, lengthening the feeling until I slid it out of me.

I was sweating all over when I thought “I am never leaving this bed again.”

wevibe vector look

My partner has a way with toys, and I love every new vibration pattern she comes up with.

Before we got to creating custom patterns, we tried all the default combos (from the gentle massage to the intense vibrations) and I opted for the pulse.

If I only knew the “don’t go near my ass” policy made me miss out on so much…

And do you know what the best part about orgasms from a hands-free toy is? They last much longer than I ever thought possible.

What's more, You are ready to go again immediately!




Average Score

Design & Features (comfortable to insert, waterproof, etc.)


viBRATION (strong & rumbly)


VERSATILITY (app control & customizable)


Value for Money


Orgasm Rate



  • Adjustable head and flexible base
  • Strong & rumbly vibration
  • Easy-to-use App control
  • Waterproof
  • Stable Connection
  • Long battery life


  • A bit pricey

VERDICT: Open Yourself to New Sensation 

Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, “Only the unknown frightens men. But once a man has faced the unknown, that terror becomes the known.”

If you have made a conscious decision to never let stuff up your butt, it is quite fine. But if only you knew how intense and long-lasting these orgasms are, you will take the leap.

Wondering how Vector operates and how loud it can be? Click "Watch on Youtube" to see the demo I created:

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Ralph November 12, 2021 - 12:48 pm

I have one question about the We-vibe Vector that was not completely covered in your review. How long does the battery last during play time?

Thanks, Ralph

Jane Louis November 16, 2021 - 6:54 am

Hello Ralph, the run time is up to 2 hours. From my experience, it lasts less time (around 1-1.5 hours) if you use app control.

SISSY CISTER February 18, 2022 - 3:34 pm


Jane Louis February 20, 2022 - 11:48 am

Hello Sissy, sorry to hear that! Did you contact We-vibe support as it is still within warranty time?

Jessica December 14, 2022 - 7:20 pm

Is the we-vibe vector JUST for male user or can female’s user it as well?

Jane Louis December 15, 2022 - 4:50 am

Hi Jessica, woman can use it. In my opinion, the main motor for anal part is good for all genders especially if you are looking for a not-intimidating toy. It’s just the second motor for perineum isn’t that useful for female users.

Tumurbator March 23, 2024 - 8:35 am

I want him

Jane Louis May 2, 2024 - 4:23 pm

There’s a new version of Vector now. Go get him 🙂


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