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We-vibe Verge vs. Lovense Diamo: Which Cock Ring is Better?

by Lucas Andersen
we-vibe verge vs lovense diamo review

We-vibe and Lovense are two of my favorite brands when it comes to high-tech sex toys. 

I recently discovered that both companies launched cock rings. 

As a woman, I know cocks and rings well, but cock rings are out of my reach. 

Therefore, I turned to my male friends for help, and this review is based on their experience. 

There are two types of cock rings in the market - stretchable ones (such as Lelo Tor 2 and We-vibe Pivot) and non-stretchable ones. 

Both Verge and Diamo are non-stretchable cock rings. Theoretically, this type should be easier to put on and take off as the loop usually is bigger and should fit all sizes. 

we-vibe verge vs lovense diamo look

Left to right: Diamo & Verge

But is that really the case? Also, do these two cock rings really give men stronger and longer erections? Which one performs better? Let's dive in!

What is We-vibe Verge and Lovense Diamo?

Both Verge and Diamo are app-controllable vibrating cock rings. They both are wearable, rechargeable, and 100% waterproof

Both cock rings have curved shapes, which aim to stimulate both the penis and the perineum area.

If positioned at the right angle, you can enjoy the whole process hands-freely!

we-vibe verge vs lovense diamo waterproof

Left to right: Diamo & Verge

1. Design & Size Differences

Both Diamo and Verge are made of medical-grade silicone. Verge's silicone surface is smoother while Diamo's is softer.

Verge is in slate (aka. blue-grey) color. It's stylish and easy to clean. Diamo is in black.

For some reasons, black-colored silicone attracts dust so easily, which means it's harder to keep the toy neat.

The internal circle of the Diamo ring measures 1.75in (44.51mm), which is similar to the one for Verge (1.74in /44mm).

Total length of the Diamo is 5.24 in (133mm), which is around 0.75in (20mm) longer than the Verge.

we-vibe verge vs lovense diamo size

Unless you have a huge penis, the size of the loop should fit perfectly.

I tested Verge and Diamo on regular-sized and girthy dildos, and it was quite smooth to slide in both of the cock rings. 

we-vibe verge vs lovense diamo holes

Both Verge and Diamo have flexible loops, which means you can squeeze the toy from all angles. The flexibility really helps when you try to include your balls inside.

lovense diamo how to wear

But please note that neither of the toys is stretchable. So, you'd better measure your penis and balls before getting any of these cock rings. 

Diamo's perineal arm is significantly longer, which means it can reach broader and further areas. 

Besides, there are dotted designs on Diamo's perineal end. This helps to intensify the sensation when the ring is vibrating. 

2. Different Sensation & Vibration Strength

Both Diamo and Verge have 10 pre-set vibration modes, but the vibration intensity is rather different. 

Diamo embraces an extremely strong motor and the vibration is so intense that my hands feel a bit numb when holding it. It's purely amazing.

Vibration from Verge is rumbly as well, but it's more on the gentle side and is definitely weaker than Diamo. 

Will your penis appreciate gentle or intense vibration? 

3. Different Noise Levels

Neither Diamo nor Verge are loud. When putting these two toys together, Diamo is a bit louder. 

I think it is due to the fact Diamo has stronger vibrations. 

we-vibe verge vs lovense diamo noise

Up to down: Diamo & Verge

4. Similar Charging & Different Battery Life

It takes 90 mins to charge Verge, and then you can use it for up to 2 hours. 

Diamo has a more powerful battery - it takes around 70 mins to get fully charged, and the battery will last 2.5-3 hours.

Both Diamo and Verge use magnetic USB charging systems. This type of charging cable can be used anywhere in the world - no need to worry about voltage issues.

There isn't much difference when it comes to the cable. If I am being very picky, I can say that the magnet from We-vibe is stronger, so it holds more steadily when in charge. 

we-vibe verge vs lovense diamo charging

Left to right: Diamo & Verge

5. App Functions & Connectivity

Both Diamo and Verge come with a free app, which enables you to control the toys from anywhere in the world.

The one for Diamo is called Lovense Remote. It is the best remote-control sex toy app, in my opinion. 

You can customize patterns and intensities with the app. You can sync the vibration with sounds or music.

You can even set an alarm and wake up with some vibrations. 

Besides, Lovense also makes sure their devices work well for web-cam workers.

The app for Verge is called We-connect. It also includes basic functions such as customizing patterns and sync vibration to music. 

The interface for We-connect is quite simple, and it's intuitive to figure out how to use the app.

If you are adventurous, you can even give the control power to your partners. 

Both companies claim that their toys have stable connectivity while in use. From my experience, the one for Lovense is way more stable.

we-vibe verge vs lovense diamo app control

Left to right: Diamo & Verge

6. Packaging & What's in the Box?

Both Diamo and Verge have simple and compact packages. 

Upon opening the box, I noticed that We-vibe included a lubricant sample, which is a must-have for male toys. 

There's no lube in Diamo's package. However, Lovense included a storage bag. 

Below are the exact items included in each package: 

we-vibe verge vs lovense diamo unbox



Final Words

Now that you know the differences between We-vibe Verge and Lovense Diamo, which one do you prefer? Do you plan to use it for solo masturbation or couple sex? 

Please share your stories with me. I am curious to know :).

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J October 18, 2023 - 6:28 am


Thank you for this wonderful comparison! I’m really torn choosing between getting myself a Lovense Diamo or a We-vibe Verge. In terms of stimulating and targeting the perineum area as my main criteria, who does it better in your opinion?


Jane Louis October 23, 2023 - 5:18 am

Hello J, I would recommend Lovense Diamo. My partner said the Diamo is longer and thicker, and can better target the perineum area. At least that’s the case for him.


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