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Womanizer Classic 2 Review: Is This Clit Stimulator Worth Buying?

by Jane Louis
womanizer classic 2 review

If you are looking for a classic clit sucker that guarantees a good orgasm, the Womanizer Classic 2 can be a good bet.

It is the type of well-designed toy that offers women that fleeting moment of ecstasy and the chance for a happy ending.

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Amazing Suction for a Big O

Classic 2 is a beginner-friendly clit stimulator that focuses on the highly sensitive clits without ever applying too much pressure to avoid over sensitization.

It’s excellent for sexy time on your own or with someone else without ever getting in the way. Its highly customizable 10 intensity levels offer an ideal range for almost everyone.

What is a Womanizer Classic 2?

The Classic 2 is one of Womanizer’s newest models. It’s a slim suction toy with revolutionary Pleasure Air Technology encased within an unassuming package. 

This new model offers ten levels of contactless suction intensity, from a gentle whispering touch to more rigorous lovemaking. 

Along with 2-sized switchable suction heads and an exclusive afterglow function, Classic 2 will bring you to the moon in the most effortless way.

womanizer classic 2

Key Features of Classic 2

1. Slim Body & Ergonomic Curve

The head of Classic 2 is made of medical-grade silicone while the body part is done with a combination of ABS and silicone, both are free from phthalates, BPA, or latex.

It is not the most compact clit sucker, but still a rather portable toy, as it weighs no more than 110g, somewhat as light as an average-sized apple

The toy measures 148 mm x 48 mm x 35 mm and comes in Bordeaux and Black colors.

womanizer classic 2 size

The sensual and slim design of the Classic 2 fits comfortably in the hand like an old friend, one you’ll want to handle again and again. 

Thanks to the portable design, the model slips into a pocket or purse for easy carry anywhere you go.

2. Two-size Silicone Heads

Most clit suction toys only come with a one-size-fit-all suction head, which can be challenging for women having above or below average-sized clit. 

Well, no two women’s clits are the same, so, the Classic 2 includes two different-sized heads for different sizes of clitorises.

womanizer classic 2 suction heads

3. Rather Quiet When in Use

The Classic 2 claims to have a whisper-quiet operation that allows you to feel its power secretly and discreetly, whether in bed with your bed buddy or in a more public setting.

By “quiet”, I meant that you can use it without getting disturbed by the suction sound, however, you should still be cautious if you have a thin wall. 

After all, it’s a powerful toy, the motor operation noise can be more noticeable, especially when it’s not attached to your skin. 

womanizer classic 2 noise

4. 10 Unforgettably Intense Suction Sensation

The slim and ergonomic design delivers an outsized presence that matches whatever your mind conjures, scalable to any dream.

The intensity and pressure range ten different settings, whether you massage yourself or let autopilot take control.

The amazing thing about Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology is that it’s blissfully pleasurable, but not overwhelming.

Also, the contactless air suction will not over-stimulate your clit even if you plan to have multiple O in a row. 

5. Fully Waterproof

You can bring this toy everywhere, whether to bathtub, pool, jacuzzi or the beach, with friends or alone. 

Wherever the wet play you are planning, it won’t let you down. 

Imagine Womanizer Classic 2 in the bath with a glass of white wine and some meditation music on the speaker – that’s the kind of ultimate relaxation.

womanizer classic 2 waterproof

6. Long-Lasting Battery

Classic 2 is one of the very few clit suction toys I’ve owned that can last almost 3 hours after each charge. 

The battery quality is simply impressive. 

It usually only takes me 5-10 mins to get a good O with this toy. Therefore, I can keep using it for weeks after a single charge.

7. NEW “Afterglow” Function

This is a brand-new function Womanizer added exclusively to this model. 

Basically, it means that by quick-pressing the power button, the Classic 2 can quickly revert to the lowest intensity, which enables a relaxing end to an orgasm.

How to Use Classic 2 by Womanizer?

The trick about a clit stimulator is that you need to find the perfect angle

When searching for the angle, I suggest turning the toy on level 1 intensity, which means the stimulation is gentle so that you can test different angles and positions without “hurting” your sweet spot. 

womanizer classic 2 box

If your clit is small and/or hidden behind the labia skin, then it’s better to apart the labia before attaching the suction head to your clit. 

Once you find a good angle, envelop the clitoris with the stimulator head, lightly pressing down to ensure a tight seal. 

For first-time users and/or people who have sensitive clit, I suggest applying some water-based lube on the suction head because clit suction toys can be too intense to some women and lube can create a good buffer to help you get used to the sensation

Also, if you feel the default suction head doesn’t give the optimal fit, you can try the extra one, which is slightly bigger for the opening. 

It’s quite intuitive to operate the Classic 2. There are 3 buttons – Power, ‘+’ and ‘-’  

womanizer classic 2 control buttons
  • Press the Power button for 2 seconds to either switch on/off the toy
  • Press ‘+’ and ‘-‘ to switch among 10 different intensity levels. The intensity is increased/decreased by one level for each press
  • To use the “Afterglow” feature, you need to press the Power button shortly and then it will fall back to the lowest intensity

How to Charge Classic 2?

To charge the toy, you will need to connect the magnetic pin to the toy and connect the USB side to a suitable USB connection, such as a PC or an adaptor. 

It takes 2 hours to fully charge the toy. Once it’s charged, it will run for up to 180 mins (3 hours).

womanizer classic 2 charge

The Classic 2 has 3 LEDs. They not only display when you are switching among different patterns, but are also a good indicator for the battery-charging process.

The LED flashes quickly when Classic 2 is half charged and it flashes slowly when it’s nearly discharged. Once the toy is fully charged, LED will light up continuously. 

Packaging & What’s in the Box

Shipping is fast and discreet if ordered from Womanizer's official website and they do international shipping. 

There are some improvements in the box design compared to older models – fewer plastics are used and it’s more recyclable now! 

After opening the box, I find the following items: 

womanizer classic 2 unbox
  • Womanizer classic 2 clitoral stimulator
  • A magnetic USB charging cable (AC adaptor not included) 
  • An extra stimulation head
  • User Manual 
  • Safety instructions 
  • A cotton storage bag

My Experience with Womanizer Classic 2

My new Womanizer Classic 2 was delivered by a muscular man wearing tight brown shorts one afternoon, which prompted me to whip out my old model for a quick session on the living room couch.

Luckily, I had the house to myself. I charged it fully after taking it out of the box since I plan to use it at least 10 times before writing this review.

I like the fact that Classic 2 has a wide range of intensity choices – from level 1 all the way up to Level 10 — a power-pounding from behind by some stranger you met by chance one summer in Venice.

The default silicone head works perfectly for my clit size and it ensures a total surrounding of your clitoris with air pressure and suction for a no-contact massage.

womanizer classic 2 design

The sensation from these air puffs is divine, but not overwhelming. It reminded me how a good clitoris orgasm sound be.

Once you find your optimal angle and intensity, this toy allows you to forget the manual mechanics of clitoral stimulation and just release yourself into the experience.

I am very familiar with clit stimulation toys, that’s why I succeeded in climaxing in just a few minutes — a quickie.

Using it by myself, I had plenty of time, but it was a totally different feeling when using it during couple sex for foreplay

When my partner finished work, I was curious to test how the Classic 2 can work within a couple.

I’ll admit I was a little nervous about whether it would perform the same way, and I’d come in five minutes.

What a worry to have! My partner assured me that if that happened, there would definitely be round two.

From the first round, the toy got me super wet and my partner hence can get inside of me very smoothly during round two. My partner commented on what a good idea to include a sex toy!

womanizer classic 2 storage bag

I recently had a vacation and packed the Classic 2 with me.

There was one day I had a rendezvous at the beach. I am a dedicated reviewer, so, I brought the Classic 2 in my tote. 

My friends and I arrived separately one by one at a hotel near the shore for an out-of-town get-together on the last long weekend of an Indian summer.

Since I was the first to arrive, I went down to the beach and sat on the sand with a view of the long strip. Men and women walked hand in hand.

Families played together in the surf. Teenagers in long shorts and bikinis flirted in small circles, holding plastic cups. Above, seagulls soared in circular patterns to complete the vista.

Discreetly, I slipped the wine-red Womanizer Classic 2 between my legs and began to massage myself while watching the others.

I turned the intensity to Level 3 and let the autopilot massage my clitoris, trying to look passively bored and content.

Now Level 4 and then quickly to 5. I closed my eyes for a while and lost myself deep in pleasure, the sun hitting my face and warming my body amidst the shouts and exhortations and the pounding of the surf.

Naturally, I imagined myself getting pounded. Level 6. The orgasm I chased frantically in a dream but never caught.

Until now. I’m totally addicted and look forward every day to handling this amazing toy. I’m never disappointed.

Why didn’t I go for a level 10? Well, the operation noise was still discreet until level 6, then it can get a bit noisy and I worry other people around may hear me. 

womanizer classic 2 packaging

In general, I really like this new model, my only complaint is that it’s a bit loud

I think it’s actually a bit louder than its predecessor thought Womanizer told me it didn’t really change the type of motor they embedded in the toy.

Womanizer Classic 2 vs. Womanizer Classic

womanizer classic 2 vs classic

The Womanizer Classic 2 improves over the older Classic with a more ergonomic design and greater adjustment of speed and intensity.

The Classic 2 features two added intensity levels and introduces a brand-new feature, Afterglow

Based on customer feedback, Womanizer’s product development team introduced this feature so that users can quickly go back down to the lowest intensity level post-orgasm by pressing the power button briefly. 

The Classic 2 has also been released in new colors and features a soft-touch body and silicone buttons compared with the harder ABS plastic of the previous model.

If you are environmentally conscious, the new packaging for Classic 2 features significantly reduced plastic when compared with the packaging for old models.

The Womanizer Classic 2 not only improves upon its former iteration but also on some of the competitors, such as Lelo Sona and Twitch

With no-contact air pressure and a tight seal, the model, though intense, doesn’t irritate the sensitive nerve endings or wear down your resolve to go again and again.





148  x 48  x 35 mm

148 x 48 x 35 mm


110 g

110 g


Black, Bordeaux



silicone heads;

ABS + silicone body

(more silicone is used for softer touch)

silicone heads;

ABS + silicone body

Silicone heads

2 (S/M);


2 (S/M);


Number of Vibration Settings



Charge Time

120 mins

120 mins

Run Time

180 mins

180 mins


USB Rechargeable

5-year Warranty

Afterglow Feature


Storage bag


(cotton bag)


(satin bag)

Noise level

max. 50-60 dB

(A bit louder)

max. 50 dB

Review Summary: Pros & Cons



Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)


STIMULATION (Intense suction)









  • Strong and intense suction stimulation 
  • Soft-touch surface
  • A wide range of choice (10 levels)
  • 100% waterproof
  • Long battery life (3 hours)


  • A bit noisy


The Womanizer Classic 2 is the toy that allows you to relive or experience the carnal touch of those deep-seated desires. 

I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good clitoris orgasm because the toy has the propensity for stimulating thousands of clitoris nerve endings by directing airflow without even touching the delicate organ. 


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