WOMANIZER DUO Review: A Great Gift for Your Clit and G-Spot (2019)

by Jane Louis
Womanizer Duo review

Womanizer launched a new product! This time, it is the Womanizer Duo, an air clitoral stimulator and G-Spot vibrator!

Recently, Womanizer and We-vibe teamed up to make new legends for the sex toy industry.  These are two of my favorite companies – We-vibe really knows what strong and rumbly vibration is and Womanizer takes care of women’s clits with the most well-done air suction.

I got the Womanizer Duo right after it’s launch (April 2019). How can I resist a toy that can bring pleasure to my two sweet spots – clit & G-spot! And below is my honest review of this newly-launched product. 


Womanizer Duo is a newer version of the popular Womanizer InsideOut. It is more than just a sex toy. The Duo can arouse new and mind-blowing feelings thanks to the dual stimulation to the clit and the G-spot.


Design and Look

Appearance: Womanizer Duo is made from velvet smooth silicone almost in its entirety. It is hypoallergenic and medical-grade silicone, which stands for the highest quality in the field. The only part that is not silicone-based is the decoration gold shiny curve on the top, which was made from ABS plastic.

Color: Duo comes with two color options to choose from, which are Black Gold or Bordeaux 

Size: Total Length: 8″ (20.3 cm), Insertable length: 3″(7.6 cm), Width: 4.7″(11.9 cm), Insertable width: 1.3″(3.3 cm).

Flexible G-spot Arm: DUO has a truly ergonomic design which can fit any vagina’s shape. Thanks to the flexible G-spot arm, there’s no concern regarding the angel for insertion. You can enjoy dual stimulation with ease and comfort.

womanizer duo flexible Gspot arm

Air Suction & Vibration

DUO is equipped with dual motors, one for clit stimulation and another for G-spot vibration.  The clitoris stimulation part is based on the innovative Pleasure Air™ Technology, which gives phenomenal and addicting orgasms. As the stimulation comes from touch-free air puffs, you clit WON’T feel over-stimulated even after long-time stimulation. This means you are free to enjoy multiple orgasms in a row.

The G-spot vibrator is based on the powerful motor from We-vibe, which provides strong and rumbly vibration that no other brands can compete.

Pleasure At Your Choice

Both functions, vibration and Pleasure Air™ Technology, can be controlled independently or turned on together. For example, you can start with vaginal stimulation at the beginning with the rumbly vibration and switch on clitoral stimulation later.

DUO provides 12 intensity levels for clitoral stimulation and 12 intensity levels for G-spot stimulation, which offers way more progressive options than other products in the market.

Besides, if you are into pattern play, you can choose from 10 vibration modes that will get you going with indescribable pleasure.

in a nutshell, there are endless choices to your experimentation when playing with the DUO.

womanizer duo function

Quiet and Discreet Play

DUO comes with the innovative Smart Silence™ Technology, which means the toy only starts when it first comes into contact with your skin and will turn off automatically when the toy is removed from the body.

Thanks to the Smart Silence™ function, you will be able to have the most discreet orgasmic experience.

Long Battery Life

After each charge, the Duo can run for up to 2 hours, though this magic toy can take you to a climax in just a few minutes. The Duo is equipped with a USB cord with magnetic charging pins and can be easily changed in a short period of time.


Are you up for wet pleasure? If shower sex is your thing, then Duo can give you that whole experience. It’s fully waterproof which means it can be used in either the bath or shower which means, if you’re on your own, it can make that Sunday night hair wash a little more appealing!

Being waterproof also makes it far easier to clean and more hygienic. It can be cleaned thoroughly after each use with no worry of water damage.

womanizer duo waterproof


The Womanizer DUO has a few new functions in comparison to the InsideOut:

1. It will come with SMART SILENCE™: The Womanizer DUO turns on automatically whenever it is placed close to your skin and off when you take it away – for your discreet uninterrupted pleasure.

2. It combines We-Vibe and Womanizer technology: Shape and motor of the DUO were taken from two We-Vibe products: The Rave gives the internal simulator its shape, the Nova sponsored the powerful motor and the vibration patterns.

3. It will have updated control buttons: Womanizer took the feedback from our customers and improved the controlling panels on the toy. It has an extra power button and the buttons have an icon that will make it clear, whether you’re controlling internal or external stimulation.

4. The length of the G-spot arm is a bit shorter while the G-spot head is a bit enlarged: Womanizer company cares about user experience! After receiving feedback saying that many women experienced difficulty to reach the clit after the insertion, Womanizer upgraded this part through shortening the length of the G-spot arm. Along with that, the G-spot head is bigger now so that it can better hit your sweet spot.

womanzier duo size difference


➡️For those of you who have confidentiality concerns:
1) If ordered in US or Canada: Packaged in plain boxes with a discreet label, orders are shipped and billed from “WOW Tech USA Ltd.”
2) If ordered in Europe or the rest of the world: your orders will be shipped in standard boxes with a neutral sender address which does not contain the name “womanizer”, but only “WOW Tech Europe GmbH” and “ecom Logistik”. There is no discernible evidence of the content of our shipment.

The package arrived quite discreetly. The Womanizer DUO comes in an elegant box. Inside the box, you will find the following things

  • Womanizer Duo, with a 2-year warranty
  • A noble satin storage bag
  • USB magnetic charging cable
  • An additional silicon head (in a smaller size)
  • A user manual in 11 languages

womanizer duo box


Womanizer Duo is very easy to clean and maintain as it is 100% waterproof. Simply clean the toy with warm, soapy water before and after every use. Ensure that you rinse the device thoroughly and dry it very well before putting it in the storage bag. The toy should NOT have any moisture as you store it in the carry case.

To ensure the insertion and suction more smooth, it’s suggested to apply some lubricant during the use. Make sure only use water-based lube, otherwise, the silicone surface will be damaged.


With all the clit stimulators in the market, Womanizer’s products are my favorite. That’s why I gave this toy a trial upon its launch. The clit stimulating part didn’t disappoint me as aspected. The air puff gently surrounds my entire clit, giving it a complete massage.

Regarding the G-spot vibrator, I applied some lube before inserting it. The insertion was quite smooth as the G-spot arm is made of good-quality silicone and the girth is not that thick. During the movement, I don’t feel my G-spot was constantly hit, however, the vibration was really divine. I can really feel my entire vagina was relaxed.

It took me quite a few trials before finding the right angle that can both stimulate my clit and my vaginal wall. So, If your clit is relatively hidden, this toy may be a bit challenging to use, as the angle for dual stimulation can be tricky.  I would recommend the Womanizer Liberty or Classic if you are only up for clit stimulation.


👉🏻Click here to learn more or order Womanizer DUO (Official Store)!


I am super happy about the Womanizer Duo! It guarantees me orgasms every time. I truly recommend this toy, especially if you are up for clit stimulation.

signature Jane L

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