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WOMANIZER LIBERTY Review: Quietest & Most Discreet Clit Stimulator?

by Jane Louis
womanizer liberty travel cover

Womanizer is at it again! And this time it is with the Womanizer Liberty. If you are one of those Womanizer girls, then you definitely know how having a Womanizer toy is one of the greatest things you ever did for your sex life.

There are so many products in the Womanizer family and there are so many clit stimulators in the market, why I particularly love the Womanizer Liberty? The short answer is “it’s powerful, pleasurable and more convenient”.

If you are looking to try one out, then definitely read this Womanizer Liberty review to find out just how much this toy can help you achieve.

Also, it’s important to understand what’s different about this toy and what this toy can’t do. I will reveal all these in this review.


Womanizer Liberty is an air-pulsing type of stimulator will lead you to the most sensual clitoral orgasms you can ever get from a toy.

Just like the rest of the Womanizer sex toys, the Liberty also uses Pleasure Air Technology to stimulate the clitoris.

Because this patented technology gently massages airwaves and causes a suction motion around the clitoris resulting in stimulation of the clitoris.

This entire process is touch-free so you do not require to physically touch your clitoris with the toy to enjoy those crazy orgasms.

The beauty of this toy is also in the fact that the clitoris is not likely to be overstimulated after binge orgasm.

As you know, it can be quite annoying when the clit gets super sensitive and you have to give it some time before going for round two, three or more.

Thank goodness for the Womanizer Liberty! With this toy, you can say goodbye to the unpleasant soreness due to accidently overstimulation.

Womanizer Liberty magnetic charger


1. Pocket-size Pleasure Device with a Beautiful Cover

What sets the Womanizer Liberty apart from the rest of the amazing Womanizer toys is that it is very discreet and perfect for traveling.

The size of the Liberty is 104mm(4.1 inches) x 55mm(2.2 inches) x 48mm(1.9 inches) and the weight is only 90g (0.2lb)!

A perfect size to carry with you at anywhere! Besides, it has a stylish magnetic cover that comes along with it.

The cover makes it hard for people to know what exactly it is, making it ideal for traveling or carrying around in public. It can fit with the rest of the stuff in your bag without causing alarm. It is also a great way to keep your Liberty hygienic.

2. Complete and Intense Stimulation (from level 1-6)

What differentiates clitoral stimulators and vibrators is about the way they stimulate. Womanizer Liberty has this Pleasure Air Technology. What is it? It is something that enables a more complete stimulation.

The silicone head of the Liberty will touch-freely wrap your clitoris. Instead of having one-area vibration, air puff will come from 360 degrees to stimulate your clitoris. And this is what’s called “complete stimulation”

The air wave or puff from the Womanizer Liberty is quite strong. It’s like having 3 vibrators stimulate your clit at the same time. Besides, this toy has six intensity levels to cater to every woman.

You can increase or decrease the intensity of the sex toy until you find what works for you.

Believe me, the highest setting is freaking intense! 

3. Fully Waterproof

The Womanizer Liberty is totally waterproof. This allows you to have fun anywhere under water.

Love having fun in the shower, swimming pool or even at the beach? Good for you! You can totally do that without fear of spoiling your amazing toy, or worse, getting electrocuted. Seriously, you can take this baby anywhere.

4. Silent Mode

It’s not really a super quiet toy, especially when you turn it on and without having it attached to your clit or skin.

However, once I attach it to my clit/skin, the noise level drops dramatically. It’s not louder than any average bullet vibrators.

Actually, it is the quietest clit stimulator among all the Womanizer toys. Simply turn on some music can cover the noise and you can use it next to a room full of people without anyone noticing. Should you, though?…

A relatively silent yet powerful sex toy is every girl’s dream ;)!

5. An Larger-sized Suction Head Included

Don’t think the smaller stimulation head will fit you? No worries, the toy comes with an extra large stimulation head. The two heads have different sizes to cater for all sizes of the clitoris.

Every woman can make the most of this beautiful toy.


womanizer liberty unboxing

The box comes with the Womanizer Liberty, of course! It also comes with an extra silicone head as aforementioned. A USB charging cable, a multilingual manual and a storage bag are also part of the beautiful package.

Besides, the toy comes with four beautiful color options: Powder Blue, Lilac, Red Wine and Pink Rose.

Overall the package has a sophisticated look that’s neat and easy on the eyes.

I really like the fact that the storage bag is big enough to include your toy, the charger, and the extra head. This is the best way to keep my sex toy clean and organized!

womanizer liberty box


Using the Womanizer Liberty is not rocket science.

Once you have the device with you and are ready to have some fun, position the silicone head nicely over or around your clitoris. Then turn it on by pressing down on the ‘+’ button for a few seconds.

You can then choose the level of intensity you prefer by either increasing it (by pressing on the ‘+’ button) or reducing it by pressing on the ‘-‘ button. There are 6 different intensity levels to choose from.

After you have achieved that mind-blowing orgasm and are done with the toy, switch it off by pressing down on the ‘+’ button again for a few seconds.

Do this before removing the Liberty from your clitoris because the stimulation noise increases once the toy detaches from your clit.

womanizer liberty instruction


This is what every girl wants to know, so here goes.

The Womanizer Liberty feels great. It is one of the greatest experiences one can have with a Womanizer toy.

First of all, it most often guarantees an intense orgasm or two. The toy brings with it a new feeling, one that’s different from other sex toys. It’s hard to describe the type of stimulation Liberty can bring, but you just have to try it to feel it.

The first time I used this toy, I found it was too intense because of the 360° air stimulation. It took me some time to find a good angle. Once this angle is found, all that left is unforgettable pleasure.

You don’t even need to hold the toy during the stimulation, it stays quite stable in your panty until the orgasm arrives.

As if this is not enough, there is no overstimulation of the clitoris. Why? Well, because the clitoris is left untouched during the entire process. You achieve a mind altering orgasm without having any direct contact with your clitoris. Pretty cool!

Besides, this toy can totally be used hands-freely during masturbation. Once the Liberty head wraps my clit, I simply leave it there to be held by my pantie. As long as I don’t move too much, the toy stays there stably.

Sometimes, I use the Liberty to stimulate my nipples. The suction on the nipples are quite mild, but it’s pleasant. Even after holding this toy for 30 minutes, my hand doesn’t feel numb thanks to the Pleasure Air Technology.

This is a lot better than traditional vibrators. For example, another of my favored travel pal is LELO Lily 2. But, due to the strong vibration, my hands can get really numb after just holding the Lily 2 for 10 minutes.

Despite being a big fan of Womanizer Liberty, there is one point I didn’t enjoy about the Liberty. The stimulation works amazingly only if you put the toy at exactly the right position.

So, during the orgasm, you can’t really move too much, otherwise, the toy won’t be able to stimulate you accurately anymore.

If you are interested in Womanizer toys, but want a model that is stronger than Liberty, I recommend you to check this article, where I discuss about all Womanizer’s models holistically.

I also compared Womanizer’s clit suction toys with other brands’ toys. check this article if you want to see an comparison.


womanizer liberty sex toy

What do I like about the Liberty?

1. The Womanizer Liberty does not take long to charge. One hour is sufficient to get the device fully charged and ready to roll for 120 minutes. The device comes with a magnetic USB charging port that makes charging it very simple.

2. Cleaning the Womanizer Liberty is really easy. Being waterproof and the fact that the head is made from silicone makes it very simple to clean. All you need is warm water and soap or a toy cleaner if you have one.

3. Womanizer Liberty is made from body safe materials. The heads are made from silicone while the toy’s body is made from ABS plastic. Both of these materials are totally safe.

4. You are not required to buy batteries for the toy since it comes with a magnetic USB charging port and cable.

5. You can carry the Womanizer Liberty pretty much anywhere. It has a small size that makes it possible to fit in any bag. It’s the ultimate travel companion. The amazing cover does not hurt one bit. It makes it look nothing like a sex toy.

What I don’t like about the Liberty?

1. Not much. A few people have complained about the device not being comfortable to hold. One gets tired of holding the device for long periods of time.



The Womanizer Liberty is pretty much for every girl, novice or expert.

If you are out looking to spice up your bedroom experience, then try this toy out. It can be used with a partner as well.

For those who travel a lot and would love to have a companion with them, then this toy is the perfect travel partner. It is small in size and strong in intensity.

It can blend really well with the rest of the items in your bag and bring you tons of joy no matter where you are since it’s the quietest toy in the Womanizer family.

Overall, the Womanizer Liberty is an awesome toy. One that can help take your sexual experience a notch higher.

This amazing toy is a great addition to the Womanizer family and every girl should try this one out.

signature Jane L

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Dennis Hull September 2, 2022 - 5:51 am

Okay I bought my wife a Womanizer Liberty. My first mistake was to surprise her with it during a lovemaking episode. I started with it on the 2nd setting and went up from there. Evidently too much because she came in about a minute. Since we had just really gotten started, she tried to hold back and pulled the Liberty away. I told her to read about it and try it out herself to figure out what works best for her. So, my mistake of surprising her with it. I think with practice we can have a blast with it. We’ve been married 44 years and she comes easily so I think she needs to stay with about the midrange stimulation. All in all she said it was pretty amazing. Oh, and it works on nipples, male or female.

Jane Louis September 3, 2022 - 5:14 pm

Hello Dennis, thank you for sharing! And really glad to read that you guys are enjoy it!
Indeed, these suction toys from Womanizer are quite intense and can make women come super fast. Your wife is not alone.
Btw, using the toy during bath or with lube can make the stimulation a bit less intense as water/lube create a buffer :).


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