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Womanizer OG Review: Why It’s Not For Everyone?

by Jane Louis
Womanizer OG Review

I love Womanizer and am always excited to try its new toys. My clit is spoiled by these blessing air suction toys and my G-spot has been jealous for years. So, when Womanizer OG was launched, I can hear my G-spot scream out, "It's finally my turn!".

Well, was it really a bomb?

Let's put it this way: if you are looking for a strong G-spot toy, OG probably will disappoint you. But if you are looking for a beautiful piece for some creative fun, then why not?

I’ll explain the features and tell you about my experience so you can decide if this sex toy is right for you!


Womanizer OG is a 2-in-1 G-spot sex toy that provides both vibration and pulsation.

It embraces a beginner-friendly slim girth and can stimulate your sweet spot with 13 levels of air pulsation plus 3 levels of vibrations.

Key Features of Womanizer OG

Below are the notable features of the Womanizer OG.

Womanizer OG G-spot vibrator
  • Ergonomic Shape: The curved shape makes the toy easy to hold from all angles, as it's curved to the human body for optimal comfort. (Please note that it's not that adjustable though)
  • Three Levels of Vibration: This toy has three vibration levels so you can adjust the intensity during use and achieve a G-spot orgasm. (Please note that you can't turn off the vibration or use it separately)
  • Air Pleasure Technology: Advanced air suction technology with 12 intensity levels allows you to stimulate your clitoris and G-spot to the max. 
  • Afterglow Feature: The Afterglow feature allows you to bathe in the pleasure post-orgasm, dropping all intensity to level one as you bask in the glow of your climax.
  • Smart Silence: The Smart Silence feature means the air suction feature is only active when touching skin, eliminating that whirring sound that can be embarrassing when your roommates are home. 
  • IPX 7 Waterproof: The toy is 100% waterproof, so it’s easy to clean, and you can use it in the shower or bath!
  • Soft and silky Silicone: The toy’s exterior is a supple body-safe silicone that feels good on your skin and soft when inserted. 
Womanizer OG waterproof sex toy

How To Use Womanizer OG?

Below is a brief explanation of how to use each button to maximize pleasure and comfort.

The buttons can be hard to use in the heat of the moment, but you’ll get used to them quickly.

Womanizer OG buttons
  • Power Button: The power button is at the top of the toy and has the standard power icon. Hold the power button for two seconds to turn the toy on or off. Easy peasy!
  • Plus Button: The plus (+) button below the power button controls the intensity of the air pleasure function.
    To increase the intensity, you can tap the plus button up to level 12.
  • Minus Button: The minus (-) button is below the plus button and decreases the intensity of the cushion.
    If you’re on air pleasure level 5, clicking the minus button will bring you back down to level 4.
    The minus button also controls the Afterglow feature.
    When you hold the minus button for a full second, it drops down to level 1 intensity, no matter what level you were on.
  • Vibration Button: Below the plus and minus buttons is a small button with small curved lines that look like sound waves.
    This vibration button allows you to cycle through the three vibration levels.
    One click takes it up a level until level 3. From there, a single click will bring you back to vibration level 1.
Womanizer OG size

The beauty of the Womanizer OG’s clever shape allows you to use it from all angles, whether you lay spread eagle, stand and use it, or insert it from behind with your legs closed.

It’s easy to maneuver and comfortable to hold, even in more awkward positions where other dildos and vibrators fall short.

The idea behind the design is to make sure you can orgasm in your favorite position every time or experiment from different angles! 

Well, it is easy and comfortable to hold. But the stimulation is not there to provide the amount of pleasure I am looking for. I will expand on that late. 

Notes on Charging

Womanizer OG Battery

The OG has magnetic charging with a USB cable, so you can just rest the end of the vibrator on the charging magnet.

When the toy is fully charged, the LED light will stay on, and flash while the toy is charging. No LED light means it needs charging.

It takes 100 minutes to reach full charge and can run for 2 hours when fully charged.

Notes on Cleaning

Since the Womanizer OG is 100% waterproof, the cleaning process is simple. You can submerge the entire toy in a warm water bath and clean it off gently.

Remove it from the water and apply a quality sex toy cleaner to kill bacteria.

Use a paper towel or clean cloth to dry the OG carefully. Ensure you remove moisture from the air suction hole, and don’t push on the surface too hard.

Womanizer OG sustainable packaging

What’s in the Box?

The toy came in a brown cardboard without mentioning the brand name or the items inside, which is discreet enough. 

Toy box feels very firm and luxurious. Upon opening, I can find the following things:

Womanizer OG unboxing
  • The Womanizer OG vibrator and pulsator
  • Magnetic USB charger
  • A simple user manual 
  • Storage bag (I feel it's made of linen)
  • Some other random things such as the #IMASTURBATE card

My Experience With Womanizer OG

Whoever designed the OG had good intentions, but needs to better understand the G-spot. 

Unlike the clitoris, G-spot is a small area located on the front wall of the vagina, approximately 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) in and it can't just be wrapped by the nozzle, despite that the nozzle from OG is bigger than any other suction toy. 

Theoretically, G-spot is made up of glandular tissue and is surrounded by nerve endings. When stimulated, the G-spot may become engorged with blood, leading to feelings of pleasure and arousal. 



However, the exact location and size of the G-spot can vary from person to person and it's not as noticeable as the clitoris. 

Some women may have a more pronounced G-spot, while others may have a smaller or less sensitive area. 

If you have a pronounced G-spot, the Womanizer OG can work for you, especially when you are sexually aroused.

However, if you are like me, having a rather insensitive G-spot that requires a lot of pre-work to get it pumped up, then the OG can be quite a frustrating toy. 

When I am aroused and get the OG inserted. It feels like the toy is more or less hitting the spot, but it's just not strong enough to make me feel addicted to the sensation.

Because of the hit-or-miss intervals, I can't really push myself to a good orgasm. 

The sensation from OG is a bit similar to Lovense Osci. Both toys require more accurate targeting, which is not something I am fond of doing during masturbation. 

In my opinion, the best way to find the G-spot is to explore the inside of the vagina with a finger or two. That's why a toy with a "come hither" motion, such as the Lelo Ina Wave can work beautifully.

A slightly curved thruster can also be magical, because it can hit that spot with strong pressure, just like when being f*ed by a man. 

Enough of the complaints, let's talk about how to appreciate the OG. 

How I Use the Womanizer OG?

Everyone will enjoy their sex toys differently, but if you’re dipping your toe into the Womanizer OG pond, I have a few tips for your first time.

Feel free to experiment with positions and intensity levels, but I recommend starting with the following technique for the best experience.

Womanizer OG noise
  1. On the lowest intensity and vibration levels, I use the Womanizer on my clit to stimulate arousal and begin the journey to a fabulous orgasm.
    I start with the vibrating head and maneuver the air pleasure hole toward my clit for an exciting progression.
    Unless I am really wet already, I add a great amount of water-based lube to the OG.
  2. Once I feel more frisky and sexy, I insert the Womanizer OG and start to explore my G-spot. 
    For a slow build, I increase the vibration level after a few minutes and increase the intensity level every 60 seconds.
  3. Next, I add my Womanizer Premium to stimulate the clit while letting the OG work on my G-spot. 
    I think the air pleasure technology on the clitoris is irresistible and the best to orgasm, but you can also focus on G-spot stimulation if you want to extend the journey.
    I slowly increase the intensity and vibration levels to foster a stimulating progression.
  4. Once I climax, I insert the body and hold the minus button for one second.
    This activates the Afterglow mode, where I can enjoy and wind down with the level one air suction. 
    I do not recommend skipping the Afterglow feature, as it is a calming and pleasurable end to your orgasm.

The Slow Burn

Womanizer OG G-spot

What I love about the OG is how it’s ideal for a slow-burn orgasm, which can be great for a lazy day.

While some speedy vibrators, such as the Premium 2 and Velvet thruster, are perfect for an afternoon quickie, the Womanizer OG gives you the power to craft a long and exciting orgasm that starts small and swells into intense pleasure, punctuated with a serene afterglow.

The Womanizer OG design is conducive to a superb and slow orgasm, so if you love to indulge in your playtime and not rush through it as I do, this toy is brilliant. It’s all about the journey!

With Partners

Womanizer OG storage

I found it's more fun to use the OG with a partner. The curved shape makes it not easy to do self-thrusting while the toy is inserted. 

But it can be more comfortable and more convenient when someone else tries to use it on you. 

I have complained about OG's ability to stimulate the G-spot with enough intensity. However, the amount of stimulation seems to be perfect for my man.

I mean, he likes when I use it on him, around the ball area. It gives the extra kick that enables him to come with a big splash. 

I enjoy seeing the show and he enjoys the sensation from OG. 




Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)


viBRATION and suction


BATTERY LIFE (long enough)







  • Ultra-silky surface and sleek design
  • Large mouth for better coverage
  • Fully waterproof
  • Unique Smart Silence and Afterglow feature 
  • Long battery life (2 hours)
  • Easy to clean


  • Air pleasure can't well target the G-spot
  • Vibration is relative weak
  • Not girthy enough for people who's looking for fullfilling sensation
  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

Womanizer OG G-Spot stimulator

Overall, my experience with the Womanizer OG was rather average.

If you are new to air pleasure technology, I suggest you get the Premium 2 for some real clitoral orgasm.

If you are more of a G-spot person, I think Velvet thruster or Lovense Gravity can work better.

If you are looking for a flexible dual vibrator that can take care of both clit and g-spot, I suggest you to try the We-vibe Nova 2

As for Womanizer OG, I give a thumb-up for its original idea, but the performance is not top-notch, at least it didn't fit my anatomy that well.

After knowing all these, would you still like to give it a try? 

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