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Womanizer PREMIUM Eco Review: What’s So Different?

by Jane Louis
Womanizer PREMIUM Eco Review

Is this eco-friendly clit sucker worth the great moans? Continue reading this Womanizer PREMIUM Eco Review to find out. 

The sex toy industry is not the first you think of when it comes to pleasing Mother Nature, even if she had a vagina!

So, compared to the usual plastic sex toys, the PREMIUM Eco is a game-changer in terms of sustainability. 

womanizer premium eco 500_500

An Eco-friendly Clit Toy

This is the best sustainable clit sucker you can find! 

Down to the packaging, intensity and extra features, it is something special.

What is the Womanizer PREMIUM Eco?

The Womanizer PREMIUM Eco is a 100%-vegan clitoris stimulator for women and the world’s first eco-friendly sex toy made of biodegradable biolene.

Womanizer is disrupting the adult industry with more sustainable innovations that can both work wonders while saving trees.

Moreover, the brand is also unique for revolutionizing the industry with Pleasure Air Technology, which the PREMIUM Eco has.

The unconventional sex toy has been designed to stimulate your clit by creating air pressure without touching you.

Contactless pleasure can help to prevent overstimulation and desensitization. 

Additionally, the PREMIUM Eco can be disassembled for complete recycling and runs on a rechargeable and interchangeable battery.

womanizer premium eco look

Key Features of the Womanizer PREMIUM Eco

First, let me say that this PREMIUM eco baby can be (accidentally) left out without shame! My nosy mother did mistake it as a “chic” remote control once... 

1. A Sexy Ergonomic and Modular Design  

The light-as-hell 149-gram PREMIUM Eco came pretty in (rose) pink and readily assembled.

Its elegant and ergonomic curves make holding onto it so convenient and smooth to the touch. 

What’s more, its modular design refers to how you can easily take the toy apart into smaller components (and then easily reassemble).

Womanizer wanted to make everything about this PREMIUM model eco-friendly.

So, the modular design promotes convenient and easy recycling.

2. Truly Eco-Friendly 

Beyond its modular design, it is the toy’s biodegradable materials that make it truly eco-friendly.

The PREMIUM Eco is made of mostly biolene, which is a special kind of plastic (bioplastic) containing 70% of renewable organic matter (or lots of corn starch).

Therefore, the toy is completely recyclable. Producing the toy and disposing of it will leave little waste.

Womanizer didn’t stop there with their green initiatives.

Their packaging is a reused old cardboard box wrapped in marketing. The included toy pouch is 100% organic cotton, with the USB cord being made of raw materials.

womanizer premium eco package

3. Ms. Silently-Smooth Operator 

With its “Smart Silence” feature, some of us can masturbate in peace unless we involuntarily let out a loud moan!

The technology works only when you have the toy near your vagina.

You’ll hear the toy’s built-in motor automatically start to hum. Moving it away makes it automatically stop. 

4. 12 Levels of “Ooh, aah”

This mini Pink Panther has the standard 12 levels of intensity to help you alternate around until you’re tipping on the iceberg. 

You can adjust the levels by simply clicking on the plus or negative sign to increase or decrease the intensity.

It’s also possible to do so without lifting your head back up. It’s all a matter of how much you can handle - gentle or strong?

5. Quiet Operation

I've tried at least 10 different types of clit stimulators, from different brands and models. The Eco is one of the quietest I've had.

Feel free to check my video if you wouldn't like to hear exactly how loud/quiet it is when in operation.

womanizer premium eco noise

6. Pleasure Air Technology 

Sucking air to stimulate our clits? I also thought that sounded crazy initially, but the unique Pleasure Air technology may be the big missing piece to a gal’s happiness. 

As you aim the PREMIUM Eco near your targeted area (but without it touching your skin), the toy’s motor then rapidly starts to blow air, forming high pressurized airwaves

The toy is essentially sucking air, and in turn, you feel some sort of stimulation as the clit is being massaged by the vibrating air. 

How to Use Womanizer Premium Eco?

All tech talks aside, the PREMIUM eco is not all that hard to use.

womanizer premium eco control buttons
  • Powering it on requires you to hold down the "+" button for two seconds.
  • ‘Off’ means holding down the "-" button for two seconds.
  • However, to adjust its intensity level, it takes only one push on either button. The "+" means to increase while the "-" means to decrease intensity.

It is only when you position the PREMIUM eco near your vagina that the toy begins to work.

The Smart Silence mode, as mentioned earlier, is then triggered or automatically turns on upon close contact with the skin. 

Also, keep in mind that this quiet feature is set ‘on’ by default unless you deactivate it, which involves simply pressing both buttons at the same time for two seconds. To reactivate, it’d be the same.

With the LED light, blinking means the battery is low, while an unblinking ‘on’ light means fully charged.

The ‘Standby’ mode is triggered after about 10 minutes of break time.

womanizer premium eco charging

For getting the most out of this eco model, I personally recommend lying on your back as most already do with other female sex toys.

Then, angle your legs wide apart, yet not so much like you’re giving birth! 

You’d want to leave some room for air circulation down there.

Otherwise, too narrow of a leg space doesn’t allow your vagina to ‘fan’ out as much and leaves little air for the toy to blow.

So, avoid masturbating with pants on! Simultaneously, spread those vaginal lips with your other hand to help get the vibrating air in there.  

How to Change/Recycle the Battery?

Womanizer Premium Eco comes with a pink pick that can be used to open/dissect the toy.

womanizer premium eco change battery
  • To open the toy body, simply Insert the pick in the dent and slide it on both sides.
  • Once the upper shell is opened, you can use the same pick to open the battery cover.
womanizer premium eco recyclable

A 3.7V lithium-ion rechargeable battery is included and it can be recharged 300 times. 

If you are looking for a replacement, this type of rechargeable battery can be found at any consumer electronics store.

IMPORTANT! Never use a non-rechargeable AA battery! This could damage the toy.

How to dispose of the finished battery and the device? The easiest to give it to your local waste disposal place. 

If you can't find one, you can return the electronic waste and the device to Womanizer and it will then take care of the recycling for you free of charge.

Clean & Care

This toy is not 100% waterproof. So, it takes some extra cautions to clean the toy after each use. You can detach the head and clean it underwater.

As for the body, you may clean it with a damp cloth. Make sure to dry it very well before storage!

Not all lubes are created equally. You may ONLY USE water-based lube for this toy because other types of lubes may damage the silicone head. 

womanizer premium eco 2 heads

Packaging & What's in the Box?

The package discreetly arrived 4 working days after the order was placed. I am really fond of the cardboard design of the box. It's firm, stylish, and sustainable.

Upon opening the box, you will find the following items:

womanizer premium eco unbox
  • Womainier Premium Eco (with 5-year warranty)
  • 1 extra smaller stimulator head attachment in size S
  • Magnetic pin USB charging cable
  • Quick Manual
  • Safety instructions
  • Organic cotton storage pouch (with a pick - opening tool)

My Experience

Depending on your personal comfort and needs, a contactless sex toy like the PREMIUM Eco may not be sexy on every gal.

For me, I’ve been through my fair share of rabbits, bullets, and wands, and have easily gotten off on them.

Now, I was simply curious to upgrade my solo adventures with something as different as this Pleasure Air technology. 

Not only did I fall for Womanizers do-good marketing, but I am now my own woman on some nights.

For instance, when this non-traditional oral toy was still new to me, I experienced a longer buildup time. I’ve been used to controlling toys in a circular motion and their pace.

I simply wasn’t getting off on it until an hour or more in. Of course, my growing anxiousness mixed with impatience when realizing how long it was taking for me to get there might have also delayed the orgasm even more. You see, I’m a self-quickie kind of gal. 

Nevertheless, all is forgiven in my world once I start to - let’s just say - cum undone.

In other words, the PREMIUM Eco does what it promises, ladies - delivering that unique intensity

womanizer premium eco design

However, as said, such self-made orgasms have occurred fewer times than hoped for.

I’ve used this eco model about twice per week but climaxed a good four or six times total during the seven months I’ve owned it.

Sometimes when I noticed I wasn’t feeling the toy (or it wasn’t feeling me?), I’d just switch gears over to my dildos, including that of my partner’s (wink, wink). 

It could also be that the clit-sucking air power is just not as powerful for me as those that do touch and vibrate my clit.

The contactless tech is great in theory, but it’s not all the hype it’s made out to be. Not saying the Eco fails to deliver anything, but I could have bought two effective vibrators for the same price as the eco.

The Smart Silence mode can be a bit annoying, for it’s quite sensitive.

Any slight stray away from your skin, the toy auto shuts off easily. Then, I’m already doubtful about any battery-run sex toy in general. 

Realizing the Eco has a weak battery life, such as letting me get a good 45 minutes out of it until it dies (it takes about three hours to charge fully), has all been more of a pain in my clit.

There’s been a few times I had to recharge mid-session. Not cute. 

You'll also need special replacement batteries rather than the common AA ones. You’ll need to find a 3.7V cylindrical battery that’s a rechargeable lithium-ion in 14500.

Womanizer Premium ECO vs Womanizer Premium

womanizer premium vs eco

Compared with its predecessor, the (night blue) Womanizer PREMIUM, the (pink) PREMIUM Eco is the eco-friendly alternative

In terms of design, they’re physically similar except for the fact that the eco model has now silver (vs golden) charging points at the bottom and the power button is not located between the two dots unlike the first. 

The Womanizer logo is still there on both, slightly above the plus and minus buttons.

With the eco, you find a little space to let you disassemble it. Both models are the same size (6.49 inches in length, 2.12 inches in width) and thickness (1.37 inches). 

The eco version is relatively heavier, weighing 159 grams than its 135 grams sister. 

In terms of performance, the Eco lacks waterproof capabilities and no longer has an auto-pilot mode, unlike the PREMIUM.

The Eco is splash proof only - this is because the unit is not sealed so it can be taken apart.  

The grip on the Eco is a bit more slippery, especially if you use lube or have sweaty palms, than the classic version that’s made of silicone. 

The Eco has a battery that can be replaced. It is still rechargeable up to 300 times, but once the battery does die, you can replace it with the specified type. 

womanizer premium eco battery

The battery is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery which usually can be found at any consumer electronics store. Cost varies by store and location, but it is minimal.

Overall, the Eco performs just as great as its original model and can effectively stimulate the clit. The suction and intensity levels are the same for both devices.

Orgasms are not guaranteed (because some women are not fond of contactless clit suction), but once achieved, the Eco can deliver. 




Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, SUSTAINABLE, etc.)


STIMULATION (Intense suction)









  • Strong and intense stimulation (12 levels)
  • Unique clitoris stimulation without direct touch
  • Made of renewable materials to safely recycle and produce no waste 
  • Smart silence feature with automatic standby mode for convenient use
  • Rechargeable and interchangeable
  • Battery with recyclable magnetic USB charging cord
  • 5-year warranty
  • Two stimulating heads/sizes to satisfy different body types 


  • Not waterproof
  • Pricey
  • Battery requires a non-standard replacement (can be a hassle for frequent users) 
  • cable cord is relatively short

The Climax

In sum, despite the world-rocking air-powering technology that caters to your precious clit, plus saving some trees, I do still sometimes want to avoid battery-run sex toys altogether and return to my old electrical pocket pussy.

Yet, I’m always on the personal journey to discover more of ‘Nirvana,’ so the PREMIUM Eco had to hit my wishlist.  

Her performance life may not be as long as we’d hope for, but then again, the brand may just be  ‘premium’ only by name.

The Eco’s quality seems to degrade over time with use, especially if rough.

Nevertheless, it may be why Womanizer included a 5-year warranty with the Eco. 

Demo Video of Premium Eco

(You will have to watch it on Youtube because sex toy demo is considered as adult content)

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