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Womanizer Premium Review: Will it Make You Scream?

by Jane Louis
womanizer premium review

With its sleek and elegant design, the Womanizer Premium is slowly making a name for itself in the field of high-end sex-toys. Beloved by many, it offers powerful clitoral stimulation for quick and satisfying orgasms.

When I first used it, it completely blew my mind. Its great design, amazing intensity options, and practicality never fail to impress me.

So how does the Womanizer work? What are the key features of this premium device? And what were my experiences with it?

In this article, I’ll be introducing you to this magical little toy, and letting you in on everything you need to know about its functions and uses.

UPDATE: Womanizer recently launched Premium 2. Feel free check my Premium 2 review to learn what’s the improvements and whether it’s worth buying the new version.

Key Features of Womanizer Premium

1. Elegant Design

The Womanizer Premium is a silicone toy, 6.1″ (155mm) long and 1.9″ (50mm) wide. It’s available in five colors: red, black, white, pink and blue.

In terms of design, it is a real thing of beauty. Its curved, elongated shape gives it the appearance of a modern statue, while the metal streak at the bottom grants it a certain elegance.

If you didn’t tell me it was a sex toy, I might not have guessed! For those who don’t like their sex toys to be shaped like dildos, it provides a great, discreet alternative.

2. Perfect Size and Light-weighted

Over 6″ long and weight 135g (4.8 ounces), the Womanizer Premium fits nicely into the palm of the hand.

The long handle makes it a charm to use on yourself or someone else, especially compared to smaller clitoral stimulators that can be hard to grab hold of.

But while the body is a great size, I do find that the head of it is a big large. Placing it against your clitoris could be a bit of a struggle, depending on the size of your labia.

However, the product does also come with an additional, smaller head so it can be suitable for everyone with adjustments.

Overall, I think everyone will manage to find a position in which the Womanizer is easy (and very pleasurable!) to use.

But it may take a bit of trial and error to place it in a way that is easy to maneuver and feels good against your private parts.

womanizer premium look

3. Noise Level

In terms of noise, the Womanizer Premium is not exactly a quiet device. That being said, it all depends on the intensity of the vibration you’re using.

On the lowest vibration, the toy is almost inaudible. On the highest one, it is significantly noisy. Not “wake up your neighbors” noisy, but still.

That’s why one of my favorite things about this toy is its Smart Silence Feature. Basically, it won’t start making a sound unless it is close to your body.

This means that if you pull it away from you for any reason, it will automatically fall silent. For those of us who are afraid of being discovered during our Womanizer sessions, this feature makes it really easy to silence it at will.

4. Amazing Vibrations for the Clit

The main feature of the Womanizer Premium is its vibration. It works using “pleasure air technology”, essentially creating a strong suction to stimulate the clitoris without any actual contact.

For women who enjoy clitoral stimulation (that is, the vast majority!), those sensations can be incredibly pleasurable.

It’s a type of vibration that’s pretty hard to explain if you haven’t experienced it yourself.

Essentially, it produces a pleasurable wave of pulsation that is not pointed but directed at the whole of the clitoris.

Compared to other types of vibrators like Lovense Lush or Magic Wands, I find that this one gives you a more interesting experience.

The Womanizer Premium has 12 different vibration intensities, which you can switch between easily using the plus and minus buttons conveniently located toward the bottom of the handle.

5. Autopilot for Effortless Orgasm

One of the most interesting features of the newest version of the Womanizer is the “autopilot” mode.

For those who like to take the backseat during masturbation, it can be a great way to enjoy beautiful orgasms without having to touch a single button yourself.

What this mode essentially does is switch between different intensities (you can choose your highest and lowest setting preferences), taking you on a gradual journey toward a climax.

This mode is best for those who like to switch things up, but I personally prefer a steady vibration.

6. 100% Waterproof (IPX7)

The Womanizer Premium is completely waterproof, meaning you can use it in the bath or the shower too. And it’s also just good to know your sex toy won’t stop working because of fluids!

Besides, it’s super easy to clean this toy thanks to its waterproof feature.

*What is IPX7 rating waterproof? IPX7 refers to a full splashdown accepted captain. If you drop your device in water up to 3 feet (0.9m), your device is still going to work.

7. Long Battery Life

With a battery life of 4 hours, the Womanizer Premium lasts for longer than any other Womanizer product such as Liberty or Starlet. Battery life is one of the main features I look for in a vibrator, so this is definitely a big plus

How To Use The Womanizer Premium?

You can turn on the Womanizer Premium by clicking on the on/off button, located at the very tip of the handle.

Note: Because of its Smart Silence feature, it won’t start until the sensors on the head of the vibrator feel that your body is close.

Spread your labia, and position the head of the Womanizer against your clitoris. Right away, you should start feeling a bit of pressure, and a nice sucking sensation.

You can use the Womanizer Premium laying on your back or on your front, as its curved design allows it to be used in many positions.

Once you get comfortable, you can easily change between intensities by pressing the plus and minus buttons located toward the bottom of the handle.

womanizer premium how to use

Below is a step-by-step user guide for Womanizer Premium:

  1. Remove any piercings or jewelry in your intimate zone before use (if applicable)
  2. To turn on the toy, press the power button for 2s (To make sure the Smart Silence function work properly, please DONT touch the stimulation attachment when turning on the toy)
  3. You can press the + or – button to increase or decrease the intensity
  4. To turn off the toy, press the power button for 2s
  5. To deactivate the Smart Silence function, hold the + and – buttons simultaneously for 2s
  6. To enjoy the toy with the Autopilot function, simply press the Autopilot button to switch it on (you can choose the intense mode by pressing the + button).

Once you’re done with the toy, make sure to charge it for next time! It takes just about 2 hours to fully charge the toy, but it can last for up to 4 hours after that. The LED indicator will be on when the device is in charge.

Below is a step-by-step charging guide for Womanizer Premium:

  1. Place the charging head on the magnetic pins and connect the USB side to a suitable USB connection (such as an adapter or PC)
  2. Make sure the magnetic charging head is optimally positioned (once positioned corrected, the LED indicator will flash)
  3. Once fully charged, all three LEDs will light up (the lower two LEDs light up when the toy is half charged)
womanizer premium charging

Packaging & What’s in the Box?

The package arrived in a discreet cardboard box. Upon unboxing the elegant toy box, I was presented with the following things:

  • Womanizer Premium (2-year warranty)
  • Extra stimulation head in bigger size
  • Magnetic Pin USB charging cable (power adapter not included)
  • Black satin storage bag
  • User Guide
womanizer premium unbox

My Experience With Womanizer Premium

My experience with the Womanizer Premium has been overwhelmingly positive. Clitoral stimulation really works for me, so this toy worked a charm.

When I first opened the package, I remember being impressed by how soft the silicone felt: not at all squeaky or medical! As soon as I switched it on, I realized how powerful this toy could be.

For me at least, it can create a powerful orgasm in just a couple of minutes. The intensity of this toy on the max setting is powerful, and definitely not for the faint of heart!

I personally like a strong sensation, but the 12 intensity options make it possible for anyone to find what works for them. And if you like a slow buildup, then the autopilot mode can take you there too.

After I experimented with it more, I started to realize it could be useful for more than just a quick release.

If you really take your time with it, the Womanizer Premium can make you discover aspects of your orgasms you may never even have imagined.

I like to use mine while lying on my back, holding it in-between my legs without using my hands.

After choosing a steady vibration that works for me, I let it do its thing, taking my time to achieve the ultimate leg-shaking, mind-blowing climax.

womanizer premium colors

One thing I would add is that the Womanizer Premium may be a bit hard to use for beginners. It does require you to know what you like and to be able to find a comfortable position from which to stimulate your clitoris.

With these kinds of vibrators, angle really matters. So if you want to give it a try and are new to sex toys, I’d say to take it slow. Don’t expect to have the orgasm of your life straight away.

There will probably be a little adjustment period before you really start enjoying the effects of the Womanizer Premium.

I even used the Womanizer Premium in the bath, which was a completely new experience for me.

At first, finding a comfortable position in the bathtub was difficult, but when I found it, I had what was probably the most pleasurable bath experience of my life!

Light some candles, get some scented bath salts, and the Womanizer Premium can help you treat yourself to a very special spa day.

When it comes to using the Womanizer Premium with another person, this is not something I’ve personally attempted. The thing is, this toy is very powerful. If you’re not careful, it can bring you to orgasm in minutes!

So I’d say it’s not particularly well-suited to any type of foreplay. That being said, I’m sure it could be useful during sex for women who struggle to achieve orgasms with their partners.

After using the Womanizer Premium for a few days in a row, I was surprised to see that it still had some battery left.

When it says it lasts 4 hours, I didn’t realize how that would really translate in real life. I’d say if you use it to masturbate just a couple of times a week, it could easily last you 2 to 3 weeks without needing a charge.

womanizer premium head

The only downsides I found to this toy were that it can be quite loud (that is, if you enjoy higher settings as I do) and that the autopilot mode doesn’t really suit my needs.

That being said, with its long battery life, great design and lovely suction power, I think this is one of the best toys I’ve ever had the pleasure to try.

Review Summary


The Womanizer Premium is a great vibrator who will satisfy those looking for clitoral stimulation. From its design to its battery life and different intensity options, I believe it’s one of the best ones on the market today.

Who would I recommend it to? Anyone looking for a sex toy that feels luxurious and really brings new sensations. If you’ve never tried Pleasure Air Technology before, then it can be worth trying out just out of curiosity (just like I did!)

I’d say it’s definitely a great toy for solo users, and women who already know what they like. For beginners and couples, this toy could be a bit hard to use, and not your easiest option.

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