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Womanizer Starlet 2 Review: A Clit Stimulator You’ll Love!

by Jane Louis
womanizer starlet 2 review

Womanizer has upgraded its intro-level clitoral stimulator – Starlet! How is this new toy? What’re the new functions? What are the improvements? Is Starlet 2 really that much better than the original Starlet?

I have put together this Womanizer Starlet 2 Review so that you can learn more about this newly launched product and exactly what it can offer you. Let’s dive right in and take a deeper look at the Womanizer Starlet 2.

What is Womanizer Starlet 2?

Starlet 2 is a clitoral stimulator that can offer unique and orgasmic experiences through contactless air suction. As an upgraded version from the original Starlet, this model embraced some big improvements including adding waterproof function, enhanced button-control and more.

Starlet 2 is an intro-level suction toy in the Womanizer family. It is very light, simple and straightforward. So, if you are looking for more sophisticated functions, I recommend trying Womanizer Duo or Womanizer Classic instead.

Briefly speaking, Starlet 2 is a very ideal toy for those of you who want a simple yet high-quality, affordable yet effective clitoral stimulator. Also, the Starlet 2 is a beginner-friendly model to try out.

Key Features of Starlet 2

1. Lively Color Options

The Womanizer Starlet 2 comes in three bold colors: Sapphire Blue, Coral, and Cherry Red. All three colors are quite lively and adorable. I have to say these are not common color choices for sex toys, but I love them a lot!

2. Safe Material

The body of the Starlet 2 is made of ABS plastic, which offers a smooth sensation for your hand to hold. The suction head is made of hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone, which enables a soft and gentle wrap for your clitoris.

3. Light-Weighted

Starlet 2 is a rather light toy. It only weighs 70 g (0.15 lb), which is even a bit lighter than the Womanizer Liberty (90g/0.2lb) – a travel-friendly model. Therefore, the Starlet 2 became my new travel pal to go out with.

4. Small in Size

As a palm-size toy that measures 104mm x 55mm x 48mm (4″ x 2.2″ x 1.9″), you can easily fit Starlet 2 in your makeup bag. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that there’s no travel lock equipped for this toy, so be careful not to accidentally turn it on.

5. 100% Waterproof

This is one of the big improvements Starlet 2 embraces compared to the original model. Now it is completely waterproof!

Aren’t the best sex toys ones that you can also enjoy underwater during a nice warm bath, with or without a partner? 😉 I am really happy to find out that this little baby is fully waterproof for your pleasure.

6. Intense Air Stimulation

For any of you who is not familiar with so-called “air suction stimulation” or “pleasure air technology”, basically, it’s a kind of high-frequency quivering air puff or airwave sensation.

Your clit won’t directly in contact with the sex toy, instead, these dizzying air stimulation will wrap and stimulate your clit in 360 degrees.

Thanks to the contactless stimulation, your clit won’t get numb or over-stimulated even after binge orgasm.

Now, let’s talk directly about the Starlet 2. Despite the size of the toy, the motor of this toy is rather strong, which leads to divine and intense air suction to your clitoris.

Worry that the sensation is too strong? This does happen, but don’t worry about that! If you prefer it a little less intense, there are 4 levels of intensities to choose from.

And these 4 levels in Starlet 2 are quite distinctive! The original Starlet also had 4 intensity levels, but the starting point is rather higher and some women felt it was too much for them.

The new Womanizer Starlet 2 improved! It starts from a real lower-intensity level all the way to mind-blowing high intensity, which means you can control the toy exactly how you like it.

7. Quick charge & Quick use

This is a super handy toy when it comes to rechargeability. A full charging process only takes about 30 minutes then you will be able to play with the toys for 30 minutes.

Don’t worry that the battery life is too short because most women can come within 2-4 minutes with this toy. Like mentioned before, it’s an effective and intense toy ;).

8. Noise

Starlet 2 is a rather quiet clit stimulator. Even on the highest speed, it doesn’t exceed 55 dB, which is the noise level of a quiet living room. And the toy is even quieter when applied to the clit.

(If you would like to hear the exact noise level of this toy, please refer to you the video I attached above. )

How to Use Womanizer Starlet 2?

Starlet 2 is very intuitive and straightforward to use. I am sure you would figure out how to use this toy within seconds. I am just sharing my suggestions below for your reference:

Step 1: Lube yourself well

Before using the toys, apply a little lube to the silicone tip of the Womanizer Starlet 2 and some to your clit.  The idea of using lube is to help the toy to “wave” more smoothly, as a result, women will experience more sensual and more intense orgasms!

However, for most women, it works even without the lubricant. I personally feel the lube does provide some subtle changes, but I don’t experience any uncomfortable feelings without.

Step 2: Start the toy

Now it’s time to start the toy. There are simply 2 buttons on this toy, “+” and “-“. To active the toy, just pressing the “+” button for 2 seconds.

Step 3: Apply the toy to your clit

I suggest that you switch the Starlet 2 on to level 1 and then apply to your clit. In this way, your clit can feel some gentle stimulation and this helps you to find the right angle to sit the toy.

To put the toy in place, the white tip should act as a “cocoon” for your clit and you will know when you’ve got it right.

Step 4: Adjust the intensity to your like

There are 4 levels of intensity to choose from. You can simply adjust the strength by pressing “+” or “-” buttons. And the intensity is increased or decreased by one level for each button press.

Other than the sensation, you can also notice the change of the strength by looking at the toy because the LED lights up once for every change in level. This is a great function for a couple-play or some plays in the dark.

Step 5: Reach your orgasm & close the toy

The air suction stimulation is purely amazing. You can easily come in 3 minutes with this toy! Therefore, you’d better not use Starlet 2 too much if only want foreplay, because your partner will be useless after ;).

To close the toy, simply press down the “-” button for 2 seconds. FYI, the starlet 2 will automatically switch off after ten minutes of standby.

Optional step: Get Creative!

You can get as creative as you want when it comes to using this toy. For example, You can use the Starlet 2 by itself or with a dildo or a G-spot vibrator inside you if you want even more intense pleasure.

Another way to use the toy is to stimulate your nipples with it. The sensation is quite gentle but rather comfortable. This is my way to integrate Starlet 2 to foreplay.

How to Charge Womanizer Starlet 2?

Starlet 2 comes with a magnetic charging cable. This is a way better than the plug-in system the original Starlet had. The magnetic charging system not only enables the device to be waterproof, but it also means the battery quality is improved.

Starlet 2 promotes quick charge and quick play concept. It only takes around 30 minutes to fully charge your device and the playtime is about 30 minutes as well. Once fully charged, Starlet 2 has a steady LED light.

So, if you prefer toys that can last longer, you may choose Womanizer Classic or Pro instead.

Packaging & What’s in the box?

The package arrived discreetly and there were paper cushions in the cardboard box to make sure the toy is well protected.

Starlet 2 has a modern and lively box design. I really like the colors for both the box and the toy itself. Upon opening the box, you will find the following things:

  • Starlet 2, together with a detachable head (incl. 2-year warranty)
  • A black magnetic USB charging cable
  • A user manual in 15 different languages

🌸Note that there’s no storage pouch or extra larger head included. If you prefer a similar toy that includes the mentioned two items, I recommend you to try Womanizer Liberty instead.

(For a detailed presentation about the box and the items, you may watch the video I uploaded above.)

My Experience with Starlet 2

I started to include clit air stimulators in my bedroom around one year ago. Compared to other brands, Womanizer’s products have been my favorite since then when it comes to the sensation.

I have to say Starlet 2 stays being outstanding on the design and sensation, but there are a few things that worth concerning this model. Here are my experiences and my opinions.

I didn’t need to check the instruction much before my first use because the 2-button control is rather straightforward. However, the toy didn’t come with any battery despite it claims the opposite. So, I had to charge it for 30 minutes before my first use.

The charging process was quite smooth and quick. I really like this point. But you only get 30 minutes of play after each charge. This isn’t too much a problem for me as I barely need minutes to “finish” with this toy, but some of you may want to take it into consideration.

During my first “encounter”, I played with the settings and had an orgasm within 3 minutes or so on the third-highest vibration offered. I like the fact that the lowest level does play its role well so that my clit was not too stimulated the moment I switch the toy on.

If you would like a step-by-step guide regarding how to use this toy, please refer to the “How to use” section above. There, I shared my suggestions 🙂

There’re no pattern options that comes with Starlet 2. This doesn’t bother me much because I prefer continuous stimulation anyway. However, one thing you do need to take into concerns is that Starlet 2, unlike other womanizer toys, doesn’t come with an optional larger head.

This is unfriendly to women who have relatively larger clit because the current size may not wrap your clit well, or at least it may not wrap your clit in a comfortable way. The Womanizer store does sell heads in other sizes, but it will cost another $12.9.

I have used the Starlet 2 when masturbating alone, I have also used it with a toy inserted inside me and when having sex. I do not recommend this product especially if you are looking for a long intimate session with your man, simply because of how quick it can make you orgasm and how intense the stimulation can get.

Sometimes, a very quick orgasm can be frustrating, even unpleasant during the couple sex because it forces you to skip all the fun from foreplay and your man can feel intimidated.

Therefore, I personally think Starlet 2 works the best for masturbation and the experience is really divine. Btw, in the instructions, it mentioned that it’s possible to hold the toy by closing your thighs. That didn’t work for me at all. So, don’t expect too much when it comes to hands-free experience.

There were some occasions where I did not use lube with this toy and it worked perfectly fine. So if you don’t have lube to hand, it’s not a big deal. But if you do want to use lube, make sure to only use water-based lube so that the silicone head won’t be damaged.


Starlet 2 vs Starlet 1: Similarities & Differences

The original Starlet (aka. Starlet 1) was launched in 2018. I really like the fact that Womanizer listens to its audience and makes actions. The newly launched Starlet 2 embraces some great improvements. Here is a table summary:

MaterialBody: ABS plastic
Suction Head: silicone
Body: ABS plastic
Suction Head: silicone
Detachable head
ColorsDark blue/Coral/RedHot pink/Purple/White
SizeBody: 85 x 50 mm x 48mm (3.3' x 2" x 1.9")
Head: opening approx. 12 x 14 mm (0.47" x 0.55")
Body: 104mm x 55mm x 48mm (4" x 2.2" x 1.9")
More Flat Head: opening approx. 11 x 16 mm (0.43" x 0.63")
Buttons1 button control2 buttons (+/-) control
2-year warrany
Storage pouch
(only splashproof)
USB rechargable
(With plug in cable)

(With upgraded magnetic cable)
Charging time30 minutes30 minutes
Battery life
(after full charge)
30 minutes30 minutes
& Intensity
4 levels of intensity
(Start quite strongly)
4 levels of intensity
(Start with distinctively lower-intensity level)
Retail price$59$79

Final Words

I think you can see from this Womanizer Starlet 2 Review that this product is definitely worth introducing into your collection, especially for those of you who haven’t own any clitoral stimulator.

Starlet 2 is designed for beginners or those of you who want a simple toy. It’s easy to use whenever you need it, it’s subtle and most importantly of all, feels pretty amazing. Have fun with Starlet 2! 🙂

signature Jane L

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