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Womanizer Wave ShowerHead Review: A Mixed Experience

by Jane Louis
womanizer wave review

Womanizer Wave Review Summary

The Womanizer Wave represents an exciting innovation in intimate shower design through its collaboration with luxury showerhead brand Hansgrohe. This unique 2-in-1 product allow you to experience the sensual pleasures of a hydro-massage.

This toy doesn't require any battery. You can toggle between standard and strong water flow intensities, as well as switch effortlessly between three spray settings - PleasureWhirl, PleasureJet, and PowerRain - each designed to target different erogenous zones.

Besides, the Wave optimizes water usage, providing an intense hydro-massage experience while using 60% less water than a typical showerhead.

Overall Rating: 
3.5/5 stars






My Opinion 


I gave 3.5/5 to Womanizer Wave. While it didn't fully meet my expectations, I still see its innovative potential.

As someone who enjoys intense stimulation, I wish the Wave's PleasureJet mode provided stronger pulsations for a quicker climax during shower play.

For day-to-day cleaning, the gentler settings didn't give quite the thorough rinse I like. The experience may vary based on water pressure.

However, I applaud Womanizer for the creativity of merging a showerhead with a sensual toy, a truly novel concept.

The Wave has quality construction and streamlined design, installed in moments. The included filter is a handy bonus, catching debris that would otherwise clog my showerhead.

Though not a perfect fit for my personal preferences, I can see the appeal of the Wave's luxury hydro-massage experience for those seeking a more gentle but immersive shower.

While it didn't wow me, I commend Womanizer for innovation and think there's potential to better match intense stimulation preferences in future iterations.

Overall, a thoughtful pleasure product despite some room for improvement.

Who Should Buy It?

  • Seeking discreet stimulation – it looks just like a normal shower head.
  • Enjoy gentle & nuanced sensations - The toy offers a gradual build rather than intense vibrations.
  • Looking to enhance couple's shower time - The Wave can add a sensual element to a shared shower.
  • Appreciate an innovative pleasure product - The 2-in-1 design provides a unique hydro-massage experience.

Who Should NOT Buy It?

  • Prefer intense clitoral stimulation - The Wave's waves are on the gentle side.
  • Already own a high-pressure showerhead - The Wave may not provide additional benefits over an existing model.
  • Seeking a color match with the bathroom - The Wave only comes in chrome, white, and black finishes.
  • Want deeper penetration - The Wave is focused on external clitoral stimulation.
  • Have a non-standard shower connection - The Wave may not be compatible with some setups.

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Key Features of Womanizer Wave

1. Dual-Purpose Design


The 2-in-1 design eliminates the need to detach and reinstall the showerhead for different uses.

With a push of the switch, you can choose between functional daily showering and indulgent sensual hydrotherapy.

2. EcoSmart technology

I'm thrilled by the eco-conscious air-infusion system that delivers lavish water pressure while conserving 60% more water than standard showerheads.

Spa-like hydrotherapy without draining natural resources? Yes, please!

3. Quality and Beautiful Finish & Lightweight

Unlike traditional round shower heads, Womanizer Wave has a sleek design. It comes in 3 colors, white, black and chrome.

Also, it embraces a light and ergonomic design, which is good for effortless, one-handed control.

4. Customizable Water Settings

Womanizer Wave shower head power

The intensity slider allows you to switch between standard and strong pressure.

The switch allows you to jump among 3 spray modes, which are PleasureWhirl, PleasureJet, and PowerRain.

  • PowerRain is there for soft and relaxing showers. 
  • PleasureWhirl adds a bit more pleasure, but overall still gentle and can cater for day-to-day use.
  • PleasureJet is the best for an orgasmic experience as it provides stronger and more targeted water shots.

5. Quick & Easy Installation

Womanizer Wave shower head install

No plumbing skills needed! The Wave conveniently fits standard shower connections for super simple 5-minute tool-free installation.

What you need to do is just screw down the old showerhead and then screw on the Womanizer Wave. Voilà!

6. Filter included


I appreciate this handy extra catching all the gritty debris that could clog my showerhead and dampen water pressure.

It helps maintain optimal sensual spray.

How to Use Womanizer Wave?


As mentioned, the showerhead doesn't require batteries.

To adjust the strength, slide the oval buttons up and down - one for standard pressure and one for strong.

The standard mode provides a gentle cascade while the strong mode delivers a powerful drenching spray.

Additionally, the triangle-shaped white button in the center allows you to toggle between the Womanizer Wave's three unique spray modes:

  • PleasureWhirl - heavier water spray for targeted rinse.
  • PleasureJet - a concentrated jet stream that provides a soothing massage.
  • PowerRain - gentle waterfall spray for rinsing away dirt and tension.

Packaging & What’s in the Box?

The Womanizer Wave arrived at my door in an elegantly designed box that reflects the brand's commitment to eco-consciousness.

True to their promise of sustainable materials, the packaging contains no wasteful plastics or foam inserts.

Instead, the Wave components are neatly housed in a stylish box made from recyclable cardboard and paper materials.

Upon opening, I was greeted with the following items:

  • Womanizer Wave showerhead
  • sieve seal
  • quick start manual
  • safety guide

My Experience with Womanizer Wave

As someone always on the lookout for novel approaches to sexual wellness, I was intrigued when Womanizer launched the Wave - a 2-in-1 showerhead designed to integrate water massage relaxation with touchless clitoral stimulation.

While the concept showed promise, ultimately my experience with the Wave proved somewhat mixed.

Installation was a breeze, as advertised.

The Wave conveniently fits most standard shower connections for a simple tool-free setup, allowing me to replace my existing showerhead in minutes.

Womanizer Wave shower head

Initial impressions of the build quality were positive - the Wave has a sleek, discreet aesthetic and easy-to-use control to toggle between spray modes and strength.

However, performance did not fully live up to expectations.

The clitoral stimulation lacked the intensity I desired.

The PleasureJet mode provides a distinct pulsating sensation but isn't strong enough to bring an easy climax during solo play.

I prefer more focused stimulation typically achieved with direct contact vibrators.

For standard showering, the PowerRain setting felt too gentle, almost bordering on weak.

I prefer a more drenching experience for waking up in the morning. 

While the Wave does offer a pleasant massage, the output seems optimized more for sensuality than effective rinses.


While not the ideal fit for my preferences, I still appreciate Womanizer's innovative spirit with the 2-in-1 Wave design.

Those seeking a discreet, gentle clitoral stimulator integrated subtly into daily bathing may find the Wave hits the mark.

But for my needs, a waterproof vibrator or a clit sucker provides better performance. 

Still, kudos to Womanizer for pushing intimacy product boundaries and trying something new.

Despite not being a fan of the Wave, I am still in love with Womanizer’s clit sucking toys.

They are wonderful – the best type in the market. Feel free to check my reviews about these toys if you are interested.

Pros & Cons of Womanizer Wave


  • The 2-in-1 design allows easy switching between sexual sessions and everyday shower
  • EcoSmart technology conserves water
  • Sleek, lightweight, and ergonomic design
  • 3 customizable spray modes
  • Easy 5-minute installation
  • Filter included to maintain water pressure
  • No need for battery


  • Clitoral stimulation lacks intensity
  • The standard shower mode is too gentle
  • Performance optimized more for sensuality than effective rinsing
  • Not as strong as standalone vibrators or clit suckers


With its innovative merging of showerhead and clitoral massager, the Womanizer Wave provides a uniquely luxurious and eco-friendly hydro-massage experience unlike any other product I've tested. The interchangeable design maximizes both function and pleasure.


How does Womanizer Wave save 60% of water compared to traditional showerhead?

  • The innovative Womanizer Wave showerhead utilizes air infusion technology to create a luxurious shower experience while saving water. Intake vents on the showerhead draw in air that is then mixed with the water stream. This infuses the water droplets with air, making them lighter and softer. With the droplets being less dense, less water is required to create the feeling of a full and drenching shower.
  • How often should you clean the Womanizer Wave filter

    To keep your Womanizer Wave performing at its best, it's recommended to clean the showerhead filter at least once every 2 months. If you live in an area with hard water, a monthly cleaning is ideal. Hard water contains a higher concentration of minerals that can build up on the filter over time. A clogged filter prevents the Womanizer Wave from drawing in the optimal amount of air to create its signature hydro-stimulation. 


    How to clean the Womanizer Wave filter?

    To clean, simply unscrew the spray plate from the showerhead and remove the filter screen underneath. Rinse the filter under warm running water to wash away any residue.


    • Access Womanizer Wave's user manual here 

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