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ZALO HERO Review: The Charm of Oral Sex

by Jane Louis
zalo hero review

Zalo Hero claims to be a toy that gives a brand new experience. This is a pretty huge promise, and keeping it would mean it is the best one yet. Sure, Zalo Hero Clitoral Massager has a beautiful design and all, but can it deliver the promise of a “brand new experience” and unique oral licking type of sensation?

I had to find out. I am a sucker for clitoral toys and my bedside dresser is full of them, but I had to see whether this new hyped toy could give me anything better. Well, if only I knew…


1. Design and Build

As we have come to expect from Zalo, the Hero has one of the best and elegant designs in toys. Even by merely looking at the package, I could tell it would make me feel like a Hero.

It has an elegant and compact shape that Zalo claim to have been inspired by Cleopatra. This design was also blended in their best seller, called “Zalo Queen“, which is a mild but well-made G-spot sex toy.

Hero is  ergonomically designed to fit most palms snugly with dimensions of 5.7” (146mm) by 1.6” (39mm) and weighing 114g (4oz).

zalo hero size

Hero Licking vibrator is made almost entirely out of medical-grade premium silicone with a little hint of safe ABS plastic here and there. However, the highlight of its design in the unique snake charm design close to the top, which is embellished with a Swarovski crystal (Could it be get classier!?).

The minimalist design of the Zalo Hero features two control buttons and an indicator light.

2. Addicting Pulsation

What really gives this toy an edge over the others is its vibration plus wave functions. Yes! This toy have two motors – one dedicated to vibration, another to pulsation.

The vibrations and pulsation are concentrated at the tips only. For most hands-on toys, the movements are felt on the entire toy and you have to agree that feeling your hand vibrate is a bit off-putting. But there’s no numb hand feeling when using Hero.

The Zalo Hero has two buttons: one to control the wave movement and the other to control the vibrations.

The official site claims that Hero gives vibrations of up to 650 rpm and can wave/pulse with a frequency of up to 75 times a second.

You have four vibration modes from which to pick from and four pulse-wave modes. Both movements are focused on the tips such that you can barely feel them when you hold the middle part.

zalo hero pulse

3. Charging and Battery

Zalo Hero uses a magnetic USB charger which is included in the package. The indicator light blinks slowly as it charges and stops when the battery is full.

The built-in battery is Lithium-ion with a capacity of 530mAh. It requires about one hour to fully charge for about 2 or 3 hours of pleasure.

I liked this feature because this enables me not to charge it after every session. After the first charge, it took me about 10 different sessions to fully drain the battery.

4. Noise level

Zalo Hero is fairly silent (maximum 60db), considering the amount of power it provides . The noise can’t penetrate the walls but if there is another person in a medium-sized room while using the pulsation function, they will hear it.

The wave function is silent enough. The noise level is similar to the Womanizer Starlet.

5. Water resistance

The Zalo Hero is marked as splashproof, not waterproof so it can only resist water up to a certain limit.

This means taking it with you to the tub is completely out of question.

Such a downer considering how I love clitoris play as I shower. This also means submerging it in water for cleaning is not allowed.


It goes without saying that when you first open the package, you should charge it for about four hours before the very first use.

Subsequent charges will take around one hour. When the indicator light blinks fast, it indicates low battery.

The controls of the Zalo Hero are pretty standard and intuitive. There are only two buttons on the panel. The first controls the swing speed and intensity. There are four different configurations of varying speeds to try. The same goes for the second button – the vibration button.


You won’t really need any lube for this toy because it is not insertable, at least not fully. If you use lube, ensure it is not silicone-based. Go for water-based options.

As it is splashproof, cleaning it shouldn’t involve immersing it in water. Just use a wet cloth with some soap or sex toy cleaner to get the longest life out of it. Sure, it may not get damaged if you immerse it in water just once, but the damage may be minimal and will build up over time.


The Zalo Hero is presented in an elegant box that screams class. The packaging is good enough that you won’t need any extra wrapping if giving this toy as a gift.

zalo hero box

Inside the box are the following thing:

  • Zalo Hero, with a 1-year warranty
  • USB charging cable
  • 2 bag of lube samples
  • White satin storage pouch
  • A warranty card
  • Instruction manual
  • A leaflet that introduces all Zalo products

The pretty storage pouch is a huge plus. Many sex toys don’t come with a pouch and you have to purchase one separately. But if the box will be as interesting to you as it is to me, you will find yourself storing it there every time.


To be honest, there are only two reasons I decided to try the Zalo HERO.

I had worked with most of the latest technology in sex toys but I was yet to try the PulseWave technology. What is it? How did it work? Why is there so much hype surrounding it?

The second reason is its shape and design. Could it work as good as it looks? I was really looking forward to have an oral sex session with this toy.

Zalo defines its PulseWave feature as “exclusive wave-motor drive” that promises a “brand new experience”. That is a huge claim considering how many clitoris play toys there are out there.

zalo pulse

Boy, was I in for a surprise. So blown away was I by this toy, that I had to restart my review after a couple of more intensive testing sessions. It was the only way to deliver a review that truly did it justice.

I prefer pinpoint stimulation so I loved that the movement of the Zalo Hero is concentrated at the tips only.  And the slightly weighted tip provides a sensation that is a bit stronger than Satisfyer Powerful Flower.

Thanks to this unique pulsewave stimulation, Hero gave me light, but concentrated stimulation; almost like using the tip of the tongue during oral sex, but with consistent moves.

Just a light tap-tap-tap-tap that got me from zero to a hundred real quick. The swing length of 20mm(0.78”) felt like a real tongue and reminded me of my college boyfriend.

If he was down there and switched from tongue to Zalo Hero, I probably wouldn’t tell the difference.

I tried the vibrating end but it was a bit too rounded for me and had me thinking it was designed only for those who prefer broad stimulation.

I found a new way to use it though; I use the tip at the beginning, and when I feel like I am getting close to the edge, I switch to the vibrating end and partially insert it for the broader feel.

This allows me to hang on at the edge a little longer for an intense butt-clenching orgasm that leaves me in shudders every single time.

I haven’t had more than one orgasm in a single session using the Zalo Hero but trust me; one very intense one is all you really need.

zalo hero green

Is there any drawback about this toy? Surely, there is! In order to have the maximum pleasure, I must hold the toy in a certain angle, without pushing it too much on my clit. If I push it too much, the pulsation strength will decrease… that’s a big “muh” for me.

Therefore, I think Hero is a wonderful toy for foreplay and “calm” masuturbation. This indeed is a toy that brings very unique sensation, better than most of the “licking” toys, in my opinion.

However, don’t expect it to replace your other traditional toys, such as vibrators and clit sucker.


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VERDICT: Is This Toy Good Enough?

I am quite fond of the concept and appearance of Zalo Hero. The performance is not bad, and the sensation indeed is quite unique. For sure, I don’t regret get this toy. But I won’t let Hero replace my bullet toys, like Touch and Lush 2. For most of time, I still prefer sturdy and rumbly vibration.

signature Jane L

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