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ZALO QUEEN SET Review: A Mind-Blowing 3-in-1 Sex Toy!

by Jane Louis
zalo queen set review

Zalo Queen Set is a toy I recently discovered. It caught my attention because of its gorgeous design and its 3-in-1 abundant functions. Last Valentine’s day, I treated myself with this new toy and never regretted.

After a few uses, this toy totally blew my mind! I can’t believe I didn’t know this brand before. The vibrator is made with precise attention to detail, combining advanced technology and high-end materials. And it’s so beautiful.

When it comes to female adult products, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. However, the Queen really go over and above your expectations.

I am so happy that I decided to try this not well-known brand. I have to say that Zalo is a new sex toy company that truly has its expertise in turning luxury sex toys into work of art.

Why do I speak highly of the Queen? You will understand after reading this review!


The award-winning ZALO Queen is a 3-in-1 sex toy that functions as a vibrator, oral sex stimulator as well as a G-spot toy.

Like all other sex toys from Zalo where each features a unique theme, Queen is based on a theme about ancient Egyptian royalty and the toy is shaped like a Pharaoh’s hat. The beautiful appearance of Queen is sure to pique your interest right away.

The Queen has a flat, curved tip that is exceptional in clitoral or nipple stimulation and working G-spot angles. Besides, it boasts of eight levels of intensifying vibration and pulsation, along with a pre-heating function that keeps the toy in body temperature.

Without any doubt, this smooth silicone toy is worth investing in if you enjoy vibrators that embrace strong vibrations and pulsations.

Besides, one unique aspect of the ZALO Queen Set is its potential to be used as a PulseWave oral sex simulator that sucks the clit using air pressure waves.


1. Design and looks

When you first glance at the Queen, you will immediately notice its outstanding parts like the gold plating and SWAROVSKI genuine crystal that flatter the overall design and appearance of the product.

zalo queen crystal

Furthermore, the silicone from Zalo Queen is smooth and silky thanks to the Softek™ surface coating, which enables a more conformable insertion experience. Besides, the 8.5-inch (21.5cm) sex toy has an insertable length of about 6 inches (15cm), making it a perfect size for most women.

And it is created with ridges and curves to heighten your sensations during clitoral, nipple or G-spot stimulation.

The little curve on the top really gives a twist during G-spot stimulation – it not only makes it easier to find your G-spot but also provides extra pressure and stimulation on this sweet spot.

zalo queen size

(Size in inches: 215 mm = 8.5 inches, 42 mm = 1.6 inches, 38 mm = 1.5 inches;

Weight: 164 g/5.4 ounces) 

2. Good Vibration

The sensation from vibration is an important thing when choosing a vibrator. Zalo queen provides good vibration. It’s strong enough for most women unless you are a power queen (king).

The vibration does travel under the skin, which means your clit won’t feel numb after the stimulation. This makes the experience so addicting and satisfying.

There are 8 pre-set vibration modes you can choose from. And if you control your vibration with the Zalo app, you will be able to extend vibration modes, such as vibration with music, tease mode; and you can even customize any type of vibration patterns you like. The possibility is indeed limitless.

3. Addicting PulseWave Stimulation

Already satisfied with the vibration? But that’s not all of it. Queen embrace two motors, one is for vibration, another is for wave-type of stimulation.

The point-to-point wave stimulation is purely addicting. It mimics finger licking sensation, with an intensity of 75 times stimulation per second.

This is a perfect mode for stimulating clit during binge orgasm because your clit won’t feel sore or numb even after long period of stimulation.

4. Removable Silicone Suction Sleeve

The Queen Set includes a removable silicone suction sleeve. You can turn the Queen into a clitoral stimulator using this sleeve that fits at toy end.

During the stimulation, the suction cup on the vibrator perfectly adheres to the skin and accentuate intense sensation that is created through the air pressure waves.

The air pressure wave is a feeling that mimic oral suction, which gives more holistic stimulation to your clitoris.

zalo 3 in 1

( Illustration on the 3 functions)

5. Pre-heating Function for Extra Comfort

Zalo queen has a pre-heating function that allows the toy to warm up to your body temperature before use. This is such a thoughtful function, especially for winter and for those of you who want to do outdoor play in cold regions.

After pressing the preheating button, Queen can reach 107° Fahrenheit (42° Celsius) in just 10 minutes and the toy will stay at that temperature during your whole experience.

zalo queen heating

6. Controllable with the Zalo Remote App

Other than traditional ways of control, Queen can also be controlled with a free app called “Zalo Remote”.

With this app, you may extend your pleasure to another level. The toy can be connected with your phone through the Bluetooth and then it’ll allow distance control. This is perfect if you would like to have some couple play.

Besides, the app gives access to a range of extra play modes and it can also record your pleasure index, such as the frequency of using Zalo, the number of calories you burned thanks to the Queen, etc.

7. Quick Charge and Long Battery Life

What can be more frustrating than waiting for your vibrator to be charged when you are super horny? One great feature of Zalo is that it can be fully charged in only 1 hour thanks to the high-quality 530mAh Lithium-ion battery.

And after each charge, you’ll be able to use it continuously for about 2 hours, which enable you to have all the fun and pleasure you want.

8. Splashproof

This toy is definitely splashproof, which means you can easily clean it with water. But’s it’s not suggested to fully immerse the toy in the water.

zalo waterproof

9. Noise

The official site claims that Zalo only makes maximum 40db noise, I doubt about that.

When using the vibration alone, the noise level is low enough. Probably that’s how they come up with the 40db. However, if you add the pulsation, the toy becomes quite loud. It’s still acceptable, in my option, but I wouldn’t risk if you have a roommate next by.

It’s getting a lot louder when both vibration and pulsation are on because two motors are working together.

10. Travel Lock

Fear accidentally turn on the toy when you bring it to the public? This indeed can be embarrassing, but Zalo Queen will save you from this kind of accidentally. You can easily lock the toy during traveling!


Everything about this vibrator is quite straightforward, from charging the device to inserting and controlling it.

1. Charge The Queen

Queen comes with a magnetic USB charger, which is easy to use and not limited by voltage. Simply attach the magnetic side of the cable to the toy and the USB side to any USB port. Voila!

Besides, The toy comes with a 530 mAh capacity battery that enables quick charge. For the first time, you will need to charge the toy for 2 hours.

After that, the Queen can be fully charged in only 1 hour and the battery can last you for 1- 2 hours. The duration of the battery use is tested by putting on vibration, pulsation and pre-heating functions.

When charging, there will be a flashing indicator light and it will stop flashing when the charging is complete.

zalo queen charge

2. Control the Queen in a Traditional way

Queen has simply three buttons: one for switching the device on or off and control pulse wave function, the second button is for vibration and the last one for the pre-heating feature.

The gold plating decorative curve can help you locate the buttons even in the darkness, which makes it even easier to operate.

Here is a quick overview of how to activate different functions:

zalo queen buttons

⦿ Press button A to turn on/off the toy (White indicator will flash when the toy is activated)

⦿ Press button A to activate the PulseWave mode (keep pressing to choose from 8 pre-set wave patterns)

⦿ Press button B to activate the vibration mode (keep pressing to choose from 8 pre-set vibe patterns)

(PulseWave and Vibration modes can be selected independently or together)

⦿ Press button C to activate or turn off the heating function

⦿ To switch on/off the travel lock, press A & B together for 3s.

3. Control the Queen Remotely with an App

The free Zalo Remote App can be simply downloaded from the App store and it’s compatible with ios and android system.

You can connect the Queen with the App through Bluetooth. After connected, you can even share the control to your partner and this will allows your partner to control the vibrator from any distance as long as he/she has Internet access

With the app, you will be able to extend the play to extra modes such as vibration with music, with a custom curve, with real-time touch. The app can even record your health index (called Z index) such as the frequency you masturbate with Zalo, your heart rate, etc.

One thing I must point out is despite that I like the app function, the App itself does require some improvements. Firstly, not all the functions are translated into English. After a few trials, I figured out how to use the app, but it was still not smooth experience since I had to make extra efforts just to use the app properly.

zalo remote app

Besides, the long-distance control function is not optimized for international users. After talking with the customer service, I understand that the only way to share the control with my partner is through another app called “Wechat”, which is an app that is widely used by Chinese people for chatting.

I followed all the instructions and it worked, but both my partner and I found it was really troublesome. I understand Zalo is still an emerging brand and it’s already doing a great job regarding the sex toys, but I really hope Zalo will update the App, especially the long-distance control function.

4. Attach The Suction Accessory

To attach the suction sleeve, first, apply some water-based lubricant to the toy’s tip and then slip it in.

Once you have securely fixed the attachment, use the PluseWave function to give yourself a fantastic clitoral stimulation.

After enjoying your orgasms, you can remove the sleeve and wash it with water.

zalo queen accessory


The package arrived discreetly and there’s not a sign indicating there’s a sex toy inside. Queen box is so beautifully designed that you surely can give it directly as a gift. Following are the things included in the box:

  • The Queen, with a 1-year warranty and 10-year quality guarantee
  • Suction attachment
  • Magnetic USB charging cable
  • A bag of lubricant
  • Satin storage pouch
  • Warranty card
  • Instruction manual

zalo queen box


It is really easy to clean the Queen Set after each use as it is splashproof. Simply wash it with soapy warm water or sex toy cleaner and then get it well-dried.

It’s very important to fully dry the toy before storing it in the satin pouch. This helps to extend the using life of the toy.

If you plan to use lubricant with this toy, either for vaginal insertion or for putting on the sleeve, make sure only using a water-based lubricant. Otherside, the silicone surface can be damaged. 


I’m still blown away by my recent experience with the Queen. I still close my legs when I remember the sexual pleasure I got from this toy. Using Queen is a complete delight, to say the least.

I have had crazy orgasms with the Queen Set through both G-spot and clitoral stimulation. The unique thing about the Queen is that you don’t really need to thrust the toy in your vagina to stimulate the G-spot.

The PluseWave does the job for you and it hits the G-spot heavenly. Many times, I feel discouraged to stimulate the G-spot because the thrusting process can cause some pain when I am not very turned on. With this toy, I have no concerns about that anymore! This is just perfect for me.

zalo queen details

For those of you prefer putting vibrators with thick girth in your vagina, this may not be the toy for you. However, you can still use the PulseWave to stimulate your clit. This also provides a very unique sensation. It’s totally different from vibration, the stimulation mimics finger licking.

I personally really like to combine the vibration with the pulsation, the double stimulation is thrilling! I had some crazy orgasms thanks to that ;).

Then how is it as a clit stimulator after putting on the sleeve? The performance is better than what I expected, to be honest. I’ve used plenty of clit stimulator, such as Womanizer Liberty, Satisfyer Pro 2, Lelo Sona Cruise. Despite that all these brands claim to provide suction feeling, the sensation really differs across the brands.

For the Queen, the suction stimulation is not as intense if only using the suction function, so, it’s better for beginners. I personally found it was not enough to get me to come if only turning on the suction function, so I prefer to combine it with vibration. And I love the stimulation!

zalo queen sunction

I love many parts of the Queen Set, the only drawback about this toy lays on its App. The App claims to be in English, but it’s not totally translated. Besides, it doesn’t really track my health index (e.g. How often I use the Queen) correctly.

Besides, the long-distance control function is really not ideal for international users. I need to download another Chinese app called “Wechat” in order to share the control with my partner. In short, I didn’t enjoy using the Zalo Remote app.

The remote control functions are fine though and the Bluetooth connection is quite stable. I tried to sync the vibration with music and it was interesting to play with.


👉🏻Click here to learn more or order ZALO QUEEN SET (Authorized Store)!

VERDICT: A Bit Pricey, But Totally Worth it!

This is not a toy for power queen, but other than that, Zalo Queen Set is f*cking fabulous! I never thought there would be such a pleasant “all in one” toy. I am now addicted to the heating function and the PulseWave 🙂

I am sure you will love this toy as well and to be honest you will feel satisfied without any other vibrator in your collection.

signature Jane L

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