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20 Best Male Masturbators of 2024 (Tested & Compared)

by Lucas Andersen
best male masturbator

It’s time to give your hand a rest and discover the world of male masturbators.

Today, there are so many on the market, each different than the next, with a load of options to choose from.

You may get a little overwhelmed and question which toy is best for you.

In this article, we will go over the 18 most popular male masturbators reviewed by men just like you

To make it even easier, we have picked the top 3 that might tickle your fancy.

But all in all, the power is in your hands. Let’s dive in.


tenga wonder pack profile 500_500

Tenga Egg

Affordable & Effective

Tenga Egg is all-time classic. 

Its soft-touch and vagina-feel texture can guarantee you some unforgettable orgasmic experience.

No need for batteries, just lay down and relax!  


keon kiiroo

Kiiroo Keon

Fulfil All Fantasies

Keon is my personal Favorite! And it has it all - the realistic opening and inside, divine contraction, all the VR porns, and erotic visuals.

Believe me, you'll explode in pleasure with this toy!  


quickshot launch fleshlight

Quickshot Launch

Most Realistic

This toy is launched by Fleshlight. So, it goes well with all the amazing Fleshlight sleeves. 

If you are looking for the most realistic and the most intense orgasm, this baby is for you! 

How To Choose The Best Male Masturbator?

To beginner and beyond, there is the perfect toy out there for you.

Not only do sex toys get you off, but believe it or not, it helps you understand your own body better.

When you learn more about yourself, the things you like in bed, and what turns you on, you’ll feel more confident and comfortable trying new things with your partner as well!

This will help improve your sex life in a positive way, so think of picking out the right sex toy as a self-love task instead of a selfish one. 

Sex toys (especially for males) are not a one size fits all. There are a few things to think about when picking the perfect pleasure wand.

Since there are quite a few on the market this list has put together a checklist to help you narrow down your options and lead you in the right direction in finding your new sex toy. 

Here are 5 tips you should follow to ensure you will get the experience you’re looking for with your new male masturbator:

1. Choose A Good Opening

Men are visual creatures, so picking a masturbator orifice that gets you in the mood is important

There are multiple designs to choose from that look like a vaginal opening, an anal opening, and even a pair of supple lips.

Pick what turns you on the most. If you enjoy getting blowjobs more, go for the lips, so on and so forth.

fleshlight different openings

vagina? asshole? or lip? Which opening are you looking for?

2. Keep Your Size In Mind

Your anatomy is different from the next man’s.

So, choosing a masturbator that your friend has tried isn't really going to work for you (unless you are the same size), which is highly unlikely.

If you have found a masturbator you like, look at the measurements. If it is designed for the average guy, chances are it will fit the average guy.

Maybe things are too snug, so find a masturbator that mentions “made for bigger guys” or “can fit 4 inches and up.”

Don’t forget to look at the reviews of the product as well!

It’s generally not the length of your penis that matters but how it fits around it, bigger isn’t always better.

3. Do You Like Vibrations? 

The added benefit of vibrations can really change the game when you’re using a male masturbator. It takes things to another level.

If you’re a fan of vibrations, choose a toy that has multiple patterns and intensities.

If you feel like the added vibrations are too much, you can also opt-out of using that feature.

You don’t necessarily have to look for a toy that has no vibrations.

You might change your mind later, and don’t forget you can always control the intensity as well since it can sometimes be overstimulating for first-time use. 

4. Have You Heard About Suctioning?

There are so many great toys that really just take it there.

With a suctioning feature, the masturbator has a pumping structure that creates airflow in and out to create a suction or sucking like feeling. Thus, it mimics the feeling of getting a realistic blowjob. 

Most of these toys also come with a vibrational feature, it’s just great to have the best of both worlds.

5. Consider Extras 

vr masturbation

Kiiroo & Lovense are the best brands for interactive masturbators

Would you like to bring your fantasies to life and experience a VR show while you are stimulating yourself? 

Some toys offer VR hookups and even remote control so your partner can control the fun to spice things up.

Webcamming is also a great feature to look at as well. Many sex toy brands, such as Kiiroo and Lovense, have their own app you can download to sync to your favorite porn even!

Another option is syncing to music and hooking up a second toy for double the pleasure, for the adventurer out there, of course.

18 Best Male Masturbators That Will Knock Your Socks Off

1. Lovense Max 2: Best Masturbator for Long-Distance Couples

lovense max 2 review

Read a detailed Lovense Max 2 Review

Don’t be fooled by its design, this water bottle looking male masturbator really gets you soaked!

Inside its unique structure holds a multiple sensation sleeve, an extended vibration sensation, and an all around 360 degrees contraction pulse.

It doesn’t stop there. The texture of this toy when you put your penis inside intensely vibrates, strokes, and suctions all the way to the tip.

Fully packed with 7 vibrational settings, 3 different contraction intensities, and over 20, yes 20 variations that will leave you fully satisfied each time.

Sounds like it couldn’t get any better, but it does!

Lovense Max 2 comes with a remote control setting for all my tech freaks out there.

Use with a partner or solo to create unique vibrations and different sensations with each use.

Long-distance relationships got you soft? Sync with other toys and let your partner from wherever get in on the action without actually needing to be in the same room.

With all of these features, textures, and extras you may think this is a win, win but of course, with all the good, comes some bad.


Tons of variety with this Lovense Max 2. You can use your phone for a great remote control session, keep in touch with your long-distance babe, and experience its powerful suction with its long-lasting battery life.


For the men out there who also get turned on by sight, this toy isn’t very realistic looking.

The outside cylinder is really what you get when you purchase this masturbator, so you would have to buy a sleeve insert separately which is kind of a bummer.

Lastly, I would not recommend using this toy if you have visitors or if you’re trying to be slick in the office or anywhere in public.

This puppy is pretty loud from other masturbators I’ve experienced.

2. KIIROO KEON: Experience the Most Realistic Masturbation!


Read a detailed Kiiroo Keon Review

For someone who is looking for not only a realistic feel but a realistic experience, the KIIROO KEON has all the bells and whistles.

This automatic male masturbator is known for its VR interaction. You can choose any interaction your heart desires. 

Porn, your partner, a webcam model, whoever the lucky lady is, it will actually feel like she is sitting right there next to you.

For a realistic feel, this toy comes with a realistic opening as well.

Designed to look like a supple vagina, it’s made from the softest silicone with spiraled ridges on the inside. They don't call it the "Feel Stroker" for nothing.

Another great feature is that Keon can give you up to 230 strokes per minute all without needing to take a breath.

Keon can last you anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on how often you use it.

While this is an amazing male masturbator the one thing I will say is that the clean-up is anything but enjoyable. And it is a little more on the pricey side.


There are so many features that come with this Kiiroo Keon.

The VR experience alone blows other masturbators out of the water.

Prop it up against some pillows and you are getting a totally hands free blow job.

Use it with a partner, alone, with another toy, the opportunities with this one are endless.


Like I said, Keon is a pretty pricey toy, but if you have the money it would be worth it.

Cleaning up is a hassle as you have to remove so many components to get a good clean.

Drying is another annoyance as well since there are so many things to dry.

Battery life is ok, but it does take at least 4 hours to fully charge.

3. Fleshlight STAMINA: Tight & Intense Feels

Fleshlight STAMINA

With a pussy as pretty as this one we had to include the Fleshlight STAMINA on this list.

Delicately designed for a life-like appearance, the silicone resembles a gorgeous and realistic vagina. 

This model is super tight and will hug even the smallest member. 

With that said, I would say this wouldn’t be as comfortable for someone who has more girth than the average guy. 

The reason why it’s called STAMINA is pretty self-explanatory. 

If you can last 10 minutes with this masturbator then you can last at least 20 minutes in the bedroom.

All guys love to increase their stamina and this helps you do it.

This toy is great for beginners as well! The bumps on the inside add to the true to life feel.

Increase your stamina, achieve stronger erections, and watch your load sizes double and even reach new lengths!

Fleshlight STAMINA inside

opening & inside texture


Compare to other masturbators, Fleshlight Stamina is very affordable and cheaper than most models I’ve used on the market today.

You can also use this with a shower mount, launchpad, phone strap, and a Vstroker for an exceptional experience.


Some men say the tightness is unrealistic and would like to see more options with the model presence like an anal opening or even lips.

The Fleshlight only comes in one shape so if you’re on the bigger side of the spectrum it might be too tight and distracting for everyday use.

4. Fleshlight TURBO THRUST: Perfect Deep Throating Oral Stimulation


As men, we know that not every blowjob is created equal. So, should you expect your toy to feel the same every time you go to use it? With the Fleshlight TURBO THRUST you don’t have to!

Designed to mimic oral sex, this masturbator has a 3-part entrance that keeps your blowjob feeling as realistic as it gets! 

The 3 separate holes have a total of 4 different textured sections to create a unique feel as you go deeper and deeper. 

Small bumps, raised ridges, diamond-shaped bumps, and wider square raised ridges combine to create a mind-blowing orgasm you can only get from this masturbator!

Fleshlight TURBO THRUST inside

opening & inside texture

Most toys I have tried simulate either lips or the vagina. As you enter this toy, you will explode into the feeling of not only the lips but the tongue and the throat, where our favorite term “deep-throating” begins. 

See how long you can last with this toy because the deeper you go the harder it is to hold yourself from going over the edge.


The realistic feeling of this masturbator is one to be praised! The tightness and intensity are some of the best I have tried. 


Since it is a deeper toy with lots of nooks and crannies, it’s kind of difficult to get a great clean with this one.

So, make sure you give it a real good rinse and use either your fingers or even a bottle brush cleaner to get in all the crevices.

The drying time takes a bit longer too. So, leave it in a sunny place for as long as possible until it is completely dry.

5. LELO F1S V2: The Most Lightweight Male Mastrubator

LELO F1S colors

Read a detailed Lelo F1s V2 Review

Vibrations and sonic waves, we’re still talking about male masturbators, right?

The LELO F1S combines vibrations with SenSonic Technology that gives you a 360-degree panoramic pleasure. 

These pulses and waves are meant to give you “the most overwhelming orgasms of your life.”

The sonic waves git your penis from all angles at once giving you a deep and pleasurable experience.

The harder you press against the motors, the more pressure you will feel.

Totally waterproof, rechargeable, and even able to hook up to the ultimate VR experience.

Inside the soft silicone has a ribbed texture that is completely body-safe. The outside is made from aluminum, though it is sturdy, it is also lightweight.

With a ton of cool features, you can connect to the app and keep track of all the stats.

See the speed at which the motors are going, how much pressure you’re using against your penis, the temperature, the thrust count, and even battery life.


Lelo F1s really lives up to the 360-degree panoramic pleasure as the motors were felt from all angles! It’s waterproof and very easy to clean and comes with a 1-year warranty.


If you’re on the bigger side, as in more girthy you may want to steer clear of this masturbator.

With usage, the air sometimes gets trapped within the sleeve and makes some very odd noises that can be sort of off-putting, to say the least.

6. KIIROO ONYX +: A Super Versatile Masturbator

kiiroo onyx plus review

Read a detailed Kiiroo Onxy+ Review

So far, Kiiroo Onyx+ has everything you can fancy aboutBluetooth compatibility, VR simulation, automatic masturbation, a hands-free option, long-distance control, different modes, vibrational settings, and a rechargeable battery.

Besides, what sets Onyx+ apart from the other masturbators though, is the unique technology it has. 

Inside, there is a set of contracting rings.

Yes, rings, not ridges or bumps but rings, might I add 10 rings to be specific that move in a wave pattern all up, down, and around your penis.

Not at the same time, independently, these rings create a totally unique feel.

On top of that, it does have a manual mode as well that creates an up and down pattern to simulate a stroking effect.

The power-up mode speeds up and slows down creating a blow job effect. 

The handjob stroke, which obviously simulates like a hand job, and then the storm pattern that goes up and down slowly before creating an all over sensation. These speeds are adjustable as well.

The downside to this male masturbator is the fact that it is not 100% waterproof, it’s loud, pricy and the battery takes 4 hours to charge while only getting 1 hour of use.


Unique technology gives this toy an A+ in my book.

Powerful vibrations and toe-curling waves have me reaching my peak in minutes.

The modes have enough of a difference to keep me interested, the silicone is soft and it’s very well made.

You can tell this toy is crafted with care.


Like I said above, Kiiroo Onyx+ is very loud, so make sure you’re home alone if you want to enjoy this bad boy.

The materials are not 100% waterproof and the price is high enough to make you think twice.

The long charge is also a drag since you only get 1 hour of use out of it which for a sex toy, is not getting me excited at all.

7. TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator: A Great Beginner's Toy

TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator black

This sleek male masturbator has many things that make it stand out against the rest.

The flip-open design is not only great for clean up but easy to pour lube in as well. 

Which please make sure you are using a small amount as some have claimed that it tends to leak out of the bottom a little bit.

The textures created here are otherworldly. You can tell each one was created to feel unique and very specific as you are wanking away.

The outer designs as well are carefully crafted and can be easily held with one hand. You can also change the speeds with the tap of only 3 buttons

TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator

Available in 2 colors: white & black

Another great feature is it comes with its own drying stand! Since the top flips open just flip it and lay it upside down on a paper towel after cleaning and it dries within hours! 


The texture is unique and incredible which leaves even the tip feeling satisfied. The cleaning is a breeze and the hand controls are easy to maneuver with one hand.


Like I mentioned in the beginning the lubricant tends to leak out which is a total bummer if you put too much lube in the first time like I did.

If lube can leak out imagine what else can leak out. It wasn’t much but please be aware of this while you're using it.

Maybe put a paper towel over it to close the little cracks where the flip-top opens.

While it is just under 7 inches long, it is great for men who are smaller but if you’re larger than 7 inches you might not be able to fit it all inside.

8. THRUST Pro Elite Katya: A 2-in-1 Masturbator 

THRUST Pro Elite Katya

Resembling the softest, squeezable skin, the THRUST Katya has not only a realistic-looking vagina, but sitting above with perfectly round cheeks sits a tight asshole.

In the downward facing position, you can have the pleasure of both holes with this masturbator.

Inside each opening, there are an array of textures grooves, and ridiculously raised ridges to create either a solo or couples’ fantasy.

The devil is in the details and this lightweight waterproof and allergen-free sex toy has an insertable and internal length of 6.5 inches.

With the vaginal width being a petite 0.25 inches and the penetrable butt width 0.1 inches, she hugs around your penis and does not let go.


Realistic looking and feeling, squeezable butt. You definitely get your money's worth, it's like having a 2 for 1!


Can be a pain to clean since it has 2 openings with variable textures.

9. QUICKSHOT LAUNCH: Can't Go Wrong with This Little Devil!


There are something magnificent about Fleshlight's masturbators and Quickshot Launch definitely levels up the experience. 

With 250 strokes per minute, good luck not blasting off in 3.2 seconds!

The speed is controlled from the up and down buttons on the device.

Paired with its super soft silicone sleeve, Quickshot Launch will give you the eyes rolling to the back of your head orgasm you have been looking for. 

You do have to buy the sleeves separately, which isn’t the best, but it's hard to say no to Fleshlight's masturbators.

The position button is one of the best features this toy has.

Located at the back, you can choose from 3 different positions- shaft, middle, and tip.

This customizable option is great for guys who love getting stroked in 1 specific area instead of all over.

As with all masturbators, of course, you have to charge it.

The QUICKSHOT LAUNCH takes about an hour and 30 minutes to charge and runs on 1 hour of playtime, which is a decent amount for a male masturbator with this kind of power.


The strokes and speeds take my breath away every single time.

This toy is not for the faint of heart! It’s small and easy for solar or partner play. 

Cleanup is easy as it has an open end.


For a masturbator that provides 250 strokes per minute, do not mistake this toy for being quiet. It does have some noise to it.

Some guys have also reported that when using the phone holder to reach the orgasm, your phone gets hit with the Old Faithful, and the only way to avoid this is if you tilt the clip slightly away from yourself.

But in the midst of cumming, who wants to remember to change positions quickly?

10. Arcwave Ion: World's 1st Air Stroker!

Arcwave Ion

Read a detailed Arcwave Ion Review

Now, we’ve heard about sonic waves, suction, and 360-degree panoramic pulses but, the Arcwave Ion has really done something here.

It is a chunky device that uses air pulsation technology that specifically targets the frenulum to create a very different type of orgasm you have never felt before. 

The 3 buttons control the 8 intensity levels that are to blame for such a soul-shaking orgasm. 

The included buttons feature a “mute” button since this toy is noisier than you would expect. So the fact that they added that little feature is great.

Cleaning up is a breeze as the device opens down the middle. Battery life lasts about an hour with an 85-minute charge. 

Though not very budget-friendly, you are sure to experience an orgasm you will never forget.


Strong and intense air creates an unforgettable session.

Cleaning is top-notch and the price is on the lower side for a male masturbator with this technology.


Quite noisy.

11. Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo: Flexible Design and Easy to Use

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo

The design of this toy is perfect for the average guy who doesn’t like all the bells and whistles and who can make do without all the extras and attachments.

This vibrating non-sleeve device can be used whether you’re hard or not. It’s very easy to use.

The flexible wing design pays extra attention to the frenulum (the sensitive spot on the underside of the head) and pleasures away as the raised coin shaped area vibrates.

There are 8-speed levels, 6 osculation patterns, a super mode, and also wearable, and remote controllable. Great for partner play or as the name suggests, solo.


Equipped with magnetic charging, very easy to clean, sleek design, 100% waterproof, super powerful, fast to charge, and with a great selection of speeds and patterns.


On the loud side, the remote control is small so it’s easy to lose and the battery lasts 40 minutes.

12. The Handy: Unbeatable Speed & Strength

the handy male masturbator review

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Are you annoyed by not having enough battery left to finish your masturbation session? Or do you sometimes simply forget about charging your masturbator? 

These no longer are issues with The Handy, which embraces a plug-in type of power system. 

In a world where everything is "rechargeable", why this masturbator stands out?

Because it is one of the most powerful automated masturbation strokers I've ever tried, and the sensation is super realistic!

The stroking speed can go super fast with this toy. If wanted, you can enjoy a maximum speed of ten strokes per SECOND!

It's also possible to sync the toys with erotic videos and VR p*rn, and make The Handy move along with the videos.

If that's still not enough, you can also customize the stroking process, upload any of your favorite videos from your computer and write the script yourself. 


Customizable stroke length, speed, and tightness

A very stretchable sleeve that can fit all penises

The sensation is ultra-intense and realistic

Easy to sync to erotic videos and VR porns


Must connect to a power supply when in use

It takes some time to learn how to use the remote functions.

As it's very stretchable, some find the sleeve not tight enough

13. Lovense Gush: A Hands-free Glan Massager

Lovense Gush male

Read a detailed Lovense Gush Review

Gush is one of the newly launched teledildonic toys from Lovense.

Unlike most of the other male masturbators, Gush is really light and really quiet when in operation. 

You can simply put it on your shaft, attach the band and let it vibrate by itself.

Despite liking the hands-free experience, my favorite way of using this toy is as a vibrating stroker

The vibration is gentle and rumbly, which allows me enough time to build up when reading/watching my erotica.

Oh, did I mention it's possible to sync the toy with erotic videos and games

Also, Gush can be an ideal toy to use during couple sex as it doesn't look intimidating at all and the vibration is not too overwhelming to make me come too fast.

It's also a good toy to bring out for naughty public play as Gush is light, compact, and has very stable connectivity when controllable by the app.


This toy is waterproof and easy to clean up.

It's stretchable and fit all sizes

Gentle yet rumbly vibration

Ultra-smooth silicone surface for extra comfortable

App controllable & suitable for short and long-distance play

Customizable vibration patterns & can sync to any sound or beats

Quick charge & Long battery life


Vibration may not be strong enough for everybody

14. Blowmotion Warming Pulsating Rechargeable Male Masturbator

Blowmotion Warming Pulsating Male Masturbator

Delivering in a soft silicone cup, your Blowmotion warms to 40°C for unbelievably lifelike sensations.

It embraces 6 vibration patterns and each pattern has 3 intensity levels - this is more than enough to push you to the peak of arousal. 

Besides, the 3-inch deep canal adjusts with just a squeeze and warms up for an authentication sensation.

Add to your solo session or bring it along for foreplay, this cutting edge male masturbator will bring more than just fun to the party.


Latex-free, includes travel lock, waterproof, rechargeable and the warming feature really creates a realistic feel.

Also, this toy is more on the affordable side. 


This toy has a rather neutral opening.

15. Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2: Quiet and Powerful

Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2

Cobra Libre 2 is best known for its powerful vibrations even at the lowest setting.

With 11 vibrational patterns and 2 motors that stimulate the head of your penis, this toy won't let go until you’re exploding with bliss.

The flexible silicone lip gently hugs you as it delivers intense and strong vibrations and pulses. This is more of a toy that does the work for you. 

With all this power, you’d expect it to be quite loud, but it’s definitely the opposite.

It’s quiet and the battery lasts up to 2-3 hours depending on the use.


This toy is waterproof, quiet, rechargeable, and can bring great pleasure with 3 simple controls (+great speed setting options).

Also, it's designed with a space for catching cum, so, clean up is also easy.


Cobra Libre 2 does not come with a travel case.

Also, it's more on the expensive side and some men reported that the tip can become overstimulated since it is so powerful.

16. TENGA Stepper Textured Egg: Perfect First-Time Toy!

TENGA Egg Wonder Set (6 Pack)

Crack open a TENGA Egg and discover the most hide-able male sex toy.

Perfect for first-time sex toy users or for the man who likes to keep things simple!

The fun design keeps things enticing without staring at the makeshift model of a vagina or lips.

Using the TENGA Egg is as easy as putting on a condom (looks just as similar) which most men have experience with, so there's no need to read through manuals and test out instructions. 

These can be washed and used several times and they’re super affordable.

If you’re just starting into the sex toy world or just want to try something different, inside these fun eggs is a hot experience for even a novice sex toy user.

With 6 different textured varieties keeping things in the bedroom spicy is easier than ever.


Inexpensive, reusable, great first-time “toy”, contains the mess, solo or partner play, easy to hide and carry and included is its own lube packet.


The sound is a little off-putting, gives off a “stirring the mac and cheese” sound and the smell is a synthetic material smell you might notice when you first open the packet but can be easily washed off after use.

17. Fun Factory MANTA: The Most Unique Masturbator

Fun Factory Manta

You won’t want to keep this one to yourself.

The sleek and easy-to-handle MANTA is designed for solo or partner play, turning your penis into a vibrator.

The vibrations are powerful enough to where your partner can feel them all the way up to your shaft.

The actual device looks kind of like a lobster claw, but it was made perfectly to fit around you to use on your own, down the shaft while receiving a blowjob to simulate the deep throating we all crave and during intercourse for a 2-way street to pleasure town.


Deep, powerful motor, ridges hold lube for a great glide, comfortable hold, flexible wings, waterproof, rechargeable and includes a travel lock with a 2-year warranty.


Some users report it’s a little tricky to use during sex.

18. We-Vibe Vector: Cheers for Prostate Pleasure


Click here to a detailed review about We-vibe Vector

So far, we have talked about all the ways to pleasure your penis. The tip, the shaft, all around, up and down.

Finally, we have a male sex toy that stimulates the prostate.

Comfort is the top thing when diving into the bottomless pit of the male genitalia.

With the Vector, comfort was put in the forefront. It has a rather round head with a semi-flat tapered shape, which creates not only comfortable insertion but sexy stimulation.

Once inserted it fits well and remains comfortable and easy to keep in place.

The vibrations are gentle without applying strong pressure. It’s also small enough and flexible to keep in during penetration.


Vibrations stimulate well, soft silicone, quiet, great for beginners, and very comfortable.


A little expensive. For a novice user, the vibrations might be too soft and at the maximum intensity, it can be loud.

19. Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita: Best Japanese Blowjob Stroker for a Deep-throat Experience

Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita Realistic Blow Job Stroker

La Bocca Della Verita is an onahole that features a realistic mouth design complete with teeth.

The dual-layer construction of the TPE material makes the onahole realistic and able to mimic skin and flesh accurately.

The teeth are made of hard plastic, which can be intimidating yet exciting.

Using the La Bocca was an easy experience, with an insertable length of 5 inches (13 cm) that could accommodate most sizes comfortably.

The width of the mouth opening was ample. Once inside, the feeling was tremendously tight, with all sorts of ribs and bumps to explore.

Actually, the deeper you go, the tighter it gets, just like a real throat. You will be able to enjoy the toy better if being fully erected.

The vacuum effect of the tongue and tightness provided a deep-throat experience that replicated the feeling of pushback from a real tongue during deepthroating.


This toy is waterproof, affordable, and easy to clean up.

Also, it provides a deep throat effect, combined with realistic teeth and tightness


It might be too tight for people with girthy penis

20. Fleshlight Top Dog: Best Mount for Hands-Free Pleasure

Liberator Fleshlight Top Dog

Another hands-free way to get your kicks off. 

This is not a sex toy per say since you have to buy the Fleshlight separately, but more of an add-on that allows you to say “look ma, no hands!”

This toy mount is designed for either solo or partner use, with a ton of different positions you can explore.

Measuring 14.5 inches tall and 12 inches wide, the soft faux leather mount is perfect to use in the doggy style position with any of your Fleshlight products.

Easy to use and easy to clean. Just wipe down when the fun is over!


Comfortable base, sturdy and durable, made in the USA, and waterproof.


Getting the hang and balance of positions can be tricky. Since it’s a mount and the toy is not included, it is a little overpriced for what it is.

What Does A Male Masturbator Feel Like?

For my newbies out there, or for anyone curious as to what a male masturbator feels like, let me explain!

There are many different kinds of masturbators, but all in all most of them are made to feel like a real vagina

Now I know you cannot simulate the delicacy that is a woman's flower, but let me tell you, it is damn near close.

Pretty much all sex toys will be made from body-safe silicone. Some softer than others, but the purpose of a male masturbator is it’s supposed to feel like the real thing. 

Other factors go into this as well: what type of sex toy you’re using, if you’re using a lubricant and also the size of your penis will determine if you will have a snug fit or a not so snug fit.

lube hand

Use generous amount of lube!

This again really ties into choosing the right male masturbator for you so you can get the best fit.

Getting the best fit means getting the best simulation, therefore a more real feeling experience. 

Of course, there are masturbators that have an extra ribbed feeling or little bumps on the inside just like a real vagina would!

So, don’t think you have to use your imagination too much, trust me!

Now that you have the basic run down, it's time to consider which one of the 18 masturbators I mentioned above you would like to try out.

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